Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P09 094D Tafsir Al-Araf 146-154

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of learning from past experiences and avoiding becoming overly confident is emphasized. The speakers also advise against changing one's behavior and emphasize the need to be prepared for difficult situations. The segment discusses the importance of breaking one's ego and not wanting to change, and the historical context of the Islam book. The segment also touches on the emotional struggles of leaders and the historical context of the Islam book, as well as the use of lies and false information to cover up actions and lose political power.
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If Allah says to us sorry fu soon I will turn away on it from my vs Alladhina those people who yet a carbona they are arrogant Phil ugly in the earth, belated Huck without any write, the book of Allah is a very noble book, whether it is the Quran, or it was the Torah, any book of Allah is a noble book because it is the book of who, the Lord of the Worlds. And therefore, it is only given to those people who are deserving of it.

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Only those people who are deserving of it, like for example,

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certain things, certain positions, certain ranks, they're not granted to everybody certain opportunities, they're not given to just any person. They're given to those who have accomplished something. Those who have proven themselves worthy of it. For example, at a particular workplace, who is granted a promotion, someone who shows up late, someone who's very arrogant with the boss, with the manager, know, someone who is cooperative, someone who shows initiative, someone who takes the work seriously, then they're given promotion. Right, then they're given a bonus. A lot of what you get in life depends on what your attitude, your attitude, sometimes parents, they prefer a

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certain child. Why? Because of his attitude, right? And others, they can't give them they're not able to they have to force themselves to why because of their attitude. Is that so? In a class, a teacher, let's say she prefers a certain student, why? Because of the attitude of that student. And other students she doesn't prefer why because of their attitude. Right? So a lot of what you get in life depends on what your behavior, how are you towards it. So the verses of Allah also, they're not granted to just any person. ALLAH turns away some people from his verses, meaning he doesn't let them understand them, he doesn't let them learn them. He doesn't give them the opportunity to

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benefit from them to believe in them, to follow them to act on them who, who, and Lavina yet, aka Barone, those who are arrogant,

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because in order to receive you have to lower yourself, like remember, if you want to pour into a glass than the jug is higher, the glass has to be low, but a person who says no, why should I go down? Why should I be humble? Why should I give this up? Why should I sit with these people? Why should I have to change myself and why am I wrong? And why do I have to do this than this person? He is not given that ability to believe in the verses to understand the verses, yet the corona, Phil Irby belated how, this is why it is said that Ulmo Yulia Rubina HYAH el Kebir knowledge is wasted meaning it cannot be learned, because of shyness and pride, for person is arrogant, he cannot learn.

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He cannot learn because if a person is arrogant, he will say, why is my teacher talking to me like that? Why is she so arrogant? What does she think of herself.

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And this is why the Scholars have said that the student of knowledge must must have in him in herself humility, because they will definitely experience harshness from the teacher. To some extent, they will definitely come across certain situations where they will be hurt because of their teacher. Does it ever happen to you that you're sitting in your group, and your group in charge asks you a question and you're like, she embarrassed me today? She put me on the spot and humiliated me and in your heart you're so upset. Why did she ask me? Why did she pick on me?

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Has it ever happened to you?

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It's okay a group of charges at the back that can't see your faces. Has it ever happened to you? Not yet. Oh, be prepared them your group and charges a very nice Mashallah. Anyway, so, the thing is that in order to learn, you have to be humble. And those people who don't humble themselves what happens? They don't get the Quran they don't receive the verses of Allah. They don't understand them. They don't believe in them. What era Oh, and if they see Goliath and every evidence, every miracle every verse law you mean Obeah they will not believe in it was in euro and if they see Sevilla rushed the way off. Right guidance. Lay at the hippo who sebelah they will not adopt it as

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their way meaning if they are informed about

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The right way of doing something they'll never adopted. What era? Oh, and if they see Sabina Lee, the way of error, what will they do yet? Dahu sebelah, they will instantly take it as their way, meaning, right guidance, the path that leads to guidance. If they are informed about it, they'll never do it. Why? Because they're too arrogant to bring a change in themselves. They're too arrogant to give up certain things, right? No, there's no way I can leave this. There's no way I can get up in the morning and pray. No way. I'm not going to leave my habits. I am I, I am myself. This is who am I? And I'm not changing. So even if they learn about something that is right, something that is

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good, they'll never do it. But if they see something that is wrong, instantly, they will do it. Why? Because it is a means of fulfilling their desires.

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This is why it's amazing how sometimes, some people are advised Come, let's go to this class for two hours. Two hours. I don't have that time. I'm too busy. I have studies to do I have my exams coming up. I have so much work to I don't have any time.

