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Az-Zukhruf 1-25 Tafsir 15-25


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the confusion surrounding the worship of Islam and the importance of showing one's true birth to avoid confusion. They touch on the emotional toll of loss and uncertainty, the negative impact of being born with a daughter, and the importance of showing one's true birth to avoid confusion. They also discuss the use of assumptions and false accusations in religious beliefs, and the importance of acceptance and embracing one's religion to achieve personal success.
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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and number 15 what Jara Lula whom in Nevada he just, but they have attributed to him from his servants a portion in an insane aloka photo movie indeed, man is clearly ungrateful. In the previous I add the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala were mentioned that he alone is the one who has given us all of these blessings. If you ask the people who is it that has created the heavens and the earth, they will say, only Allah. But when it comes to Nevada, then they do shake. How that were Jura Lula who they have made for Allah, missionary body from his servants, Jews an abortion they have attributed to him from his servants

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abortion. What does it mean by just just has been understood in two ways. First of all, it is said that every bad refers to the angels and just meaning they have appointed them or they have declared them as a portion portion of Allah meaning Daughters of Allah.

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Because a child is a part of his parents, isn't it? So? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said concerning his daughter that Fatima is a part of me. Whoever hurts her has hurt me. Right? So children are a part of their parents are Gerardo luminary, but he does.

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Those who are in reality servants of Allah, people have declared them as his children, people have declared the angels as his daughters. Secondly, just and has been understood as the portion of livestock and crop that they would dedicate for the idols

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and some form of law and this has been mentioned in detail in suits. But in the context, what is more relevant is the first opinion that were generally luminary, but he does in the insider locker photo movie, he is openly clearly ungrateful, meaningless in gratitude is very obvious, that Allah alone gives the human being everything and when it comes to the worship of Allah, what does the human being do associate partners with him? So this in gratitude is very obvious.

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Am it harder? Or has he taken mimma? Yes, local from what he has created, has he taken from that which He has created Burnett daughters, meaning, if you think about it, angels who has created them, Allah subhanaw taala himself, you say that Allah has taken these as his daughters was fair conville burnin and he has chosen for you sons or he has singled out you with sons, meaning sons he has kept for you and daughters, he has kept for himself. He has privileged you with sons. But when it comes to him, he has taken daughters for himself. What kind of division is this? What kind of decision is this? We see the machine of Makkah, they would ascribe daughters to a loss of hunters saying that

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the angels are his daughters. So Allah subhanaw taala questions, I'm over here, that from all that he has created. You think that he would choose daughters for himself.

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And he would privilege you with sons, because the Arabs they would prefer to have sons above. daughters. Why? Because sons were a means of strength. If you have sons, you take them to war. If you have sons, they travel for you. For Business, right? their source of income, a source of strength, a source of honor. And when you have daughters, there is only humiliation Why? Because they cannot strengthen you but rather you have to protect them. They don't bring any money to you, but rather they take your money and go with all their lives. You feed them you take care of them. And eventually a time comes when they leave your house and they don't bring you anything. So for

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them, the Arabs what would they prefer sons or daughters. And remember that life in desert is also very difficult. You need a lot of strength in order to survive over there. So this is why they would prefer to have sons so most parents are dimensions over here that would he choose for himself from all that he has created daughters and when it comes to you, he would privilege you with sons. This is mentioned elsewhere as well interest in Nigeria 21 to 22 Anna como de Caro what a hold on Sir tilaka eden is Mattoon visa is the mail for you and for him the female that then is an unjust division. This is not a fair division

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instead of the naturalized 62, where there are only lahemaa kahun and the attributes

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A lot that which they dislike, what they dislike for themselves, they attribute that to a loss of

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interest. So if 40 Fs fair komak booneville benina what the Herman Miller equity ineta in nicoleta coluna Colin of Lima, then has your Lord chosen you for having sons and taken from among the angels daughters, indeed you say a grave saying, this is a very serious statement,

