Taimiyyah Zubair – Fahm Al-Quran – 19B Al Furqan 44 77

Taimiyyah Zubair
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I'm Anna Clara homea Smart owner or pollun? Or do you think that most of them here or reason in home electrical and arm? No, they don't reason they are not except like livestock Balham abbulu sebelah. Rather, they're even more astray in their way. Do you think that these clear versus the words of the prophets of the laws of them, they understand, they hear them, they understand them? No. Many times it happens that we listen, we study, but then what happens, our actions don't change. We hear we learn, we sit in the gathering. And then what happens when we get up, we were exactly the way we were before we continue to do what we were doing previously. So when the actions do not change, when

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the actions do not transform, then what does it mean? We didn't really understand, even if we have the information, we didn't truly comprehend it. And if we didn't comprehend it, then how are we different from these animals that Allah has mentioned over here? Have you not considered your Lord, how he extends the shadow, and if you will, he could have made it stationary, then we made the sun for it an indication meaning because of the sun, how it moves through the day, because of the rotation of the Earth, the position of the sun changes, what happens, the shadows also they move, they increase, they shorten, they move their direction changes. All of this happens how with the

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sun, so Michael Wagner, who Elena cobbling is zero, then we hold it in hand for a brief grasp. It's amazing how alasa panel data provides light to us is so so beautiful. If you think about it, the sun could have been just like these lights that we have in the morning, switch on and the evening switch off. Just imagine how much our eyes would hurt.

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Has it ever happened that you're going to basement and after some time your eyes hurt? Why do they hurt because the light is consistently the same. It is the same and it's like it's in your face. But when you're outside that what happens? The light, it changes in the morning, it's a different color in the afternoon. It's a different color in the evening, as the sun is setting. It's a different color, that Allah subhanaw taala he hasn't just made this perfect system, but he has ultimate. It's so beautiful that we find comfort in it. You see these lights? Yes, they're providing us light but how many times you get headaches because of lights. You get headaches, but sopran Allah, the way

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Allah subhanaw taala has created the sun, how the light increases and decreases how the shadows change through the day. I mean, a loss penalty has fulfilled our needs and he has also provided comfort for us. This is a sign well who Alevi Giada de como Laila. And he is the one who has made the night for you. lieberson as a clothing when no muscle baton, and he has made sleep a means for rest with geralyn the heroin assura and he has made the day a resurrection. Meaning the day is the time when you get up. Get up from where from your state of sleeping sleep is like death. So in the daytime, should we be sleeping a lot? Huh? Should we be sleeping a lot? No. Yes, okay, a little nap

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here and there is fine, but the whole day spent sleeping, that's not okay. And it is he who sends the winds as good tidings before His mercy. And we sent down from the sky pure water that we may bring to life there by a dead land and give it us drink to those we created have numerous livestock and men. And We have certainly distributed it among them that they might be reminded, but most of the people refuse except disbelief. Allah has placed signs everywhere for us, Sky, earth around us in us. Why so that we learn a lesson. But most people live this life with closed eyes. They don't even notice or reflect on the signs that Allah has placed for us. And if we had willed, We could

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have sent into every city a warner, meaning in every city every block of profit could have been sent. A Warner could have been sent but Allah has not done that follow tutorial carefully. So do not obey the disbelievers would hate him but he had an Kobi law and strive against them with the Quran a great striving, meaning now prophets are not coming multiplaza was a last messenger and in his time he was the only messenger.

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Allah could have sent 1000s and 1000s of messengers at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and after him, but he didn't do that. So how are the people going to find out through the Koran, who's going to convey to them who's going to convey to them those who have the Quran, which I hate whom V, Jihad and Kabira strive against them with the Quran, a great striving against to against the enemy.

