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Al-Araf 8-206 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 188-191


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The segment discusses the concept of loss and benefit, with a focus on loss and benefit as the main drivers of profit. The speakers also touch on the use of "will" in law and the importance of knowing the unseen. They end with a discussion of the Day of Judgment and the lack of knowledge of the future. The segment also touches on the importance of praying to Allah during pregnancy and giving gifts. The conversation also touches on the negative perception of gratitude and the label of "the" label used by people in the past.

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rW minishift energy Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim lesson number 97 suited to aarav number 188 to 206

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polaire nikolina fc nephron well above one, say I hope not for myself the power of benefit or harm Illa Masha Allah, except what Allah has revealed.

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In the previous ayah, it was clarified that none but Allah knows as to when the Day of Judgment is going to occur.

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And over here it is clarified that all matters. All matters are in the hands of Allah, not just as to when the Day of Judgment is going to occur. But the matter of giving benefit to someone, or giving harm to someone, or averting that harm from someone. Even this is exclusively with a loss of panel data.

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So the profits are of autism, it's being told to declare that say this, the left arm legal I do not have power, I do not possess I do not own lien up, see for myself nephron any benefit, one of the run and nor any harm, I don't have the power to bring any benefit to myself, and I don't have the power to repel any harm from myself. And if I do not have this power with regards to myself, then obviously I don't have this power with regards to anybody else. If I cannot bring benefit to myself, that I cannot bring benefit to anyone else. If I cannot avert any harm from myself, then how can I avert from somebody else? I do not have this authority. Who has this authority in law Masha Allah,

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except what Allah wills, meaning whatever Allah wills, whatever good he wishes to send for me, whatever harm he wishes take away from me, that is what's going to happen.

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Welcome to nfsi we're gonna move I know, if I knew a labor the unseen, then what would happen? Less than 32 million side, surely I would have accumulated much wealth,

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a lot of good, I would have accumulated for myself less than two is from the word is picked up from the root letters get there? Well, guess what does mean abundance plentitude and his stick fell is to seek katra.

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Remember, we read this word earlier as well, but this

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year marshadow Genie will in So, it stuck out to meaning I would have gained a lot I would have sought a lot I would have accumulated a lot

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of what alhaj

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What does hire me that which is good, that which is beneficial.

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It is what people generally inclined to because of its benefit. For example, it could be wealth, it could be held, it could be knowledge, it could be fame, anything that people find beneficial, which is why they like it, which is why they want to have it and it could be something tangible as well as intangible, it could be of material things, material benefits, and it could also be of intangible benefits. So material for example, wealth, an intangible for example, knowledge, status.

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So if I knew the unseen, then I would have accumulated a lot of good for myself. What does good mean over here in particular, it means well,

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it means well,

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if I knew the unseen, I would have accumulated a lot of wealth for myself.

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How do we know that the word height is used for Well,

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from several places in the Quran? For example, in sort of Baccarat ii 180. We learned earlier that in taraka Hi Ron. Also yet if the diseased the dying person, that person if he's leaving behind himself, some higher meaning some wealth, then what does he have to do? And we'll see, he has to make a will.

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Similarly into the IDF I number eight we learn what in the holy herb bill Heidi, Lucha de indeed he is, for the love of wealth, very severe. He has a lot of love for wealth, who the human being. So the prophets are a lot of sentiments being told to say that if I knew the unseen I would have accumulated a lot of wealth for myself. And if I knew the unseen, then wham bam a sunnier suit than no evil, no harm would have touched me.

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My sunny is on the roof.

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fetters mean CNC. Why? Because someone who knows the unseen, someone who knows what might happen in the future, what's happening behind the walls, what's happening in the hearts of people in the minds of people, what they're thinking what they're planning, then he can make a lot of money for himself. And at the same time, no one can harm him. Because he knows what the intention of the other person is, he knows Okay, if I go over here, this tree is falling, that I should stay away from it, I should not go because he knows the answer. So if I knew the unseen, I would have accumulated a lot of good for myself, and no harm would have ever touched me.

