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Al-Araf 3-102 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 99-102

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Now what does it mean by mockery of Allah?

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Makarova, Allah refers to Allah panels artists, seizing of his slave suddenly by surprise

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that one Allah sees as the slave without any warning by surprise,

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and a person was not expecting that punishment.

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He was not expecting that you will be punished, he was not expecting that he will be seized. This is the Makarova law.

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And it's also said that Makarova law refers to when a las panatela sees a person from where he does not expect, and also a loss of penalties is too large for this.

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What does it mean? That when a person is given nerima blessings, and then all of a sudden, he is seized, all of a sudden he is punished.

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You understand that a person is busy enjoying his blessings, enjoying what Allah subhanaw taala has given him, for example, a person can afford to go to a hotel, he goes over there. He spends a week there, and he's having fun.

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And all of a sudden, he gets a heart attack.

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When he went there, did he expect an architect? No.

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Did he expect an earthquake at that hotel? Did he expect some natural disaster to strike over there? No, this is the Makarova.

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So, Amina mahkamah Do they feel secure from the plan of Allah?

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That Allah can seize him from anywhere at any time? After giving so many blessings? Philemon omachron, more than none feel secure from the plan of Allah in como hacer una except those people who are losers. Those people who are losers, they're the ones who feel safe from the Makarova. They're those who never think about the punishment of a lot descending upon them. And ultimately, it is such people who are losers who don't take any lesson from the situation that they're in or from the situation that other people are going through.

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Our we have Dylan Latina Arizona album embody Leah,

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has it not become clear to those who inherited the earth after its previous people?

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Our lm Yeti.

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Yeti is from the newsletters heard earlier today.

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What does it mean? guidance?

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So our lemmya d? Has it not guided? Has it not led? Has it not made clear?

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I will me it has not become clear to who lilla Rena, to those people who, which people Arizona who have inherited the earth? Who are those people who have inherited the earth, those who are presently living on the earth? So who is it,

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us those who are presently living on the earth? So these people, has it not become clear to them. And they have inherited the earth mimbar the earlier after its people meaning after those who lived on this earth before them

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after those who lived on this earth before then. So those who are presently living on this earth has it not become clear to them that alone a shadow, if we will, or Sabina whom we do not obey Him. We could afflict them because of their sins. We could hold them accountable. We could punish them, because of the sense that they're committing

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ourselves in our home from the fetters side. Well, that envelope is a plural of them.

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So has it not become clear to them? That the sense that their commitment today, they could be caught further, they could be punished for them at any time? And has it not become clear to them, especially after seeing that the people before have now gone?

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If you think of it, so many nations have been mentioned in these in the previous ayah.

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So after reading about them,

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shouldn't we have taken a lesson that if a person does something wrong, a loss of primal data can punish him for the wrongs that he's committed?

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Or Sabrina whom didn't obey Him. We can punish them for the wrongs that they have committed.

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If you look at the people of knew they were committing should Allah punish them.

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The people who there isn't even they were punished. The people of solid Renaissance era they even they were punished. The people of Lutheranism even they were punished. The people, Srebrenica all of them were punished, because they were warned, but they still didn't change their ways.

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So those who are living today, and they have received the warning, and they still don't change their way

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What are they thinking?

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Do they feel secure? Don't they realize that the same consequences could come upon them as well for their constant disobedience?

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When we learn about the people of loot when we learned about these different nations, what do we think? They never took a lesson there messengers game they want them. They knew what they were supposed to do, but they didn't change. What about us?

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What about us?

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That when we have studied the Quran, when we have learned about these examples, when we still continue in our sinful ways, what are we thinking? What are we thinking? Allah subhanaw taala is questioning us that Don't you realize a sub anatomy than ob and we could punish you for your sins.

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So we look confidence, are you disobeying Allah will not obey our LFO to be him. And we could stamp on their hearts, not to borrow from tabara, which is to put a seal, we could put a seal on their hearts for home layer smart home. And as a result, they will not hear

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what does it mean by this for home layer smartphone

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that they will hear. But they will not take a lesson.

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They will hear these stories over and over again. They will learn about these incidents over and over again.

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But it will not affect the

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foam layer smartphone, they will hear. But they will not listen.

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They will learn about these stories, but nothing is going to affect them. A loss of final data is going to take away their ability to take a lesson. Why?

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Because they're not using that ability.

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So what does this ayah teach us

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that a person should learn from those who have passed away before him

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that they were here. And now they are gone. Today I am here and Tomorrow, I will be gone as well.

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And I could go at any time

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and the life that I have been given? What am I using this for? If I'm disobeying a law that I should remember that also benevolent didn't obey him a law could catch me anytime for the wrongs that I'm committing. And if I don't change my ways, still after learning that a law could put a seal on the heart

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that a person continues to hear, but he does not hear. But he does not take a lesson for home layer smartphone. And you will notice that these stories are mentioned over and over again in the corner. This is not the first time they're being mentioned. They'll be mentioned over and over again repeatedly, up to the 30th. Just repeatedly. And you may wonder what's the point they've been mentioned once? Why are they being repeated.