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And then you find out that they went to the mall for three hours.

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For three hours they were there, no problem at all. Why? Because that is where the heart is. Right? That is where the heart is. This something very scary. When a person doesn't want to change when a person doesn't want to improve. When a person doesn't want to become better than what happens Allah doesn't even give them his versus you don't want it. Don't take it. You're too proud to change fine, be that way. You're not worth it anyway.

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But if a person has that desire, hello, I want to change I know I should become better person. I find it so difficult. Please you help me then what will happen? Allah will make a change in them Allah will give them the strength and the ability that he got that is why does it happen to such people be unknown because indeed they cut the will be it No, they denied Oh versus what can or unhappy and they were from it law feeling heedless, meaning they live their lives heedless from Allah's verses. So even if they come to know of them, they don't make a change one Lavina. And those people who cut them will be IR Tina who deny our IR 20 Ka L alpha and the meeting of the Hereafter

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habitat at MaryLu, whom their deeds are wasted, no benefit for their charity, for their honesty, for their care and concern that the show to other people, nothing at all, no benefit at all.

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The other day, this one sister, she came to me and she said, I know I should be wearing hijab, but I just can't do it. I asked her what stops you. She's like, I'll be very honest, I love myself. She said I love myself. And I'm afraid that if I put on her job, people won't appreciate me anymore. Because my hair will be covered and I won't look as nice. I look different from people. And it's very hard for me to do that. And I said, Okay, so what else prevents you? What else stops you graduated graduate? She said, but is it really necessary to do it? Is it really necessary? Is there just one place in the Quran where it is mentioned? So is it really that important to do it? If it's

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mentioned only once in the Quran? I said it's mentioned twice in the Quran. And even if something is mentioned once in the Quran, if Allah has said it, that is enough. So the thing is that in order to do anything that Allah subhanaw taala wants us to do, what do we have to break our ego, our old habits, we have to break ourselves in order to become better. But there are some people who don't want to make that change. And if you don't want to make that change, nobody can force you. Nobody will impose it on you. You have to decide. And this is the advice that I gave her that just make up your mind and just do it. Just do it. Do it for a day. Do it for a week. And you'll see it's not

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impossible, because there are many things in life for which you have to take a very difficult step. But it's only that first step. That's very, very difficult. And if you take that first step, then the rest becomes easy. The rest becomes easy. But to take that first step you have to come out of your comfort zone isn't it you

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have to step forward. Because if you don't step forward, how are you going to move forward? You can't and that step that you have to take your egos preventing you so you have to break it. Those who break it they succeed and those who don't they feel

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what the hardest and he took over Musa the people of Musa minbar the after him and Musa al salaam went to the Mount to receive the book. What happened? The people Bani Israel they took after him Minho Lee him from their jewelry from their ornaments, really hallelujah. Jewelry ornaments, what is taken as jewelry, decoration of gold and silver. So all of their jewelry that they had they had brought with themselves from Egypt. Because imagine if you were told you have five minutes to leave, leave right away, otherwise you're dead. What will you grab something that is most precious. I know that I will grab my computer.

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Trust me. I mean after my kids, I'll grab my computer. Right and now Hamdulillah I have everything online so I don't have that fear that if I lose my computer what will happen? But anyway, so the bunny is fine when they left they must have taken along with them the most precious things, the most valuable things and often was a lot of jewelry.

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So they made from that original and a calf that was just hadn't a body. Meaning it wasn't just a picture. It was a statue. Lo who out it had a whole well moving sound.

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Now, there was a man in the Bani Israel. His name was samedi

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samedi and he was a craftsman, and very sharp person, very clever person. Imagine he convinced the Bani Israel, the men and the women amongst them to bring all their gold and silver. And with that, he made an idol.

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Imagine if somebody asks you give me your gold bangles. Give me your gold necklace and your earrings and your rings would you give them?

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What if you're sitting at a fundraiser, and the person is telling you about the rewards of spending in the way of Allah? And you're like, yeah, maybe I should give something I'll give cash. I'll give cash whatever I can afford my gold. Oh, no way. My mom gave that to me. I got this on my wedding day. I've had it for 10 years impossible. I'm never going to part with it. But imagine what a clever man he was. He convinced them to give up their gold and silver, which people don't give up easily. And he made with that a golden calf, a statue. And he made it in such a way that it had passages in it so that when the wind blew, It made a sound moving sound.

