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Al-Araf 3-137 Translation 103-137


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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for beshara Lisa de wasted the mid wash Lula wroxeter melissani yokocho Cody have been added in Lesson number 93 suited to a Roth IRA number 103 to 137. Translation

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Selma then burstner, we sent men from bardi him after them. Musa Musa he said a big dinner with our science Illa to fit our owner suit our own women, he and his chiefs, his leaders for when they're new, but they won't be here with it from Zoo so you look gay for how Ghana was Optiva to end result, aloof 16 of those who spread mischief.

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What color and he said, Musa Musa alayhis salam, yes, that are new, or for their own in me indeed I prasun a messenger men from Rugby Club alameen of the worlds have been

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have taken one who is obligated

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or it is incumbent

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upon and that learn not akula I say Allah against Allah He Allah in law except and help the truth.

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God in fact j to come I came to you with a in a tin with a clear proof main from or become Europe for all sales so you send Maria with me, Bernie children is la isla of Israel.

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Allah He said in his content you were Geeta, you can be is in with assign with a proof 30 then you can be happy with it. In if you were made from a solid clean those who are truthful

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for unpa then he cost I saw who his staff for either than behold then instantly hear it sir burning a serpent, a snake moonbeam one clear.

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When is our and he pulled out yet who his hand for either than instantly. Here it buyable white shining lanell waiting for those who look

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Allah He said Alma the cheeps men from Colombia he his people only people fit or honor or further on in indeed has this lesser heroine surely a magician or Lehman one who knows you read all he wants and that you reject him he expelled you main from the home your land some other so what is that? That Maroon? Y'all order

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kalu they said RJ you detain him or her who and his brother will assume and you send fee in and murder in the cities has Shireen one to gather

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your tukar they come to you because only with every hidden magician or demon one who knows

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well and he came a Sahara The Magicians that are owner to fit our own or Lou they said in indeed learner for us ledger on surely a reward in if couldna we were national we have hardly been those who are victorious

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color he said now yes we're in the comb and indeed you lemon surely from a macabre been those who are brought near

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callooh they said yeah Musa Musa Illa either and that to their utero. Were Emma and or, and that Nicola we be national. We are molting, those who throw

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color he said I'll go you will throw Farah muscle when I will go the through Sahara. They bewitched the enchanted or Yuna eyes. A nursing of the people was still horrible home and they tried to frighten them. They sought to frighten them. Or Joe and they came in with a magic of Lehman one great

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Oh hyena and we inspired Isla to Musa Musa de Sena and that lt you

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So are soccer your stuff your stick? So either then instantly here It felt awful it swallows morale whatever yet fully grown they fabricate

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for work, so it was established and helpful the truth were bacala and it was nullified. It was abolished. Ma whatever ganhou they were here my loom they do.

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So when you boo, so they were overpowered, who nanika there were incredible and they returned Salim as once humiliated, were all there and he was thrown a Sahara, the magician's surgery Dean as once prostrating

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carlu they said, Amanda we believed biragi with Rob Li, the mean of the world's

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Rugby Club. Moosa of Musa will have rune and Harun

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Allah He said sinner own affair own Amma don't have you all believed or am and don't you all believed be with him copula before and that as I gave permission, I permitted Lacan for you all indeed Heather this lemma clone surely a plot marker to move you all have plotted it see in El Medina the city literally do so that you all may expel Minh have from it haha its people its inhabitants so so forth so will soon Darla moon you all know

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look up there under surely I will definitely got idea come your hands will or joola come and your feet main from sellers in opposite sides. Some of them also live in Nikon surely I will definitely crucify you all as your marine altogether.

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Although they said in there indeed we enter to rabita our moon caliburn wants to return

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warmer and not something you take revenge Millner from us is there except on that manner we believed Be it with signs of beaner of our llama when it came to us or banner our up are you bought Elena upon us sobre tations was and there was fun you recall us fully you take us fully muslimin as ones who submit

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what color and he said and mellow the Chiefs main from colony people so the owner of said our own

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will or do

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you leave Musa Musa is gonna walk home who and his people leaves to do so that this partnership will be in the earth will end yet okay he leaves you with early hacker and euro gods.