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Because we need the same lesson again and again. We need to realize again and again, that if we're disobeying Allah, we could be punished at any time. We could also leave at any time.

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So I need to change my ways. But the sad part is that those who don't take a lesson once they don't take a lesson at all for homeless, they will not be able to listen.

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And if you look at it, the crimes that these previous people committed, whoever mentioned over here, what did they do?

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Some of them they were reducing the hakala others they were reducing the haka other people they were committing facade. Some of them they were committing aggression,

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some were unlawfully fulfilling their desires Some were committing ship.

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And if you look at it, the same types of crimes are prevalent in our societies as well today.

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So what are we thinking that he has the punishment came upon them previous people, they're gone today doesn't happen no. A look and also send the punishment today.

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In Surah Taha Iowan 28 we learn Flm Mia della whom come luckner cabela hoomin and qurani has not guided them has not become clear to them that how many generations how many cities we have destroyed before?

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Yeah, I'm sure in a famous acronym, they walk in their homes in nifi Danica Adriatic Do they know her indeed in that are Signs for those who have intellect

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that a person should learn from those people who have passed away before. When you learn that such and such thing used to belong to that great grandmother of yours. Don't just look at the ancient jewelry are the ancient object or this is so precious, this is so ancient, it's so valuable to think about the fact that it belonged to someone once upon a time they've gone.

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Tomorrow, I will be gone as well. Tomorrow I will become history as well.

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And the time that I have right now, I should live carefully.

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This Kill Kill Cora, those cities, which for those that have been mentioned over here, the people of New the people who the people of silence have looked

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offshore a writing center.

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These poorer Nepal ser la come in here. We narrate upon you of its news. Now also from Casa Yokosuka of salt, salt,

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mid America, and there is a plural of Nevada and what does that mean? important and relevant news.

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And if you look at it, only the relevant information about these people has been mentioned to us in the Quran. It's not every single detail has been mentioned to us no only relevant information from which we can take a lesson. Now also, are they coming on their ear?

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What are the tomorrow's sharonville bacon act and certainly their messengers came to them with clear science. But what happened from our cannoli minnow, but they did not believe the man the woman popular in what they had denied from before.

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So they denied once and then they did not believe after that

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gallica Yarborough level or an approval caffine does does Allah set a seal on the hearts of the disbelievers

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that they deny once and they become so firm in their denial, that no matter what happens how the circumstances change from bad times to good times, they don't change. They don't take a lesson they don't really why because Allah has put a seal on their hearts, they don't take any effect anymore.

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The word you have to borrow is from the roof letters Ba ba ba ba

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and favara is to set a seal on something.

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What does it mean to set a seal on something

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and it is to set a seal on something when it has been completed.

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When it has been completed it is finished. Nothing more is to be done to it.

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Like for example, for whatever is used for postage stamps, when are they put on the envelope

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when the envelope is sealed, and once you put that once you've delivered it in the mail, that's it. You can't go and get it out and change it it's gone.

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So Tovar is to set a seal on something that is finished, nothing else is going to be done to it. No change is going to be made to it now.

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psychedelica yottabyte, Allahu Allah colluvial caffeine. Thus does Allah set a seed on the hearts of the disbelievers meaning, then they don't change because of their persistent unbelief. They don't change after that.

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Allah subhanaw taala sends different situations, different circumstances, but still they don't take a lesson.

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When I was an early axillary human Earth, and we did not find for most of them any covenant, most of all, most of the people.

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Most of these people, we did not find in them any covenant. What does it mean by this any covenant, meaning any faithful adherence to fulfillment of the covenant,

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any fulfillment of the covenant,

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which covenant, the covenant that they made with Allah subhanaw taala there is that every person who said yes, Allah, you are my rock.

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And in this dunya, every person is required to prove that our true how by worshipping a las predator, but most people, they have not fulfilled this covenant. How?

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By committing check by disobeying Allah by denying his messengers, what ny Jana and indeed we found a Clara home most of them left as up surely ones who are sinful.

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Most of the people, we have found them to be those who cross limits,

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whether it is in opposition to the messenger, or it is in fulfillment of desires, or it isn't trying to make money or it is in disobeying Allah subhanaw taala. We're in we're just an extra homelife as a team and most of them, we have found them to be sinful to be of those who cross limits.

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We listen to the recitation of these Ayah

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boo, Amina

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So what did you learn from desire?

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We see so many people going through difficulties one nation after the other one family after the other, one person's house burns down, and other person has a terrible car accident. One country is in floods, one country is full of disease.