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what either Bushido or how to whom, and when one of them is given good news, when one of them how to whom who does or how to refer to

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one of the machine. So, when one of them is given good news of what bema of that which Baba, many masala of that which he has struck for the Most Merciful as a description or as an example, meaning that which is attributed to Allah,

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what they attribute to Allah and what is that? What is that doctors, if you notice, Doctor is not mentioned over here, what is mentioned my little by little Armani method, they ascribe that to Allah, but when one of them is given good news of that, what does it mean by this good news of the birth of a daughter that has been born to him. So, when he's given that good news and remember the word was sure,

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that she wish law This is used that literally to give someone good news and also sometimes as sarcasm, right, about should leave the cemetery when one of them is given the good news of that which he attributes to Allah. One law word you must what then his face becomes blackened, darkened.

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Walla Walla, means do continue to be to remain. So his face becomes most what it remains was what was what scene while that becomes black and darkened. And this is an expression which means that he is filled with anguish, with sadness, as if the face is covered in glue, depression, he's upset, he's angry, he's embarrassed. We're who are Killeen, and he is suppressing his anger and grief. galim GAF la me what is causing me to suppress something and galim is one who is suppressing his anger, his grief, his feelings inside He's choking inside, filled with feelings of anguish. So this is a state of one of those seeking when he is given the good news of a daughter. But the same

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person, what does he do? He ascribes daughters to a loss of time. What kind of division is this? He hates this news. it depresses him so much that he hides away from people. And we see that the machine of Makkah, some of them, they were so extreme and disregard that whenever one of their wives would be in labor, she was taken to a far off place, and he would be dug in the ground. That if it's a girl, straight into the hole, and buried alive instantly, immediately, and if it's a son, then he will be brought home. This is how extreme they were. This is how upset they would become. And they were given the good news of the birth of a daughter. And some, if they would hear the news that a

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daughter has been born to them, they wouldn't come home. They wouldn't see that wife, they will become so upset with her. They're become so angry, and he would hide from people embarrassed to show his face even before people insert analysis mentioned I had 57 to 59 that were Dr. Luna lilla Hill Burnett, super Hannah, who one of whom is the one with either Bushido or had whom bill owns a large room was what then well who are kaeleen yet lol amin, el comienzo, Mr. Bashara, he hides from his people, because the evil news that he has been informed and he is wondering, he's in a dilemma. I am sick, who are Allah hooning? Me are those two factors that should he keep that child, that girl

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child that daughter with humiliation or should he just bury her alive in the dust and as

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evil as that which they decide?

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So this is what they used to attribute to a loss of data. And this is how they viewed daughters themselves.

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I want to show Phil Haney it wahoo Phil Hill Swami mubin so is one who is brought up in ornaments while being during conflict on evidence.

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What does it mean by this? This statement has been understood in two ways that first of all, Allah subhanaw taala is questioning people

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that this is what you attribute to me. The one whom you raise up in ornaments and when it comes to arguing with

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When it comes to debating, she is unclear. She is unable to express herself clearly. she's unable to fight for her rights.

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Meaning someone who is so weak in your society. This is what you attribute to Allah.

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You understand someone who is so weak in your society, this is what you attribute to them.

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Secondly, elemina show Phil Haley at a later movie, this can also be understood as the statement of a how to home one of them. That when he is given the good news of the birth of a child of a daughter, then what happens Lord, you must what then wahaca Liam and he wonders, this is what has been born to me.

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He questions he wonders This is what has been born to me something so useless. Someone so despicable that LMA Yuna show Phil Hillier, the one who is Yuna shell brought up in ornaments, so a big burden we have to spend so much on her.

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Well, what will his army later will be and when she grows up, she can't even help me. Because when it comes to even defending her rights, she cannot do that herself. The word UNESCO is from the root letters. Moon sheen Hamza Nasha. What does it mean

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to cause to grow? Right?

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is brought up is made to grow is revved up. Her Tobia is done in what? in an helia. Boys What are they grown up in?

