Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J03-036A Translation Al-Baqarah 267-274 Tafsir 267 Part 1

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes various verses in the Quran that encourage people to spend money on themselves and their wealth, including references to a "has been rewarded," "has been punished," and "has been declared." The importance of spending in the right way, proper etiquette, and proper behaviors for earned wealth are emphasized. The speakers stress the importance of learning about proper etiquette and behaviors for earned wealth, and suggest giving good quality food to one's children. The importance of avoiding wasting one's wealth is also emphasized.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are the bIllahi min ash? shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim o salat wa salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish Rouhani Saudi Wei a surly Emery Wilo lokta melissani of Kahu Kohli Allahumma. Jacobi was set diddley Sani was slowed Sufi mythical be Amin Europa aalameen Lesson number 36 Solothurn Baqarah verses 267 to 274 Translation Yeah, Are you her all? Alladhina those who am a no they have believed and futile you all spend men from the you bathy good things, man of what? Cassatt dumb you all have earned women man and from what a hygena we brought out lecom For you all men from an early the earth. Well LTM memo and you all do

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not intend l hubbies. The bed Minho from it don't feel gonna you all spend well a stone while you all are not be FEV at all ones who would take it Illa except and in the case that told me Lo Fi you all are reluctant to take it or you will demand a lower price for it. Why are ultimo and you all should know and that indeed? Allah Allah Leonie Yoon is ever free of need her me Don't ever praiseworthy, a shaitana the shaitan URI do come He promises you all alpha Accra the poverty where Moodle calm and he commands you all Bill fascia that outrageous deeds were Allahu and Allah, yet to come, he promises you all mobula 10 Forgiveness men who from him will fall bla and favor will Allah

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Who and Allah wa see your own is one who encompasses are Lehmann ever knowing you t he gives a heck matter the wisdom man to whom Yasha who he wills, while man and whoever you the he is given a Hekmatyar the wisdom for called then indeed oto he has been given high Iran good cathedra much warmer and none yet the Kuru he takes heed Illa except Oulu ones who possess Al Al Bab be intellects warmer, and whatever and fuck the tone you all have spent. Men have never gotten spending Oh, or Nether tomb you all have vowed men of netrin vows for inner then indeed Allah Allah. Yar Allah Moo hoo, he knows it. Warmer and not live Lolly Mina for those who do wrong. Men unsought are any

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helpers at all. In if tubal do you all reveal a solder pot? The charities, funnier ima than how good is what here it is, we're in and if tofu her you all conceal them, what to her and you all give them to Alpha Cora those in poverty for Hawa then it her urine is better lecom For you all where you cut funeral and he will remove our income from you all men some of sejati comb your evil deeds will Allah Who and Allah Bhima of what Dharma Luna you all do hobby rune is ever aware laser It is not our Laker do upon you Huda home their guidance while I cannot but indeed Allah Allah, yeah, de he guides man home Yasha oh he wills warmer and whatever. Don't feel cool. You all spend men of hiring

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good. Foley and fusi calm then it is for yourselves warmer and not don't feel corner you all spend in law except if the law for seeking what do he face Allah He of Allah warmer and whatever. Don't feel go you outspend men of hiring good. You are for it will be paid in full. La come to you all were unknown while you all learn not to Lamone you all are wronged linfoot Cora for those in poverty and Lavina those who are slow they have been constrained fee in severely way Allah He of Allah La not yes Delta your Runa they are capable of love been traveling fee in an earth the land

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Yes several one will Jaya Hill, the one who is ignorant thinks them onea ones who are rich men because of a dearth of the self restraint dirty for whom you recognize them busy man whom by their distinctive mark lad not yes Aluna they ask a NASA the people ill halfa naggingly Woman and whatever don't feel cool you will spend men of hiding good for inner then indeed, Allah Allah be he of it or Limon is ever knowing a Latina those who yearn for Kona they spend a while a home there welts belatedly in the night wonder how and the day Silwan secretly why la near 10 and publicly found a home than for them a doodle home is their reward in the with Rob be him there Rob Walla and know how

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often fear I lay him will be upon them Wallah and nor home they yeah his unknown they will grieve

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all right let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim verse number 267 Yeah, a U haul ladina Amano. All you who have believed and feel comin to you Bertie Mecca

