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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of listening to the Bible and finding one's spiritual connection with Islam. They stress the need for support and understanding of one's actions to overcome negative emotions, and emphasize the importance of avoiding false accusations and not just highlighting one's actions as bad. The shift from dressing in a traditional way to pray and not wearing masks has been seen in the past, and recent protests have impacted people's lives and deceptive deeds have been claimed to have caused the death of Mary. The importance of good deeds in helping to recover from them is also emphasized.
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh at hamdulillah neurobiol alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shortfill MBDA will mursaleen Allah He Afflalo Sala what attempted to slim and barbaric. So brothers and sisters, we are here once again with sudo. us us. And we are on verse number 51 insha Allah hota. So 51 and today we're going to go up to 58 Bismillah. So with that being said, basically where we're at right now is a lot of the attention of disorder has shifted to the Prophet Muhammad it is slow to assylum. And we're starting to learn what happened after Pharaoh and his people had drowned. So the lessons What do we learn from all of this? Why we were given the story of Masada, he said

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them in such detail. So Allah continues now and he tells us what it was sanella whom will call Allah Allah whom yet as I can Calderon, we had actually taken both the previous scripture meaning the Torah, and the Quran, and we fuse them together. In other words, the same messages that you saw in the Torah, you're going to find in this one book now, now you don't need the total anymore. Now you can have this book, it's here, the quarter end, because it's essentially taking most of what was said most of the messages, the foundations, the principles there, and it's found here. This is why until this day, Judaism is the closest religion to Islam. Like literally maybe 95% of it is just

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like Islam. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying we took all of the in hopes that perhaps la lomita Kuru, you'll take the time to sit back and reflect on on ponder on this stuff that we might be far apart, but we're not far apart. We're actually very close and very similar to one another. So these two books here share a lot of those commonalities, right, a Latina, Latina, whom will keytab Emil cobbly, he those who were given the previous scripture are now given this quarter n. And you know, what they say in return home V, you know, and he said, You know, we're going to be faithful to this. So there were some so allatheena is referring to a group. So not everybody did that. But there were

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some of the followers of musala, his cillum that continued on that same discipline, that same tradition, that when they got this book, now, the quarter end, they believed in it immediately, because they saw that consistency in the message. So they knew that this had to be the same message that was given to the previous generation mozzarella a solemn and now also given to this man Mohammed Ali Salatu was set up. What is the Utila IE him called men, B, whenever it was recited upon them, meaning when they heard this book, the whole end being recited, in order to help call me and Rob Bina, they first and foremost they believed in it, they said, You know what, this is the word of

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Allah. Because never had been has there been a scripture that was recited in such a way this has to be the word of Allah. So immediately they submitted to it, and then B, then they said no and helpful, mid rabina. This is definitely the truth from our master. In couldn't Emil cobbly he mostly mean, we were before those who submitted we were Muslims. And we're going to continue to be the same way. You know, what's really amazing about this verse, verse number 53. I've been to a couple of events with lots of non Muslims in the past, like I've been to hundreds of them, but there were a few where I noticed that a couple of the speakers Muslim speakers that came up and addressing a non

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Muslim audience, all they did was recite core. And

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that's all they did. And they gave the translation like, they would recite sawtell calf, or excuse me, Sunita Malian and they would start off calf her Yeah, I inside the Korean mature aboubaker Abba, who is a carrier, and then the translation. And then they'll take another two verses translation, another two verses translation. That was their entire message. And everybody, Muslims and non Muslims are in tears listening to this stuff. You know, if you go on YouTube, there's a lot of guys who do social experiments where they have non Muslims just listening to the Quran. And just take the time and watch some of this stuff and look at the reaction. It's remarkable. And there are even non

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Muslims who have become Muslims as a result, their journey began just by listening to color and, you know, there's one more thing I want to add to this, okay. When you listen to or an and it doesn't move you

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You know, it does not move. You're not amazed by this book and you're a Muslim By the way, and you're not moved and amazed by its recitation, one of two things is happening here. You're taking this stuff for granted.

