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Al-Anfal 1-19 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 11-14


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of "the state of sleepiness" and the history of Islam, including the loss of penalties and the use of water to clean themselves. They also discuss the use of rain to make the ground firm and the importance of trusting upon loss of control. The physical and mental power of the body is crucial to fight against the enemy, and the recitation of the Battle of butter and pound out of alternatives is mentioned as recitation of the Battle of butter and pound out of alternatives. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding one's own success and finding one's own success in achieving their goals.
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I was a bit late in the ship on your legitimacy

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is Yoshi como nos I am an admin who remember when he overwhelmed you with drowsiness

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idioma Chico, Yoshiko is wandering fetters lane sheen Yeah. Russia, which means to cover. So when he covered you all, and who does you all refer to?

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The prophets are a lot of sense as well as the believers. With what and nor Assa drowsiness and neuroticism newsletter is known IMC

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and Nautilus is a state of sleepiness or drowsiness that overtakes a person's senses as well as limbs.

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And it is followed by sleep.

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Sometimes a person is so sleepy, if you try to talk to them, they're like, what did you say?

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They have no idea. You said something to them.

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And then when you see them, they're actually sleeping.

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You're talking to them. They're sitting there slouching. So the state of sleepiness is overtaking their senses as well as their limbs.

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You know, when a person is extremely sleepy, they cannot move, they cannot stand they cannot even sit

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and eventually, they sleep. So this is what neurons is a state of sleepiness, which overtakes the senses and the limbs and it is actually followed by sleep. It's followed by asleep.

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So ADLs shikumen, Arosa when such drowsiness when set sleepiness over to Q. Why a monitor for the purpose of security, as peace as safety, security from who may know from a loss of panic.

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So the believers they will overcome with sleep. Why? So that they could rest for some time, and the fear that was in their heart, it would depart.

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They would not be concerned with the worries or with the fear of the battle.

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And when did this happen?

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It was the night before the battle, especially the night before the battle when the Muslims they had countered, but it is said that the believers they slept through the night in the sense that a very restful sleep. And just imagine if you know, the enemy, three times your number is right behind the mountain is only a few miles away from you. Would you be able to sleep? No. If you know that you have an exam The next day, can you sleep? No. people wake up so many times during the night and what are they thinking? What are the dreaming about the exam, especially if it's a major exam, that's what they're thinking about. They're not able to sleep. So it's a blessing of a lot if a person is

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able to have a restful sleep before something very important.

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So this was an AMA, this was security from a loss of

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security in the face of anxiety and fear.

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When you listen to our laico and he sent down upon you minister Maggie from the sky mat and water

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in Allah subhanaw taala also sent down rain when the night before the battle which refreshed the Muslims, liotta hero calm so that he purifies you all the harder you

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do become physically pure and clean.

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So he sent down rain from the sky water from the sky so that you could clean yourself externally, from what from minor and major impurities so that they could do they could obtain to holla because generally when you're traveling, what do you do tammo However, in this situation, especially what happened, water was sent down from the sky so that they could literally clean themselves.

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It is said that according to some narrations, that the machine they had overtaken the water resources of others.

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So now the Muslims they were left with none. So what would they do? They need water. So a loss of penalties sent down the water from the sky in the form of rain. As a result of which they were able to collect some water. a cistern was built a small Bond was built. And from that the Muslims were able to use the water. Muta Hara can be

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when your parent company takes away from you, that is a shape on the impurity of shape outline. What is that it's up shape on the was was out of shape. One

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there was was a the evil thoughts that he inspires in the heart of a person which make a person fearful, which make him worried, which gave him negative thoughts about a loss of panel data and His Messenger. This is rates because just imagine you're in a very difficult situation and you're panicking and you're thinking negatively and you'll be

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impatient. This is rates of shaper. So Allah subhanaw taala made the believer sleep in order to remove from them the lives of shape one

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while he or better enter that he strengthens your veto from the real factors that

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are about Rob.

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And what does that mean, to bind to tie up to connect?

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So Leon people so that he strengthens our local Rubicam upon your hearts, he binds your hearts, he seals them with certainty with patients with endurance. How

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that now, when the circumstances were in the favor of the Muslims, they had had a restful sleep, they also had access to water. And with the rain coming down, the ground that was beneath their feet became firm. As a result of that, what happened? The believers became more confident.

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So Young youth are allowed to become he binds your heart with confidence, with endurance with visions with certainty, when you get better, and as a result of that he makes firm be by it, meaning by water by the rain coming down from the sky, and then the feet.

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You separate from the room factors that that subject?

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And what does that mean to become friends?

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And you submit a bill to them. What does it mean by that?