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Notice the word Jihad over here. Allah is telling us to do jihad Jihad

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With the Quran, how do you do Do you have Do you have is extreme effort, extreme effort, that a person spares no moment or effort in his driving. And secondly, he does it at a large scale, not a small effort, but a great effort in which a person uses all his abilities, all his resources, this is jihad. And, thirdly, that he strives at every front meeting wherever he is needed, he goes forward, this is true striving Alliance telling us to strive with the Quran, how in receiving it, that when you receive it, exert every possible effort, exert every possible effort strive properly, and do your best. Not just an ordinary effort, a small effort, but a great effort in which you're

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using all of your abilities, all of your resources, and then on receiving it, also spreading it, passing it on to every corner, every part of the world, and us every way, every means to make the score on reach every human being on this planet. Because Quran is for everybody, not just for us. And for this, we have to exert tireless effort. We don't just try once, but twice, three times more, even more if necessary. If a person doesn't listen one way, use a different methodology, use a different technique, why the goal is people should have caught on. This is what the prophet sallallahu Sallam was told to do. And this is what he did. He truly strove with the Quran, a great

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striving, he did not rest. And it's amazing that within 23 years, what happened? What happened to Arabia, it was changed, it was completely transformed. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam truly he did Jihad with the Quran, and he did it really well. You see the way people market their products? How do they do it?

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How do they do it? Is it just one flyer? Is it? No, there's a flyer and then there's a TV infomercial. And you're waiting for that infomercial to please stop already. Right? And it doesn't just come once, but many times, then you get things in the mail. I mean, it's amazing how newspaper full of flyers, you know, it's thrown out your door, you don't even open it. You put it straight in the recycling at least that's what I do. And then what happens before you know it, there is another pile of these flyers outside and these people don't give up. I always wonder when the guy comes to deliver this mail, doesn't he see that the previous one is still sitting outside? Why is he

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delivering it? Because if he doesn't, he won't get paid. Right? And even though people know that most of the flyers end up in garbage, still still they put in so much effort. Rain, snow, cold hail, no matter what is going on. You see people delivering mail, promoting businesses. Have you ever come across people for like the 100th time in the grocery store asking you if you'd like a particular card? And you tell them no thank you. And then each time you go to the grocery store, they ask you again and again and again. This is what they're promoting their business. So we have made a deal with Allah subhanaw taala as well.

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In the lodge de la mina Mina and foster home what Amala home be anila Hamilton, if we want to make it a gender, we have to pay the price. It's a two way street. Allah has purchased our lives and our wealth. Why? So that we can have gender in the next five? Now this deal that we've made with Allah, what does that demand from us, or jarhead, humby Jihad and Kabir, ah, you promote this on through a beautiful way, every possible method, whoever you can find this was the hokum for the prophets of Allah seven, and he did it and he did it really well. But what is the oma doing? What are we doing? What am I doing? Is this really a priority for us that this hold on that I benefit from other people

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also benefit from it?

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I mean, seriously, wouldn't it be the height of selfishness that we read the Quran we enjoy it, we hear it, we understand its meanings. And there are people who are desperate to learn and nobody's willing to help them. This is one What do you think Allah is not going to ask?

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Don't we learn about that Hadith that Allah will say to a person on the Day of Judgment, I was sick and you didn't come visit me?

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I was hungry, you didn't feed me.

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And the servant will be surprised that you're alive you How could you be sick? How could you be hungry and alive would say my servant was sick. If you had gone to him, you would have found me. My servant was hungry. If you had fed him, you would have found me. And this is something that we really need to take seriously. There are people we think people are not interested in the Quran. People want to learn the Quran. They're desperate to learn the book of Allah. But it is sad that

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We have received it, but we just sit with it. And day by day, we are only forgetting it.

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We are forgetting it. How are we going to face Allah subhana wa Donna, we really need to be honest with ourselves that what practical effort Am I exerting? What am I doing to convey this Quran? And this is not supposed to be an ordinary struggle? Why did you think it was meant to be easy? It wasn't meant to be easy. Allah says Jihad and Jihad means you put in all your resources, you die in this cause. And sometimes it happens that you go home, and you feel like you're dead. You don't have any strength left in you. But it wasn't supposed to be easy anyway, who said it was easy. When you go to work to make a good amount of paycheck? It's not easy. You come home exhausted? Don't you see