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What is the show that the prophets are about Islam did not know the unseen.

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He did not know the unseen

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and part of the unseen is knowing as to when the Day of Judgment is going to occur. I don't know the MC, only Allah knows. Why am I here? What's my role in an Atlanta digital movie?

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Nigerian wobba Sheeran, the Camino.

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I am only a warner and a bear of good news for who, for those people who believe

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the profits are a lot of cinemas warning and good news for for all people who is going to benefit those people who believe

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they're the ones who benefit from the warning. And they're the ones who benefit from good news.

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Over here, in this ayah a very clear message is being given

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that the matter of loss and benefit is exclusively in the hands of a loss presenter.

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Why? Because he alone knows the unseen.

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And no one else about him knows the unseen, even the prophets of Allah, even they don't know. And the question is, what is the unseen?

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Remember that live unseen is of two types. The first type of labor is labor, not luck, absolute, unseen.

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And it is those matters, which are hidden from everyone, except for who

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no one knows about it, except for Allah.

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For example, as to when the Day of Judgment is going to occur. Only Allah knows about late Muslims absolute unseen.

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The second type of lab is play misspeak from the word misspell. What does it mean?

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relative or that is related to someone. So basically, it refers to that unseen, which is known to some, but unknown to others. Understand, like, for example, what you had for breakfast this morning? I don't know. I have no idea whether or not you even had breakfast, I have no idea.

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And if I claim to know, without you telling me, then this is what claiming to know the answer. I don't know. But do you know, you know, so it is unseen for me. But it's not unseen for you.

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Similarly, what's happening in the other room, outside the building, it's unseen for us, but it's not unseen for those who are there.

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So there are some matters, which Allah subhanaw taala has informed some people off, he has informed some angels of or he has informed him prophets as well. For example, some measures of profits are noticed and was told about, but other matters he was not told about.

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So what do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, we learned that if the Prophet of Allah does not know the unseen, and he does not have the power to bring any benefit to himself, or to ward off any harm, then other people besides Him, who are lesser than him, how can they claim to know the ANC?

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How can they claim that they have control over bringing benefit to them, and averting harm from them,

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or bringing benefit to somebody else, or averting some harm from them?

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This matter is exclusively in the hands of a loss presenter, because he is the only one who created and he's the only one who provides and he's the only one who plans therefore, we should turn to Him, we should ask him.

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Then we alternate from the side that no person knows as to what is going to happen in the future.

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Because the rockets are a lot of stuff is being told to say that if I knew the unseen, then I would have accumulated a lot of good, which shows that he did not know what was going to happen in the future. Because many times what happens, opportunities come before people but they don't know about them even they don't know what potential there could be innovating that opportunity what benefit there would be innovating that opportunity. They have no idea. And later on, they wonder you know, if I had accepted that job offer, maybe I would be there today.

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Maybe I would have made this much money today. Maybe we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. If somebody has food today. He doesn't know if he will have food tomorrow if he has wealthy he doesn't know if he will have wealth tomorrow. If he has healthy he doesn't know if he will have it tomorrow. Nobody knows about the future except for Allah. Except for Allah soprano tada

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insalata number is number 65. We learn for layer the moment for similarity will have the labor in Lama say none in the heavens and earth knows the unseen except Allah.

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known but Allah knows about the unseen, no one in the heavens, no one in there.

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And they do not perceive when they will be resurrected.

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Similarly, we learn in Serato Jin I number 26, and 27 that are on Immortal AB fillet URL la be ahead Allah, He is the Knower of the unseen and he does not disclose his knowledge of the unseen to anyone. Some matters of the unseen, he only keeps with himself. He doesn't tell anybody about it. In laminae, tadami lasuna, except whom he approved of messengers, meaning some messengers, he tells them about some matters, but not about everything.

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The knowledge the prophets are allowed Islam was given was definitely more than what was given to the rest of the people. For example, when he went from Iran, he was shown things that other people can never see, until the Hereafter, we can never see them, we can never find out about them the prophets Allah Allah Allah was shown the energy bill even correct. So there are some matters which he was made aware of, but other matters, he was not fully made aware.