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First of all, that in the physical sense, he made the feet of the believers for how that the ground beneath their feet had become firm as a result of the rain from the sky.

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Because just imagine, if you're in the desert, and it's dry sand, it's extremely difficult to walk upon it. If you ever go to the beach, and the sand is dry, it's extremely difficult to walk over there. But the closer you go to the water, and if the tide has just gone lower, if the water has just gone backwards, then you see that the ground over there is more smooth. It's much more smooth, and it's much easier to walk over there.

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Why? Because of the water. So a lot of penalty is sent down rain from the sky as a result of which the ground became firm, and you submit a bill of them. The feet of the believers, they literally became firm, meaning they were stabilized, it was easier for them to walk.

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And secondly, you submit a bill that is understood in the intangible sense that you gave them confidence that they would stand their ground in fighting the enemy

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aren't even. He reported that in our vessel there and who said that when the profit sort of autism arrived at the mid cap.

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And at that time, there was a sandy piece of land between the machine and the water

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between the machine and the wealth of weather.

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And the Muslims they felt weak and the shaitan cast frustration into their hearts. He whispered to them, that you claim that you are a law supporters and that his messenger is among you. However the machine have taken over the water resource from you while you pray, needing purity. So Allah subhanaw taala sent down heavy rain, allowing the Muslims to drink and use it for purity. And Allah alter remove chaith ons whisper and made the sound firm when the rain fell on it.

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So shaytan was putting water in their hearts. And when that rain came, when the problem was solved, that was wasa was gone. awry in this debate, he said that Allah subhanaw taala sent rain down from the sky on a sandy Valley.

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And that rain made the area where the Messenger of Allah and his companions camped, firmer so that it did not hinder their movement. Meanwhile, the part that the Quraysh were camping on became difficult to move on.

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It became difficult to move on.

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And the land on which the prophets are of origin and the believers were what happened over there. The land became warfare.

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So we see over here that a loss of panel data helps the believers in different ways. But it's only when you see QSL it's only when you accept his decree. If the Muslims at this point said we're not going to help you a prophet ceremony, this is not what we agreed to do. We only agreed to help you in Medina, this is outside of our territory. Sorry, we cannot help you. This is not what we left Medina for we're going back home.

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Or if they stayed and they were negative, and they didn't support the profits or losses and rather they said words of anger or frustration, then would they get the help of a loss of control. They became confident they trusted upon a loss of primal data. They prayed to Allah and look at how Allah aided them from ways that they could not even imagine

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holding think at such a point that Allah will send rain and that will become a source of victory for you.

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Or that will become a means of making you more confident. Just imagine, nobody thinks of these things. So when you trust upon Allah, when you hand over your affairs to him, when you accept his decision, then Allah helps you in ways that you cannot imagine. But before that you need to trust upon him. You need to trust upon him. He will help you through the unseen, but you need to trust upon him.

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We lacked the seeking, we lacked the certainty because of which we are left to ourselves. If we don't accept the decree of a loving way, not to ourselves,

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and then try to do something yourself. Can you defend yourself? Can you do anything yourself? Well, you cannot, because you're weak. So the solution isn't accepting the decree of Allah and then the help of a mockups.

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If you hear a Booker, remember when your Lord inspired to the angels, when Allah commanded the angels, he instructed them, he gave this message to the angels, which angels, those who were sent in order to aid the believers at better that unimarc indeed I am with you that imagine the angels are being told that my support is with you. My help and my assistance is with you.

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Now we are just imagine the angels are being told where they cannot be harmed by people,

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isn't itself. But look at how Allah subhanaw taala is giving confidence to the angels even

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what about us? Don't we need that confidence even more? We do.

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But when does it come? When we submitted the decree of Allah,

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if you hear aboukir ll mela

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and what Allah commanded that unAmerican indeed I am with you for the better Latina Amano. So keep the believers for

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keep the believers from therapy to make them firm. How?

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By helping them and also by giving them good news. Because remember, that with every person is a shaitan, who is inspiring vice versa, and is an angel who is inspiring good thoughts.

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So the angels were instructed that for therapy to Latina Amano, make the believers firm, by inspiring good thoughts in their hearts. And by assisting the believers physically.

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So only, I will cast for eukanuba Latina cafaro in the hearts of the disbelievers. What

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have norba the terror have of all of the believers. Despite their great numbers, despite their great resources, in the hearts of the disbelievers is going to be fear of the Muslims, they will be in all of the Muslims, and in the heart of the Muslims, despite their weakness will be confidence. And this is something that completely changes a person.

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If you are confident in your heart, even if you're physically incapable, you can still do what you want to do.