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semitone spend from the good things which you have earned women ma Krajina Allah communal out and also from that which we have produced for you from the earth. Here, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada encourages us to spend our wealth to earn his approval. Just like Allah subhanaw taala encourages us to spend our wealth in many other places in the Quran in surah Sabah Ayah 3039 Allah subhanaw taala says Wilma and fuck Dohmen che in for Hawaii usually for whatever you spend then Allah subhanaw taala will compensate it and there is numerous verses in the Quran in which we are encouraged to spend for the sake of Allah azza wa jal use our wealth to earn his approval. In Hadith also, we see the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraging people to spend in the way of Allah and there are so many Hadith woodsy in which we learned that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says that all son of Adam, spend and I will spend on you, all son of Adam, to give away what you have extra is better for you than to withhold it. And if you withhold it, then that will be worse for you. So there's so many a hadith, so many verses in the Quran that encourage us to spend and at the same time, there are also many verses in the Quran and also many Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu. Already he was salam where stinginess has been condemned, selfishness has been condemned, keeping one's wealth to oneself

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hoarding it, this has been condemned. And here we see that Allah subhanaw taala says, yeah, a you have Alladhina amanu or you who have believed and filco you all should spend, you must spend. Now, Allah subhanaw taala could have given this command without saying Yeah, are you here Latina Amanu but yeah, are you here Latina ama no has been mentioned, even though the same words Yeah, are you Alladhina amanu are mentioned just, you know, a few verses ago, a couple pages ago. And we know that when Allah subhanaw taala. You know, he gives certain commands in the Quran, of course it is those who believe who will follow them. So why has yet you had ladina, Mr. Lubin said mainly to encourage

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us that if you are of those who believe, then this is what benefits you if you are off those who believe, then you must do what is mentioned over here, which is to spend in the way of Allah. And if you follow the command that is given over here, this is something that will strengthen your iman, this is something that will perfect and complete your iman, and if you leave it out, if you don't do what is mentioned over here, then this is something that will cause a deficiency in your Eman. So what we can learn from this is that spending in the way of Allah is a characteristic of the believers, the people who believe in Allah spend in obedience to Allah, they spend their wealth for

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the pleasure of Allah, they use their wealth to earn the approval of Allah. Now, when it comes to spending in foul spending for the pleasure of Allah, then remember that this requires a level of Fick meaning, a level of understanding any This is not just an act that you do randomly whenever you feel like you know, you do when you don't feel like you don't do you just give anything anywhere, no, a certain level of understanding is required. And we see that in the previous verses Allah subhanaw. Taala teaches us the reward of spending and also the proper etiquette of spending that for example, spend with sincerity. You need before you spend, there should be sincerity. And when you're

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spending after you have spent, there should be no man and other there should be no reminder of favor, and there should be no hurting the recipient of charity. All right. And then so many examples were given to show us the reward of sincerity and how insincerity man and other they destroy the reward of sadaqa. So just as when it comes to Salah there is proper etiquette, right? Likewise, when it comes to spending in obedience to Allah, when you're doing this for the sake of Allah to earn the approval of Allah, then there are some guidelines which we must follow. And these guidelines have been given in the Quran especially in these verses of Surah Baqarah. So the verses that inshallah we

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will study today, these verses talk about, first of all, what we should give you what kind of wealth, what kind of property we should spend in the way of Allah or for the pleasure of Allah. And they also teach us about who we should give to who the recipients should be. And they also teach

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is about when at what time we should spend in the way of Allah we should spend in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala for his pleasure. So what, when, where on who all of these details are mentioned in these verses. And you see, like I said, when it comes to spending in the way of Allah appropriate knowledge of how to spend what to spend when to spend, this should be known to a person we should learn about these matters. Because if a person were to take a part of a verse of the Quran, and put it out of context or generalize it, or specified according to their whims, they could be making a huge mistake. For example, at the beginning of Surah Baqarah, we learn women models Akane homeand

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feel calm and out of what We have provided them they spend and women models or canal homeand feel cone you need this can also be understood as that they spend what we have given them. And it is well known that a person is not required to spend everything they have in the way of Allah. We see that when karbonn Malik are the Longhorn, who wanted to give everything he had as part of his repentance, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told him to keep some of his wealth with him, as that would be best for him. And when sorry, even if he will cost for the long run, who wants to give all of his wealth and charity, the prophets of Allah who already said and told him not to do so. So, you know,

