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Al-Araf 9-187 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 183-187

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We're only in a home, and I will give them time in the KD Mateen. Indeed my plan is firm

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only is from the newsletters meme lamb well, Mel.

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And what does Mel mean? To walk briskly to race

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and Emma is to give long hopes to someone.

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What does it mean to give long hope to someone?

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Basically, inlet gives a sense of something being long, and also very spacious, also very wide

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length as well as versa. So we're only law home, I will give them a long life to live and a life of abundance and plentitude to live.

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And this is an explanation of the Raj that Allah gives to a person that I will let them enjoy for a long time. And I will let them have a lot, only the home so that they think that what they have done is not wrong. So that they think that what they have done is not wrong, they are right in whatever they're doing. We're only law home. And in Acadia, Mateen. Indeed, my plot is very strong, it's very firm.

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materials from their own factories mean that noon means noon.

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And matana is to be firm, to be strong.

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Basically, the word metal is used for the hip bone, the hip plate.

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If you look at it, the hip bone is quite wide. And it's also very strong.

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This is what mutton is. So in the kd matienzo mattina is that which is very strong, unbreakable, firm

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in the Kadena team, my plan is very firm, they cannot defeat it, they cannot withstand it, they cannot plan against it. They cannot cancel it out in any way. Because the plan of Allah to catch the servant, to punish the servant is very strong, and none can escape it.

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If you look at the context over here, the Machina Mecca because remember, Iraq was also revealed towards the end of the Moroccan period.

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And when she came to Makkah, they were constantly denying the Prophet ceremony.

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And as time was passing by, the opposition was growing, it was growing very intense. And the most shocking, they were clearly free. They had so much abundance, in their wealth, in their freedom, in their abilities, in their resources. And the Muslims, they were being oppressed.

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So we're here we're being told that this is only instead Raj from Allah Subhana, Allah is only giving them time, so that they increase in their rank in their opposition in their oppression. And then Allah will catch them, He will punish them for where they cannot even imagine.

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And unless plan is so strong, they cannot defeat it.

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Because many times what happens if somebody tells you that I'm just giving them time? And then I will ask them? Like, what if you run out of time?

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What if they escaped before that What if something else happens? No, a loss plan, no one can go against it. No one can break it, no one can defeat it. And we see that as soon as the Muslims migrated to Medina, very soon What happened, the Battle of other took place. And over there, many of them were sticking their heads, their leaders were finished. But up until then they thought they were victorious, to the point that they had even chased the Muslims out of Makkah out of the Holy Land of the holy city.

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And eventually, at the Congress of Makkah, all of them were gone.

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All of them.

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This is the plan of a loss of penalty, what do we want? We want things to happen instantaneously, within moments within seconds, that if somebody has done something wrong, they should be finished, right there and then, but it doesn't happen like that. Allah gives time. Allah gives time will only allow him in the creativity.

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hour no matter for Kuru, then do they not give thought who the machine of Makkah, why are they constantly denying the profits or alongside them? Why are they constantly denying the Ayat of Allah has not reflected that man via sahibi imagine that with their companion, there is no madness.

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Look at the work that has been used over here for the profits of artists from saw him who saw him

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companion, someone with whom you have spent a lot of time.

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A lot of time you have lived with them. You have done many things with them. They're by your side. They've been living amongst you. They're your neighbors. This is all sahabas so he is the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was there sorry. He was one of the people of Mecca. Remember, I told you one of the meanings of the word

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allomi is what? That he is from Omen Cora. He is the mother of towns meaning he's from the city of Mecca, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam lived in Makkah for how long for 40 years and after that he became a prophet. So he was not unknown to the people of Mecca. So he is one of you, you know him so well. There is no madness with him. gin is from the room fetters jeem noon, noon. And it means insanity. Madness. The word gin is also from the same root. Why? Because the Arabs are always linked psychological problems with gin. And many times there is a connection between the two many times but not in every situation. So there is no madness, there is no insanity in your companion. It's not

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that he's possessed by jinn. It's not that he's possessed by a devil. It's not that he's overcome by insanity, which is why he's saying these verses No, you know him so well. In Hawaii, Elana de la mobian, he is not except a warner, who is clear, meaning his warning is very clear.

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We learned in some of the taquito is number 22, where masahito can be merged noon and your companion is not at all mad.

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Rather, he is here to warn you, he is here to call you to the truth.

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In certain what we know is number 17. We learned amico NaVi Aegina, or do they say in him as madness bulgy, a humble helping, will accelero homeland happy carry home. Rather, he brought them the truth, but most of them to the truth are averse. They don't like the truth. And because they don't like it. That's why they call the one who is presenting the truth to them, a madman, that he has gone insane.

