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Al-Anfal 41-58 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 41

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Lesson number 100 SoTL and File Number 41 to 58

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warilla mo unima one m two minchie in for anelli laghi homosassa. Who was who? And know that anything that you have obtained of war booty, then indeed for Allah is one fifth of it and also for the messenger

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the soul of began with yes aluna Anil and fern, they ask you about the war booty. There was a slight dispute amongst the Sahaba Allah subhanaw taala diverts their attention from the unfair to the lessons that can be learned from the battle.

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And sometimes we get lost in the material things and we don't reflect on the situation that we've just gone through that we've just passed through.

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So Allah subhanaw taala diverted their attention from the booty 40 if they're mentioned, in which lessons can be learned from the battle. And then finally, the answer is given.

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They ask you about the booty. Okay, now the answer comes

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that when their focus completely changes when their interests are completely changed. Now they don't care about the booty. What are they concerned about? Allah subhanaw taala about their Eman

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about their taqwa.

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So, what are the mo and you know, meaning all believers get to know know this, that a number that indeed not but indeed that which is indeed and sometimes it is used for houses, and sometimes it gives the meaning of muscle over here it gives a meaning of that which muscle? It gives me enough ality what is the muscle and learning? Right? So why aren't mo unima? know that? Indeed all of that which one intim you obtained is war booty of an anthem is from the roof veterans line noon me one. One what is gonna mean? goats, a herd of goats. Woman al Bukhari will hunt me

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and from this Ronnie my Shay is to get something for free.

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What does it mean? To get hold of something for free without exchanging it for anything else? When you buy something, you have to give money, isn't it? Or maybe you get something because you've collected so many points over the years.

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But lemma Shea is to get something without exchanging it for anything else to get something for free. Where did this meaning come from? Because literally, it means to get hold of goats from somewhere. Like for example, a person is passing through a field and all of a sudden he finds a herd of goats. And there is no person, no dog even to look after the herd. So if you find goats for free, and they're coming from nowhere, what would people do? Just take them. They're not buying them.

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They're not being gifted.

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They're not purchasing them. But they just got them for free. And from this, the word vanilla konima. What does vanilla mean? War booty. That wealth, which is obtained from the enemy, on being victorious, on being victorious, because remember that when two armies they come face to face in a battle,

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eventually one wins and the other loses the one that wins. Where does it go? What does it do? It stays in the battlefield, isn't it? And the one that loses, it runs away. The people are running away, saving their life. So whatever they will have, they're going to leave it behind, isn't it? So whatever they had, they've left it behind. It's no one's property, who takes it now? Who takes it now? Those people who have won those people who have won? So vanilla is booty that is obtained upon defeating the enemy.

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When do you obtain it? When do you get it upon defeating the enemy?

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We're at the word unfair earlier as well. And fat is also used for booty. But why is it called unfair? Because it's an extra favor from Allah. It's not the objective of the battle. It's not the purpose of battle.

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Correct. It's only a favor. And it's also a favor. Why? Because it was not permissible for the previous people. For the previous omen for Bani Israel was not allowed. They were not allowed to use any of the booty. But for the Muslim woman, it was a huge favor from Allah that they were allowed to use it so we're in a more animal than him to minchie in what whatever that you have obtained as war booty minchah in from anything, meaning whether what you have obtained as war booty is a little or substantial. Whether

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It is very little or a great quantity, whether it is expensive or inexpensive, whether it is something that is broken or not broken, that is sound insane. Anything that you have found from the battlefield, it is for who? For anelli les homosassa, who do a lot belongs one fifth of it.

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Remember that all of the war booty,

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every single thing, whether it is a shawl, or a needle, or a bin, or a sword, or a tent, or some food item, anything that is obtained as war booty, the soldiers are required that they must deposit it to the vital man.

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You cannot say, Oh, I found it. So it's mine. No. Earlier, the Arabs what would they do? Whatever you find it's yours. That's what they would do. But what do we learn that after Islam? The people were told that whatever you find from the battlefield, you cannot keep it to yourself, what do you have to do you have to deposit it to the public Treasury. And from there it will be distributed. And if a person keeps something from the war booty

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and does not deposit it. This crime is what of Lulu

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we learned earlier that woman can Alina begin and it's not possible that a prophet of Allah would do Hulu that he would keep something of the war booty for himself. When my Yahoo and whoever does that yet dvml Honda Yamaha piano on the Day of Judgment, he will bring that

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or whatever photogra did I know he said that during the day of hyper meaning the Battle of fiber, several companions of the Messenger of Allah came to him and said so and so died as a martyr. So and So died as a martyr. When they mentioned a certain man that he had died as a martyr. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, No, I have seen him in the fire because of a rope that he stole from the booty.