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Or you've lost the sensitivity, you've become desensitized to this horror, and as well as to all of the things that Islam teaches you to be grateful for, you've become desensitized to all of it. You know, you're taking this stuff for granted. Because it's that easy as quickly as it comes into your life where you can download the poor and you can have access to it. You can pray five times a day, the next day could be the complete opposite. It could be snatched away from you. So you're taking this stuff for granted? How do you fix all of that? It starts off by simply listening to the book, start getting your heart, your ears, your mind, get reconnected back with that book, reconnected

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back with its recitation, because the thing is written listening to the recitation is also worshiping Allah, which is not found in any of the previous scriptures. It's this book, it's this poor end, that by listening to it, you are in the state of worship. And so that spiritual connection that level there is like no other immediately is a door open for you that you can start realizing men. This is where my life belongs. This is what changes my life. This is what makes me a better person. You can you know, it's insane. Even the djinns k Muslims listening out there, even the jinns when they heard the Quran, they said in this seminar, now pour an idea bad Oh my God, we just heard

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something amazing. And suta to gin, the first area

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when they heard the poor, and they immediately responded and said, it's Hi, Gemma. This is unbelievable. I jumped from it. It's the word that you use to describe something when you're in shock. You can't believe what you just heard. You can't believe what just happened. That's our agenda. So when they heard the core, and they were just like, wow, that's Jin's, by the way.

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So if jinns are amazed and affected by the recitation of the Quran, and human being isn't, where does that put us? And on top of that, that human being is a Muslim. psych Really? How do you get to that level? How did you reach there? How did you get to that point where if gins and even non Muslims are moved by this book, and I'm not trying to compare the two, I just want you to see two different perspectives, you have one creation that you can't see. And it's considered to be the worst of the worse, the shale teen and gin. And then you have the part of mankind where spiritually or religiously, they don't have any connection with God. Okay, so that's the state that we don't

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want to be in either, you know, we want to have that connection with Allah. But at the end of the day, they both had one commonality, which was when they heard a loss book, they were moved by, in some way, shape, or form. So now putting aside those two categories that come back to Muslims,

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if you find yourself you're praying, and there's no movement here in the heart, there's a big big, like, that's where you put your heart in the state of spiritual emergency. Like something is not right. How is it I hear this book and I can't even be moved. I can be inclined towards it. It doesn't do anything to me. As a matter of fact, sometimes it has the opposite effect. You know, it's like, oh, I don't want to just take that off. Okay. Okay. I'm not in the mood to listen to that. What are you talking about? What's wrong with you? That's what's happening here. So when they heard listen to the either Utila when it was recited upon them, immediately they were like semana Alterna.

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We heard it, we hear it. We Oh, they were submitting to this, this is the Quran. This is the word of Allah. Then they continue Allah He can you tell when a jar of mud rotini beam on Saba rule of law says now here guys, verse number 54, is a verse for all of us. All of us in 2020, listen to it. Those were the ones that were given to like double folds of reward, their rewards were doubled. You tell now at jora who Madeira attain Now, what's this talking about? Some of the scholars have said that this was speaking about, you know, when the Muslims when they had their first migration to habitat to Ethiopia, and you know how the king of habitat at that time had accepted Islam? Well,

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some stories narrate that it wasn't just him alone, that there were others

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Members of habitat at that time that also became Muslim. So they would come and visit the Muslims who were living there. And some of them Muslims, when they met these new converts, these new reverts, they started laughing. They were like, you guys had the Scripture, you had the teachings of Musashi, salaam, you guys had it right in front of you, you still disbelieved. And so they kind of they laughed at them, like, now you're coming back to the core and, you know, so panela like it's, it's, it's insane how you had it in your hands, and you threw it away or changed it. And now you're coming back a second time, because the Quran is here. So you tell him, but Allah reprimanded those

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who laughed at them and said, No, no, no, no, no. For them, they will get the double, double reward. Because, you know, when you revert to the religion is different when you're born into the religion. One is searching for the truth, whereas the other is born into it, who do you think naturally will appreciate it more, the one who was born into it, or the one who was searching for it? Nine out of 10 times, it's usually the one that's searching for it. They're the ones that appreciate it, talk to any revert, and they'll tell you what their journey was like, and how when they hear one halt about how it changes their whole week, when they hear one YouTube video, it just it pops something in

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their life, something is ignited in their life, and it changes everything about them. When they when she puts on that hijab for the first time. It's like she's, she's totally changed her entire wardrobe. For her entire life. This is something like brand new, she's never experienced. And that's why again, on YouTube, you'll see the social experiments of sisters that will do these, like they will have like world hijab day, and just invite non Muslims. Here, try on a hijab see what it feels like. And then they would, they would say, okay, as soon as they have the hijab on, they'll talk about what it feels like. And some of the things that the non Muslim say, is just incredible. So I

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feel protected. I feel like spiritually connected, I feel at peace, I feel all of the things that we achieve through those kinds of discipline. That's what they see, they get a taste of that. So, for them, if they make that step forward, and they revert, they get double the reward, the rewards are multiplied. Why? Because you struggle then you search and you went one direction and you came back again. Oh, that's that's, that's gonna count for something big in the sight of Allah. Be mouse subtotal, and also all the things you've been patient with in your life. Listen to all stories of reverts and they'll tell ya, I reverted but you have no idea what I deal with. When I go home.

