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An-Nisa 123-134 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 131-134


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The importance of fearless behavior and avoiding disrespectation in Islam is emphasized. The segment also touches on the concept of a person being fearful of people and the potential consequences of doing so. The speakers emphasize the importance of following commands and rewarding behavior, but also emphasize the need to be careful about words and not to say things that are harsh or evil. The potential consequences of dams and the negative consequences of disobeying laws are also discussed.

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Let him in the shape of Regina Smith over him.

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Let's continue our lesson.

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What in law he has some hour Do you want to fill out and to a low belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth.

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What are they were saying and levena Udo keytab. I mean publikum what year come any duckula

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and we have instructed those who are given the Scripture before you

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and yourselves meaning we have also instructed you to have the core of Allah, to fear Allah.

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The eye begins with the statement that everything belongs to Allah Subhana everything in the heavens, everything in the earth, that he is the owner of the heavens, he is the owner of the earth. And he is a supreme authority over everything in the heavens and the earth even you. So if he is giving you a command, what are you supposed to do?

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then submit?

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What God was saying and levena Okita and certainly we decreed was signer is from the newsletter as well. So idea was clear. And what is obviously an important instruction that is given with a lot of emphasis.

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And over here was Cena meaning we gave this important instruction, meaning we made it incumbent we enjoined

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upon who

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and Medina Auto keytab I mean, publikum those people who are given the book before you, who are they, the Jews and the Christians,

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we commanded them, we instructed them, we made this mandatory upon them.

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And we also made this mandatory upon who what year come and you as well, or people of the

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alladhina Auto kitanomine company come over they rot and in jail and who are you.

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So, the same method was given to Nutella and India, the same message is being given to you or people of the poor? And what that unethical law her that you should you must fear Allah, you must have to call Avila. What is the COVID law, that out of the fear of a loss of personal data out of the fear of his punishment? What does a person do?

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He tries to take a shield meaning he tries to protect himself from the punishment.

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And how does he protect himself from the punishment of Allah from the angle of honor, by doing two things? And what are those two things? What are some things that a person does, in order to protect himself from the punishment of Allah?

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First of all, be fairly aware MIDI, doing that which Allah has commanded,

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performing the obligations. And also, secondly, staying away from the nowhere he from the prohibitions, staying away from the prohibitions. So, taqwa of Allah is after the fear of Allah. A person wants to take shield from the punishment of Allah from the anger of Allah. And what does he do? It's not just, you know, a Manny, it's not just thoughts and wishes in his heart, but he actually does something and what does he do? He does what Allah has commanded and he stays away from what Allah has forbidden.

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So Allah has commanded you, not just you, but the people before you that you must fear him, that you must obey Him, that you must stay away from the prohibitions. Why?

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Because everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah. And you also belong to Allah. Allah has given you a code and your uncle, necessitates that you must submit to Allah.

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When Inca Kuru and if you disbelieve, what does it mean by this if you disbelieve?

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Meaning if you don't follow the commands of Allah, if you do what LS forbidden you intact photo.

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And remember that Cofer results are in gratitude if you're ungrateful for what, for everything that also counts Allah has given you and as a result of that you don't do what Allah wants you to do for in any lahemaa For some it will feel odd. Then indeed to a love belongs all that isn't the heavens and all that is in the air. He doesn't need you. Well can Allahu and Allah is Ever vernian he is rich, and he is also hammy, the one who is praiseworthy, Allah is Ever possessed or these attributes what Rina richness as well as hunt

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What does it mean by honey?

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Meaning honey is the one who is above want why

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Who is free from the other one who is independent of the other? So he is not dependent on your worship. He's not dependent on your obedience on your authority. No, he is free from you. He is far too rich then to need his servants.

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And he is also Hamid, meaning he is praiseworthy in all of his decisions and in all of his commandments.

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Hamid is one who is praiseworthy, even if someone doesn't praise Him, someone who is praiseworthy, even if someone doesn't praise Him by for example, if somebody has really done something good, let's say somebody has got their degree, but one of the relatives they don't like them, they don't say Oh, congratulations. Now, they're not saying congratulations. Does it affect their degree? Are they still praise worthy for what they've done? Yes, Allah Subhana. Allah is far and above all of the creation. So if people don't praise Him, if people don't thank him, if people don't love him, he is still praiseworthy. If you don't obey Him, you're not insulting him. Remember that? He is running,

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he doesn't need your authority. And he has Hamid, that even if people disobey him still he is praiseworthy? Still, he is praiseworthy.