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One robe, he stole from the public Treasury, he did not deposit it.

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Although he died in the way of Allah, whereas he ended up in the hellfire.

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And here we need to question ourselves, we need to check ourselves that sometimes we go to the masjid.

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We like to slippers.

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We like the soap.

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We like whatever is there as a decoration piece. We like the most half in the masjid.

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And we take them because we like to. Is it yours? No.

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Is it for sale? It's not for sale? Is it anyone's personal property? No. It's a public Treasury. It's a part of the public Treasury. And if a person steals any of it, even if it's one level object, one robe,

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which is secondhand, remember, because it's a secondhand, right? Whatever goes in the booty. It's not new stuff. It's all used whatever the people have left behind. So we think oh, it's secondhand. It's only worth like two $3? What's the big deal? It's not new.

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But where does a person end up? Because he stole from the war booty in hellfire.

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So everything of the war booty is to be deposited to where do the public Treasury and from there it's going to be distributed? And how is it going to be distributed? That first of all, for en la homosassa, who to Allah belongs one fifth of it.

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So basically, the booty is going to be divided into five parts. Five equal parts.

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One fifth, meaning one part is going to be given to who Allah when it was sold into the messenger while it will orbit into the near relatives while the atomic will Misaki weapon is Serbia. So one fifth is going to be distributed amongst those who are mentioned over here. What about the rest of the four parts? Where are they going to go?

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They're going to be distributed amongst the soldiers. How

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that of those four parts, one part is going to be divided amongst those soldiers who went on foot.

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One part is going to be divided amongst those soldiers who went on foot.

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And three parts are going to be divided amongst those soldiers who went on their own mounts. Who took their own vehicle so took their own camels and horses. Why?

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People who went on foot they're poor, they should get more. Why not?

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If a person is taking his own mount to the battle, he is sacrificing more. He's sacrificing more. Because remember, your camel. You can't just go buy a nice camel and any camel that you buy will meet certain requirements. For example, you go buy a car from the dealer. And because it's this model, it has those characteristics know your camel, it takes very long to train your horse. It takes long to train it.

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And it's not just used for battle. It's used for your daily chores as well. And you fed so much to it. Isn't it all you have

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To take care of horses, you know how difficult it is to take care of horses, it's extremely difficult and it's extremely expensive as well. So if a person is taking his camel, his horse to the battle and the camel gets injured over there, or he dies over there, then obviously, he needs more because he spent more. So one part is going to be divided amongst the soldiers who went on foot and three parts among those who went or their mouths. So you understand five parts. One goes to who? those soldiers who go on foot,

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three parts go to who those soldiers went to their mouths. So how many add on four parts are done? What about the fifth one, the fifth part, the detail of that is mentioned over here, that that is further going to be divided.

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But it is for who it is lilla it is for Allah.

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It begins with the share of a loss penalty, but does not need any of it. He doesn't. So why is the share of Elon mentioned for the purpose of Baraka and also to show that he is the one who decides what to do with it.

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And that is what is mentioned over here

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that four parts are going to be distributed amongst the soldiers.

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But one part, Allah decides who it goes to, before the Arabs, what would they do? Whatever you find it's yours. And they will take one share of the war booty and give it to their leader. Whether or not you enter the battle, it would go to the leader. But what do we learn from here, that four parts are going to be divided amongst the soldiers equally, depending on how much they have spent depending on their efforts. And one part is going to go to who? Allah subhanaw taala meaning he is going to decide as to what is to be done with it. And allowing homeless and homeless What does homeless mean? one fifth, meaning one fifth of the war booty?

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And who else is it for one little soul and for the messenger?

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What does it mean by that? Meaning that share one fifth is for who?

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For the profit sort of

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meaning for his own personal use, because he is the messenger as well as he is the leader.

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And what would the Prophet sallallahu Sallam do with his share? He would spend from that on his wives on his family. And if still, there was some leftover, he would again spend it on, on the Muslims feeling in order to buy more arms or mounts for the army. Okay, for future battles, because remember that when the people would come and they would say, okay, we'd like to go for the battle when they would sign up. Some people would bring their own animals. Others would say we don't have a right we don't have a sword, we don't have a shield. So who would have to give it to them? The profits are allowed to sell them. Where could you do that from his own pocket? How could he? How

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could he, when he was so busy with the responsibility that Allah subhanaw taala had given to him?

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So this one fifth is going to be further divided up? Okay, the one fifth is going to be divided up into how many parts five parts? One part goes to the profit center.