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your husband? When he comes home? How is he? Doesn't he say he's tired? Nobody disturbs me. He says that right? Because making money is not easy. Making genda is not easy either. What do I hit home big hadn't Kabira so we all need to check what is my effort? What is my share in this? What am I doing to convey the Quran and it is he who has released simultaneously the two seas, one fresh and sweet and one salty and bitter. And he placed between them a barrier and a prohibiting partition, the huge seawater imagine see how huge it is right? When you stand in front of an ocean. It's massive. But Allah says that in the sea, there are springs or there are rivers that are emerging

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into it that are coming into it. And these rivers are these springs. They have Sweetwater they are of Sweetwater and the Sweetwater and the salty water, they don't mix, you know that they don't blend, they don't merge, and there's no visible barrier between them. You know, like when you put water and oil in a container, then what happens? The oil it just comes to the surface it rises to the surface. Why? What is it that separating them? Is there like a barrier over there like a plastic seal or something? No, it isn't. Both are liquids, but what happens they keep away from each other. What a beautiful example, over here is given the fact that sometimes a person is surrounded by a

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very toxic negative environment, just like seawater, you know, like seawater, can you drink even a sip of it? No way you cannot. And just like that a person is surrounded by a bitter negative environment. But he survives in the midst of it like sweet water, he stays sweet. He stays sweet. What happens to us we become bitter when others are bitter with us. Over here what is being mentioned that water it can remain sweet, even if it is in the middle of salty water. So we need to see, am I salty? Or am I sweet? What am I like? People around me? How do they find me salty or sweet? Because every person has a taste right? Meaning when you deal with them, when you talk to

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them when you spend time with them. What am I like? And also we need to see that what happens to me when I go to a different environment? Do I retain my identity? Do I remain myself? Do I hold on to my moral standard of patience of tolerance of a happy disposition? Or do I slip? Do I hold on to the book of Allah? Do I adhere to the commands of Allah? Or do I just become like the people who are around me whether they are at home or at school or work outside in the mall? Wherever I may be? Can I maintain my sweetness despite the bitterness around me? This is the real question. And it is he who has created from water a human being and made him a relative by lineage and marriage and ever is

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your Lord competent concerning creation, but they worship other than Allah, that which does not benefit them or harm them and the disbelievers ever against his Lord and assistant to shape on. So we should also support each other in the work of a law woman a little sadaqa in lamb Oba should honor the era, and we have not sent to you a profit except as a bringer of good news and as a warner say, I do not ask of you for it any payment only that whoever wills might take to his Lord away. This is the compensation, the wage of the Prophet, what is that? Not money? What is it that people are connected to their Lord? They get to know Allah. They get to know the word of Allah. And this

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should be the compensation that we should be aiming towards. That when I tell somebody something about Allah subhanaw taala when I tell them something about the Quran, I don't expect anything from them, that they should become my best friends and then they should forever owe it to me and then that they should forever be good to me.

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No, or that they should pay me they should give me good gifts, big gifts because I am helping them know. Our goal is what? That when a person whom you're trying to convey the Quran to he receives the Quran, you've received your compensation, you have gotten your paycheck. Why? Because once a person is guided through you can you know what Allah has in store for you? The likes of which do not exist in this world anywhere, nowhere at all. Because when a person is guided through you, that is the best the best reward that you can get. So the prophets of Allah, they made it clear, we don't expect anything in return for you. All we want is inland and definitely the inner peace abida you take away

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to your Lord. If you take away to your Lord, you start going towards Allah, you are unsold Optimus takim. I have one.

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I've been compensated. And this is the compensation that we should be aiming for aim high, and rely upon the ever living who does not die and exalt with his praise. And sufficient is he to be with the sins of his servants acquainted. He who created the heavens and the earth, and what is between them in six days. And then he established Himself above the Throne, the Most Merciful, so ask about him, one who is well informed, and when it is said to them, prostrate to the Most Merciful, they say, and what is the Most Merciful should we prostrate to that which you order us and it increases them in a version bless it is he who has placed in the sky great stars and place they're in a burning lamp and