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In the Arab culture? in that culture? How are they rare the power they brought up amongst horses and camels and swords and arrows and women? They were brought up amidst jewelry. Haley Haley is what? jewelry adornment. Now the Arabs, they give a lot of importance to strength.

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Do being rough and tough. Being a man being cordial. Why? Because that was necessary in order to live in that society. If a battle was to be fought, you need someone who has been given training to hold a sword not to tie a necklace.

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So for them, having a girl was a big loss a big liability.

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Because if she was extremely weak, and B she couldn't even defend herself. Well, who will fill her Swami lado movie? When it comes to her song she is laden with being one that is unclear. The song is what kind of argument that which is fought in defense of one's rights.

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So women,

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especially in that society, how are they unclear, unable to express themselves in an argument to defend their rights? They couldn't even fight for their rights in that society. Is that true?

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Yes. Is it true today? Of course, in many societies, this is still the case that women are unable to fight for their rights, they're unable to demand the rights Even then, if they have an argument, if they participate in an argument, you can't make head or tail on what they're saying, well, with Assamese it will be incoherent in a dispute. So the people this is how they looked at women. When they were given Good News of the birth of a daughter, they will become upset. So Allah subhanaw taala is asking, this is what you attribute to Allah. Now remember, this is not undermining women is not belittling women, that Oh, look at how women are in a show Phil Hillier will work with me later

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will be no, this is in their culture. This is how women were brought up. So it's as though their way is being criticized. And their way of attributing daughters to a loss of Panasonic is also being criticized that How can you do this, this doesn't make sense. Look at what you value and look at what you ascribed to Allah.

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Look at what you do not value. And look at the fact that you ascribe that to Allah, to Swami, how you will be.

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One we're jerilyn Malaika and they have made the angels Allah Dena, those who, who they

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are their servants of the Most Merciful, the angels, what is the reality that they are servants of Allah? So these people, they have made them as inner thigh as females, meaning they declare them to be females and they ascribe them to be Daughters of Allah. subhanaw taala. Allah says, A shahidul honka who have they witnessed their creation? Did they witness their creation? That they saw the angels being created, and they saw them of being a female gender, a shadow? halterman? No, they haven't. And if they say they have said Dr. Boucher had that one.

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their testimony will be recorded, it will be written. What does the mean by their Shahada, their testimony? Shahada is understood as that if they say that they have seen the angels to be daughters to be females, then this Shahada will be recorded and will use alone they'll be questioned about this false testimony that Where did you see it? When did you see it? When did you see the angels? And how do you know they're female? So Dr. Boucher had that one, were you alone.

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And this i o teaches is a very effective way of stopping someone from doing something wrong or saying something. Many times it happens that, you know, people, especially children, they learn things, they say things that are inappropriate, and they become very vulgar in their speech in their language. So how should we remind them? So Dr. Boucher, that whatever you're saying, it's being written, we're used alone, and there'll be questioned. So everything we say it's being recorded and will be questioned about it. So be careful about what you say. And sometimes without knowledge, we say certain things. Without confirming we pass on the information that we have heard. So we have to

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be very careful, because whenever we're saying something, it's as though we're giving a testimony. Whenever we're passing on some information, it says over testifying to something so so Dr. Boucher, determine by US alone, we should be very careful of what we say, because it's being recorded, and we will be questioned. until of course at we learn Marielle filamin Colin ihlara de European RT man does not utter any word except that within is an observer meaning angel that is well prepared, ready to write into the Messiah 21. We learn in narrow Solana yoke to Buddha madam Kuru, indeed, our messengers, meaning Angel messengers, they record what you conspired. So whatever a person says,

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Whatever a person does, it's being written therefore you should be very careful.

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So over here, basically, in this ayah, Allah subhanaw taala is telling us about the angels that what is their reality? Who are they in reality? They are the servants of Allah, they're not Daughters of Allah. And if someone says that they are Daughters of Allah, then he should have some proof, he should have some evidence. And the reality is that people have no evidence to support this. And if they do come up with something, it's an eye and they'll be questioned about that lie.

