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Al-Araf 8-206 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 192-198

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When I asked you to name the homeless run, and they are unable to give them any help who

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those whom they associate with

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these beings whom you associate with Allah, whether it is a person, or a rock, or a tree, or the sun or the moon, those whom you're associating with him, they are not even able to offer you any kind of help notice a word Nasir on it is Nikita any kind of help, whether at the time of birth, or at the time, while the baby is developing in the womb of the mother, or after the baby is born. Last the thier aloneness when they cannot help themselves. They cannot offer any kind of help, whether and Fusarium em Sauron nor can they help themselves? So who are you associating with Allah? Someone who cannot offer you help? And someone who cannot even help themselves? If they cannot even help

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themselves, then how can they help you? When they cannot create themselves? And how can they create others? If they cannot help themselves, then how can they help others. And if you look at it, you can better defend yourself, you can better help yourself, then they can help you. Especially when it comes to the matter of those who are debt or when it comes to the matter of idols. Like for example, in Zero Hedge, I number 73. Our last presenter gives us an example of idols when people worship that layer, gluco Dubin, they cannot even create a fly. And if the fly takes something from them, they cannot even take it back. Therefore, we will not lose both our week, the fly, as well as the idol.

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Or both are weak who the person who is praying to the idol and the idol himself is also weak. They cannot help one another at all. So who are you asking for help someone who cannot help you, someone who cannot even help themselves? And it's so logical. And we can apply this to our daily life even? Who do we like to take help from? Someone who can actually help us? Isn't it? So? If a little child comes and says, Let me help you with your homework? What are you going to say? kind of laugh? Right? So how can a person go before a rock that cannot even move by its own will? And say help me? When it cannot even defend itself? When it cannot even help itself? Then how can it help you?

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So Allah subhanaw taala is asking us, who are you associating with him? Someone who cannot even help himself? Then how can he help you?

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We learned that Ibrahim on Instagram, he broke the idols, and they were unable to defend themselves. In sort of soft fat I 93 we don't follow her, I lay him bourbon, believe me, then he turned upon them striking them with his right hand.

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Imagine an idol is being beaten up? How can he help you? How is it possible? Instead of the MBI of 58, we learned about Ibrahim are the same for Jared don't do that. And elac Kabira Allahu La La, la he of June. So he broke them into pieces into fragments, all except the biggest of them that they might turn to it. And there's so many incidents in which we learned, for example, the story of Madiba and I'm going to build a demo, in which so many times the idol was taken from the Father and was tied to a dog thrown in the dump thrown in the garbage, to show that this idol cannot even help itself and how can it help you

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walk into the room and if you call them in alhuda, two guidance, layer two miracle, they will not follow you. Who is this address to?

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This it has been understood in two ways. Let's look at the first meaning that will enter the room the machine are being addressed. That if you call upon them, meaning if you call upon these idols in alhuda do who their meaning if you ask them for guidance, just as you ask Allah for guidance. If you ask them for some benefit, lay at the vehicle. They will not follow you meaning they will not follow your call. They will not respond. They will not answer your request. They will not fulfill your request. So our honor eleiko it is the same upon you or they're out to move on whether you pray to them. And I'm Swami tone Are you remain silent.

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Whether you set before them and you talk to them, or you sit before them silent. It's not going to make a difference.

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Why? Because they don't listen. Why? Because they cannot respond. They don't even know what you're saying. They don't even know who you are. They don't even know what you're asking for. And if they find out, they cannot even help you, because they have no idea about what's going on. They're inanimate. They're nonliving things, and how can it help you? Secondly, this is been understood as there were in the other one, the addresses to the believers, that all believers if you call them, meaning, if you call these idol worshipers, the mushy cone, it'll go there to guidance meaning to throw hate, tell them stop your idolatry and come and worship only Allah let the bureau come, they

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will not accept this guidance. They will not accept this offer. So under Aleikum, it is the same upon you all believers are there out the womb, whether you call them to guidance unto Swami tone or you remain silent and you don't call them they will remain firm upon their shift. They will not respond to the heat.