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And if you look at it, before the profit sort of artisan received Prophethood he was known for his truthfulness, for his honesty for his trustworthiness. People trusted him, they respected him to the point that Khadija Delano before she got married to him, What did she do? She sent him where with her business trip, to manage everything. Just imagine how trustworthy you must have been

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that at that time in that DNA, somebody is giving all of their money to you to travel with it to another land, and do some business over there with it.

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Just imagine, you can't keep a check on them. They don't have a phone that you can track them down. They're not using credit cards that you can see their activities, nothing like that. Imagine how trustworthy he must have been that somebody is handing over their wealth to them, that you go and trade for me. You go and make money for me.

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And he comes back and because of his trustworthiness, because of how honest he was, because of how sincere and truthful he was. She's so impressed by him.

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That although he is much younger than her she proposes to him for marriage, even before he became a prophet. This is how well known he was.

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So the machine are being taught Have you not reflected? He's one of you. You know him so well? How come? You're calling him insane or mad? There is no insanity in him. Rather, he's come to you with a warning

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on me and little, do they not look? Female acota sumati will look into the realm of the heavens and the earth.

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I want me on little meaning Do they not look at do not reflect into do not cast their eyes do the maloca and the word mallacoota is the Dominion the realm of the heavens and the earth and the word is exclusively used for the kingship of the Kingdom of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So in the mallacoota the summer it will have warmer Haleakala human shade, and what Allah has created of different things. Every single thing that Allah has created, look at it

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was a NASA and that perhaps in your corner, that it is audio tadoba it has drawn near. It's possible that it has already drawn near what has already drawn near a jello home their term, which is referring to the time of their death. Meaning what are they waiting for?

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Look around you. Look at all the signs around. Look at all the miracles around you. What are you waiting for? Why aren't you believing? What kind of excuses are you offering that the Prophet is a madman? He's not. You know him so well. You're waiting for a miracle. Look around you. There's so many miracles around you.

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Early we read about the story of Ibrahim wrightson that he was showing them a Lakota tomato as well.

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And he derived from them what? the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala the supreme power of Allah, then how can you wish seeking? Why aren't you doing the same? Using the same sun you see the same moon you see the same star, you see the same day and night? Use your mind that Allah has given you and don't delay because it's quite possible that the time of your death is very near

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a year how do you think then with which speech bother who after it, you know, they will believe

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for the Hadees and then which are these the word Hadees is literally a report or a speech, a conversation, something that is said and Frank is the word Hadees is also used for the statements of the Prophet sort of autism, but literally means speech report conversation.

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So for be a decent birder who meaning after the Quran, you know, they will believe

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because the most arson Hadees is which the hadith of Allah Subhana

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Allah hoonah, Zilla, accidental Hadees Allah has sent out the most beautiful speech, the most beautiful narrative the Quran. So if a person cannot be convinced by the Quran, cannot develop a man and you came by the Quran, then what can affect him then? What can affect him? Nothing.

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Then what is he waiting for? Nothing. Nothing can affect him. Early we read about the person who has been given the knowledge of the knowledge of the ayatollah, but then he leaves them.

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So if the Quran cannot affect him, then what can affect him, nothing can affect him, which is why his example is like that of a dog, that you advise him. No difference, you leave him, no difference. Nothing makes a difference. Because of the Quran cannot melt the heart that nothing can melt that heart except the hellfire.

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Manual, let alone who whoever Allah sends a stream further ahead, you know who there is no guide for him. Because guidance is only in the hands of Allah. Only in the hands of Allah, He gives it a fee to whomsoever He wills.

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It is only a love of gifts guidance. minute the level, whoever Allah sends a stray, fellow hardy Allah who then there is no one to guide him where the home and he leaves them fetal return him in the rebellion, er mahone. they wander blindly. They exceed in their unbelief, in their ingratitude in their confusion, in their ignorance, in their misguidance. They are wandering blindly in that.

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In terms of America, I have 41, we learn when you read the level of internetowe fehlen term licola hoomin Allah

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And whosoever Allah wants to put in fitna into air because it is rejecting of faith, then you cannot do anything for him against Allah. You cannot help him at all. A person who has been sent astray by Allah, who has been allowed to go astray by Allah, then you cannot do anything to save nothing at all.

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Yes, aluna. Can they ask you? Meaning the machine asked you, or profits on a loan or send them an SRT about the hour? What do they ask about the hour? What do we have to do to prepare for it? No, this is not what they asked. What they asked was a Yana Moosa. When is its arrival? When is it going to happen? When is it going to occur?

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And this question is completely irrelevant. Why? Because first of all, knowing but Allah knows as to when the Day of Judgment is going to occur.