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We also know from this if the prophet SAW those and it was a human being. Because he did not know the future he did not know all of the ANC. Because if he did, he would have avoided the harm that befell him. And we learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he fell ill, he went through so many hardships. He suffered so much in Makkah, at the hands of his opponents, that he will be praying in the hot room and people would come in, harass him physically. Similarly, when he went to a thought if what did people do?

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They treated him violently they threw rocks at him. Similarly, at the Battle of earth, He lost his tooth.

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And he suffered great injuries at the Battle of warhead. Later on, at Hayward, what happened? What happened at fiber,

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that there was this woman, and she offered him some meat that was poisoned. And he ended because he didn't know the unseen and eventually he passed away as well. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not know the unseen

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because if he did, he would have averted a lot of evil, a lot of harm that the film So why was he sent

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as a foreigner?

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This is the reason why he came.

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And fortunately, insisted instead of taking warning and good news from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam What do people rely upon? ways of finding out the unseen matters of the unseen what's going to happen in my future? What happened in my past? What do I have to do to get a lot of fortune? This is what people are concerned about when it comes to religion. They're not concerned about preparing themselves for the hereafter. The Prophet said a lot isms mission was to convey warning and good news.

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Incidents Miriam is 97. We learn for in the Maya Sumner hillbillies Anika little Bashara Bill watin what Tony Robbins Coleman did there. So we have made this Quran easy on your tongue, only that you may give glad tidings to the pious, and Warren with it the most quarrelsome of people. So that medium is 97

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hornady holla hakomi nuptse wahida. It is He Who created you from one soul Alliance, the one who created you from one soul? And who was that one? So?

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Adam Arneson, and what's the evidence for that? What's the evidence for that? Instead of the NASA I number one, what did we learn that Yeah, you and NASA Dakota Bakula? De holla kocoum Manasa wahida wahala komenda Xhosa Baba salmon, humare. Jalan Catherine manisa and the first man to be created wuzhou as a medicine.

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So he is the one who created you from Neptune. wahida where Jerusalem in her and he made from it being from Adam and Sam Zoda. It's peer, meaning his spouse, his wife, and who was that, however, have not had her work. So her work, she was made from who? from other medicine and so human beings are off one another. They're created from one another. It's not that Allah created either an s&m from a different clay and her work from it.

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Frankly, no. He created Adam and Adam and from him he created however.

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Now why did Allah subhanaw taala create the wife of Adam or s&m from him? LEAH schooner so that he finds comfort, he lay her towards

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meaning he finds peace in her. He becomes tranquil with her. Yes, Kona is from the newsletters seen Caf news sukoon and what is the only piece and it also means to dwell somewhere with comfort. So Leah's gonna this lamp is of purpose. The reason why he created her work from Adam was so that boards find contentment and peace in one another.

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And if you look, the word zoned has been used over here. What does that mean?

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One of a pair. So if Adam was to find sukoon, in her work, her work was also to find silicone in who in atomizer. So this shows that both the man and women, the husband and wife are meant to provide sukoon for one another.

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And especially this is the role of the wife. Not that when the husband has to go home, he dreads coming home,

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that as soon as they go home, they're going to be list of complaints and an unwelcoming and unhappy wife. But he must find sukoon and her because only when the husband wife finds cocoon in one another. When they find happiness and tranquility with one another, then they can live happily, then there will be peace in the society.

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inside the room is 21 we learn women iottie and Haleakala coming and forsaken as virgin, and among the signs is this that he created for you wives, from who from among yourselves, meaning your spouse's, the husband and wife are from the same species have the same kind Lita schooner area so that you might find ripples in the water and avena komagata tanwar, Rama and what is the gift of Allah to the couple to the husband and wife that he has put between you love and mercy?

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And sometimes you see that do people they don't know one other at all? And they get married? And people find it very strange. How can you love someone who you never knew before? It's the gift of a law he gives love.