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Why? Because we learned earlier that in Medina cafardo, so our owner la him and delta home emlenton their home, let me know, they're never going to believe. Because when a person cannot understand simple logic, that this thing is made of stone, this thing is made of wood. I made it myself. It doesn't have any life in it. It doesn't have a heart that beats it doesn't have ears that listen. It doesn't respond in any way. If a person does not understand simple logic, even simple logic, then how can you make him accept? How can you call him to guidance and how and why will he respond? He cannot

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notice the word Swami tune is from the root letters saw me.

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And it's the plural of the word Swami.

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And something is to be silent.

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Basically, it is used for someone who is silent and quiet natured someone who remain silent and hardly ever speaks. Hardly. Maybe he mumbled out a word or two. Maybe, maybe he says one word. Maybe he will give us five. But generally sommet is one who is silent natured.

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We learned another word for being silent. And what was that? sakata and What does socrata mean to become silent after talking?

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So I'm anthem semitone or you remain silent?

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In the levina tournament.

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Indeed those you call upon besides Allah who is being addressed the mistaking

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that almost chicane those beings, whom you call upon besides Allah, whether it is a dead person, or it is an idol, or it is the sun or the moon. Those beings whom you call upon besides Allah, what is their reality? They are evaton they are servants on Cellcom, just like you because everyone is a servant to Allah.

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Well, colome, atty Yeoman, Tamati, or other marine, what do we learn that every single one of them, every single creature in the heavens and the earth is a slave to Allah is an ARB to Allah, whether it is often or later often, whether it is living or nonliving. animate or inanimate, every single creature is a slave to Allah.

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So when they are just like you, for the room, so call them, make their art to them, go ahead, pray to them further yesterday, than they should respond to, that if they're sitting right before you, they have eyes and ears and mouth that you have carved in them and beautifully painted, then you call them and they should give an answer. They should respond. Especially if they're supposed to be God, they should respond to you in consulting if you are truthful in your claim, in your assumption, that they have the power to bring you any benefit or remove some harm from you.

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If you look at the word event that has been used over here, that those beings whom you call upon besides Allah, their servants, just like you are that is the plural of or if you look at it, who is it that people call upon besides Allah? First of all, many people, they worship objects that are made up natural materials, so idols and if you look at it, all of them are made of what? wood, stone, mud, different types of things. And all of these things are possessed by who? Allah subhanaw taala

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if a person is worshiping the sun, or the moon, or some animal or some creature, all of them are who mameluke they are, possession of Allah subhanaw taala

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Just as we are there, I'm Luke avala. Just as we're also slaves and servants of Allah.

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Secondly, who else do people call upon

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other human beings? Isn't it

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people call upon other human beings, human beings that have been deified that have been given divine attributes that have been considered as deities.

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So they're being told over here that the idol to me worship, they are of those people who were once upon a time human beings just like you

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isn't an eternal life. For example, the people of Noah, Who do they worship, idols and images, and they were made of who, righteous people, who came generations before them. But when they passed away, they made their images then eventually began worshipping them. So okay, you have an idol before you have an image before you, but what is it an image off of a human being, and that human being was just like you, once upon a time, he lived on the surface of the earth, and now he's gone.

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seminary, the people of Makkah, also they had made idols of human beings, righteous people, or even unrighteous people. All of these idols, nylon is often all of them, they were who they were actually, people who lived once upon a time, when they passed away, they made their idols and they began worshipping.

