Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 09 – L097A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Go into Sunday a lot of city Hill Kareem and my beret Pharaohs we let him in a shape on rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Baba shrewdly sorry we're Sidley and the world of debt Amelie saniya koko de probenecid nerima. Lesson number 97 suited to a Roth IRA number 188 to 206 Translation cool See, learn not only qu I possess Lina see for myself not for any profit any benefit. Whether and nor Beauvoir, any harm Illa except ma word. Sure he will. Allahu Allah. What Oh, and if

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I was, RM I know Allah Eva be unseen. Less than two. Surely I would have accumulated men from a higher the good. Warmer and not my sunny it touched me assume the evil in not an eye Illa except nabilone a warner or by Sharon and one who gives good news. They come in for a people you know, they believe

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who he led the one who kanakam He created you men from Knutsen. So we're headed in one single war and Jeremiah he made men her from it Zoda her it's bear, its spouse, Leah schooner, so that it attains peace, he lay her towards it for them. So when the Usher her, he covered her her minute she carried her learn a burden a node coffee fun light from her work then she walked be with it for them and then when he became heavy, there are were they to invoke Allah Allah Rob Bahama Rob of them to ensure the if, at a tenner you gave us sorry hon sound righteous, Lana coonan surely we will definitely be men from a shack eating those who are grateful for them mad and when utter humor he

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gave them to so they sound righteous Jalla de tomate la who for him Shoraka partners, FEMA in what utter humor he gave them to fatahna so he is exalted. Allahu Allah Ummah from whatever usually call the associate,

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do usually qunar they associate ma what led not, yes loco create che anything for home while they use Lacan, they are creating weather and nor yesterday your owner, they are capable, the home for them nosler any help, whether and nor and foster home themselves, young soon they can help walk in and if they do home, you will call them enter to alhuda the guidance, lead not yet who they will follow you. So on equal same, I may come upon you whether there are to move them you will call them or until you saw me to our ones who are silent in indeed and levena those who that the owner you are invoke. You will call upon men from dooney besides Allah He Allah rebellion are worshipers are

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servants. I'm saying you can like you or ones similar to you for the room so you will call them failures that gee boo so they should respond to you in if control you are you were saw the team once or truthful

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are the home for them. Have Julian feet em Shula they will be here with it. Or the home for them. Aiden pence yokley Shula de gras we have with it

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or the home for them. Our union eyes, you will see Luna the sea behalf with it.

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Or the home for them. The IRS Yes, Marina Bay here behalf with

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are the rules you will call Shoraka acoem your partners some of them key dooney your plot against me, fella that do not totally ruin your give us by to me in the indeed when my when my guardian Allahu is Allah, Allah de The one who Nasrallah he sat down and kita by the book

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and he get a one he befriends he is Guardian, a saw the hain of those who are righteous. When levena and those who that are owner you all call men from dooney he besides him lead not yesterday, Your Honor, they are capable mesoraco to help you. Whether and nor enforcer home themselves em saloon, they can help walk in and if they're home, you will call them you will invite them in a to encoder the guidance lab not yes Maru they here What are all home and you see them young Luna they look in a car to you. While home while they learn not you will soon they see. Hope you hold up and laugh for the pardon for the surplus what not and you order the nerve with the recognized good or are real and

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you turn away on from Angela Helene, those who are ignorant. We're Emma and if Yamanaka he definitely urges you. Then the Hanukkah he definitely urges you or it definitely urges you men from a shape on the shape on nasaan any evil prompting. First there is when you seek protection, then you seek refuge

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with Allah in the who indeed he semir on all resolved hearing, or the moon always all knowing in the indeed and levena those who call they feared Allah either when Messiah whom it touched them for a phone any recurring thought any sudden impulse men from a shape on the shaitan that Kuru they remember they recall for either so then or at once home they mobile saloon one to see what your why new home and their brothers your Madonna home they extend them fee in an ROI the error the deviation so Medan learn not Jaco soon This is the stop short or either and when learn not that the when it comes to them or to him you come to them the den with assigned with a miracle. Follow they said Lola

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Why not? Each debater you chose it you selected it don't say in ama indeed not but

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I follow ma what you heard it is inspired Ilya to me men from Robbie Myra, Heather this bizarre visions incites men from or become Europe or who then and guidance who are Mattoon and immersi requirement for a people you know, they believe what either and when

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it was recited

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first time you then you won't listen attentively. Now who for it will answer to and you won't be silent, let alone so that you to her moon you all received mercy.

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And you remember Rebecca Europe fee in love seeker yourself together on with humility and please return due to fear well and donor other than

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the loudness main from our call the speed bureau do we in the early morning, while our soil and the evenings weather and do not Can you be men from aloha feeling those who are heedless, indeed, and lead in those who are in the near Rebecca Europe led not yesterday Burana, they act arrogantly on from or that he has worship? What and you said be hoonah who they glorify Him. When a who and for him he has to do the prostrate.

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That's the sort of the recitation of these brushes.

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Omi pomi Mino

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una Elena

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boom boom boom

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boom saw me too soon

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to me of jewelry

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up? No fewer

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kameena shavon Enos

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Nina Shea fornita. co director

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Rob bank caffeine.

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is the owner

Al-Araf 8-206 Translation 188-206

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