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Like somebody once said that when a couple get married people bring many gifts to them. Some people they bring house stuff, some people they bring money, different gifts people give, but what's the gift of Allah to those people who get together through Hillel ways that Allah gives them the gift of love and mercy

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that they were complete strangers that didn't know one another at all. But Allah puts love and mercy between them.

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So the objective of marriage, the objective of creating men and women as spouses for one another is so that they can find sukoon in one another. The escuela la her

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fellow, then when

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he covered

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the Russia is on the roof actors lane chinyere. Russia,

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the word Russia last year, all from the same route. And what does it mean to cover direct and the Russia her over here this is a figurative expression for becoming intimate between a man and wife. So this is a figurative expression for sexual intercourse. And this is the beauty of our Deen that where figurative speech can suffice, then there is no need to be explicit.

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Follow Natasha. Then when he covered her Hamlet she cared who carried the wife carried hamlen a burden, half even very light. How is from the room fetters how mimlub

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and how is the burden the weight that is carried in the belly? Or it is the burden that is carried by a tree or a plant. So basically it's the fruit. It's the produce. It's the fetus, it's the child.

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You understand?

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And from the same roof is a word Hemel as well. But Haman is the Lord which one carries on his back.

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What you carry on your back is a burden. But what you carry inside, although it is difficult, but there is something that the woman is looking forward to something that she finds a lot of pleasure in even thinking about.

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So when he covered her, she carried a burden that was heavy and that was very light

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and this

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refers to the initial stage of pregnancy. The initial state in which the fetus is just an ultra, just the mere sperm drop, or aloka, clinging cloth, and then a lump of flesh. So handle her fever. It's very, very light, she can barely feel the weight

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from a rut. And as a result of that she walked up with it with what would that happen with that pregnancy? meaning she walks around, she goes about her daily routine. And she doesn't find it burdensome. Because of its lightweight.

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Because of its lightweight for model IV, she continues with her pregnancy throughout the various stages, without even feeling a difference. fellow man, then when, as a pilot, she became heavy, who became heavy, the woman, the mother, she becomes heavy, how does she become heavy, that as the child grows inside of her, the fetus grows, the baby grows, then what happens? The hour, the both

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the husband and the wife, the man and the woman, both of them they call upon who Allah Allah.

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When is this towards the end of the pregnancy, then they start praying to Allah,

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and who is a law of Boma THE LORD OF THEM TO towards the end of the pregnancy, when the woman is about to deliver, then they begin to pray to Allah that led in faith and a solid hand if you give us a solid child. Then a coonan Amina share kidane we would be of those who are very grateful. If you give us a child who is solid,

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what the silent mean, Salah is that which is setting with Jason, as well as Saleemul fitrah

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meaning one who is sound in body, sound in body without any physical abnormalities or without any physical disease.

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And also Sally, how that Sally in FIFA, meaning the child is ultra righteous, obedient, humble, intelligent,

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you understand. So they pray at that time that Alma, if you give us a righteous offspring, a righteous child, we will be extremely grateful.

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And we see that every couple makes these kinds of doors before the birth of the child.

00:22:34--> 00:22:42

Initially, at the beginning of the pregnancy, hardly do women bother to even make dua. At that time. They're only concerned about themselves.

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And towards the end, when they're more concerned about the child, that is when they begin praying to Allah? Because they're nervous, they're worried. What if the child is born with a physical abnormality? What if the child is not healthy? What if he's not a righteous child? What if you know every mother, every father wonders who the child is going to resemble what features is going to have, how they're going to behave, what kind of personality they will have? Every parent wonders. And towards the time of the birth, they begin to increase in their prayers to a loss of data that if you give us a child that assala then their only condition is a healthy child. That's all we want.

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Then many times at that point, people don't care if it's going to be a boy or a girl. They don't care who the child is gonna look like. All they want is a healthy child. So I only had Leonard Cohen and Amina shacking we will be extremely grateful.