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there's etiquette that we have been taught, you know, when Abu Bakr al de la Marne, who brought all of his wealth, at the time of expedition of the book. First of all, it was not every single thing that he possessed, because property, wealth can refer to land, it can refer to money, it can refer to livestock, it can refer to the house that a person is living in. So it will become a deal on line who brought all of certain kind of wealth that he possessed, not every single thing that he possessed. And this was not a common thing, but an exceptional situation where Abu Bakr al de la Horne who brought all of his money. So, the point is that when it comes to giving sadaqa when it

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comes to spending in the way of Allah, we must learn about the proper etiquette the proper manner, where we should give what we should give how we should give, so that we can actually earn the approval of Allah subhanho wa Taala otherwise, a person could be you know, causing themselves harm or causing their dependents great harm also by making impulsive decisions which could be in contradiction to the commands of Allah. So let's learn the proper manner the proper etiquette of giving sadaqa what is that? First of all, we see Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, Are you her leadin Ermanno and ficoll Minta Yeva T maca Septon spend of the good things which you have earned. Now

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unfuckable from the root letters noon foul cough in Phalke is to spend and over here, in Phalke, spending can include those spendings which are wedges on a person obligatory on a person. So for example, giving the cat right giving the cat is mandatory on people who have certain type of wealth of a certain amount sitting with them for a certain amount of time any that money they must give right it is obligatory. Secondly, over here, in fact can also refer to Mr. Hubba NEFA called any voluntary charities. So, whether it is that you are giving the cat on your wealth or you are giving voluntary charity, what is the etiquette the first etiquette is that you must give Mentha ye Bertie

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maca septum from the good things which you have earned, but you bet is the plural of the word by Yuba from the root letters bla bla bla and the yoga is something good and the word by YouTube we have learned earlier in solitary Bukhara, it also applies to what is lawful when it comes to food that is the Ube Remember, it is food that is lawful halal. So spend of the good things maca subtheme, which you have earned, a sub Thomas from Caf seen BA and Caspi is to earn. So spend from the good things which you have earned. And here we learn that there is a type of CUSP a type of earning of wealth which is the hip which is good and a type of CASP earning which is hubby's which

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is bad which is impure. So, when you have possessions, some of which are good, and some of which are bad, when you have to give in the way of Allah when you have to give in obedience to Allah, whether it is that you are giving a cat or you're giving voluntary charity, then choose what from your wealth. Choose that which is the you choose that which is good and

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Do not choose to give what is bad, what is hobbies? Now here they have refers to first of all, what is halal, right what is lawful. So, for example, if a person earns some money through unlawful ways through unlawful ways, for example, a person steals some wealth and then they want to give charity from it, that is not correct, because Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us over here spend from your good earnings in what you have acquired lawfully, likewise if a person sells alcohol, all right, and then they make a lot of money and then they give charity through that or with that, then again, that is wrong, this is not acceptable. Allah subhanaw taala does not accept such sadaqa such charity will

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not be rewarded for so any kind of unlawful wealth, whether it is that a person earned it through illegal means, like theft, or interest, riba or bribe or selling things which are prohibited to sell, like for example, the price of a dog or selling alcohol selling musical instruments, etc. Any any income that a person makes from that they cannot give sadaqa from it, and if they do, if they give it to the poor, it will not bring any benefit to them, it will not bring any reward Allah subhanaw taala will not counted as charity. All right, because the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam told us that indeed Allah is the Ube Allah is good, and he only accepts that which is the

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year that which is good. So the first etiquette we learned is that it should be with the wealth that we give in sadaqa in charity, whether it is a cat or voluntary charity, it should be from Halal income. All right. And Halal also means that in and of itself, it should be something halal. So for example, if you go and buy haram meat, and you give that to the poor, okay, that will not count as other. Why? Because in and of itself, that meat is not lawful for consumption. All right. So and we'll come into you batty, maca Saptami, it should be lawful in and of itself. And secondly, it should also be lawful in the way that you have acquired it. All right. Secondly, they have over here

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also means jagged, meaning what is good, so lawful, and what is good, what is of good quality. So for instance, you have food, you have some food in your refrigerator. And from it, you want to give something to someone else, let's say you want to give it to your neighbor, or someone who you know is financially struggling or someone who you know is hungry. So you want to give food from your refrigerator. Now, if there is food in your refrigerator that is old and stale, and it's smelling, you know, funny or it is clearly expired, then do not give from that because this is not good quality. Right? In fact, if the hungry person eats it, it could cause them more harm. Right? So give

