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Al-Anfal 20-40 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 35-40

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Well, Mr. Khanna, Sala to whom are in debating in their mocha and what does Leah.

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And this also shows that those people who have innovated such practices in their religion, that when they come together, they literally clap. And they dance with the vicar of Allah. This is what they were seeking.

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And if somebody does it today, it's an innovation in their religion.

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It doesn't have any basis for the old either, such as the punishment, be my contact phone because of the cover that you use to commit. What punishment is, is referring to

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the defeat that the Macan suffered at better

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suffer this punishment case, this punishment this defeat,

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the mountaintop for him, because you were disbelieving the whole time for all those 13 years, you were disbelieving, you were denying the messenger. So now you deserve it.

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In the Latina, cafaro in the those people who have disbelieved, what do they do?

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You and Fiona and voila, whom they spend their wealth? Why?

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LEAH, so do our answer. vilella in order to stop people from the way of Allah, if you look at it, the people of Mecca, the army that had come how many camels were the slaughtering every day just to feed the army,

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on average, nine to 10. The profits are about so when he heard that he said that that means they're between 901,000 and number.

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So just imagine the amount of money that they were spending.

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Similarly, when they came, we learned that it wasn't just the fighters who came, they brought with them dancing girls, they brought with them musical instruments. Why? Because when they went, they were also partying and drinking, and all of that stuff was going on. And because of that they obviously had to spend a lot of money. When it was Sophia, and we told them go back, I'm safe. They said no, we have come. And now we're going to show to the people that how much money we have spent so that this day is a memorable day in the future. And it did become memorable.

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So in the Medina cafaro Yun Fukunaga whom they spend their money, Leah so do arencibia let in order to stop people from the way of Allah. How does this become a means of stopping people from the way of Allah?

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Because when you spend so much money on something lavishly, what happens? People get impressed, isn't it so

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they're awestruck, and they're more inclined towards you compared to the other person who's not spending that much money. So when the machine was spending so much money, the people who are living around that area around the area, but they got very impressed by them. And as a result, you think they would be inclined towards Islam Not at all. But Allah subhanaw taala made them suffer defeat because of which people were more inclined towards Islam.

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So they spent their money in order to stop people from the way of Allah. Allah says pasa Yun mucuna then soon they will spend it meaning again, they will spend it they will continue to spend their money in order to stop people from the way of Allah.

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And we learned that I was Sofia when he returned to Makkah with that caravan, how much was it worth

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50,000 gold coins 50,000 dinar

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all of that money then they used against the Muslims when

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first assumed they would spend it again.

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More money they will spend they will continue to spend

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but don't get impressed. Why? Because thumbor soon tycoon rally hustler, it will be a source of regret for them. When

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when they will suffer defeat.

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by for example, at better when they suffered defeat. They had spent so much money but they lost everything.

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And so much of it the Muslims obtained as war booty. So it's going to be a source of great regret for them.

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Now, if you spent a lot of money on something, and it doesn't work out, such a great loss, you regret so much. Isn't it? So, so meta coonara in

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some ways,

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then they will be overpowered. They will be defeated in the dunya while Edina cafaro and the disbelievers Elijah Hannah your Sharon to the Hellfire, they will be gathered

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in the hereafter that is there.

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Leah Misa lovehabibi I'm gonna play you.

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Meaning Why does Allah allow this to happen? That the disbelievers are able to spend so much money against Islam.

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Liam is aloha visa Minato here.

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So that allowed me to distinguish the wicked from the good.

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Allah allows there to be a battle between truth and falsehood.

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a conflict between

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In truth and falsity, he lets the disbelievers try to stop people from the way of Allah.

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Allah allows that there should be a conflict between truth and falsehood. Why? So that he can distinguish between the impure and the pure. What does the impure refer to

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the cafe and what is a pure refer to Eman

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where journal Habiba barber who Berlin and he places the impure some of it upon other meaning he layers the impure one on top of the other fire Kumar who so he piled it up he keeps it up jamir and altogether you're coming from the roof hydrosol calf me

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ruku What does it mean to pile up and make a heap of something

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for Angela who and then he will put this pile he will put this heap where Fijian Emma in Hellfire

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will a kamikaze route and such are losers.

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What is this Iommi that allows a panel data allows that there should be conflict between truth and falsehood.

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And when this happens, the believers that may suffer those who are upon the truth they may suffer, they may undergo a lot of anxiety, a lot of fear.

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But this is necessary, why? Because the impure, the insincere. The one was upon falsehood has to be separated from the one who is pure, the one who is sincere, the one who is upon the truth.

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When this battle happened, then the truth was made clear from the false. Because up until now, people were seeing the loss of Islam, defeat of Islam,

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isn't it so

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the believers were oppressed. But when this battle happened, then people saw the truth of Islam.

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Because many people, they don't judge truth by what it is, but rather they judge truth by what

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it's influenced by its success. So Allah subhanaw taala allowed this conflict to happen, so that the truth is shown as successful. And as a result, the truth is distinguished from falsehood.