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Incidentally, Aronoff is number 206. We learn in melodien endourological is that we are in reality, we used to be hoonah. Who would have we used to do that this is who the angels are, that those who are near your Lord. They're not prevented by arrogance from his worship, they exalt Him, and to him they prostrate.

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So the angels in reality are servants of Allah. They're not his children. They're not his daughters.

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What are you and they say the machine of Makkah, they are very logical explanation for their ship. What do they say? That lotia man If Allah wanted, if a man wanted marva dinner whom we would never have worship them.

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So in other words, who are they blaming for?

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Allah soprano. If Allah wanted, we would never have done *. Allah wants us to do *, this is why we are doing

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this is just like people say today as well. If Allah wanted, I would have been very righteous. If Allah wanted I would have prayed Sunnah. If Allah wanted, I would have done this, I would have done that. The fact is that Allah doesn't want me to do it. This is why I'm not doing it, there is no free will. This is what people say. Right? This is how they misunderstand decree. And this is how they get confused between what Allah likes and what Allah allows. And we have discussed this earlier that everything that Allah allows to happen does not mean that he likes it. But what Allah commands that is what he likes. schilke has Allah commanded it? No, he hasn't commanded it. This shows that

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Allah does not like it.

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If Allah allows it to happen, this is because he has given people the ability to do whatever they want the choice to do whatever they want the freedom to do whatever they want.

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People have free will, because if there was no free will, then what's the test about? What's the test about what makes us different from other creatures?

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So we'll call new lotia on Warhammer no matter other than our home we would never have done shooting

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in total and am I 107 polo shirt a low marshmallow in total and am I 148 Sakura Latina Shaco Lucia Allahu Mashallah, whatever. Well, I have a lemon shade.

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So they live a lot for their actions.

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And many times, people have the guts to do this today as well. Whatever wrong they're doing who do they blame? Allah soprano.

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And this is extremely disrespectful that you don't take responsibility

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For your actions rather you blaming the one who has given you everything you have

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very, very disrespectful.

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We'll call you lotia of Romano maribyrnong.

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Allah says Mama, homie daddy come in, they don't have any knowledge for this. They don't have any knowledge for what?

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For what, what does that equal refer to? The article refers to, first of all the shift that they're doing that they do, should they say that the interest of the daughters of Allah, they worship idols? And many of these idols they consider them to be female. But do they have any knowledge any evidence behind that? No, they don't. They speak without any knowledge.

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And secondly, the legal refers to what is said over here, that they say that Allah is satisfied with the worship of these angels of these female gods.

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So for this, they have no knowledge, how do they know that Allah is happy with them?

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How do they know that Allah approves of their actions? When you say that someone is happy with me, you should have some evidence, isn't it?

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When they say that Allah approves of this schilke of ours, what evidence do they have? They don't have any knowledge. They don't have any evidence in home a layer for soon. They are not except telling lies. They're not except guessing, estimating.

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With regard to the worship of other than Allah, they're only assume that they are partners have a lot they deserve worship,

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or with regards to their belief that Allah is happy with our actions, they're only guessing with regards to them.

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Because what was their belief?

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They said that everything is fine for us. When we worship these idols, when we worship the angels, nothing wrong happens in our lives. So this means allies happy.

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dislike today also, when people are doing wrong things, nothing goes wrong. They say allies happy if what we were doing was wrong, then things would have gotten bad for us. But the fact is that there are people who do shake people who don't do shake. Are their situations the same?

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No, they're not identical.

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People who do evil, they're doing the same kind of evil one is in trouble. The other is not in trouble. Isn't it's a people who are doing the same kind of good one is in trouble, the other is not in trouble. So the worldly circumstances of a person do not necessarily show whether or not Allah is happy with that person.