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And literally, there are people who worship other human beings as well. Literally, they will go to their graves, they will do such thing over there, they will go and make There are over there. Literally, they will go and worship other human beings. Or there could be somebody who is living alive. And he is sitting in the front and everybody's prostrating to him, everybody is praying to Him. This is all schicke because Allah says, Those whom you call upon besides Allah, they're evaton ontonagon whether it is human beings, or it is the angels, or it is the jinn, or some other creature, they're all creatures just like you. They are people who worship other human, literally,

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they worship such as I need to learn how to worship the prophets, that alone is literally all of this is what pure schicke and almost a parent data tells us for the room, go ahead and call upon them, failure study will come and they should respond to you, that when you go to their grave, and you call them, then they should give a response, not a response that you only heard, because some people claim that I heard the response. No, it should be a response that everybody can hear or a response that is quite visible, quite apparent. In quantum society, if you are truthful,

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Allah whom are genuine, do they have feet, Abdul is a tutorial of religion. And in this I in particular, a las panatela illustrates the incapacity, the utter incapacity of those who are worshipped besides almost

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especially the idols or other human beings who have passed away before who have passed away before and people go and worship at their graves.

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So Allah demonstrates their utter incapacity and the fact that those who are calling upon them they're superior to them. So how can you call upon someone who is less than you? How

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original? Do they have feet? Em, Shona we have that they can walk with, what two feet symbolize independence when a person is able to walk that shows that he's independent. So these idols when you're calling upon, do they have feet with which they can walk? Maybe they have feet, maybe they have multiple legs, maybe they have multiple feet, but can they actually walk with them? Can they know amla home? Or do they have a enhance floor love yet? You're able to shunova with which they can strike and reach out. Can they move their hands? They cannot? What do hands symbolize power ability? And the word here please join us on the newsletter is Val foshee. bots and bots is to lay hands on

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something with force with gua and vulture is also a tight grip to firmly grip something to firmly see something, lay hands on something.

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So do they have hands with which they can strike which they can lay on something else in order to get hold of it. Now they don't amla home or do they have our union eyes you will see you wouldn't be able to which they can actually see. Perhaps they do have eyes. And perhaps it seems as though they're looking at you because of the way that you've painted them. But do they act

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See, do they have eyes that are functional? No. Or even as a Florida fine and what do I symbolize perception knowledge, ability independence, because on who cannot see he becomes dependent on others. They're not independent at all. Unknown or do they have their own ears? florala Odin yes morona BIA with which they can actually hear, do their ears function for two years symbolize again perception, knowledge, ability, independence, they don't have any of this

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called se meaning or profits or autism say to them, Uhuru Shoraka call upon your partners call upon your associates. So makini then plot against me for that only Rooney then do not get any respect. What does it mean by this? That Oh prophets, Allah, Allah said, I'm tell these machine, that it's their idols are really true. They're really, those beings that have some power, they can listen, they can hear, they can respond, then tell the machine that they should pray to their idols, and they should pray to their idols to destroy you. That tell them create your shadowcat to destroy me so much you do need an all of you, meaning you and your idols make a plot against me in order to

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harm me Philately Dhoni, and don't give me any respect meaning waste no time to harm me. Go ahead and try. And I'm telling you, it's not gonna work.

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Ask your idols to harm me. And it's not going to work. You may have heard the story of the boy and the king. It's a long story, inshallah, we will learn about it in the 30th, just in Sharla. That in which the boy who had become a Muslim, and he was showing different things to people to show to them that magic was untrue, and what the king was preaching was untrue. And they should only believe in Allah subhanaw taala alone. So what did the king do, he sent some people to kill the boy. And they took him to the middle of the sea, the duck came up to the mountain, they threw him they tried different things, they wouldn't be able to kill him. So he said, I will tell you a way through which

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you will be able to kill me. And what is that? That you say, In the name of Allah. And when you use the name of Allah, then you'll be able to kill me and the kingdom. And by that the boy died. But as a result of that everybody believed.

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Everybody believed that it's only by the name of Allah, that they were able to kill this boy. So what does it show that the idols the false gods, they cannot do any harm. It's only a multiplanetary only Allah who can harm or who can bring benefit.