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And also, he's Hamid in all of the commands that He has given.

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Because many times these comments especially about family life, people object, people object and why like this and why not like that? How can a man can marry two wives and how come the woman has to compromise an hour, you know, people object a lot. This is a command of Allah, take it or leave it, you're only going to benefit yourself, you're not going to harm him. alisal any, any as Hamid if you show that you disagree with the commands of Allah, if you try to show that they don't work, still Alliance praiseworthy, he is funny and he is honey.

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What do we learn from this ayah

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that Allah subhanaw taala does not need that the core of his creation of people. He does not need their craze because he himself is praiseworthy.

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Mozart is an answer to his people. in Surat Ibrahim is number eight. It has been revealed that in duck photo unknown woman fill out the Jamia and if you disbelieve you meaning or Bani Israel and everybody on the earth altogether, every single person on the earth does go for for in a lot of money.

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Then verily, Allah is rich and he is praiseworthy

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into a Muslim there is a Hadees Hadees could see and which are less apparent it says that the arriba the low an award or calm eurocom what intercom what intercom can or allow at all can be Rajan where he the min comm Meza the daily coffee mug Kesha,

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oh my servants, even if the first amongst you and the last amongst you, and even the whole of human race of yours and that of genes even become equal in taqwa in God consciousness, like the heart of a single person amongst you, nothing would act to my power.

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Basically, if all of the creation became the most pious became the most I think, having a lot of the COVID loss of hangat is still it will not affect a loss parameter. It will not add to his work. It will not add to his dominion his power.

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yeah everybody, all my servants low and overcome whatever eurocon were encircled wodgina calm can Allah after you can be lodged in well hidden manner Casa de Kumi Mukesh

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all my servants, even if the first amongst you, and the last amongst you, and the whole human race of yours, and that of the genes to in unity become the most wicked, like the heart of a single person, it would cause no loss to my power.

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So when we obey, who do we benefit ourselves and when we disobey, who do we harm ourselves because Allah is Lenny, and he is Hamid

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when he let him have his semi whitey woman fill up into a lab belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And this has been repeated so many times. Why?

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to reaffirm the reason why we should have the core of Allah.

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Why is this being mentioned over and over again? That you will love it honestly, heavens and the earth? That Who are you fearing boy, you're supposed to fear the Malick of the heavens and the earth. If there is a person who owns only one house, who owns only a little bit of wealth of this dunya you become so fearful of him. You respect him so much You dare to disagree with him.

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But when it's the commands of Allah, you think you can say whatever you can object to them.

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You can deny them, you can disobey them. How can you do that?

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Allah is the owner of the atoms in the earth. When he Lahaina for some of what you want, I feel,

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you know, when it comes to the laws of the country that a person is living in, he fears, the officers and the people who impose the law so much, that just a site of their car scares him and he will drive so carefully. Why?

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out of the fear, fear of what their power, that they will prosecute me, they will accuse me they will blame me and I will have nothing as an evidence to support myself and I will have to suffer the consequences. Now think about this, that Allah has given you certain laws, he has given you a set of laws, and he has told you to have the club and to have fear of him.

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And you walk on this earth and you dare to question his commands, you dare to objected His laws will allow you to fly to

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work, if I will let you Akilah. And sufficient is Allah as a Disposer of affairs,

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meaning Allah alone is sufficient to maintain the look after and oversee all that isn't the heavens and the earth.

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Because many times we obey Allah out of the fear of people. We don't disobey him out of the fear of people, that if I do this, people will say, why don't you follow the deen? Why don't you follow the commands of Allah? Don't you know? This isn't the Quran? What does Allah say Waka fibrillary rakija. Allah alone is sufficient to maintain the look after and to oversee everything in the heavens and the earth. Because he is a creator, He is the Lord

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iesha if he wills you, He will come, he can do away with you and your nurse or people?