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And after the Prophet sallallahu Sallam died, who does it go to the vital man? It's supposed to be spent on the well being of Muslims in general.

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Another part of it is going to go to who well it will corba and to the near relatives, relatives of who

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of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam And who are they, the Banu Hashim and the bundle of dimopoulos. Why

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isn't the Spiritism

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the virtue of the lottery and Banu Hashim they're not allowed to receive the cat.

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Do you know that is a cat when it's given? It cannot be given to someone who belongs to but who Hashem even till today. They're known as a youth correct.

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So, I say it person, not just because his name is say it, but because he belongs to the descendants of the Prophet sort of Alice Adams tribe, he cannot get a share of the cat. Therefore, where do they get a share from the public money? It comes to the war booty

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because even the cat word is the public Treasury and from that it is given to the poor and the needy. But if somebody is from the Banu Hashim, Bernardo Matera, no matter how poor he is, he cannot get the cat you know, that knows a cat. So then where do they get it from? If they need assistance, financial area, will they get it from this portion of the world booty? Okay.

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So, for unadilla homosassa, who? Well it was all while he did

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while he uttama and the orphans, why the orphans?

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Why the orphans

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because your children, they cannot go to battle themselves, and they need money to support themselves. And they're poor, they're needy, and even if they're not needy, they still need

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To be shown some kindness to therefore, they will be given money from who, from the government.

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You see how in welfare states even today,

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people who need financial assistance aren't assisted by the government. They are, for example, there's a young child, the parents die. Now the child needs money, he needs to be financially supported. Even if he's being looked after by somebody else in their house, they get the money from the government. Correct. So when he uttama, it's going to be given to who the orphans, one Masaki and the needy, who are the Misaki. Those whose needs are not fulfilled,

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woman is severe and also the travelers. For example, there is a person who's traveling by the city, he's stranded and he needs money to return home. So he can also be given money from where from the public Treasury in control and to be left Miller he, if you believe in Allah, meaning if you believe in Allah, then you must divide the booty as how Allah subhanaw taala has instructed. Just to review, again, make sure you've written this clearly that the total booty is going to be divided into five parts.

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One part of that the homeless is described over here that that homeless is also going to be further divided into five parts. Okay, the one fifth is going to be further divided into five parts, one part will go to the messenger, another part will go to the relatives of the Prophet, another part will go to the orphans, another will go to the needy, and another will go to the travelers. You understand?

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In kuntum Armenta Millay. If you believe in Allah, meaning if you really believe in a lie, then you must divide the booty according to how Allah has instructed. It's a requirement of a man. obeying this command is like obeying all other commands. It's like obeying all other commands. It's very important. It's a requirement of human and to understand its importance. There's a hadith that is recorded in both mahadi and Muslim that are delivering our best he said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam he said to them,

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he said to a delegation of many of them case who had come to visit him,

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that I command you with four and four video with four.

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I command you to do four things and I command you to stay away from four things. I command you to believe in Allah. Firstly, and then he asked them, Do you know what it means to believe in Allah?

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And he said, testifying that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. So that's the first thing I commend you. Secondly, I commend you with the establishing of prayer karma to Salah Thirdly, he tells aka giving Zakat And fourthly, honestly surrendering one fifth of the watersports, meaning the one fifth that our last panel has mentioned over here, that how it must be divided amongst the poor needy, the relatives of referred salatu salam, it must be given and that is a requirement of EMA.

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And this is so important that Buhari

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in his book in his collection, so he Buhari, there is a chapter, which he has called Babylon at their own homos mineral Eman chapter, that being the homos. one fifth is a part of faith is a part of Amen. So when the war booty is collected, it cannot be just distributed amongst the soldiers or it cannot be just given to the leader, know, the poor, the needy of the society, even they should be given a share. Because generally what would happen, only those people who participated in the battle, they would get a share, and who would be able to participate in the battle those who are financially physically able, but what about those who are unable to go? Because there's some

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financial restrictions because of serious problems, they're unable to go, don't take any share as well. Just imagine that the whole booty is connected, it's in the masjid.

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And the soldiers, okay, they're being given their shares. And there comes a child and orphan child. And his father perhaps died in one of the battles and he's just looking, it doesn't get any share. A poor person because of his poverty is not able to go. And he's just looking, no share. Is that fair? Not at all. Similarly, a traveler, even if he's not poor, he's visiting. He's praying in the masjid and he watches the booty he looks at the booty, nothing should be given to him. It should be given to him.

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Just like we learned earlier that at the distribution of inheritance, what should we done? Yes, be very particular about who shares what and give it to them.