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Now, over here, we see that in every era, people have believed in idols in imaginary gods. And they believe that these gods these idols, they can cause some harm. And this fear is instilled in the people. It's instilled in the people. And this fear is completely baseless. And because of this fear, the people worship idols,

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that if we don't worship them, they will harm us, they will harm us.

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For example, at the time of omoto, to learn who, the Egyptians, what they will do is that they would dress up a young girl, and they would go and offer human sacrifice over there of that girl so that the Nile would produce more water or it would continue to run. So this was Schick.

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Now, it's the fear that people have that if we don't offer such and such if we don't worship, then this being then this idol is going to harm us.

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And it's because of this fear that they continue to worship them.

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Instead of truth I have 54 we learned that the people said that in Niccolo enlarger aka baraboo le hatin episode, we only say that some of our gods have possessed you with evil. Our gods have possessed you with evil. Allah in neoshield law why shadow anybody omata Ciccone said indeed I call a lot the witness and witness yourself that I am free from whatever you associate with them. So this fear is instilled within people that if you don't worship them, they're going to harm you. However, this is completely baseless. So the prophets are a lot of times being told to say to the machine that tell them, pray to your gods, ask them to harm me. And don't give me any time. Don't give me

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any time, any chance. Go ahead and try to harm me, you will not be able to harm me.

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If you look over here, there's one side point. It says over here, Chicago, and in the previous episode, we learned call upon them. There are some people who claim to be Muslim, and at the same time, they call upon those who are dead in their grave

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And they actually give evidence for that. You know what the evidence against other Osaka

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allies telling us other Osaka

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if you want to take something out of context and completely misquoted, then you can do anything. Why is a las panatela telling us over here, Chaka Khan so that we do check? No, this is not the purpose. This is not the objective over here. What's the purpose? That Go ahead, give it a try. Call upon them and see if they respond.

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They don't respond. So in other words, don't call upon them because shirk is completely baseless.

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In no Walia law, meaning say to them, that indeed my guardian, my protector, is only Allah, Who is the Protector, one who protects one who takes care of all of the affairs, all of the affairs,

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the one who is in charge, the one who helps the one who supports so my protector, the one who is in charge of my affairs is who Allah and who is Allah and Latinas in Akita, the one who sent down the book why to guide people walk away at a wellness oily hain and he befriends those who are righteous. People take other than Allah as well.

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And they expect help from them. But what is the profits are a lot is that I'm told to say over here that my one is only Allah. I don't take other than Allah as my wedding. He is only my family. And I expect help and protection from him only.

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I only expect him to take care of my affairs. Why? Because he is a lady nezzer and kita. He is the one who sent down the book in order to guide people in order to guide us therefore use the way and those whom you call upon besides Allah. What guidance do they offer?

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What guidance do they offer? They don't offer any guidance. Allah is the one who offers guidance. Therefore, he is my wedding.

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And if you want his help, if you want to be under his guardianship, then you must become solid because he only refined zu asylee hain those who are righteous.

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in Surat Al Baqarah 257 what do we learn? That Allahu Allah you're letting an AMA know you heard your homie no solamente in a no.

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Allah is the Wali of the believers. He takes them out of darkness to the light. nessa Rokita, he sent them the book to guide them. So he takes them out of darkness into light.

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When led into the room, and dooney and those whom you call upon besides Him, layers through your own inner circle, they cannot even help you. They're not able to help you. Allah is Wali, yet Allah, he befriends, he protects, he looks after, and he also guides but those whom you're calling upon besides Allah, what kind of protection do they offer? What kind of help and assistance do they offer? Nothing lasts up to your own inner circle. And on top of that, Wallah and fusa homie I'm sorry, they cannot even help themselves. So why should you be concerned with them? Why should you take them as well he

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will enter the room in alhuda. And if you invite them, meaning if you call upon these gods, if you call upon these false gods for guidance, what's going to happen layers mirror, they do not hear you make? How much ever do I you want? How much ever draw

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longest to us, you make before them last metal, they will not listen? Because they don't have ears that can listen, what's wrong. And you can see these idols, young Luna ilica as if they're looking at you.