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Now remember Bani Israel eel, when they saw those people worshipping idols, they said we want to do it too. And as soon as they got the chance they did it. This is why a person should also try to fix their thinking, their desires, because whatever you desire, eventually you end up doing it. Whatever you admire, whatever you appreciate, eventually you do it. So for example, if you hear someone using certain words all the time, and then you start picturing yourself, yeah, I'm gonna say that too. And then what happens? Eventually, you say it. You see someone dressing up in a particular way. And you say, I want to wear that too. So what happens? You find it and you put it on, and you were to, even

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though it would have been impossible for you, but still, you loved it, you did it. This is why it's so important that if we have wrong desires, the desire to do something wrong, we should try to eliminate it. We should try to suppress it we should ask Allah subhanaw taala to remove it from our hearts, because we should hit the wrong. If you love the wrong, you'll do it. So they did it too. And it made a moving sound. And when it made that sound the calf they were very impressed by they're like wow, and if I didn't frustration, they began worshipping it. Allah subhanaw taala says, Allah Amuro did they not see a novel that indeed it like you can leave a womb? It did not speak to them?

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Yes, It made a sound but it wasn't speech. It wasn't words. Even children can make such sounds from empty toilet paper rolls. Right? If you take any tube, what do you do? You put your mouth against it, you go boom, it will make that sound. What's so impressive. If a cow if a statue of a cow makes that moving sound? It's not speech did not see a no lie. You can Lemo when I added him and it did not guide them Sybilla to any way it wasn't guiding them. It wasn't telling them what people you should do this so that you can become righteous or people you should leave this so that you can become right

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just nothing like that. It just made a moving sound. That's it. But they were so impressed by it. Allah says it the Hulu they took it, what can will lie to me and they were wrongdoers, what does it show? The small mindedness of bunny is slightly, they got impressed by something like this calf. And this is what happens to people who lack knowledge who lack the fear of Allah, they get affected by every little thing.

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A person says something. And they're like, Yeah, you're right.

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And they hear one speech, and then just start following immediately without realizing, what is this person calling to?

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Because many times it happens that you will come across certain individuals who are giving talks, for instance, and we don't think about what kind of beliefs do they have? Are they promoting the correct beliefs? Or are they promoting incorrect beliefs? But we hear one speech, and we're like, so impressed. Were like, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. And we don't realize that gradually, it's our Akita that is going to be corrupted.

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So anything that you take as part of religion, use your mind? Use the light of the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala has given you? Does this conform with the Quran? Or does it contradict it? Does this conform with the teachings of the book of Allah? Or does it go against it? Every glittery thing is not gold. Right? Every impressive thing is not true. Not original thing, somebody could sell you something fake. Right? If you don't know about it, like, once I went to this store, and they were selling these mobile phone covers. Okay. And there was one that was some brand name, and it was quite expensive for a phone case. And I thought it was quite expensive. But I thought, okay, maybe,

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because it's an original. That's why. And it was a gift for somebody. So I thought, okay, it's a gift. So nevermind. So I got it. I showed it to them. I gave it to them. And they're like, is it real? Is it original? Like, yeah, it's quite expensive. They're like, how much did you pay for it?

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I didn't want to tell them, but I had to tell them, they're like, it is fake. It is not original. And when we googled it, and we saw the images of the original cover, they were very different.

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So this person cheated me. I just thought, Okay, it's this cover with the sign on it. And this name on it must be original, but it wasn't. Who knows? Who can differentiate the one who has knowledge? Right? So it's very important that we equip ourselves with the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah. So that we can tell between what is right and what is wrong, what we should do and what we should not do. Otherwise. There are so many people calling to so many things in the world today. So many things. How will we know this is right, this is wrong if we don't have knowledge, look at what happened to the Bani Israel, children of the prophets that were being led by how lunaris son Musa

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alayhis salam and yet they made an idol. And they started worshipping it just because it made a moving sound

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while I'm and went super fluffy ad him Tsukuba it was made to fall fee ID him in their hands. This is an expression which basically means that they were full of regret. They became regretful, why? Because of the wrongs that they had done. What Oh, and they saw on the home that indeed they are the Balu they had gone astray. Because eventually your mind tells you, your heart tells you that come on, what can this idle do? What can this calf do? It's making the sound because of the wind, not because it's a divine.

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So when they realized that they had gone astray, God will they Sadler in shortly if lameer Hamner he does not show mercy to us, Rob buena, our Lord, welfare learner and forgive us Linda Coonan nominal cost city and we will surely be of the losers. Now when mozzarella salaam returned, they realized that they had done something wrong. Because Musa al Islam we learned in Surah Baqarah what it called a Musala Komiya call me in Nico, long term and full circle with the highly common retailer for tubo elaborate eco. So in Musa Sam return he told them what you've done is wrong. So when they realized they had done something wrong, they bet Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness, but everybody did not

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do that. Because every group of people who do something wrong there's some people who realize who regret to apologize and there are others who try to justify what they have done. So likewise, the Bani Israel same thing happened while Mr. Raja Musa in our last panel thoroughly describes how Musa listen and return and what happened.