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Do you think that if you disobey Him, you can stay here forever? No, you're so dependent on him that if he wishes, he can just finish all of mankind. So not even a single human being would survive on the surface of the earth.

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As a youth, he will come, he can finish you he can take you away.

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Meaning he can remove you from this earth. If you are living here, if you have been given a life, if you have been given an intelligence and actual reason, knowledge, this is all a favor of Allah.

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Use it to obey Him, don't use it to stand up against him.

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In your shot, you're here because he can finish you, he can wipe you off, or human ness or people if you are ungrateful, and if you continue to send if you continue to disobey Him,

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where to be a hurryin and he can bring another people, meaning he can bring another generation of people and he can bring another species in your place. So yeah, TBR honey has been understood in two ways.

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That first of all, he can do away with your generation, that all of you who are objecting at the commands of Allah will be wiped off, will be finished, and in your place who will come? Who will come the next generation? And isn't it so people get fooled by the long life that they have been given? By the little time they have been given on this earth? By the level of time they have been given to enjoy their intellect, the little time that they have what do they do? They objected the commands of Allah to say why like this and why like that. And we forget that we're only here temporarily soon I will be gone and somebody else will take my place.

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And others have said the marine it refers to another different creation and other species that the entire mankind is wiped off and in their place. Another creation is brought out which is more obedient to a multiplanetary

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What can Allahu Allah danika cadila and Allah is over that all powerful, he is ever all capable overdoing this overdoing What? Doing what wiping you off and bringing another creation in your place, bringing another generation in your place.

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And we know that sometimes the Epidemics that break out, like for example before when there were no immunizations, and just the flu like the different types of flus right? So one epidemic could literally destroy an entire people. I mean, it was fully capable of finishing you fully capable. So therefore you should have fear of Allah.

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We learn instead of Mohammed i a 38. We're in that our low estaba little Coleman eurocom some malaria Kunal and Syrah calm, and if you turn away, he will replace you with another people and then they will not be the likes of you. They will be different from you. You object you refuse, they will be obedient.

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Also, we learn from throttle and arm I 103

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33 he assures you that he will come when a staff member did come nyesha come and share a common surgery at your home in a hurry. If he will, he can do away with you and give succession after you do whomever He wills, just as he produced you from the descendants of another people.

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He produced you from the descendants of another people, the cemetery he can finish you and bring about another generation.

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So what should we do?

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The little time that we have been given on this earth? What should we do?

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Spend it in fulfilling the purpose of our life? Not in becoming arrogant,

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not in becoming arrogant.

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And remember that sometimes in family life, in family issues? What do people think? Because they have more rights, they have more power, they have more money, they can do whatever they want. I mean, how long will you have this money for?

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How long?

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How long are you going to live? How long is the other person going to live? Can't you compromise a little bit? Can't you be nice a little bit?

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For example, sometimes, young girls, they cannot stand their mother in law. And if you think of it, how long are you going to live? How long are they going to do? You have a big fight you cut off from her completely you go live in your own house, completely independently, happily doing everything your way. But you've disobey the laws of Canada, how long will you enjoy this house? How long will you live? Can't you compromise a little bit for the greater good for the greater benefit?

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So whenever some worldly gain some worldly benefit makes us disobey a loss of power gotta go against his commands, we should remind ourselves that I'm only here temporarily. This too will pass this to will finish this two will come to an end. And I will also come to an end.

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Why should I leave this earth as a disobedient servant of Allah.

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Mancha UD this however, dunya whoever desires or award of this world whoever desires meaning any person, whosoever He is it is desire. If his intention is to gain the reward in this dunya what is the reward of this dunya

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some benefit in this dunya immediate gratification, worldly benefits worldly praise. I want to cook my way I want to live my way. I want to clean my way. I want to set up my house my way.

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What is this? benefits of dystonia?

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So if you want this benefit of dunya then for in the law however dunya will occur then Allah has the reward of the end after you want only the reward of this do

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you want only the reward of this don't you? Don't you want the reward of after that if you compromise a little bit now, you will get something much better in the after.