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It is as though they're literally looking at you. Because they have huge eyes. We're home liable soon, but in reality they don't see at all.

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In reality, they don't see. It's just your illusion. It's just in your head. You think that they're looking when in reality they're not looking? Because if you go and touch their eye, if you go and break their eye, they cannot even defend themselves. So many times it has happened that people have constructed huge idols, big idols. But what happened to them? What happened to them eventually finished, gone.

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If they were gods, they would be alive today. They will be present till today. Till today they will be present.

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If you ever learned about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, one of them is the temple of one

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The gods that people used to worship Temple of Zeus, I believe,

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huge idol made of ivory and gold, ivory and gold. Where is it? Where is it? It's gone.

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You know what happened to it? An earthquake finished and people stole the Iranian gold. Really? What happened to it?

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So if they cannot even help themselves, if they cannot even see if they cannot even respond, then why should you call upon them? Why, when you are better than that idol, when you are better than that false god, when you are the best of creation that Allah has created a human being with an intellect with intelligence, then why should you submit to something that is lesser than you?

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You deserve to submit before the one supreme god, Allah subhanaw taala alone.

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This is been understood in another way as well. That will enter the room that if you call them meaning unbelievers, if you call the machine to guidance, lay a smell, they do not listen. And what kind of listening is this? of COBOL of acceptance mean they do not accept your call?

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And it's not that they cannot listen. What are our home you see them younger on a Laker. They see you and your truthfulness. We're home layups, we don't yet they don't see the reality.

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into the falcoda 14 we learn into the room lyase marudhara accom. If you invoke them, they do not hear your supplication. If you invoke them, they don't hear your supplication while some you and even if they heard muster Jabu, Lacan they will not respond to you because they cannot respond to you. They cannot respond to you. So why should you worship them?

00:26:57--> 00:27:24

Why should you prostrate before them? Why should you associate them as partners with Allah? Allah alone is the one who gives benefit to you. He alone is the one who averts harm from you. So when it comes to asking for help, ask him only when it comes to thanking for a favor that you have received. Thank him because all good and harm comes from him only. None button.

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We will listen to the recitation of these

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in an

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army homi Miku

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de haut

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de una de la

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hamlen Coffee

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would be

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for logging on

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Come in

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for the

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Nabina Pulido, aka

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Kido ninja.

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What did you learn?

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Sometimes when we're in a very desperate situation, and we know that no one can help us but Allah, then we turn to Allah subhanaw taala only, that if you help us then Hakuna nomina shakily we will be very grateful. But then when everything is okay, then what happens? We go thanking others, we go appreciating others, and we forget to thank Allah, we forget to appreciate him. And this is the worst form of ingratitude

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that we forget Allah wears, he's the only one who helped us He is the only one who gave that thing to us. He is the only one who averted that harm from us. And then we begin thinking about others.

00:32:16--> 00:32:26

The loss of habitat is complaining that Who are you associating with me? Someone who cannot help you, someone who doesn't even have eyes and ears, someone who cannot respond to you? Who are you turning to?

00:32:28--> 00:32:56

And these ideas are so effective for Dawa? Because many times people will worship the idols, why to get health, wealth, safety, security. But if you think about it, the one whom you're asking, does he have that himself even the idle? Does it have safety, security itself? It doesn't, it can be broken, it can be finished, it can get burnt. So what can happen to it, and how can it give you health and safety and security, it's not possible.

00:32:57--> 00:33:09

And a very important lesson for us, which is very relevant to us as well, that all benefit and harm comes from who have lost the kind of data and no one else has the ability to bring any harm or benefit to you.