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If a person says, oh, Allah is happy with me, because I'm making so much money, this is what inhome ilaya who soon

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they're only guessing they're only estimating there is no basis for this.

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Yahoo soon is from the root letters, horrified chorus and harnesses basically, the estimated amount of fruit on a tree.

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There's fruit on the tree. You don't know how much it is you look at and you say, Oh, I think two boxes.

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I think two bags.

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Okay, this is what it is. You don't have any evidence. You're just looking. And you're estimating. And you're passing and you're saying your opinion, there is no evidence behind that. So no lie. So this is why hers is also used for lies, her loss was her loss can be a big liar. Cuttino holla soon. So inhome ilaya, Hassan, they're only guessing they're only inventing lies in this respect.

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Now, we see that there are two types of statements. One type of statement is that which is based on knowledge. And the other type of statement is that which is based on mere opinions, guesses, suppositions whims, desires.

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And this is with regards to religious beliefs. And this is also with regards to day to day matters.

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Many times people say things based on no knowledge, just opinion. They go outside, they see the sky cloudy, and they say, it's gonna be How do you know?

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How do you know? Many times that happens? It's very cloudy, but eventually the clouds disperse, and the sun comes out,

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isn't it? So what do you have to do? You have to look at the forecast. Right? You have to look at the forecast and not just go and pass your own opinion

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that you get up in the morning. You look out the window and you see it's cloudy. And you just tell everybody it's gonna rain today. It's gonna rain today. Everybody take your jackets, they take their jackets and they find out it's so sunny outside.

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Am Anya Hassan. So many times when it comes to worldly matters, even people base their actions on what caught us

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Similarly, when it comes to Deen many people also base their beliefs on what house but what is the way of believers? Or what is the way that should be of the believers in day to day matters and also in religious matters, that we should avoid speaking, based on assumptions. Rather, we should, whatever we say it should be based on what solid evidence, solid evidence. So over here we see that the Michigan of Mecca, their false beliefs, whether it was with regards to the pleasure of Allah, or it is with regards to shader that they were doing all of that was based on no knowledge in LA Yahoo soon. And Allah subhanaw taala does not approve of this.

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I'm at a naham keytab I'm in Cabo Lee, or have we given them a book before this? before? What?

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before? What? Before the Quran? For whom the Muslim sukoon to which they are firmly adhering? Meaning On what basis? Are they saying that Allah approves of *, that Allah is happy with it?

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On what basis? Are they saying? They have no knowledge?

00:26:19--> 00:26:23

And do they have any revealed scripture before the Quran? No, they don't.

00:26:25--> 00:26:31

They don't have any revealed scripture that came to them before the Quran that tells them that they should do should

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know, in fact, what Allah revealed previously, the total, the Injeel does evoke all of these scriptures. What do they prohibit? What do they prohibit shirk? And what do they command though hate?

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So, shake is something that Allah subhanaw taala has never ever announced. So the machine of maccabean question. On what basis do you say that Allah is happy with it? Now I'm kita women Hughley for whom became wisdom seeker and this book they're holding on to firmly, which is why there are firm on their ship. Wisdom sequel is a plural of wisdom sick, which is from the word esteemed sec. And if stem sec, is from M sec, m sec, is to hold on to something retain something in a stem sack, but it's different, sometimes gives the meaning of mobile. So they're firmly holding on to it clinging to it, not letting go of it. So that previous scripture told them, they should do shake,

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and therefore they are firmly adhering to it. And this is why they're doing

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but this has never happened inside of the room is 35. And then now I lay him supine, and for Hawaii at a kilometer the Macan will be he usually code or have we sent down to them and authority and it speaks of what they were associated with him? No, this has never been the case. Then what is the evidence they have for sure, but rather they say in our giardina Anna, Anna omata, indeed, we have found our forefathers on a particular oma. What does it mean by oma

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religion and also community, right? The word oma has several meanings. Over here, Alma means creed, religion, way of life, Dean. So they say that we found our forefathers on a particular religion was in either a 30 year water Dune, and indeed we on their traces on their footsteps are rightly guided, meaning we follow their footsteps with regards to Dean, and when we follow them, then we are rightly guided, this is what they see.