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Remember, in a solo hide, we learned that if a person is unhappy, and still he gives up his right, what is he promised a house in general? And if he says no, no, this is my right I want the web with dunia I want my right now. Okay. Allah has the reward of dunya ne also has rewarded after you choose what do you want? If you don't compromise, you will get away with dunya if you compromise you will get so I will

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choose. Go ahead. Decide what you want. Man, can you read this however dunya for in the law, he's aware but dunia Well,

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what can Allahu Samir ombersley Allah and Allah is Ever hearing. He hears everything, and he is asleep. He also sees everything.

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What do we learn from this ayah

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that a person who wants to just this donia does the benefits of this world. He wants his dunya to be genda for him, then it's up to Allah. If Allah wants to give him something that the new he will give it. But if he doesn't wish to give him in the dunya you will not get it.

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And on the other hand, a person who wants to be a hero, and because of that he will compromise on his rights, because he wants to reward in the ohana. He wants to be happy with him. He doesn't want to be unjust towards anyone, then Allah will give him the reward of the hereafter.

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And he will also give him the reward of the dunya

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as we learned earlier, that many times when a person does something for the sake of a Lost Planet, Allah then Allah subhanaw taala compensates in this dunya even

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in through the Bukhara Ayah 200 we learned from in a nassima your corner of banner attina dunia woman who fell arthrotomy

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and among the people as he who says Oh our Lord give us in this dunya and such a person who will have nothing in

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Yes, because in trying to gain the dunya yes compromise so much on his

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life is about compromise. Either you will compromise to get to near, or you will compromise your dunya to get a

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woman who may Jacobo robina Tina Fey dunya has an awful lot he has no work in her either, but now, but among them as us as our Lord give us in this world, that which is good, and the year after that which is good, and protect us from the punishment of the Fire, such people who are equally homeless Lieberman, maca, Sabu woodleigh, who say you will have those will have a share of what they have earned and Allah swifting.

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We also learned in some of the shorter i a 20 man kana you need to have an afro nezzie de la houfy Houthi. whoever desires the harvest of the hereafter what is harvest? What is harvest, that you've done something before, and then you get the fruits of your labor. So whoever wants the harvest of the year after he wants to reap the benefits in the athleta, then we will increase for him in his harvest, he will gain more than what he planted,

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he will get more than what he intended to gain.

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That Allah will give him more award that he expected in the ACA, and sometimes even in adonia. And on the other hand, woman can have you read or help the dunya look to Him in her woman who fell asleep.

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And whoever desires the harvest of this world, we give him minha. What does that mean? My men have some of it not everything that a person wants in the dunya. So for instance of a person, you know, by through injustice on a relative, they try to get some worldly benefit. Is it guaranteed that they will get that worldly benefit?

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No, it's not guaranteed no de minha but there is not for him in the hereafter. Any share. Such a person will have no share in the offer.

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So what do we understand

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that anything that we do anything that we do, what should we focus on?

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The consequence? In the

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if I do this, what is the result in the afterlife? If I don't do this, what's the benefit in the ACA? What's the harm in Dr. Phil?

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Usually, when it comes to fasting and praying and arriva, then we think that this is for us. But when it comes to dealing with people dealing with family members, then we forget

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that if I do suffer, there is reward in the afterlife. If I shout and yell at the other person who is older than me, and I'm being disrespectful to them, we don't think that there are any consequences.

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We don't think like that at all. We think that there are consequences only for sadad, Zakat and sadaqah. Nothing to do with family affairs. Which is why we see that so easily. People who have studied the Quran, they're yelling at their older relatives as if their children really

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what gives you the confidence that you've learned will be valid any air center yet you are yelling at your husband's mother or your husband's father or your wife's mother or father? I mean, what gives you the confidence to do that? What right do you have to yell at someone who's older will be valid any assignment. And it's better to remain quiet in situations where you know you're getting upset.

00:23:26--> 00:23:30

We learnt about well, Calvin and Hobbes, there are consequences in the afternoon.

00:23:31--> 00:23:40

So anything that we do, especially in family situations and family matters, we should remember the result of the AHA.

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Don't think about the immediate benefit of dystonia.