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My parents don't even know I'm Muslim. My husband, he, he's not he's not Muslim anymore. So we're trying to deal with that. My kids left me, you know, my relatives, I have no more friends. I was the most popular person in the whole community. No one wants to talk to me since I put my hijab on. Like, they'll tell you unbelievable stories, the things that they have to cope with. That's why there has to be more and more support. You know, one of the biggest, biggest problems when a revert comes to Islam is the relationship with the revert and the Muslim community often stops there. That's where the real work begins. Is as when they become Muslim now, where we where do you go,

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where's the support system that is needed there. Those are the things that have to be in place. Because again, they popped into a brand new lifestyle. So they need to be connected with people who are part of that lifestyle. Otherwise, it's going to be a temporary connection.

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So be male Subaru, where Dora owner bill has sanity say, this is where I got the title of this video from. And they respond with every sayur every ugly deed, every bad word, every bad action, evil, war, anything, any level of evil. They responded with it by using hasna good deeds. So this is one of the ways the poor and teaches you how to deal with you know verbal abuse, how to deal with just evil in general. Go to some go do a good deed and see how you feel afterwards. Go help somebody. Go donate something. go pray to extra workouts. Go and just read some quotes and go listen to some Quran and see what happens to you for a moment. airpo What taco was a double hustler for San Luis

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pseudo Julio Yusra Allah said in another sutra, whoever we give a measurement error bar with duck or whoever we bless it we give and they have consciousness of Allah. Also duck or bill hustler and they give and they give with Krishna with righteousness with devotion.

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Send me a pseudo Julio surah. For them they're always find happiness, peace, ease and contentment you saw. How do you feel when you do a good deed? Do you say to yourself, oh my god, I feel so miserable. I helped somebody today, you know, is just having a horrible day. No, it's in our fifth or naturally when we do something good. We feel good. How do you feel when you do something wrong? Forget about just how wrong I'm talking about just wrong in general. How do you feel at the end of the day? If somebody finds comfort in doing the wrong thing? Immediately society culture the world humans at large. see something wrong? That something is not right with that picture? Nobody praises

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Oh, you're a racist. Congratulations. Oh, you're a terrible person. You're not kind you lie. Oh my god, I wish I could be like, we don't do that. Those are the outcasts of society we always and forever have deemed and saw people who do and behave this way has always been a problem. So it's no different.

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Well, either semi naked woman martyrs Akane home unicorn and everything that we had provided for for them. They had given for the sake of a loan they provided for their families, they looked after themselves. Well either send me a loved one, whenever they heard trash talk level garbage, falsehood, trash talk out, I'll do one, they repelled it. Remember, we came across this word and pseudo thought a woman out of the kitty and whoever repelled Allah's remembrance now here, whenever they heard trash talk in garbage out, and they repelled that something that you're that you should turn away from right? Well, I'll call Lana, Luna. So they set to all the people who did this, we

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have our own way, that this is our religion. This is the way that we're going to practice it. Welcome, Luca, you've got your own way as well. salaamu alaikum, la nepeta fija helium, you know what? Good luck to you. But we don't want to be amongst those who lose control over our thoughts, our emotions, our lives, we don't want to we don't want to be like that. So you can trash talk our religion all day and night, but we're not going to do the same thing with you. Muslims.

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Does this sounds familiar? When you hear all the propaganda, all news outlets, all social media posts, talking about Islam, this Islam that Muslims, this Muslims, they're poor and this poor and the Prophet did this, you know, he was he was this kind of all of this stuff. misconceptions after misconcept just completely misrepresented across the globe. You know, what's really incredible rarely, if not, almost never do Muslims respond the exact same way. It almost is non existent. Somebody's screaming wants to make fun of our Dean wants to put down a corner and rarely if not, never, would you find a Muslim, grab the other scripture and start say, yeah, this is garbage. Yeah,

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let's burn your Bible. Let's burn your tote. It almost never has happened. I don't know of any stories like this. I don't know of any. So it's just remarkable that at the end of the day, that's the attitude that Muslims are encouraged to have is that at the end of the day, look, we have our beliefs welcome, America calm. A lot of profit. It starts with Selim said this in another sort of lecan Dino comb. Walia de you've got your way. And this is my way, Allah will judge us at the end of the day.