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luminous moon, so make an effort to see the sun the moon. Now in shallow The moon is quite clear. So make an effort to see it because Allah has placed these things in the sky. Well, one lady general Elena Wanda Hara Hilton, and it is he who has made the night and the day in succession, meaning one goals and the other comes in its place. For what purpose? Lemon or other as the color. Oh, the shoe koora for whoever desires to remember, or desires gratitude. If you want to continue to remember Allah. If you want to feel grateful to Allah, then what do you have to do? You have to look at what Allah has created, the signs that Allah has placed in the sky around us the blessings that He has

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given us, wherever man and the servants of the Most Merciful, who are they? Who are Allah's true servants, and let em shenana all the hona are those who walk up on the earth easily, not leisurely, like a sick person. No, humbly, gently with honor and dignity. him shenana lovely hona was in a hot tub, mahamudra de Lune kalu Salah, and when the ignorant addressed them harshly, they say words of peace, meaning they don't fight and argue everywhere. That everywhere they're ready to roll up their sleeves and get into a fight. Know, when there's a healthy discussion for the purpose of learning, understanding. Yes, they carry it on, they participate in that. But the moment it turns into a

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pointless discussion, delving into matters that are irrelevant, or mere criticism of the deen, then what do they say? They just say salam and then move on to something better, and something that's more productive, while Latina Joby tuna lira became such a drama.

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And those who spent those who spent the night part of the night to their Lord, prostrating and standing in prayer Alhamdulillah Allah has forced us this month of Ramadan to do that. Hmm. hamdulillah thank Allah for that. thank Allah for the ability to pray, even if it's a little for the ability to pray in the night spending that time and frustration in standing and ask Allah to give you the fee to do more. Well, Edina, Jaco Luna robina and those who say Our Lord have been asleep under addabbo jahannam. Our Lord avert from us the punishment of * in other baja Carnival Rama indeed its punishment is ever adhering, you see fire when something catches fire, does that fire go

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away quickly? No. A person in Hellfire also inada can aroma is ever adhering. Indeed it is evil as a settlement and as a residence. Meaning temporarily or permanently held is not where we want to be Oh of law. And they are those who, when they spend do not do so excessively or sparingly, but are ever between that justly moderate they're balanced when it comes to spending. And those who do not invoke with Allah another day at or kill the soul which Allah has forbidden to be killed except by right and do not commit unlawful sexual * and whoever should do that. What

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schilke Auto or Xena will meet a penalty, he will meet a penalty because these are serious sins, you'll blow off the whole other we will multiply for him as a punishment on the Day of Resurrection, meaning the punishment will only be ever increasing and growing one punishment after the other, and he will abide therein humiliated except for those who repent in lemon tab. What am Anna and he believed were Amina Ramadan, sorry Ha. And he also did righteous work. Then for them, Allah who will replace their evil deeds with good ones, and two ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful. So if somebody has made any of these mistakes that are mentioned here, then what is it that he should do?

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He should repent, believe and do righteous deeds? Okay, repentance, that's understandable. What does he mean by believing meaning he should renew his faith? Why? Because he man leaves when a person indulges in these actions the prophets have lost them said that the believer doesn't remain a believer when he's committing Zina, right he man leaves because hyaena men are together when haolam goal and Xena is the height of immodesty, cotton is also the height of modesty. Then what will happen? email will also go in our heads we learn that once a person has the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that by accident I swore by Latin, Latin reserver idols. I mean, we should only swear by

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Allah, well lucky. But this man, this companion, he made a mistake. Perhaps this was something that he was used to from before accepting Islam. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, c'est la ilaha illa Allah Who were the hula sharika lah Holman Kula hamdullah who Allah coalition Cody, say that and spit three times to your left seek refuge with Allah from Trayvon and do not do that again.

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So you see, even if by accident shit happens, a person commits chick or cotton Xena the sense when people are people that human beings nobody is perfect. But if a sin happens what do we learn in lemon tava? What am I gonna I'm gonna renew your faith refresh your faith. And we're Amina Ramadan slowly increase in righteous deeds now replace those sins with good ones. And the fact is that when a person turns to Allah repeatedly making sober, crying over his sins again and again, not only do his sins get washed off, but with his increased servitude, he's also earning good deeds. So Allah will replace the sins with good deeds. What can Allah hola hola rahima woman tabouleh Urmila slowly

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her and he who repents and does righteousness does indeed turn to Allah with accepted repentance and for this they rewarded immensely.