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So we see that the machine of Makkah, and other machine also, and all those who are upon falsehood, they have no evidence for their false belief. Because Allah has never revealed anything that tells people to follow falsehood,

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delivered by Fox. So where has this belief emerged from? Or how come they're so firm on it? Where does it come from? If you go back, they're doing it simply because their forefathers,

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they're doing it simply because they were born in that religion.

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They follow that religion simply because their parents had that religion.

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They have that belief simply because they were brought up with those beliefs. They don't use your mind otherwise.

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We see that when it comes to the majority of the people, what religion do they follow?

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What religion to follow whatever religion they were born into.

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If a person has been born into the family of Buddhists, that's what he will do. Right? If he was brought up as a Christian, he will be a Christian. If he was brought up as a Muslim, he will be a Muslim.

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rarely ever do people use their mind that why why am I doing this?

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Why am I supposed to worship this? Why am I supposed to worship in this way? Why am I supposed to do this?

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There are two types of people,

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those who live according to what they find their forefathers on.

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And secondly, those who live according to what Allah has revealed.

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And in order to live according to what Allah has revealed, a person has to use his mind.

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Because we see that even people who are born in Muslim families, what are they content with many times just with the fact that they're Muslim? That's it. But to have EMA, and to have kosher, or to have love, what do you need? You need conscious faith, isn't it? So you need to decide that for yourself, you need to accept it willingly. And unless a person accepts and willingly for himself, he cannot

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achieve the strength of human. So there are two types of people, some who just follow the footsteps of their forefathers, and others who use their mind. And they accept and they live by what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed. And this is something that we're supposed to do, use our mind and accept and follow what Allah has revealed.

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But we see that the majority of the people, what do they follow the religion of their forefathers, and they think that they're rightly guided.

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Just because my parents did it. This is why I do it. They did it. They were successful. I do it I will also be successful. This is what they think.

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Allah says work at alika and similarly ma SLM in carbonica, ficaria 10 minute Eden, we did not send before you any Warner into a city in LA Carla with Rafa except that it's affluent one set the rich ones amongst that nation, they said, in our journey, and our omoton were in narla 30 hymnbook, the dune Indeed, we found our forefathers upon the religion, and we are in their footsteps book, the dune, Dune is a Florida macdaddy and who is already following?

00:32:07--> 00:32:09

It is to follow someone

00:32:10--> 00:32:47

and it's to literally imitate someone coda who is a coda, Imam, and the Salah, who is the macdaddy. The one who is following the email, how are you to follow the email? How exactly what he's doing? You do when he goes into court, then you go into court when he gets up, then you get him? When he says Salaam then you say something. And sometimes you haven't even finished what you were reading, but you have to follow the EMA. Right. So we're in narla, 30, you moved on, and we are in their footsteps following meaning we are following.

00:32:48--> 00:33:28

So we see that this was not just the way of the people of Makkah. But it was the way of the people of the past as well. And it's the way of the people of present as well. That when it comes to religion, they don't use their mind, all that they do is follow their forefathers, they say we found our forefathers on this religion. And we are following them. And especially who said this, who says this from among the nation, it's those who are midriff, those who are affluent, those who are wealthy, those who are rich, because they have become rich, they have whatever they have. Why? Because of their forefathers, and also because of the society, the culture that they have, that has

00:33:28--> 00:33:37

allowed them to become prosperous. And if they go against that custom, if they go against that culture, that society, they're going to lose what they have gained.

00:33:39--> 00:33:48

So they're the first ones to promote what following the ways of the forefathers. Why? Because it secures their well.

00:33:49--> 00:33:51

And the rest of the people, they follow them blindly.

00:33:53--> 00:33:57

So we see that before this happened at the time, the prophet SAW a lot of sediment this happened still today.