00:33:10--> 00:33:21

And sometimes what happens people instill fear in our hearts, and because of that, that if you don't do this, then some disaster is going to strike. If you do this, then you're going to get some benefits, a miracle is going to happen.

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And sometimes we get emails, and at the end it says forwarded so you can see a miracle happen, forwarded otherwise, you never know something bad might happen forward into that something good can happen. And because of that fear, we fall prey to it, and we forward it to everybody in our mailing list. And we fill up other people's inboxes with junk as well. And as a result of that, it's in a way linking harm and benefit to somebody other than that is a type of check.

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And where somebody was mentioning once said, how they forwarded one of such emails to someone and in their mailing list was a scholar as well. And they got an email from them that what you have done is incorrect. The email that you send it says forward to that a miracle will happen. Miracles only happen when Allah subhanaw taala wants them to happen not by your sending emails. That's not what happens. So we have to be extremely careful when we forward emails.

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And many times women they fall prey to this because every woman has this desire of having a child and some people they try a lot some women they try a lot and they just don't have any children and people advise them that eat this or you know read such and such thing on this particular food and this particular water and then drink it or eat it in the middle of the night. And they have prescribed many many different types of prescriptions which are completely made up or go to this grave or make this promise that you will name the child, such and such. You will give the

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file the name of Allah, your the name of Hassan or the name of Hussein or something like that. And when you make this promise, then you will become pregnant.

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And sometimes it happens with people that they do something like this, which has an element of shock in it. And they do expect a child very soon after that. So then they wonder, okay, what happened?

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The thing is that Allah subhanaw taala had already destined the child for you,

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whatever is written for you is going to happen, just like the fish of the people of ala they were written for them, he didn't know him. Correct, your wrist is written for you, it's about how you get it.

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It's about what means you obtain in order to get it. Even if you didn't do anything Allah subhanaw taala would have given the child to you for why should you use incorrect means incorrect means to get that child.

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And sometimes because of social pressure, because of the fact that everybody has a child, and I'm the only one that doesn't have children. And people are advising me one thing after the other every single day, because of that women get influenced. But over here, Allah subhanaw taala is making sure that we don't make a major mistake over here,

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whether it is calling onto the dead, or it is calling on to the idols, or it is anything or anyone like that.

00:36:20--> 00:36:45

And that sometimes people will not make the offer themselves, rather, they will go to righteous people that you made to offer us that because you are up there, because you're more righteous, you're the one who will be accepted. And in fact, there's actually a difference of opinion amongst the scholars, whether it is permissible to ask someone to meet to offer you know that some scholars say that it's not permissible to ask another to make the law for you. It's not permissible.

00:36:46--> 00:37:06

So how is it possible that we don't make the work ourselves, we go to another person, who is also a human being, and you expect that because they will press too hard, they will do something, because of that, you will have a child whatever is written for you is going to happen, all benefit and loss comes from Allah only.

00:37:07--> 00:37:10

So, if you want something, ask him only.

00:37:11--> 00:37:41

And we have been told earlier that on the Day of Judgment, nobody will have an excuse, because we have been told from before. So here we have been told very clearly, and if something like this has been done in the past, by someone because of ignorance, because of being overcome by emotions, that they had a very traumatic experience with the baby with the birth of the child. And they forgot a loss penalty. They forgot to thank him. Now is the time to do it over and return to almost panda by his names.

00:37:42--> 00:38:08

And if you look at it before the idol dimension before the fourth quarter mentioned Allah subhanaw taala mentions the fact that he has beautiful names, Beautiful Names. And if you call upon Allah by those beautiful names, and you don't need to call upon anybody else, you don't. But that's if you know the names, if you call upon him by those names. And you can't claim to love someone unless and until you know their name.

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We will listen to the recitation of these Ayah

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Russia comi

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leus una de

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boom boom boom.

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Tucson in two

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Two sort

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of jewelry Louie

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