00:23:45--> 00:23:50

Don't think about the immediate benefit in dystonia rather focus on the

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we learn in syllable israa number 80. Mankind as a result rajaraja Arjuna hufa Manisha Lima, new read, whoever should desire the immediate, we hasten for him from it, what we will to whom we intend. So Madonna Allahu Johanna, your sledgehammer, Mama mother, hoorah. Then we have made for him hell, which he will enter to burn and he will be with moon, he will be blameworthy and he will be motherhood he will be banished deserted.

00:24:24--> 00:24:27

So, we should not think of the immediate, rather we should think of the hereafter.

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And notice the eye ends with a loss of printout. His name's Samir on endlessly that Allah hears every word you say. Whether you say it with your tongue, or you see it in your heart. He knows whether that word whether that statement is respectful or disrespectful. He is listening to you, listening to you every time that you're speaking about some family member, some relatives

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If it is LIBOR, or it's really taking advice, he is severe and he is bullied. He knows exactly what you're going through. So at the end of the day, Who should we fear of the Alliance hearing every word of mine, and he watches me, he sees me. He knows about what I'm doing. Because many times when there are problems at home, sometimes you know, girls, they will go tell their parents about the things that happened at home and they will present a picture that is completely different from reality. Allah is hearing you at that time.

00:25:31--> 00:25:38

And he sees you in your house, where your parents don't see you there may not know about the reality but Allah knows about there yet.

00:25:40--> 00:25:52

So we can allow Samir Macedo Allah is hearing and he is knowing out of his fear, out of his fear, give the hug of the other have Taqwa of Allah, and do ersan towards others.

00:25:53--> 00:26:06

Even quiet, in his famous Placido Nia Nia is his casita, in which every verse ends with a noon. He mentioned about the names of Allah Subhana Allah and he explains them.

00:26:07--> 00:26:27

So you mentioned about the name of Allah Samir, that follows some iero Yara wias marucho Lemma. He is the oil hearing. He sees and he hears everything that Phil Kony mean selling woman airline. That is an existence of the secret and also the manifest.

00:26:28--> 00:26:38

There are some things that are secret that are hidden from you. Other things that are manifest before everybody. But he hears he sees he knows exactly what's going on

00:26:39--> 00:26:57

fairly quickly. So the men who summer on how they don't. So for every voice, he has a hearing that is present, meaning he hears every voice that is uttered for several Erlang muster, we only saw the hidden and the manifests are both the same for him.

00:26:58--> 00:27:03

What you utter, you Don't utter because sometimes we say some things and some things we keep in our heart.

00:27:04--> 00:27:07

Allah is hearing the conversation that is going on in your heart as well.

00:27:09--> 00:27:15

was some woman who was Saraswathi let y'all fairly he very do her with Danny.

00:27:16--> 00:27:25

And his hearing is such that encompasses all voices, whether it's your voice or the voice of your relative, not is hidden from him the distant northern year.

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So every word that is uttered, whether it is publicly sought out, or it is secretly said out, whether you voice it, or you just say it in your heart, Allah is hearing every single word you utter.

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Sometimes we don't say things out of the fear of people fear of law, and don't say a word that he would not like he would not approve of. Because many times problems begin with what with the kind of words that we say. That's where the problems begin from, between mother and daughter in law. This is how the problems began.

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When you have the confidence when you have the audacity to shout back to yell back to say something harsh to say something rude, that's it. Now you've opened the doors do problems. Now you're going away from fixing the situation once you've voiced something, that's it. And it's very difficult to fix the problem later on. So we should be very careful about even saying things that are inappropriate, that are disrespectful.

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If things don't happen the way you want them to, you want to say something, zip your mouth. Literally, literally, zip your mouth. Don't say anything that is wrong, because once you've set it, then problems will come to you.

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And the best way of zipping Your mouth is doing the court of law serpentine.

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Whether it is against a mother in law or a father or husband or anyone because it is about married life. So this is why I'm mentioning these relatives in particular.

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And we should also be concerned about what we're thinking in our hearts what kind of feelings were entertaining for a heart system. Imagine if the other person finds out what you think about them. I mean, they brought you into your house so much love. They went out looking, you know one girl after the other and finally they found you and they brought you and there you are thinking such entertaining such harsh and evil thoughts about them.

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should also be careful about what we think.

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That's the recitation of these verses.

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One I'll call those

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Polycom will come

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Waka joaquina II

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Assalamu alaikum