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fellow man then when

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he gave to both of them, meaning a lot of gifts to both of them, so Callaghan asylee, a sound a register. Allah alone is the one who gives the righteous term, a sound child a safe and sound healthy baby. Then what happens? Deanna, they both made meaning both the mother and the father, they made Lahu to him meaning to a lot Shoraka partners. Female concerning that which at that moment he gave them,

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Allah alone gave them the child who is safe and sound and healthy.

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But what happens when the child is born? they associate partners with a law concerning the child. Further Allah Who am I usually call them glorified. is Allah Exalted is Allah above what they're associated with him?

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Now the question is, how do people associate partners with Allah when their child is born?

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And you remember that * because of different levels it is of different types. One chick is in Nevada. Another type of chick is in obedience. Another type of shirt is in thinking that this favorite has only come from so and so or has come from other than Allah. There are different types of ship

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Over here has been set that this ship is, for example, a person pays gratitude to other than Allah, for the healthy child.

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For example, the doctor who was there, the nurse who was there, the hospital,

00:25:18--> 00:25:53

it doesn't mean we don't acknowledge the fact that Allah provided that doctor at the right time, provided that nurse at the right time, provided that hospital at the right time. Of course we do. Allah subhanaw taala centers means but many times what happens people only talk about who the doctor, they only talk about who the nurse, they only talk about the fact that they found out what the problem was, and they could save it, and they could save the baby, they could save the mother. That's all they talk about. And they will not talk more about who about the fact that a loss penalty will help them

00:25:54--> 00:26:15

they will be so lost in the fact that the baby was saved in the fact the mother was saved. And they will forget how Allah subhanaw taala created the child, nurse that child made the child for nine months in the womb of the mother by himself without the interference of anyone else without the interference of anyone else.

00:26:16--> 00:26:24

So when it comes to offering gratitude, they're more grateful to others and they don't show enough gratitude to Allah soprano died.

00:26:25--> 00:26:50

Similarly, some people they will go to certain graves or certain places shrines or saints or fortune tellers, that if we have a child who is like this, then we will give this much sacrifice we will give this much donation We will do this we will do that all of this comes in associating partners with a lot when it comes to offering gratitude to him for something that he gave exclusively.

00:26:51--> 00:27:01

Similarly, she has also done at this instance how by giving the child a name, which has the meaning of sugar in it.

00:27:02--> 00:27:15

For example, instead of giving the child a name such as Abdullah or Abdullah perhaps the person gives the name of the shrimps What is up the shrimps, me, slave of the sun,

00:27:16--> 00:27:17

we are slaves of Allah

00:27:18--> 00:27:30

or Abdullah soul of the Rasul and people have different versions in different languages. For example, people will give names such as nebosh, meaning he has been granted by the favor of the prophet

00:27:31--> 00:27:35

or been there or the the slave of early build the low or no,

00:27:36--> 00:27:54

or Imam bash, that he has been given because of the favor of who so until email. So when so St. This is all check, who is the one who provides a child who is Sonic of La soprano Tada. And he's the one who gives the child solace exclusively.

00:27:55--> 00:28:03

But look at the ingratitude of people that when the child is born, they forget Allah, they thank everyone else, but they forget to think of law.

00:28:04--> 00:28:16

They will thank the doctor, they will thank the nurses they will thank the hospital, they will do so much, but they will not thank Allah, federal and lower my UC code above is Allah Exalted is Allah over what they associate with him.

00:28:18--> 00:28:21

Now in these ayat, we see that at the beginning, who was mentioned,

00:28:23--> 00:28:27

Adam and Howard. So which couple is who is being spoken about?

00:28:28--> 00:29:05

There is a difference of opinion. Some have said that it refers to Adam and Howard and others have said that it doesn't just refer to Adam and her what but after them, it refers to some other couple are generally this is the behavior of people. And if you look the eye ends with further out a level or may usually call and usually go in is plural. It's not usually canny Explorer, what does that show that it's not just about as a man her work, but rather it is about so many people out there, who, instead of offering gratitude to Allah at the time of the birth of their child, who do they offer gratitude to other than Allah.