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And when he returned, Ill call me to His people who have the ban extremely angry. A Sefa grieved upset look ban line bought back and walked ban or man what does it show? Extremely furious. He was infuriated, was very very angry. And Asif Asif Hamza seen fire is basically to be very upset and sad. You know, sometimes people do something because of which you are very angry and you're also very hurt. You're disappointed basically. So musasa was very angry, and he was bitterly grieved. Very sad that what have they done? Allah saved us. I told them this is not what you do, but yet they made an idol. I love total as a leader but yet they're worshipping idols. He was very upset caller

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he said this summer how bad it is that have to Mooney you replaced me remember the after me that I left and what an evil thing you've done. Did I leave you with these instructions? Is this what I've talked to you that you should start making idols and worshipping them? What happened? Why did you do this? Or Gil tone? Were you too impatient Umrah become for the Command of your Lord or just don't from ing Milan or de la to be hasty to be quick? And basically when a person is being hasty, it shows that he's impatient. Right? So were you too impatient to wait for me? That you couldn't wait for the Torah, Umrah become meaning the Torah, the message of your Lord that I had gone to get you

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were too impatient. You couldn't wait for it. So you made up your own religion. You started making up your own ways of worship. So he was very upset with them. What else? And in that anger, he threw away

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the tablets.

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In that anger. He was so upset. He threw them it's like no when you're furious, you don't realize you just put down what you have. And you jump. Right so just like that. I will call

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her the bureau CEO he and he held the head of his brother. He grabbed the head of HUD on Ernestina yet Djourou la he dragging it to himself. Just imagine he was so absurd how on earth listen, I left you as a leader. What's happening? What did the people do? He threw the Anwar and he grabbed his head another reason the Quran we learned he was holding his beard and his air grabbed him so upset furious that what happened? And as he was grabbing it, he must have been yelling at him that what happened why did this happen? So how don't really send I'm very calmly gotta he said even a OMA son of my mother. Why did he say that? Oh son of my mother. Come on. What are you doing? I'm your

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brother. Your mother gave birth to me to in little comb indeed the people is that are phony they may be very weak.

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They made me very weak. What can I do and they almost Jaco to do in any they kill me? Meaning I stopped them. And if I stopped them more, they would have killed me. Because this is what happens when people are doing something wrong. They're charged with emotions, then they don't realize what they're saying to someone what they're doing to another and this is what we see in the Muslims these days. That they're so emotionally charged that they're killing one another right left and center. Is it every single person doesn't matter if he's a father doesn't matter if he's a student doesn't matter if he's done nothing any person they find kill kill kill this is what's happening. So the

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Bani Israel also there were so emotionally charged at that time that homeowner listen, he said that they would have killed me this is the reason why I remained silent at that time and I waited for you So please my brother fell out to Schmidt so do not make to laugh be with me are that the enemies? The Schmidt this from the letter she means that and it's basically when an enemy laughs at the loss of his enemy. So he says that don't do this to me. Otherwise the bunny is right or gonna laugh at me that look, we managed to oppress him. And now he's in trouble. Right? This like you do something wrong. Somebody's trying to stop you. And then when your mom comes home, your older brother who was

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telling you not to do it in the first place, he gets in trouble. What happens? You're giggling at your brother you're laughing at him. Poor guy. So the homeowner I said I'm also he said fella to Schmidt bill are the don't make them laugh on me. While I tell you only and don't make me moral Comunale mean among the wrongdoings

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People don't think that I was with them. I warned them, I told them, but I didn't have much power. So I had to wait until you returned. And this shows is very important that sometimes you don't have the power to make a change. So what is necessary that time silence because if you try to do something, then you will suffer or greater problems will be created. So in order to avoid greater problems, sometimes we have to remain silent. Carla moosari Sam said, Rob Bill fairly Oh my Lord, forgive me, while he and for my brother.