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Secondly, even if you do find out what differences are going to make, even if you're told that the Day of Judgment is going to come and 50,000 years, for example, for example, what difference is that going to make you? Nothing at all? Because you're going to die when you're destined to die. And my mother *a, Thomas chiamato, the one who dies, then his day of judgment has been established, because then he cannot do anything, isn't it so? So knowing about when the Day of Judgment is going to come? It doesn't make any difference? What is important for us is what do we have to do before that day comes

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to the machine omaka in their denial of the profits out of Addis Ababa, what would they do? They would ask him Okay, when is the day of judgment coming? Because when he would warn them that do something, save yourselves tomorrow, you will be questioned. They would ask him Okay, when is it coming? Now obviously the profits are a lot of sudden because

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He did not know when it's coming. You would say the same thing to them. That I do not know when it's coming. Just like if you ask someone Okay, when is it gonna happen? Like I don't know, then just be quiet. Don't tell me what to do. But it's completely irrelevant. You're supposed to take a lesson from the warning and change your ways.

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So they would ask a yes or no, sir. When is it anchorage? The word Murcia is from the room clutter is last seen? Well?

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Have we done the word Ravasi?

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No, not yet. Okay, you're gonna do it many times in children. But all I see is the plural of rasiya. And it's used for mountains, firmly anchored mountains.

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It also is when something is anchored when something is firm. And it will set is to anchor a ship. What does it mean to anchor a ship?

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For example, when a ship is brought to the dock, how do you park it?

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Just put it in the parking spot? No, you can't do that. Because if you just leave it floating, what's going to happen? It's going to float away with the water by the wind. So you have to put something heavy to hold the ship. So what do the people do? They throw a huge heavy anchor in the water, which holds the ship over there. So Melissa is anchorage?

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So when is it anchorage? When is there going to be anchored? Meaning when is the day of judgment going to come and occur and be established?

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Also, meaning give them this response, that in memory and more her in therapy? Indeed, it's knowledge is with my Lord. And it's only with him only he knows as to when it is going to occur.

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Now usually early October, he does not make known it's time usually have some new factors, Jim lamb Well, we did the word agenda earlier. What does it mean to reveal to show so loudly? He does not show it he does not disclose it? What do they have for its time? He does not let anyone know about its time in law who exactly no one, but Allah knows when the Day of Judgment is going to occur.

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And because of this reason, succulent, it is heavy fish similar to a lot in the heavens and the earth.

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What does it mean by this, it is heavy in the heavens and dear

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meaning when the Day of Judgment is going to occur, that time when it's going to occur, when it's going to take place, it's going to be extremely heavy and burdensome on those who are in the heavens. And here.

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You understand when it's going to happen, when it's going to occur, then its occurrence is going to be extremely heavy and burdensome for who somehow it will have the heavens and the earth and everything within them. Even the heavens and the earth are going to experience the horrors of the Day of Judgment how

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we know that it is somehow in shock but in fact not crucial, but it's going to be ripped apart the sun and the moon everything is going to be affected. The earth is also going to be affected

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either route gentle Aldo, raja babu, Sanji, Bella Bella Bursa. So everything is going to get affected the heavens and the earth. And obviously everything within them as well. So the cola facility will, its occurrence is extremely heavy on the heavens and the earth.

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Secondly, it is at that circle of personality will have meaning it's extremely heavy on those who are in the heavens and the earth. Why? Because they don't know when it's going to happen. hidden things are generally very heavy on people. People cannot bear that there's something out there that they don't know about.

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When children say I know something you don't know, it's very difficult for them to bear it. Even if it's not relevant to them, they will do anything to get that information out of them. And finally, when they do an Ico Is this what I struggled for to find out about so a secret, something that is kept as a secret from you is always have you been so stuck on that facility will or right now you're asking when is it going to happen? Remember that when it's going to happen, it's going to be extremely heavy upon you. So be prepared, get ready. Let t come it will not come to you in lab often except suddenly by surprise. The people will have no idea they will not be expecting it at all. And

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that is how it's going to come.

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Just like death comes to a person in a similar way.

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As we learn from our Hadees, that for example, two people will be buying and selling, one person will have his garments spread out a piece of cloth spread out to sell it. And before the transaction is concluded, the day of judgment is going to occur.

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Similarly, a person will be preparing water for his camels. And before he has prepared everything, the day of judgment is going to occur. So people will be busy in their daily routine, in their daily chores, and all of a sudden the Day of Judgment is going to occur. If you know that something is going to come to you like this, how alert you become from before, how well prepared you are for it from before.

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For example, if one of your relatives is coming, and your brother or your father is going to pick them up from the airport, you know, they're going to come at any moment, isn't it? So? You know, they're gonna come home any moment. Especially they tell you, okay, we're on our way, any moment they're going to come. So what do you do, you're very alert, sometimes you're waiting by the door, sometimes you are running from here to there, because you can come at any time. Anytime you're going to come. So when you have this feeling, then you become extremely alert, extremely conscious. And you spend every moment in preparing for that thing.