00:33:58--> 00:34:01

But unfortunately, this happens only with regards to religion.

00:34:03--> 00:34:07

With regards to everything else, people don't like to follow the ways of their forefathers.

00:34:09--> 00:34:11

If for example, your mother tells you

00:34:13--> 00:34:18

cook in this way. You say no, no, I read in the recipe that you're supposed to cook in that way.

00:34:20--> 00:34:42

Many times it happens that some Auntie's, they will advise young mothers. This is what you should give to your child. This is how you should feed your child. This is how you should look after your child and what do they say? No, no. The research shows something completely different today. So with regards to worldly things, we use our mind but with regards to the content with whatever parents have done.

00:34:44--> 00:34:53

This is not fair. If Allah has given you everything he deserves that you use your mind when it comes to his religion as well when it comes to his commands as well.

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

Caller he said who said the the the Warner the Prophet

00:35:00--> 00:35:18

The messenger or the Warner who had been sent to those people, he said ology to come even if I came to you, meaning would you continue to follow the ways of your father's even if I came to you be there with that which is more guided mimma wadjet tomorrow lady ever

00:35:20--> 00:35:34

then what you found your forefathers on? Meaning would you continue to prefer the ways of your forefathers, even if what I have brought to you is better than their ways is more guided than their ways.

00:35:36--> 00:35:49

They said their reaction was in Alabama or still don't really care if you're on indeed we have what you have been sent with our disbelievers. Meaning we're not going to listen. We're not going to accept what you say. We disbelieve in what you have.

00:35:50--> 00:36:06

We see that the people they're so convinced that the ways that the forefathers are right. They're so convinced that even if you present them a better way, and it seems logically better, even still, they're not willing to accept

00:36:07--> 00:36:10

that we're like this just because our forefathers have.

00:36:11--> 00:36:14

So they said in our email, also, don't be careful alone.

00:36:15--> 00:36:23

They're so convinced that their forefathers are right, which is why even if you present the truth to them, facts to them, they will not accept.

00:36:24--> 00:36:42

I remember coming across a Christian girl once she used to work in my house back in Pakistan. And I really, really wanted her to become Muslim. And I tell her and she said, yes, it makes sense to me. I understand what you say, you know, in my heart, I believe, but I have to remain a Christian because my family is Christian.

00:36:44--> 00:36:51

She could just not understand that. She could change your religion, she could accept the truth, she could follow the truth.

00:36:52--> 00:37:07

I explained to her in so many different ways this will happen that will happen. This is the case that is the case. She's like, I know what you're saying. I understand what you're saying my heart accepts, but I can not become Muslim because my family is Christian. Simply My family is like this. This is why I can't change.

00:37:09--> 00:37:29

So the people of the past also, they said that in Africa or South America. We disbelieve in what you have been sent with and we will remain firm on the waves of our forefathers. But we see that again. When it comes to the media. We see that you know, the new generation never thinks that Oh, my parents never went to school. So I should also not go to school.

00:37:30--> 00:37:41

They never think that you know, my parents never wore these kind of clothes. Even I should not wear these kind of clothes. No, they don't follow their parents when it comes to worldly things. But when it comes to them,

00:37:42--> 00:37:48

they don't use their mind. Intro to soft fat is 69 to 70 we learn in the home alpha

00:37:49--> 00:38:32

lead for Humala 13 You are indeed the founder forefathers astray. So they hasten to follow in their footsteps without even using their mind. They follow the Phantom Nam in home. So we took retribution from them. We took retribution for them from them. Allah subhanaw taala did not spare them funds of so Look, guys, if I can ask people to look at the vein. How was the end of the deniers? What was their end? That Allah subhana wa tada destroyed them He punished them. And it was only those people who use their mind who consciously willingly accepted the religion of Allah. The truth, they were the ones who were spirit and the rest of them. They were finished

00:38:34--> 00:38:35

with listen to the recitation.

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