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that which is good. You can argue that oh, it's not haram food, it's halal food, yes, but if it's two weeks old and there is fungus growing on it or it is expired, then you cannot give it in sadaqa it will not count as sadaqa Allah subhanaw taala will not reward you for it. Likewise, if there is something like some furniture, alright, that you want to give to someone clothing that you want to give to someone, then again, give that which is buy you that which is good. Now, buy you good does not mean that it should be, you know, always of excellent quality. All right. What this means is, let's look at a hadith when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent morado de la hora and who

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to Yemen and he taught him you know how to invite people to Islam and how to gradually teach them about the laws of Islam, he told him that tell them to give zakat right and take the cat you know from the rich and give to their poor. So, take this account of the wealthy and give that zakat money to to the poor of that community. And he said do not take the Quran in of their wealth, meaning do not take the prized property or that which is the best of their wealth. So for example, if a person has to give zakat on livestock, all right, and then you know they have certain animals which should be given in the cat All right, or which are such that can be given into cat then, you know for

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Well, there's three animals. And it's very clear that the person prefers one of those animals for himself, let's say a camel. A person prefers that for himself. Then don't take that camel give into the cat rather take a different one. All right, take a different one. So our Dean teaches us moderation. We are not required to always give the best of our wealth. And at the same time, we should not give the worst of our wealth. There should be moderation Islam teaches us that was superior Tada All right, when it comes to giving food in Kafala we are taught give men Oh suddenly mental dairy Munna Alikum that gave that food which on average, you feed to your family. So for

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example, when you have to give food and kuthodaw You're not required to give food that you only eat on occasion like steak or you know, barbecue or whatever it is that you eat, sometimes, no, it's rather you are required to give the everyday food. So for example, if you know everyday you eat just rice with maybe some vegetables or doll or you know something like that, this is your average meal, you can give that right. So the yep means what is good meaning what is of good quality, but good quality does not mean that it must be brand new that it must be of excellent quality, that it must be something that you dearly love for yourself. Yes, that is also something that we have been

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encouraged to do. Lenten, aloe vera, Hatha and fecal matter a boon. But Minmatar a boon doesn't mean that it should be had any the most beloved of your property. So for example, you have to give zakat on your jewelry on your gold. All right, now you have gold jewelry, you know, your mother gave you one ring, your husband gave you one ring your grandmother gave you. All right. And then there's another ring, which you just got. So when you're giving the cat and let's say it's the amount of one ring, you don't have to give the ring that your mother or your husband or your grandmother gave you, you can give the fourth ring, which doesn't have any, you know, emotional, any sentimental value.

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All right, as long as it meets the requirement. All right, that it is of the right amount, you can give that and you shouldn't feel guilty. All right, you shouldn't feel bad. Likewise, you know, you have some furniture that is sitting at home, it is not good quality. Yes, it's been with you for many years, but it is in good condition. All right, it is usable, you can give that is still for you. But let's say it is damaged. And you know that the moment you pull out a drawer, the entire table falls, all right. And you don't tell the other person the receiver and you just give it to them to get rid of it. And now that table will become a burden to them. However, if you make it

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clear to them that look, this table is good. But there's one problem with it, which is if you open the drawer, the table will fall if you want and you're able to fix it if you still want to take it you're more than welcome. All right. So basically with that disclaimer, all right, it is okay. So unfair Coleman pie you batty Mica sabtang This is the first rule spend of the good things which you have earned and what you have earned maca semitone this can be what you have earned through you know for example work let's say your income All right, your paycheck or your earnings, your revenue through your business. All right. Likewise, Marcus Upton what you have earned can also mean what you

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have earned. Let's say by receiving a gift. You know, for instance, you receive something as a gift from your parents or you receive something as inheritance All right. So whatever wealth that you earn, okay, however it reaches you as long as it's lawful in the way that it reached you and in and of itself, it is lawful, then spend of it and spend the good things the nice things so Yeah, are you in Lavina? Emma No, and Phil coming by you by Tim aka septum. Secondly, we're menma Regina Lacan Minal up and also from what we have produced for you from the earth, women, ma and from what Mima men and Max, a hygena. This is from the root letters called La Jeem, your crotch to bring out so

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what we have brought out Lacan for you, from where mineral out from the earth, and this is referring to several things. First of all, this is referring to produce as in harvest, whether it is fruit or vegetables, or herbs or agricultural crop, grain, et cetera, dates, fruit, whatever it may be.

