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AI: Summary © A representative from Muslim Central discusses a video featuring a woman talking about her father's health and how it affected her. She warns against becoming a "people of deterioration," and mentions that a future generation of Muslims will meet standards similar to those of previous generations. The representative also mentions a "health and hesitation" message from Islam, and encourages viewers to donate to help cover their expenses.
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for Hall of Fame in the him holophone elbow sweater What about OSHA Howard if so fire kkona Jolla.

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Officially Silly me, Melissa Nia koko de la salat wa salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy as

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possible. Come on weekly. This is a start Norman with the 16th Joe's and I'm reading something from solid medium. This is iron number 59 of Swords Medea, and this is a mod my older son, Eli, he's hanging out with me today. How you doing? Mr. Good, you're gonna listen carefully. Okay, good. All right. So in this particular ayah Allah talks about money slot in Actually, no Holly Salam and Juliet Ibrahim and in the children have a new handle the children of Abraham and the children of Israel is slightly jacoba Hassan and says something about a particular generation in their followers that just didn't live up to expectations. So let's have a hologram embody him headphone, then after

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them who took over, they were people that didn't live up to expectations health, highlife actually means people that come afterwards, that are that meet expectations that were good people and health with the sukoon are people that didn't go didn't take their teachings of their ancestors further, didn't actually they actually stepped backwards so that their ancestors were more knowledgeable, and they came down and they were, you know, ignorant. So but he saw he was described as a nation that deteriorated after the coming of the prophets in generations came about also and what's the proof of their deterioration? I'm sharing this with you because we should be warned that we don't become a

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people of deterioration right? About salata. They wasted the prayer. They put the prayer to waste they didn't care for it. What about OSHA what, and they followed whatever whims and fancies and desires that they had for so for Elko, Nevada, and soon they are going to meet deviation higher is actually described as one level of hellfire. But it's also described as a lie from Allah actually also means misguidance in belief, misguidance and belief. So Allah says a future generation of Muslims came, who did not live up to expectations of previous generations. Number one, they wasted the prayer, meaning they wasted every opportunity to pray, to as a result, they became people of

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their own whims, and their own temptations. And three, soon they will come to meet ultimate deviation, they'll deviation in belief, they're going to end up believing in other things and start leaving Islam, La La La La Villa for software, Elko, Nevada, that is the warning Allah gives about the people, the Nation of Islam, when the prophet SAW Selim tells us that we are going to erode nationalism and kubla Khan, you will absolutely follow the way of those who came before you then we should be really warned that we don't become of the health, we should be of the highlife. Right? And it's beautiful that Aladdin decided not say all of them were like this. He said, among them were

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were these kinds of people. You know, after them came some some that were health. So we have an opportunity to be those who make our previous generations proud. And we join them in gender, or we have the opportunity to become like these disappointments. And really people look at us of the of the past generations on judgment and say this is the health

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how to health and we have a health Mail app makers of them barakallahu li walakum Hakeem er Camila IoT, Hakeem.

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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim central.com forward slash donate

Wasting or neglecting the salah (prayer) and leaving the commandments of Allah for our own desires, ultimately leads to deviation in faith and Ghayyun (a cave in Hell with severe punishment).

What Leads to Deviation & Hellfire? [Juz 16] – Nouman Ali Khan

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