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In Nicoletta demon hubub tala kena. La Jolla de may assure you will not you know the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam. He's being told here you can guide anybody that you love while our kin Allaha de Masha Allah can only guide whomever he wishes will lm will be limited in and he has complete knowledge of those who have even an atom's weight of guidance in them interest in them. Allah knows that. You know, when you think about the contrast between musala sermon the Prophet Muhammad Ali Sato Salaam Musa had his mother who was inspired. Then you know those two ladies that he met, they were inspired. They got they saw goodness in Moosa. Then you have asiyah what are the Allah Juana?

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She's inspired? Like his family, and then of course, Who can forget his his brother have only sent him then you have a daughter alehissalaam. Like, everybody, almost everybody that's close to him was given some sense of inspiration. So his family got a lot of that guidance. But the Prophet Mohammed Ali salatu salam, nobody really close to his family received that guidance. You know, his uncle

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His parents, in his grandfather, there was just a handful of people that got some guidance from Allah. And most of them didn't. So it's the complete opposite. So in one hand musala his Salaam is given that and in this, in this story with the Prophet Elisa, it was said, He's being told, you can't guide nobody. What a tough lesson. What I'm trying to say is that it's not just about you can guide anybody this runs deep for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, it runs deep, he connects to this a, at a totally different level than anyone else. Because this is also bringing back his own family and the relatives and members in his own family that was closest to him. And even those who worked

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like family who weren't family, but they were friends. So they felt like family to him. The same thing like this was something really personal to him. To get this a it was a tough pill to swallow for him. He had to really allow this to resonate. And we all know the story, the background story behind this with his, his uncle who was like a father to him

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when he died in the arms of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but he didn't become Muslim. And they only his last words to his, you know, I guess you can say, you know this person who was like a son to him, the only the last words he says to him is how am I going to turn against the religion of my forefathers, and he dies this way in the arms of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and then Allah gives him this a, Allah doesn't say in Allah He was in Nila raggio. Allah didn't say, you know, or console the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam and say, Look, you know, it's okay. He'll be fine. Don't worry. You just relax. Nothing is Oh, Mohammed, you can guide people that you love. This is when his

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uncle is dead in his arms. The man who was like a father to his protector, the man who was protecting him like a father would protect his son. And that's what a lot tells him really tough. Lesson. tough, tough lesson, not just for him. sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But for all of us, we can all relate to this a in some way. We'll call you in the tiberiu the American autoharp of min Adina, they used to say that okay, if we followed your guidance, not too hot off min Adina, we're gonna get picked on not to hop off we're gonna be targeted and picked on all the time Muslims. Does this sound familiar? It sounds like all of these verses are being revealed in 2020. Honestly, instead of you if

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we follow Islam, and if we become Muslims and we start dressing differently, we have to pray five times a day. We can't eat pork. We got to do that. Do this do that we can blend in. People are going to pick on us. People are going to target us. They're gonna make fun of us. You're gonna dig call us all sorts of names. Sound familiar? It's actually captured in this area.

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And then a lot continuous lm Nomad Killa home Holloman Emina yuja la he Samarra to cliche earrings on Mila Dona Allah kena exaro home La La mon Look what Allah Look how he shifts your attention instead of focusing on all of that.

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It says to the Meccans did give you a sacred place that was protected yuja la is huge bet LA is like a place that was specially selected. So Mecca is a special place and it was selected for you all Mexicans you all the corporation all of you to reside and live there some are too cliche you had the fruits and vegetation you were able to really develop yourselves and do trading people from all parts of the Arabian Peninsula used to come here and trade with you guys this was a rich area for you to live in. So what is Allah doing LS shifting their attention don't focus on all of that nonsense not that not a lot of men out of the night yeah, you're gonna pick get picked on once in a

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while but just look what you already have. focus on the positive things you have in your life surprise Allah

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well I can meet Buddhists Tamil Nadu now these were all things that were provided from us while I can external him layer Allah Most of them don't even have a clue.