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Okay whatever grows from the earth whatever Allah subhanaw taala causes to grow from the earth for you then spend from that also in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala for the pleasure of Allah. And secondly, Mahajan, Allah, communal earth, from what we have produced for you from the earth. This also includes minerals, like for example, coal, gold, silver, oil, even water, gas, things like that, what Allah produces for you from the earth give from that. Thirdly, it also includes a buried treasure. Okay? So for example, you have, you know, a piece of property, and you want to build something on it. So you start the dating process, and as you're digging, you come across a huge, you

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know, treasure of let's say, gold, or silver, something like that, you know, a treasure that was buried a long time ago. It has been produced for you from the earth by Allah subhanaw taala. So spend out of that also. Okay, so one min, Mahajan, Allah communal on three things, you're talking about plants, you're talking about minerals. And thirdly, you're also talking about buried treasure. All right. Now, in different schools of thought, Zakat is due on all these three. Okay, I said different schools of thought because when it comes to plants, in some schools of thought, the cat is only due on non perishable harvest, like dates and grapes, okay, because they're non perishable, but

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when it comes to, you know, fruit like bananas, or mangoes, and things like that, they will rot very quickly. So as a cat is not due on that according to certain schools of thought. All right, I'm not going to go into the detail, but you should be aware hopefully Inshallah, these details can be covered when you study the fickle obser cat, however, you should be aware that the cat is due on harvest. All right, when it comes to non perishable foods like dates and grapes, then definitely is a path is due on it in all schools of thought. But when it comes to other foods or other forms of produce, which are perishable, then the cat is not Do you want that, as a cat is also do you want

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greens? Okay, one more thing you should be aware of is that there's a cat on harvest varies from how you know the land was irrigated. If you didn't do anything you need the harvest entirely was based on rain, then there's more as a cat that is due if you had to, you know manually or do something on your part to water the plants. Then there's lesser is a cat that is due. All right. And if you basically did all the work of irrigating the land that even less a cactus do. All right. So woman, Mahajan, Allah communal. And when it comes to the Zakat on minerals, there is also a cap on that, like I mentioned, we learned that or whatever Abdul Aziz would take five from every 200 in minerals,

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meaning he would basically take 2.5% Okay, so for example, if gold was, you know, mined from somewhere or silver was mined, then he would take 2.5% in the cat, all right, when it comes to bury treasure, also, you know, there are opinions as to how much the cat should be given. Anyway, this is something you should be aware of the cat is due on these types of property, but besides a cat also, okay, for example, you have a pear tree in your yard, okay? You have basically a herb garden. All right, or you have you know, a few planters in your balcony in which you have tomatoes and you have chilies and you have cucumbers and you have zucchinis and things like that, and you know stuff

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grows, then you should give sadaqa from it. All right. Yes, zakat may not be due on it because it's not a lot of harvest. And it's not such that you are selling it making a profit. No, you just go to your balcony, take a few chilies one tomato, and then you make your omelet in the morning. Sometimes you use the cucumbers for a salad, things like that. Yes, you're not required to give the cat it is not obligatory on you to give the cat on you know what you harvest from your garden. However, you should still give sadaqa from it. This is what we are being taught over here women my origin Allah communal Allah when Allah subhanaw taala is giving you food through the earth he is causing it to

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grow than done.

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Don't selfishly consume everything, rather give something from it. And the thing about harvest is that, you know, for a long time, you don't see any results. And then all of a sudden, what happens when it's harvest time? Any there's so much food, mashallah that you cannot possibly consume everything. So if you keep everything, definitely, definitely, some of it is going to go bad and some of it is going to go waste. So why waste it? Why let it go bad, give some of it to those who are around you, especially when they can see your garden when they can see your harvest. Right? So for example, your neighbors, all right, or people who visit you, they can see it, or you know that

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there are some people, maybe at your workplace who are very interested in your cucumbers or in your chilies. They keep asking you about your plants. So give them something right, not because they're poor, not because they're, you know, desperately hungry. No, Allah subhanaw taala is causing food to grow for you. So you should also give from it for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada in order to earn his approval. So women male origin Allah con Minal up

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