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And at the same time, another objective is that all of these impure people, they're gathered up one after the other, meaning they're finished one after the other. And the whole heap of them goes to Hellfire eventually,

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for example, at the Battle of the leaders, the leaders of Mecca, they had come Abuja, main main leaders, they had come, all of them were killed,

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all of them piled up and thrown in hellfire.

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This is the objective behind the conflict between truth and falsehood that Allah subhanaw taala allows to happen.

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We learn into either mon Iowan 79 that mercan Allahu leanda me Nina Allah and

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Allah will not leave the believers in the state in which you are now had diames hobbies come into play until he distinguishes the wicked from the good.

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We think that the present state of affairs will always remain No, Allah keeps changing the situation. So that the pure the sincere, the one upon the truth is shown

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is exposed and the impure, the insincere the one upon falsehood is also exposed.

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Cuando La Nina cafaro say to those people who have disbelieved ianto that if they stop, if they start from their cover, if they start from their opposition, you will for whom or the seller, what has previously occurred will be forgiven for them.

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Look at the beauty of the deen of Allah soprano,

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his forgiveness and his mercy that say to these people who came fighting against the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to stop people from the way of Islam, that even if they stop now, at this point, if they stop what's going to happen,

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Allah will forgive them. Whatever has happened in the past, whatever has happened in the past.

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And we see that Abu Sufyan later on he became a Muslim.

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At this point, he wasn't the greatest enemies. It's because of him. He sent them them to call people from Makkah, and they gather up together. And he decided the way dum dum went to Makkah, he went on his camel with his throat all torn apart and blood oozing out from the nose of his camel to find the people to alarm the people. And he was riding the camel backwards, and it's a sign of a great calamity. So the way he went to Makkah and the way he arouse the people against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that imagined the greatest leaders of Makkah, they themselves went to fight. They don't sell 20

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They got everything together who hired that person who's Sophia, but later on he became a Muslim.

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So tell these people that even if they stop now, what's going to happen? A level forgive them, whatever that has happened before everything that happened before

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what you do, but if they return, meaning if they come back to find, if they come back to your opposite profit service center for the mother to not have a wedding, then in fact, the way of dealing with the previous people has already passed,

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meaning they have seen what happened right now at better, history will be repeated again.

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mother is from the root letters mean by the

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malleus from the same root, what does it mean? fast. So, it has passed already what some metal a well in the way of the former people, meaning the way Allah dealt with them the way Allah punished them.

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So if they repeat, then Allah will also repeat in the way that he dealt with the previous criminals.

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We learned that our motive mentor us, he said, All Muhammad Sallallahu seven before he became a Muslim, he said to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that oh Mohammed, I want to become Muslim.

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I want to become Muslim, extend your hand, so that I can pledge allegiance to you,

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when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did so, and would have been the as he said that I pulled my hand away.

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And I said that I have a condition to make

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one condition and then I will accept

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and what is that condition?

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That you have to forgive me? The Great crimes that I committed against the Muslims.

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If you forgive me, then I will become Muslim. If you don't, I'm not gonna become Muslim.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Islam, ie a Jew Boomer can a cobbler who what Toba to the Jew Boomer can accomplish.

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That Islam, what does it do? It erases what occurred before any action that a person committed in the past. Because he became Muslim, his accepting Islam is going to erase every sin that he committed before. Whether it was a sin of Cofer of schilke of Zina of backbiting of line anything that the person committed in the state of copper, forgiven. And similarly, with tobacco and repentance, it raises what occurs before.

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The elbow also erases what occurs before

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so then he became wisdom.

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worker to whom the videos are being addressed, and fight them, fight your enemy. hatherleigh takuna fitna until there is no fix now. What is fitna

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religious persecution,

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religious persecution,

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because up until now, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And the Muslims they were suffering from what religious persecution because they had left the religion of their forefathers. This is why they weren't allowed to live in peace, and they had to suffer so much trouble. And even when they were in Medina, even when they had left Makkah, still what was happening every few years, every now and then the people of Makkah would come and try to harm the Muslims. This was what religious persecution

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so fight them until there is no more religious persecution. Why akuna Dino Colella and religion worship it becomes exclusively for Avaya.

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What does it mean mean over here,

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they know Islam or rabada it becomes exclusively for a loss of penalty, meaning none other is worshipped except

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for in interval. Then if they seize for in a law her be mayor Medina mostly, then Indeed Allah is seeing of everything that they do. Meaning he knows the reality of their deeds

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were interval low, but if they turn away, meaning the machine if the turn away from

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farland will then know that anila hamanako that Allah is your protector, allies, your protector, it's not your money. It's not your numbers. It's not your warfare. It's not your skill. Who is your protector of law? If the turn away, and they still don't accept Islam, when they see the victory of Islam, when they see the defeat of gopher, then what should you remember that the way a law protected you now and better tomorrow again, he will protect you. He is your Mota. Because when the Muslims are victorious at the machine, they're open to being invited to Islam. That look you see it now it's quite clear. But if they still don't accept and they turn away, and they still come and

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fight against you, then remember that Allah is your Monet. He is your protector near Mona Mona, when you're mislead. How excellent. Is he as your protector and how excellent is he as a helper

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By the way, he helped you look at the way he protected you look at the way he's always protected you how he rescued you from Makkah and brought you here how you were so few in number and he brought you here in Medina and you multiply, how the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was rescued. How excellent is Allah as a protector and as a helper? So who should you trust upon? Who should you rely upon? of law? Not yourself, but Allah.