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But at the same time, the poor and needy who come give them something as well. Give them something as well.

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So we see from here, the justice of our religion, that it's not just the rich or the powerful, who can go and do something, they make money or they earn benefits. At the same time, the poor and the needy,

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They should also be benefited.

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If you look at it, there's importance on what welfare welfare that the poor and needy must be supported as well financially, they also have a share in the booty

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because they have also contributed in the success of Islam in some way or the other part of that society. So in quantum antimalaria if you really believe it or not, then you have to do this wama and zelner, Allah Albertina, Yeoman Furqan. And if you truly believe in what Allah sent down on his slaves, the day of criteria, what is this day of criteria in Yama for corn?

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for corn, it's the day of the Battle of butter. Why is it called Yeoman for fun? Because it's the day that the truth became distinguished from falsehood with the victory of Islam and defeat.

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So if you really believe in what we sent down on our slave on that day, what was sent down on the profit sort of all the sudden on that day?

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Okay, revelation was given what else the angels came to assist. Similarly, from the sky, what came down,

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rain, what else noras and victory, along with many other sites. So if you believe that the victory you obtained on that day, was by the help of Allah, then you have to do with this booty what Allah has commanded you.

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You might wonder what's the big deal of entrepreneur is one who commands everything. So why is so much emphasis being laid on this? Remember that the wall culture, the practices of the Arabs are being changed over here. Until now, whoever finds anything from the battlefield, it says,

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nothing is given to the poor and needy, nothing is given to the orphans. But what do we learn over here? That even they have a share? So if you believe that he got this victory because of a law, then you remember to distribute the duty as well? according to how Allah wants you do so Yeoman folk on the day of criterion Yama, Calderon the day that the two groups met,

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in the call from the reflectors, lamp coffee luckier which means to meet and ultium on two groups, what are the two groups referring to

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the army of the Muslims and the army of the wish the king will know who are the coalition Kody and Allah is able to do everything, meaning he has complete authority over everything.

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And it is because of him that you are victorious. It is because of him that you obtained all this war booty. So don't become greedy for wealth, and forget your obligations towards Allah.

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Let the whole new law what was what the whole new amenity don't betray over here, because remember, whatever you have gained, it is by the blessing of Allah soprano.

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So what's the conclusion that the distribution of the booty has been prescribed by who, by Allah subhanaw taala himself.

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Also, that in contrast to the previous nations, the believers, the Muslims, they receive a share of the war booty

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over here, what do we know that the entire society that's a shame those people who participated and the poor and the needy, they also get a share.

00:23:19--> 00:23:28

Similar similarly, we also learn from this is that the booty is not just to be divided amongst those who participated in the battle, but also those who are unable to participate, because of a genuine reason.

00:23:29--> 00:23:36

Because of a genuine reason. Remember earlier we learned that Lester will carry do not mean and Mina later we did not already

00:23:37--> 00:23:41

do to those people who spend their wealth and their life in the way of a loss.

00:23:43--> 00:23:47

So there are three groups of people, those who go FISA, vilella

00:23:48--> 00:23:56

and other group of those who are worried or because of some physical disability because of some disability, they're unable to participate.

00:23:57--> 00:24:01

And another group is of those who, without any reason to stay at home,

00:24:02--> 00:24:04

who get the share of the booty, the first two groups,

00:24:06--> 00:24:10

those who go and those who cannot go because of a genuine reason.

00:24:11--> 00:24:15

They're miskeen they're traveling, or they are

00:24:16--> 00:24:18

they are your team.

00:24:19--> 00:24:26

We also learned that core booty is not a wage for the efforts of the warrior.

00:24:27--> 00:24:34

Okay, it's not a wage for the efforts that the warrior has put in, in participating in the battle but rather what is it about different philosophy?

00:24:36--> 00:24:38

It's a surplus because it's called unfair.

00:24:39--> 00:24:50

We also learned that war booty is to summarize it in it's to be divided into five parts and 150 is for Allah which is further divided into five parts and that this division is a part of what

00:24:51--> 00:24:54

we have to do this because it's a requirement of email.

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

Now in the following, I at the

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Details of Yeoman Furqan are mentioned

00:25:04--> 00:25:08

the date of criteria that how is it a day of criteria?

00:25:09--> 00:25:20

The details of the bathroom are mentioned What happened to that day and what led to the victory of the believers and from that what lessons are taught to the Muslims that they must remember, in the future.

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We will listen to the recitation of

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was ooh

00:25:49--> 00:25:52

Masaki new Wabi Sabi

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