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So many things are happening everywhere in the world. And what do we think

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that are hamdulillah we're here, we're fine, no problem. Nothing's gonna happen to us. And this doesn't happen over here.

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But the fact is, that anything can happen anywhere, at any time, because it is all in the hands of Allah.

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So never even for a moment, should a person become distant from Allah, that is hard becomes hard. And he becomes negligent of Allah. And he doesn't care about what Allah has commanded.

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And as a result of that, he continues in his disobedience, and in his arrogance,

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because we never know what might happen, where at what time.

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So we need to open up our eyes.

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And we need to take lesson from what is happening around us from what may be happening in our lives. From what happened before us. We need to open up our eyes.

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Just thinking about this, I was told on Friday, this lady she lived in Europe. She worked so hard for so many years. On her life saving, she built a big house back home, she imported furnitures from Italy. She got married on Friday, suppiler the same night Even before she even met her husband, she died. She was buried on Saturday. She didn't even enjoyed her house, even a husband

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to the previous nations. And if you go back look for me personally, if you go back home and ask them what the generations are the the elderly about the floods and stuff like that fresh junk for the upper us young generation and the people in the developed countries. We don't really see any of this because we have rescue people coming through and saving us right away. Whereas if you go back and ask them, it's very similar to the punishments that were given to the previous nations and that's a big mercy because if it wasn't

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Different, we would never understand, not that we understand right now. But if it was a different type of punishment, it just wouldn't be the same. So I think that's a really important thing that if you instead of like you said, instead of going back to the things that they have saved, see how can use them towards obeying a less quantity, rather than busying yourself with just looking at them and pondering about how cool they are, or whatever.

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I was just thinking about this versus where I was mentioned about the punishment.

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I did the course in 2001. And that's when the earthquake happened. And I remember, like it was early morning, and the first thing we did, we did in class was we were doing a lesson, and the earthquake happened. And the first two, three minutes, we didn't realize that that was an earthquake, until like the page like our teachers table started shaking, and the buildings were shaking and couldn't hear the big bangs, because the shell from the library just kicked out. So you could just hear those big bangs, and we were all in denial that no, they can see, like, you can happen until like, you've messed up really bad, or like,

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calm down.

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But just the shop that everybody went through, because before they ever think that you can be in that position where

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all of a sudden,

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somebody, so I just remembered one of the races from savoca that we covered, like alladhina estado da, da, da, da, da,

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da. And I was just thinking that, like, Allah says, it hasn't become clear. And the reason that it hasn't is because we choose on that instead of for that, and also, when you face the one of the minor calamities,

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it could be forgiveness for us if we deal with it patiently and if we handle it the right way, but instead, we become impatient become ungrateful. And as a result, it's form of punishment for us. So I think that verse applies completely and like how can we be so patient upon the fire when,

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like, it doesn't make any sense really, right? We should be patient through those trials is very patient during those trials, then we won't have to be in the fire but instead we're more patient in leading ourselves and

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it just amazes me are just actually disturbs me that so handle, I had one prayer, you might have your hearts, okay, and everything in the calamity might happen. By the next prayer, you didn't Humble yourself and your heart keeps on hardening. So by the next day, your heart hardens, and hardens and hardens. And so kind of love by one week, it's even worse. But one thing that can really help is even listening to the Quran. Because listen to the brand brings fear in your heart. So just try as many people as possible, it's a reminder for myself first. But it's just scary to think of it another way, this prayer by us that our hearts might be hard to make, we didn't think.

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So I want to go. I was just thinking about when nations go through hardships and calamities a common reaction is that the show must go on life goes on. And we don't take a heat. And you know, we just go back to doing useless, unimportant things. So without even caring that, you know, this could happen to us.

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We should take a lesson before it's too late. Because if today, it's somebody else, tomorrow, it could be us.

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And everyday we learn something with each other. And each day, each moment, our time is becoming less and less. And before it completely expires. We need to take a lesson and we need to change our results. We shouldn't just be watching and what's happening to other people. Because tomorrow could strike us. Therefore never for a moment should we feel safe and secure, and content with our present situation. Rather we should worry about ourselves. We should be concerned about ourselves. Because we never know what might happen. But what is our problem, that we are always justifying our mistakes, always that I had to do this because such and such reason I don't care about so and so

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therefore I will do this. I will say this, we're always justifying our mistakes always. Because of that we don't take classes because then we don't change. And it might be too late when we realize.

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So we need to take a lesson. We need to reform our ways before it's too late. And we should start justifying our mistakes. We should stop justifying our sins. We should take responsibility for what we're doing. Because only when we take responsibility then we can take less than then we can change. And if we don't then allow Adam what's going to happen?

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Okay, so Chronicle lahoma will be handicap La Ilaha Illa and the stuff we want to do we like I said, I'm already from what I have to live