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And this is the lesson, the main lesson that we learned from this incident of the Battle of battle. That in every situation, who should a person rely upon a loss

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in every situation, the person should remain grateful to Allah, a person should trust upon him, not his Well, not visibility, not the weakness of the enemy, but rather a loss of penalty. Because without Amita either later when I can

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Why am co now I am Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, are you kidding me? Either to

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or me.

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Hey, Joe.

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Tina br begin early on.

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The coo

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for me,

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I said I'm already, there's two things that I was just thinking of one was that if you feel this one guy, he'll give you a photo con. So the first thing was, if you think about if you miss a part of a lesson, or you don't listen to a lesson, what will happen? You'll be missing a part of your character. Well, you're not, and that what will happen is, you're not fearing loss for Allah properly, because you're not implementing whatever you learn, or you're not fulfilling my character, and example, you missed it. Yes, because you missed it. An example would be if you have a guide to life, and you're in an island, and that guy to live, what if you miss a portion of it? And that same

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thing will arise on that island? Will you not be scared? If you go through the menu of a particular phone or an appliance or something and just miss one page? And it's possible that that same problem arises in your life? How will you know to deal with it?

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And secondly, when you mentioned people don't judge the truth by the truth, but by its influence and success, so if you think about it, in Oman and Khan's lecture, he said, What do you define as success the Prophet sallallahu Sallam lived in a poor state, Ibrahim al Islam, left his family, no hide Islam left his son, Lutheran Islam left his wife, yet they were successful. So what do we see a success do we see as a big house or successes,

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we measure success according to the standards of this world.

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So just to add to her point about missing a lesson, it's not that you physically miss it, or you physically Skipper class or something, it could be that you don't implement it right away, or you don't take a lesson. Because if you don't, what will happen is that sooner or later, you're gonna think it's not that important, or you just forget, exactly, I guarantee you we read in these is that the worst creatures in the sight of Allah are those who are deaf, dumb, and blind, because they listen, but they don't listen. They don't remember they don't implement.

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I was just thinking, when we're diaries about how our children and our our wealth are attached to us. And I was just thinking, you know, we're always grateful, yes, and hungry. Now, you know, and love blessed us with children. But do we, you know, it's a test because Are you going to leave a love for them? Or are you going to help them take you closer to Allah, and unfortunately, and this is a lesson for myself, we value our children more than we give value to what Allah wants us to do. So this is a reminder to everybody, you know, yes, it's a blessing. But it's also a test. So what are you going to do? Are you going to take the blessing and be grateful, making it bring you closer

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to Allah? Are you going to value that, and in a way, you're doing shark, you're going further away from?

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If you look at the context, even the Muslims, they had just been literally at the Battle of others? And what are they reminded of what they suffered from before, so that they realized that this victory, this blessing is also from Allah. And it should make them more grateful, it should increase them in their ibadah in their coming closer to Allah subhanaw taala. Because every blessing is also a test. So children are also at us. And when we have them, we shouldn't remember only the fact that they're a blessing. But we should also remember that there are a test. I mentioned to you earlier about that. He said that bolina. But the law he was born, we were tested through difficulties, and

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we were patient, with Lena with salai, firmness. And we were tested through good times. But we weren't patient. We weren't grateful. We didn't pass the test over there. Because we don't even look at the blessing as a test. We get lost in the blessing and because of that we forget.

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And remember the story of our mother, the darkness that haunts him and others Javi they were traveling together. And he was walking and he said you should write the animal to that, you know, what will people think that this is the leader of believers? And he said, What were we before Islam?

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Allah subhanaw taala is the one who gave us this and if we seek is that rather than the son that Allah will humiliate us, so never forget your past.

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I was thinking of how it's so important to remember your blessings because even at the time of how we learned previously at the time of God, like when we lost the battle, and that's one of those reminding that don't forget the good times. And when there's a blessing or something that's positive, that's one of those mind Don't forget the bad times. So it's like never forget the blessings no matter what situation you're exactly.

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I think it's interesting how the name of Allah and when he repeats both here and even an alien lon when it was a battle of our head. It was like what La Jolla cola

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Very low homeowner coming several three four times in a monad comes and even here when I met Mona wanyama Ignacio even there I was talking about I love being your helper, but a Wally like even for our sisters it's either your husband it's your father and you think well you think protector but and while he's coming in the context of a huge trial they're being put to test by going to a battle subpanel log but the lesson here is that even though I was protecting me through a hardship that you're coming out stronger at the end of the test, so Allah is a protector and a protector in hardship

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See ya

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la ilaha illa. anta, Luca one or two really a set I'm already cool.