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Remember that

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your heart will overcome your disability. But on the other hand, if you are physically capable, but you're weak at heart, then what's going to happen? your weakness will overcome your ability. So many times we see that people who are physically disabled are physically weak, they accomplish things that we can never even think of Why?

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Because it's their confidence. It's their motivation. It's their desire in the heart which overcomes the disability, the physical pain, the physical disability.

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For example, when we learn about the Sahaba, the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, how they were persecuted in Makkah, how bilello they learn how he was made to lie down on the hot sand in the heat of the desert sun.

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And not only that, huge rocks, hot rocks were put on him, but still he would say

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what is it that made him tolerate that physical pain, it was the inner motivation. It was the inner confidence. It was the inner up. When a person is strong from the inside, then nothing can make him weak. But if a person is weak from inside, then nothing can give him strength.

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Even if he has everything in this world.

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What does Allah say for somebody to give them confidence because of their confidence that they can overcome anything.

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And on the other hand, they wish to gain what's going to happen to them.

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They're going to have fear and are in their hearts because of which they will become weak.

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For the reboot, then you strike meaning go angels strike. focal are now above the next

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are now because of Florida for unhook from the routers I know

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meaning strike the machine were over there next, what does it mean by this focal carnac? First of all, on the heads, because on top of the neck is what the head. So focal are an up above the next meaning on the head.

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Secondly, focal or neck meaning the top part of the next. So strike them on their next

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what do you do and also strike men home from them can Lebanon, every fingertip, every joint

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also strike them and every single joint

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banane is the plural of the word banana tune with the time of Buddha at the end, right in the exact same way just at a time of boot it

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is from the newsletter is bad noon, noon,

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and the word banana is used for the joints of the body. So for example, the knuckles, the ankle, the wrist, the elbow, the knee, what are the joints of the body.

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Secondly, the word banana is also used for the tips of fingers, as well as the tips of toes, the tips of fingers and the tips of those.

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So what did the woman whom called Lebanon strike them on every joint and strike them on every fingertip and every paper each door?

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Why is this being said?

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Because when they are stuck in this manner, then what's going to happen?

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They're going to collapse. So a lot of panels on it is teaching them as to how they should attack the machine

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that faculty will focus on Okay, what are the Birmingham columns kalapana.

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Now when they're told to strike on the necks as well as everyone, and what does it mean by that?

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If you look at it, the head and the tips of fingers and tips of those, what are they the extreme parts of the body, the ends of the body, the head is one end, the fingertips are another end, the tips of the toes are another end. So if the answers are told to strike on the extremes, then what is meant that strike them even and what is between. So in other words all over the body.

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So felt that he will focal or an athlete well did he mean Hong Kong Lebanon.

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And if you look at it, the head is you can say the hardest part of the body which is separate by itself and visible and protruding.

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And on the other hand, the fingertips the tips of the toes there are like the smallest part of the body of soft part of the body.

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So every single part should be struck.

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strike them in this way so that they're incapacitated for fighting, and they can be easily captured.

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So we see that Allah subhanaw taala, facilitated for the believers to be victorious through several ways that slumber, physical and spiritual purity, firmness of defeat the terror that was cast in the hearts of the disbelievers, the angels who were sent. And this is how Allah soprano tada helps those people who help themselves.

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Over here we see that the believers are not all okay you go relax and the angels will take over. No, the believers are also to fight.

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And this command that has been given over here, Father, He will strike this has been given to the angels as well as the believers, that this is how you should fight that you trust upon Allah. You get the help of Allah through labor, but at the same time, you also have to do something.

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Many times we only expect for help and we don't want to do anything ourselves. But both are necessary. This is what our call is that you do your best as well. You will to take action for that he will focus on everything. What did he boom in Hong Kong novena.

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We learned that the Muslims they fought the Americans, they fought the machine army like a firm united and disciplined army, With the name of Allah subhanaw taala on their lips. And up to that moment, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had remained quiet and collected, meaning he was only watching.

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And then he himself also charged into the ranks of the enemy. And the prophets are allowed Is that him himself also fought the enemy

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until the power of the enemy was completely broken, and they began to flee from the battlefield.

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And surely you will read in Syria in detail as well. That how the battle actually began that three people from the machine they came forward and the demand of the three people from the Muslims they come forward as well who are of equal status to them. So it was first of all, one on one and then eventually the army against the army.

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And what happened? The Muslims have fought in this way, striking the machine on their heads and on every joint on fingertips. And as a result, what happened? The machine their power was broken. And eventually they fled from the battlefield,

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then, that is, what does that equal refer to?