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And every second that you get is a blessing,

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isn't it?

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The more time you get, the more you can do. And when you realize, okay, they should have been here five minutes ago, but they're still not here and handled, I managed to do this. Okay, I have more time, maybe there'll be five more minutes late. Each moment that each second you get each minute you get is a blessing is an added blessing, because you can do more you can achieve more. So why are you concerned about when the Day of Judgment is going to come? You should be concerned about it's coming. And you have to prepare for it. Because it's going to come without any warning?

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Yes, aluna can they ask you mean whiskey? Can they ask you about the coming of the Day of Judgment can Naka as if you have faith? You are very well informed about it. They ask you as though you are informed about it as if you are knowing about it. They would have done it is from the roof veterans hair fair? Yeah. From the word heifer.

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And heifer is to be persistent, is to be very persistent, about finding out about something, learning about something, getting to know about something. And it is to go to great lengths in order to find out about something,

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which is why the word is also used for doing something excessively. So happy is someone who is extremely curious, someone who is in search of something eagerly.

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So they ask you as if you are obsessed about finding out as to when the Day of Judgment is going to occur.

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You have not come to the world to investigate when the Day of Judgment is going to come. You have come to warn people, they ask you as if you are an investigator trying to find out when the determinant is going to occur. You understand? I have example, some people if you know that they are researching about a particular matter, there are very concerned about a particular issue. If you have a question in regard to that, what are you going to do you're going to go ask them? What do you have to say about this? What does your research say thus far about this issue?

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So they're asking you as if your mission in life is to find out when the Day of Judgment is going to come? This is not why you came, you came to tell people to prepare for the Day of Judgment.

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seminar similarly, the sound of the word huffy is from the room collectors have fair fair from the word have faith,

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which is to surround something from all sides. So they ask you as if you are happy about it, as if you know fully about it. As if you know about every single detail of the Day of Judgment, when it's going to occur, what time is it going to be? Which day? what time of the day? Which year? They ask you as if you are fully aware, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was informed and he did inform us about some details as to when the day of judgement is going to occur. But it wasn't all as to when exactly so they asked us if you are fully aware about

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called say in America, we're hiring the law. Tell them that the knowledge of this is only with a law. Well I can act on NASA layer, but most of the people do not know do not know what that it's knowledge is only with Allah and no human being

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No person, no creature can find out as to when the Day of Judgment is going to occur.

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And we see so many people, you know, they make predictions that the Day of Judgment is going to come in this year, in this century, within these many years. And when people say something like this, others are very impressed, they read their books, they read their articles, and they are very impressed by them.

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Most of the people don't realize that this knowledge is only with Allah. And he has not given us any way to find out about the exact moment of its arrival. He has given a science, he has told us about those signs, so that we do something before they come.

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So we should not be obsessed about when it's coming. But rather, we should be obsessed about our preparation before it comes. That's why we have informed about the Day of Judgment

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we entered into the reserve is 63 years Luca Nasser Anissa the people ask you about the Day of Judgment.

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Many people ask the prophets are the lungs and many people asked today as well. As we know about the famous hadith of W. Where w came in as the Prophet said a lot of time about several questions, including what is Islam what is a man what is their son? Then he also asked him that when will the hour begin? And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam replied melnor school or under the allameh Minister?

00:26:31--> 00:26:36

He who is asked about it has no more knowledge of it, than the question.

00:26:37--> 00:26:43

Meaning I don't know better than you with regards to when it's going to happen. I have no idea.

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It will listen to the recitation of desire

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mean Hi.

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you wanna follow

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Mizzou, me

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T one.

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T comm

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Yes, Luna caca

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the law,

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just thinking how usually it says like the idea that we did and how you're supposed to guide people. First it says guide yourself. If you can guide yourself and you're not doing it, then how would you expect that you can guide somebody else?

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Because remember that these are the types of land first type of man is the one that benefits from the water. And as a result of that, it benefits others. And that is the best type of the believer who benefits from the Quran himself and then he also takes it

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Others shows by example and then the other one is just a container but the first one is the best one because when you benefit yourself by something only then you can pass it on properly to the other.

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So we learned just about the snake shedding its skin

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I went on YouTube Yes, I just saw how snake does that and it is really graduate actually had to quite see the video and he was like 10 minutes long but so just thinking about that and basically snake is taking it off he can't really go back to that the same thing if you're shedding off your mind or if you're just weakening in your minds. And also this word center study we do home and then buff data so that just the two things that he can just do a very gradually just lead you to your own destruction and

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you will listen to the recitation of desire

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to be heard.

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Nike asthma

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man Hakuna

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they won't be here.

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We're only in KD mantiene

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ob lm e o v Morocco this summer was one of the one

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that'd be a

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major may you believe?

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Let's talk a little governor Dubrovnik Assalamu alaikum