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Al-Anfal 41-58 Translation 41-58


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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de su de HIV Karim Amar Barrett fairuza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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rubbish. Ronnie's surgery were silly and re watch the term melissani yokocho od openers ignor in

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Lesson number 100, Sewell and fel number 41 268

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mo endure mo and more that indeed bat which

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you all gained while booty

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shaking everything for in less than indeed the levy for a long time. So, who is one fifth when it was through and for the messenger

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when is he and for possessor and for bass the new relation when your timer and the orphans while Misaki and the needy ones well and ebene son of Seville of the way in if you were to you all believed then there he in a lot warmer and work and zelner we sat down Allah upon our dinner our sleeve Yona on day and for call the criterion Yona on day in saco he met a German the two groups will never end unless either upon Gandhi every che insane pudieron always all evil

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is when until you were below the poverty on the side of denier than you were home and be below the poverty on the side of course where the father will work booth and the caravan as fellow was your men come from you? Well no and if there are two of us mutually appointed a time now for less than surely you all would have different fee in me if the appointment when I can but the Jacobian so that he decides he decides or he executes Allahu Allah among a matter Cana it was more or less want to be done. Leon Lika so that he dies man whoa halaqa He died on song by Jonathan tearproof here and he lives men who hire he lived on from big nothing clear proof or in the end indeed Allahu Allah less

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than me are surely always our hearing our Lehman always all knowing

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is when you return home he was showing you them Allahu Allah see in men Amica your sleep every last little few

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whenever and if urraca home he showed you them Casio many left Washington share the EULA, start when at an Amazon and surely you mutually argued see in the matter when our Kindle that Allahu Allah send lemma he saved

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or he restore peace in the whole indeed de la mon always annoying the wealthy with possessor of sudo of the chests.

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What if and when you Rico he was showing you that is when is Akito you all met each other? See in our Unicom your eyes Cullinan few walk and ukulele local e decreases you see in our uni him their eyes, Leah cobia. So that he decrees also that he executes

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Allahu Allah. And then a matter Ghana it was must Allah want to be done or either and two words Allahu Allah Sergio it is returned an award that matters.

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Yeah as you have or you and Medina those who knew they believed either when nagito you are met cfn a group first boo then you will stand for web guru and he will remember a lot of left the field on much longer calm so that you to flee home you will succeed

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and you will obey Allahu Allah, what are sooner who and this messenger whenever and do not send as a US utility dispute for petitioner. Consequently, you will lose heart, whatever habit and it will go away. De hecho your wind your strength

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What's below and you All India with patience in the indeed Allahu Allah mount with a suavity there's a patient

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while there and do now the guru you will be can Latina like those who heard you they went out men from the air in their homes that are all with energy exaltation arrogance

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and to show off and ness to the people. Also Dena and they stop I'm from sabini Wei Allahu Allah Allahu and a law beemo with whatever yeah my learner they do mercy upon one who surrounds or one who encompasses

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What if and when they you know he adorned the home for them a shape on the shape on the home their deeds or color and he said love not available anyone to overpower local for you Aloma today men from a nasty people are in me and indeed a German and enable McComb for you, fellow man when there are at it faced each other and see as as the two groups met so he turned away he was drew

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upon rpbg his to us we'll call it and he said in may indeed a very free of responsibility. men come from you

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in me indeed a at all AC mouth what led not that owner you will see in me indeed a ahafo I fear Allah Allah will level and a left shadow severe under called in the retribution

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is when Yoku he says and Manasa cone the hypocrites when the Vina and those who see in toto became their hearts, moreover, a disease of our war, it has deceived, how old are these people? People in brackets, the new home their religious woman, and whoever

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he realized, I know upon Allahu Allah, for in northern Indeed Allah, Allah Aziz on always Almighty hakima always always.

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Well, no and if that all you could see is when you're caressa he takes for me and Medina. desu cafaro they disbelieved I remember Ico to the angels every bonus their strength would you have home their faces wherever they are home and their backs where they go and you artists are rather dormant and heavy across the blazing fire all of the burning

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rally can be no because of course it's sent to help ad calm your hands will net and that Indeed Allah Allah laser he is not given them in at all when who does injustice, then are these to the slaves?

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Can that be like condition like custom

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only people for owner asset when the dealer and their Zoo men from company him before the cafe disbelieved be erahthi with versus Allahu of Allah for fo the home so he sees them Allahu Allah be the Ruby him because of their sins in the Lucha indeed a lot for we young, most strong shadow severe unresolved in the retribution.

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Well it could be under because Indeed Allah Allah long enough Yoku he is marae here on one who changes mahometan a blessing an Omaha he blessed it Allah upon Coleman a people have thought until you were you there change my word be unfussy him with themselves or unmet and that Indeed Allah Allah Samir oil was overhearing uneven always annoying

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like condition

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any people fear out of fear when the Vina and those who mean from company him before them

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they denied Be it with versus sort of became available for Alekna home so we destroyed them we didn't obey Him because of their sins were a lacuna and we drowned out of people that are gonna have their own work and all can oh they were really mean ones who were unjust.

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In the indeed shovel worst of the web of the creatures in the near Allahu Allahu Medina, those who care for the disbelieved. For whom so they learn not you know, they believe.

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And Medina those who are Have you made covenant men one from the summer then gem, Kaduna Daybreak or the home day covenant, or they promise fee in Cali every moment in time, chance

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For home and they learned not yet the home this year

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for in Mercer is often the home You definitely find them or you definitely gain dominance over them

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You definitely gain dominance over them see in

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and help me the word for shampoo when you make to disperse with them man who has a home behind them now in the home so that they use the karoon they take heed

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or Emma and if the offender you definitely fear men from common people fear nothing a betrayal from this then you throw back in a hint to them either upon so we're in equal terms in the law indeed a law law not you have booty loves a heart II mean those who are treacherous

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let's listen to the recitation from the beacon

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Borneo mal

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to me

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up man Annika Paulina

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Lazarus you don't want

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to feel angry

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in the movie The

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Hong Kong was bill in law saw during World

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War II

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boom, he

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booty boo, boo

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boo. Sorry for the

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damage ad

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law has me on oily

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body him

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me don't obey Him

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me in a shop

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de de de Him and follow

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