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He was given an explanation. And immediately he calmed down. His anger went away. And he begged Allah for forgiveness. Oh my Lord, forgive me. Why? Because I was so furious with my brother, when he led and for my brother also forgive him because he wasn't able to manage the Bani Israel. What are the sin and admit us both Philarmonic in your mercy, were under our hammer Raha mean and you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. Allah says in Alladhina Indeed, those people who eat the huddle urge Allah, they took the calf meaning as a god, say an Elohim. Soon it will reach them hollobone, anger, Milla being from their Lord, what they learn humiliation, what is all the anger

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that translates into revenge. So the bunny has strived for their sin, the sin of worshipping the calf, what happened, those who worship the calf, we learned in Surah Baqarah that they had to be,

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they had to be killed. Punishment, and in that punishment was humiliation to feel higher the dunya in the life of this world war can barely can adjust and move terrain. And this is how we punish those who fabricate people who invent things in the religion, or people who make up lies, false things, what happens they suffer from humiliation in this life also, innovation is something that is so bad lies or something so bad, no liar can ever succeed. And when their lie is exposed than what happens, they're humiliated. A person can live a life of you know, falsehood, of pretension lies for five years for 10 years, or 50 years, but eventually what happens, the reality is exposed, they're

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humiliated in this life. Recently, somebody was telling me about how somebody brought a proposal to a particular family, and they lied a lot about their family.

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They lied so much. And then some way or the other, the family found out one lie after the other was exposed, and now they're so embarrassed.

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So a person who invents things whether it isn't the religion of Allah, or any kind of lies, what's the end result? Disgrace when Levina AMILO sejati. And those people who do wrong things, throw metabolome in bardiya, but then they repent after that they realize we did something wrong. They ask Allah for forgiveness. What am I know? And they believe that inner Beckham embody her lover photo Rahim. Then indeed your Lord after that is surely forgiving and merciful. Because even if a great sin has been committed, a big mistake has been made. A person was practicing innovations in their religion. But if he asks Allah for forgiveness, Allah will forgive him provided that he repents at

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the right time. Well, Mr. Sakata, and when it became silent sacrifice to become silent to stop talking, so Allah Masaka when it became silent, or Musa Musa alayhis, salam, Allah Allah the anger, because when a person is angry, that what happens he yells, he shouts he screams, right, that anger it moves him. So when that anger became quiet, meaning he calmed down, the anger subsided, a huddle Aloha, he picked up the tablets were finos Hadia. And in their inscription newsa is something that is written. So what was written in the tablets was what? Who then guidance? Well, Rama and mercy Lilla Lena for those people who whom Lyra, behavioural baboon, who have their Lord, they are afraid.

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The book contain guidance and mercy. But who is it that can benefit from the book, those who fear or who fear Allah where

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were all the time? It took Allah hi to my country, wherever you are fearing Allah when a person is alone and also amongst others, because he buddy has tried, they were afraid of who starless and so as long as Musa Salam was there, they didn't do anything bad. And we started selling was gone immediately. They made the calf. Like many people, they remain good and proper, as long as certain individuals are around them. And when they're alone, they become completely different.

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And the one who remains the same. Why will you remain the same because of Allah sphere. And with this hadith in which we learn that Allah subhanaw taala is amazed and he's pleased at the shepherd who is tending his sheep in the desert. And when the time for prayer comes, he goes on to the top of a mountain, and he pronounces the other end, and he performs the prayer. And Allah subhanaw taala is so happy with him. He tells his angels that look at the servant of Mine, he's giving the other he's praying the Salah, because he's afraid of me. He's afraid of me. And because of that, I forgive him. Because of that, I forgive him. So those who fear Allah, at home at the masjid, who fear Allah at

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school, and also when they're with their friends, everywhere, all the time. They're the ones who have truly benefited from the book of Allah. And those who don't fear Allah but they fear people that they cannot benefit from the book of Allah.

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Let's listen to the recitation. So else three four on Dr. Levy.

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Bonus he blew me away at Health diva e Oh.

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You mean being

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sebelah wash dealer tech savvy.

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That he can be

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moody. Tina one was

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one levena can be Tina while you call all

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about maroon

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what the harder pole moves

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INFOLINE Nigerian just

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you can live

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in Serbia.

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hardest worker no warning me while I'm

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off the ad more.

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Body Appollo Paulo Paulo la

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Munna Oh, Lana Coonan I mean for CD

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me home. I see

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Santa fall of two Mooney

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body our June two

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people were

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our alpha CRP joven whoa whoa Elaine de Bala burner

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stop by phone you

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go to Luna and Eve to Schmidt B

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further to Schmidt being

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warning me all Bill field really want the earth he or

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she off Magic Hour.

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Walking me in levena Nigella Sianna

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middle one meaning was the Latin feel hayati don't

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Move 31 Lavina.

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Valentina, and I'm awful walking.

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washing no squatting.

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later on Vimeo will move

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to panic alarm will be handy Masha Allah ilaha illa Anta Mustapha Luca What are to be like a Salam aleykum rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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