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At-Taubah 16-28 Translation 16-28

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Muhammad who on a Sunday a lot of Sudan Karim, I'm about to be lacking in a shape honorable Jean Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Rubbish rightly so do a silly Emily Washington iraq data melissani acabo de la are benefiting

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lesson number 103 suited to Toba? I am number 16 to 28 Translation

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um, or has it done your part? And that to trochu you all will be left when a man while not as yet

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yarlung he knows Allahu Allah. Allah Vina, those who jaha do dated utmost struggle. men come from you. While I'm not yet does he do they adopt men from duni besides Allah He Allah wanna and nor Vasu Lee His Messenger winner and nor me Nina the believers were Legion any intimate friends. Well Allahu and Allah hubiera always all aware Bhima with whatever Dharma loon you will do.

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Man not cannon it was Lin Machina for those who do ship and that year Moodle they populate they occupy Messiah Judah masks Allah He of Allah share he Bina as ones witnessing Allah against and foresee him themselves will cook with the disbelief Allah eager those have you but it was wasted or man who whom their deeds were fee and in a nary the Hellfire, whom they hardly don't want to abide eternally in them or indeed not but here Maru he populates, he inhabits masajid mosques, Allah, He of Allah, man who am Anna, he believed believed in Allah, when the army and the day and the last were our karma, and he perfectly established a solar, the solar power and he gave us together

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there's one arm and not yaksha he fears in law except Allah, Allah for assert so it is hoped, Allah Ecuador's, I'm that yaku they are made from and looked at in those who obtained guidance.

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Did jeraldo you all made socata giving water to drink and hedge to the pilgrim war and renowned author occupying, populating and Masjid, the masjid and her on the sacred? Come on like who am Allah He believed biLlahi in Allah when Yomi and the day and the last were jaha and he did Atmos struggle fi in Seville in their way of Allah La noche yesterday una they are equal in the LA near Allah. Wa Allahu and Allah La not yet He guides and found the people of learning those who are unjust.

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And Medina those who knew they believed were Hydro and they did heater they migrated or jaha do and they did utmost struggle. Fie in severely way Allah He of Allah be unwinding him with their wealth were unfussy him and themselves are Momo are greater than Raja in rank in the near Allahu Allah, what Allah iica and those whom they are alpha is on those who are successful

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you bashira whom he gives good news to them, or boom they rub barrage Martin with mercy men who from him what it learning and pleasure are Jeannette and gardens nahoon for them see her in it they're evil blessings, McLean one everlasting

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Holly Deena once abiding eternally see her in it other forever in Indeed Allah Allah in the home with him a job or reward or Lehman Most Great.

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Yeah, you have or you alladhina those who knew they believed led do not that does he do you will adopt you will take a comb your father is a whiner comb and your brothers earlier as close protecting friends. In if is the hub boo. They preferred Alka for the disbelief. Allah upon al Eman the belief woman and whoever yet Allah whom he befriends them, men come from you for equals to those whom they avoid the mode. Those who are unjust

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old say in if Ghana he was about your father's webinar and he

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Your sons are a whiner calm and your brothers will as well as you calm and your spouse's or your wives. Why she loved to come and your closest relatives or Sheila to come your closest relatives. What am I alone and wealth or properties external to move her you all earned it you all acquired it. What do you gelatin and trade they've shown you all fear casada it's lost its decline Why am I second and homes dwellings the owner her you all are pleased with it I have been our more beloved la come to you main then Allahu Allah wa su Lee and His Messenger What do you have in and struggling feasability in his way photographer so then you always had the until yet the pecans Allahu Allah the

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MD with his command or LA who and Allah land not yet He guides and count the people and faceting those across limits

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laqad certainly not Oracle he helped you Allahu Allah. Fie in Manuel cleaner battlefields the field in many way oma and en de Hernan of who name is when our Java code a pleased you cathro to comb your abundance phenom than not Tony it's a rails on come from you shake anything, or rocket and it became tight. It became constricted alaikum upon you the earth Bhima in spite of that, Robert it was vast. Some of them were later you are turned away, would have been as ones turning their backs.

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So my then under Allahu Allah sent down Sakina who is tranquility, his calmness, Allah upon Rasulullah he is messenger where Allah and upon me Nina, the believers were unzila and he sent down julu then armies. Lam not Thoreau, have you all saw it? Or I've never and He punished alladhina those who care for who they disbelieved with alika and that deserve his recompense and carefree of those who disbelieved.

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So my then he had to he turns in mercy Allahu Allah main from birth after that a cadet Allah upon man whoever you're sure he wills will law who and Allah of a foreign most forgiving or a Haman always All Merciful

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Yeah, you hola Dina. amanu boy you who have believed in Allah indeed not but I wish the corner those who do shake the polytheists nudges who are impurity uncleanliness further, so should not Yakubu they approach al Masjid the masjid al haram the sacred brother after army him they're here, whether this or in and if you all feared or you let them poverty for sofa then will soon you will Nico, he will enrich you. Allahu Allah. Men probably he from his bounty, if He willed in the law, Indeed Allah or neeman always annoying hacky one always always.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Have you

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been working

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a law

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firm, a sauna

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D, D, E canon, canon bill.

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la, la,

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la de mi la de la.

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The law

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are we

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the moon

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