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Allah He said Seneca soon we shall kill Urbana home their sons when especially and we will keep alive Lisa a home there women are in there and indeed we FOCA home above them called heroes want to overpower

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corner he said Musa Musa alayhis Salam likoma he for his people is very new. You all seek help, when he would Allah was below and he will endure with patience in the indeed and over the earth. The lair he is for Allah. You read to her he makes to inherit it. Man whoever you show, he wills men from everybody His servants when our people do and the result. The outcome. Lynwood 13 is for those who adopt the core for those who fear Allah.

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Allah they said alvina we were tortured. We were hurt men from Kornbluh before and that that Tina, you came to us were men and from birth after that dinner you came to us.

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Caller he said our sir perhaps Rob O'Meara and that you liquor he will destroy our the workroom your enemy will still refer chrome and he will make you successors of in the earth for young zero so that he sees cases how there are modern you all do.

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One accord and certainly a hardener We seized other people that are owner of fit our own. This see Nina with the years of famine, when oxen and reduction loss main from a summer rot the fruits learn the home so that they get the Karun. They take a lesson

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Either so when it came to them and have sent us the good perlu they said Leonard for us, the leaders were in and is to say boom, it reaches them so you don't any evil. Your per euro they consider a bad omen be Moosa because of Musa, woman and who Mara who with him, Allah beware, unquestionably, in them or indeed not, but for whom there is a woman, in the is with Allah, Allah, when our kingdom but accelero, who most of them, layer the moon, they do not know

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what color and they said, murmur whatever that dinner you come to us be with it men from a attain any sign letters harana so that you enchant us so that you be with us. We have with it from us or not national we letter for you the meaning at all ones who believe

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are similar. So we sent our name upon them to fan the storm, the flood of to fan the flood, wall Jihad and the locusts welcomer and the lice were buffer deer and the frogs with them and the blood.

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I think signs more for solar once explained openly once explained separately

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for stuck baru, but they acted arrogantly What can I do? And they were common people would remain ones who are criminals.

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What a man and when worker it fell or lay him upon them as they do the field, the punishment or do they said yeah Moosa or Musa Boudreau you invoke Leonard for us or berker Europe. biller with what are he does he made a covenant in the car with you? The insured is cash after you removed it from us as in the field, the punishment level surely we will definitely believe letter for you. What an epsilon and surely we will definitely send maraka with you Bernie children is la isla of Israel in

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Sonoma, but when cashner we removed on home from them as they deserve the punishment either to adjourn in a time home day buddy who wants to reach it? Either than home day yangpu zone they violate they break center corner so we took revenge men home from them for our aachener home so we drowned them fee in an EM the deep sea. The unknown because indeed they get the Boo they belied the ayah Tina with our science well can do and they were on her from it for our feeling once we're heedless. What Oh Rosner, and we made errors, I will calm other people and Medina those who can do their work, you stub our food, they will made weak. They were considered weak. My sciatica East's an

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athlete of the land, warmer horiba, and it's West, and Lottie, which by Lochner, we blessed see her in it. Water mud, and it was fulfilled kalama to word of beaker of Europe, a listener the best honor upon many children Islam either of Israel vema because of what suburu they endured with patients where the melnor and we destroyed completely we devastated man, what cannon he was? Yes No, he crafts he does fit I want to fit our own work on Whoo hoo and his people warmer and what can you they were already shown they erect

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that's listen to the recitation of these is

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add moves,

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for the

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money Bernie saw

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one or

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you read

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to carry

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on me

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hora Busan de

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to be here

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mommy daddy magic

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on ourselves

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to see

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me play ob moves

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at latest

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National Academy meenie

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miney mo

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The hour

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