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This punishment that was inflicted on the machine

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that the angels were told to smite them on their heads and their joints, that so many of them were seeking. They were killed. And so many of them they were taken as prisoners. Why is it so? Because if you read in the previous is awesome of you, when you heard for three vocal tonality, What did he mean? honkala. Some of you were like, you just seem to be uncomfortable hearing these words even. But, you wonder, why is it like that? Why is it so severe? Why beat them in such a cruel manner? It seems very crude, seems very rough. Why in this way, because such people are criminals. These people came to fight against the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam.

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Their Lika this punishment that is inflicted on them is be unknown, because indeed Tisha Kumar hora pseudo, they have opposed Allah and His messenger with hostility. Shaku is on the better screen of of what this shocked me to split. So they have split away, and at the same time they have turned against them. They have turned hostile towards Allah and His messenger. Instead of believing in Allah, instead of believing in the messenger, they have opposed and hated the messenger.

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Why am I use a lead or a solo? And whoever opposes Allah and His Messenger for English, then you need Allah is severe in retribution.

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Allah is not weak. He's not weak at all. If someone opposes him, if someone opposes His Messenger, then Allah does take revenge. We see that the mercy keen, they had not spared the Muslims any harm. While the Muslims were a minority in Mecca.

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We all have learned about how vulnerable they are and who was tortured, how the family of our model was tortured, so many Sahaba even the women companions, how they were tortured, how they were killed, to the point that they had to leave that holy land, that holy city where even cutting a tree is not permissible, over their innocence were being persecuted. They were being killed, they were being murdered. Why? Because of their email.

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And even when the Muslims had migrated from Makkah, and when they had gone to every senior and others had gone to Medina, even in the Michigan did not leave them. They did not leave them. They went after them to every senior to get them out of there, to get all of them so that they could continue their oppression. And while the Muslims were in Medina, as I mentioned to you earlier, that the Battle of butter was the first major combat, and up until then, several skirmishes have taken place.

00:23:11--> 00:23:30

So many times the machine they had come, they had captured some of the Muslims, they had taken them to Makkah they had brutally killed them in public. So this was quite evident. And this was quite rampant that the machine they were harming they were opposing a Lost Planet, Allah and His Messenger as well as the believers.

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And remember that I was a fan when his caravan was saved. He sent word to the mystic army that you can go back home now I'm saying, but what did they say? No, we've come out. And now we're not going back. And we're going to punish these Raiders, we're going to punish these people who dare to attack you.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says that these people they have proposed a line is messenger, and whoever opposes a lot and His messenger of lies, severe intake and retribution.

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Valley come that is yours, meaning this punishment, this is yours are mostly key for the EU, so you will test it were in this dunya in this dunya This was their punishment, that 70 of them were killed. 70 of them were taken as captives, and the rest of them had to run from the battlefield in order to save their lives. This was their punishment in the dunya. For what? For opposing Allah and His messenger.

00:24:32--> 00:24:40

What unleaded caffeine or other banal and for the disbelievers is the punishment of the Fire, where in the hereafter

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we listen to the recitation of these if and then will continue.

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He or she

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Boomer ages a shame on you want to be on Hulu

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Hulu be

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better be Hill.

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so old TV, Hulu, Bill ezine.

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to remove

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theory now.

00:26:26--> 00:27:08

However, every few days we also come to a similar situation, we also fall into a similar situation where we want things to be one way. And the last point I want things to be another way. And we think that it's impossible. It's impossible to go with what's coming our way. It's not realistic, it's unpractical, or sometimes their opponents, there's opposition, and we think we cannot continue. But if we keep going with whatever we have, if we keep moving on with whatever we can do, that Allah subhanaw taala will also aid us. Because remember, sometimes what happens is that we depend on other people, we depend on our numbers, we depend on our knowledge, we depend on our past experience we

00:27:08--> 00:27:10

depend on on different different things, isn't it?

00:27:12--> 00:27:21

But in different situations, a lot of panel data shows to us that you cannot depend on anything. All these things that you depend upon, they will fail you.

00:27:22--> 00:27:27

It could be a person, it could be money, it could be your house could be different things, they will fail you.

00:27:28--> 00:27:34

At some point in your life, you will see that they're not worthy of being relied upon.

00:27:35--> 00:27:36

Who should you rely upon?

00:27:37--> 00:27:43

Allah subhanaw taala because he is the only one who can aid you in ways that you can never imagine in ways that you can never expect.

00:27:45--> 00:27:47

We'll listen to the recitation of these if and then we'll continue.

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boom, boom.

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Elon Musk apparently mentions some of the rules with regards to battle. As I mentioned you in this order, there is a review of the Battle of butter, and at the same time, a loss of pounds out of alternatives down the rules of conduct with regards to fighting, as well as how to deal with the prisoners of war.