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A person once came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he said he had also the law. What do you think of a man who did every single sin and did not leave any sin whatsoever? And he did not leave any desire big or small, except that he fulfilled it.

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He did it. Everything he wanted to do it, he did it. He didn't care about anything. He just cared about his desire. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked him, did you accept Islam? Notice he said, Did you because the man is talking about himself. He said, As for me, I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship besides Allah, He is one and has no partners and you are the Messenger of Allah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, do good deeds and leave sins, and Allah will turn all your sins into good deeds. Allah will turn all your sins into good deeds. And the man who was so amazed, he said, he also law even my betrayals and my immorality, like my indecent actions, the

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prophets of Allah since any Yes, if you leave them and you replace that time with good deeds, Allah will convert the sins into good deeds. The man said Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And he left saying Allahu Akbar, and the Stober, when it is sincere, then yes, Allah will turn the sins into good deeds. We learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, some people will wish on the day of judgment that they had committed more since they had committed more since it was said why, well, messenger of Allah, he said, alladhina but that Allah who say at the center, those people who sins will be converted into good deeds because of their repentance. They will wish they have done more since it

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doesn't mean that we should strive to commit sins. No. This is for who the person who does sincere Toba and on the Day of Judgment, Allah with his mercy accepts his Toba and he will turn his sins into good deeds are about the Rahman Allah special servants. What else do they do? And they're those who do not testify to falsehood, meaning they don't give false testimony. They don't even look at what is wrong. falsehood does not attract them, either.

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Even if it's for the purpose of entertainment, they don't like lies. They don't find faults things funny. They don't find lies to be humorous. And when they pass near ill speech useless, vain stuff. They pass by with dignity, meaning they don't participate in low, they move on when they see others doing it. Just like if you see somebody going through garbage, will you also say, Okay, let me also look for some treasures in there. No way. Never low is like garbage. So when somebody is indulged in it, then they're a bad man. They just pass by with dignity, and they go do something that is better. And those who wonder minded of the verses of their Lord do not fall upon them deaf and blind. No,

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they look they listen attentively, and they take benefit and those who say robina herbelin amin as well Gina was the reality Nakata Are you with your alma mater cleaner Mama, our Lord, grant us from our wives, our spouses, and our children, comfort to our eyes, make them the comfort of our eyes. Because the fact is that if a person is trying to do good something themselves, and their spouse is not in it with them, then life becomes very difficult. It's a constant struggle. It's a war. It's a battle that a person is facing every day of their life. So they pray, they say Oh Allah, You grant us calmness, comfort, coolness, through our spouses, that they do good. And we become so happy

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because of them. We are proud of them. Weather reality and our children also, what your unleaded motor cleaner mama and make us an example for the righteous meaning keep us ahead in good, make us leaders of the righteous remoto the lower and who he asked the prophets that allows them to do sort of law what kind of wealth Should we keep? Because Allah you know, he has said that gold and silver and sort of Allah and Ron z nlnac her Boucher, right? So at the end, there's something better that Allah has right. So he said that Okay, then what is it that we should strive to have? The prophets have a license that one should take a grateful heart. grateful heart is a treasure Caliban Shakeel,

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on when the sun and vacuolation are remembering tongue, and a good wife who helps him in the matter of

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You see, sometimes we think all men are supposed to be there, the Hawaiian married my husband, he should do all of this. He's the CO one of religious responsibilities also on him. But what do we learn over here, that even a wife should help the husband in the matters of the era

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Hola, Arizona hora, flutterby masaharu. Those will be awarded the house the chamber for what they patiently endured, what is this word for engine? Why for summer, and they will be received there in with greetings and words of peace abiding eternally. They're in good is the settlement and residents say, What would my lord care for you if not for your supplication? Your Lord has no need of you. You need your Lord, for you have denied. So your denial is going to be adherent, meaning that the consequences of your denial are going to be real. You're going to see them you're going to face them

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