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This is something extremely common. And unfortunately, many of us because for some people, it's a very traumatic experience, giving birth, or having a child in the family. It's something very difficult that people have to go through sometimes. So in that situation, instead of turning to Allah for help, instead of turning to Allah, in gratitude, people turn to other than Allah. They will look at doctors, they will look at nurses do something only you can say only you can help. But the fact is that at that time only a law can help. Only a law can provide a child only a luck and save that child. It doesn't mean we don't use the resources that Allah has provided we do but

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ultimately, we do the work on on who Allah subhanaw taala only.

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There is a narration, which is reported by Al Hakim in which it has been said somewhere even gender. He reported that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said on the occasion when

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What gave birth, all the children she bore had failed to survive. All the children that she had given birth to all of them failed to survive. So shaitan visited her and said to her name, the child that had his and had his was his own name, and it will live. So because she was very worried about the life of that child, what did she do, she named it. And so it lived. And this affair was a result of Shetlands inspiration and his doings. But again, this type of shirt because which one should not be bad.

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Similarly, even our vessel that are new here reported concerning this idea that when other medicine, had intimate relations with his wife, her work, she became pregnant, and then at least came to them and said, I am your companion who got you all pulled out of Paradise, obey me, otherwise, I will cause him to have two horns like a deer, I will cause your child to have to horns like a deer, and he will come out of your womb and tear you up, and I will do it, he threatened them. Thus, he frightened Adam and her work, and he told them to name the child of the hardest. However, they refuse to obey Him, and the baby came out dead. Then she became pregnant again. And he came to them

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and said to them, the same as he had said before, however, they refuse to obey Him, and the baby came out dead again. Then she became pregnant again. And he came to them and spoke to them. And they were overcome by the love of the child. So they named it after Harris,

00:31:31--> 00:32:12

and even help him he recorded it from patata with a surgeon. So it is authentic. And obviously, it doesn't mean that because of this mistake, that other medicine I'm committed, every person in these situations, they fall, many times that happens with people, many times, especially the birth of a child, especially if a person has had one child, they passed away another child that passed away another child, and now somebody is frightening you, they're threatening you that if you don't do this, it's not gonna work. At that time having to work on a law only is the test is the test because many times what happens with people, for example, somebody was mentioning that if a couple they have

00:32:12--> 00:32:40

a child who, let's say is deaf, or let's say have some physical abnormality, then what they will do is before the next child is born, they will have that particular organ that is disabled, like for example, the child is deaf. So, they will have an ear or the equivalent amount of an ear in gold. And they will go and offer that to you know, the shrine of a saint or something like that, and pray that because of this, please make sure that our next child is safe and sound and healthy.

00:32:42--> 00:33:05

So, because of this fear, because of the love of the child, many people they make major mistakes at this point, major mistakes even the most righteous of people, it happens and this is a warning for us that Who should we turn to at the time of need? Who should we turn to for help? alasa panel data only.

00:33:06--> 00:33:10

And these are tests that we are put through in different stages of our lives.

00:33:12--> 00:34:01

I usually corner do they associate? Meaning the people when they associate partners with Allah, Who are the associating Malaya, Luca Shea and that which has not created anything with whom you have Lacan and they themselves are created for the associating with Allah. Allah Subhana Allah is questioning us over here and this is the fam Toby's for reproach that you're associating with Allah, someone who lay a local shaman does not create anything, has not created anything and cannot create anything from your own and they themselves are created. So when they themselves are creation, then how can they create? How can they grandchildren, who are you associating with Allah, one who cannot

00:34:01--> 00:34:18

even create himself there that dependent on others, instead of the natural number 20 we learn what Latina women doing in their lives, no ownership and lacunae, and those they invoke other than Allah create nothing, and they themselves are created.

00:34:19--> 00:34:25

Earlier, it was clarified that all benefit and harm comes from who from a loss penalty.

00:34:26--> 00:34:39

And part of that is that a child who is born healthy is given by who Allah and a child who was born disabled, or is born dead, by who unless

00:34:40--> 00:34:42

everything comes from Allah