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What can a Holic Nam in Korea team Battier of Mary shutter how many of those previous nations that came before us, both iraq Marines shut they would squander and live a good life. In other words a less saying even if they chose to transgress, how many of them had such a good life in this world? They had all the palaces, all the kingdoms all the luxuries the head all

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fertilitycare Miss Keno homeland to skim embody him in Isla wa

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And those same homes Mesac, you know home those same places, those villages, those communities, those palaces, those kingdoms. They used to live in what happened to them, LEM to scam him buried him. Nobody lived in them after you know why because unless sent his punishment to those places, so they became deserted,

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and nobody inherited anything.

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You ever drive by old, ancient cities, especially where you know, disbelievers are where less punishment was sent. The Arabs are being taught here. When you drive by some of these old cities or monks around the Arabian Peninsula, and you see the history of what happened to the people of loot what happened to the people of Hawaii, what happened to the people of who'd and all of these different generations. Look at the towns that were left behind. They were all dried up and turned into dust and no one lives in them. No one inherited them. They didn't continue to flourish. Take a lesson. Oh, my God, it's right in front of your eyes. Subhana Allah, well couldn't learn. We were

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the scene, we were always the ones that inherited that it never belonged to any of you to begin with. This is where we're going to pause and shuttleq is the next section is another lesson, which we'll capture tomorrow. But isn't the lettering tireless. I'm going to pause here and shut low Tyler. And

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you know, I can see in some of the comments, there are a few questions. So I'll get to those questions for the next episode, but isn't in there. But I just want you guys to really sit and take some time to reflect on some of the things that we talked about today. What it's like being Muslim today, all the propaganda, all the MIS conceptions and misrepresentations we're constantly dealing with day after day, and let it somehow resonate in a way that Allah subhanho wa Taala is giving us reassurance in this sutra. And throughout the course and he knows what's happening. And he also tells us how to deal with follow up when you feel miserable, some good deed do something good and it

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makes you feel good. The moment you feel pathetic about yourself, you feel pathetic about the day everything is just going wrong. Or you had a bad experience, somebody mouth you off, somebody said something or did something to you that one of the ways to recover from that is just do a good deed. Good Deeds make people feel good. That's why they're called good deeds. And also bought a lot Mary shutter. or excuse me a lot of money out of dinner, you feel like you're always going to be picked on and targeted just for being Muslim. You know, for a lot of young students, that's a reason for them not to be Muslim. Or especially what you see with the youth. Like they hide their identities.

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They'll see somebody who has like tattoos or guy has his ears pierced or something and be like, man, if it wasn't for Islam, I would address just like that, I would have acted the same way. It's almost like this Islam thing just came in the way I was gonna do that I was going to drink that I was going to act that way I was going to dress that way. But as Islam came in just made me all different.

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This is these are verses that they need to hear. These are verses that they need to start. You know what's remarkable, and this is what I'm going to leave you guys with him shout low Karina. What's remarkable is all of this conversation started by doing well. What did the non Muslims here that change their life? That changed their perception that caused them to see the beauty in the corner? And what did they all do? They just listened to it. So all of this started by Allah subhanho wa Taala talking to us about listening to the words of the Quran, so let that let that sink in. Maybe perhaps the thing that gives you strength in the midst of evil

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is by just listening to Allah's book. And you'll see that when you listen to it, it connects you to it like you when you listen to the Quran, you're going to want to read it. When you read the Quran, you're going to want to memorize it. When you memorize the Quran, you're going to want to understand it when you understand the Quran you're going to start practicing it when you start practicing it you're just going to be thirsty and hungry for more. I want to practice more I want to learn more from the court and you start jumping into the suddenness co2 and all other sciences. That's what this book does man so panela

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every single scholar and every single shape has a similar story. Yeah, my journey of knowledge. It started off by just I heard the core I heard a reciter I was praying behind thought all we I was praying totally behind this particular amount he read the poor and so beautifully, and I just wanted to do the same thing. Everybody has a similar story. And I'm sure a lot of you listen

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into this have similar stories as well. So just keep some of these things in mind and inshallah hotel I hope that it makes your life and all of our lives just a little bit easier May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to teach us the Quran May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to allow our ears minds our hearts to love and appreciate and be moved by the recitation of this beautiful book Aloma me desert Mullah will hate on everybody and I will see you all tomorrow was sent Mr. alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato