Stories from the Past #09 Ibrahim Ibn Adham

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be the king. He

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one of the Great's men of our

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predecessors, the generation which passed by was a man called Ibrahim, ignore Adham Rahim Allah may Allah have mercy on him a great man, well actually started off from being from, you know, a family which amongst the nobles, you know, rich and influential families amongst the Arabs, some say you would like a prince almost. But

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through one reason or another, I won't go into detail, he left that style and he sort of turned towards a style of detachment from the dunya zoo hid from the dunya and to concentrate and focus on worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. And learning the knowledge he was known for his his work, his awareness and awareness of not coming close anything that may potentially be doubtful.

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It was narrated that amongst his sayings was that you know, make your food Good afternoon, Martha hammock. Well, I hope Raka and Tacoma laid out of seminar that you know, as long as you have your food, your nourishment, obviously food doesn't just mean that you're eating halal food, but even the source of the food has to be halal. Today, if you make that good, then you're not going to be affected. Don't worry, if you're not praying in the night and fasting the day as long as your source of income is halal.

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It is narrated that once again, he was given a

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duty of God he worked as a guard

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guarding a fine yard. And as regarding one of these

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policemen passed by the policeman, you know, in the past, and maybe even today, they think that they have the authority they have the right to just ask for everything. Some people even you know, in some countries, they might go and pass by grosses and take some food and expect that to be free.

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So this guy passed by he comes to O'Brien says give me some of the some some grapes.

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So Brian says I can't my the honor of the Divine does not allowed me to give grabs. It's not mine, I can't give it to you. So the police got his whip or his stick and he started to hit Ibrahim as if you know why are you denying this? So what was the response of Ibrahim and this is how Allah is something that also the righteous people are known for was to

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transform, you know, a scenario like this into a reflection about reality. And what he did is he bent his head down, he lowered his head and he said yes, hit hit this head, which has always been disobedient to Allah.

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This is a kind of, you know, a kind of humility that Ibrahim was showing us a great man righteous person but he was saying okay, you're gonna hit me I think it seems like I deserved this hit because I have disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. So hit me. And obviously that policeman he was struck by this kind of statement. So he left he left Ibrahim and just just went away.

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And amongst other out of Ibrahim Ali Sal brought him rahamallah Was that alarm on Guney?

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Min the only Marcia tequila is the politic, oh Allah transport me from the humility and humor sorry, the humiliation of being disobedient and sinful to the honour of being obedient. As such was the righteous people writing you know, there was too you know, they used to consider themselves you know, shortcoming has shortcomings they weren't doing enough that was their reality and they didn't have problems people you know, shouted that held out abuse at them because they knew that was like a wake up call for them. Once Malika Medina, which we mentioned, as well in the series.

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He was in the in the street, and, you know, by accident, he bumped into a woman or something happened or he was on his donkey or something like that. So the woman didn't know what to say. She just said.

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Yeah, Mona. So he said, yes, you're the only person from a massage who has really known my reality. You're the only person who really knows who I am. Meaning that you're calling me monophonic thinking about this sort of abuse. In fact, you are reminding me that I am a hypocrite. And obviously he wasn't hypocrite by you see, this was

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The kind of reality is a wake up call and that's why Iman is when it's live in the heart. The Mothman is always scared of hypocrisy, always scared of shortcomings always scared of falling descends, always scared of running others, whereas the hypocrites if he feels secure from falling into anything which is haram and let alone hypocrisy. I hope that's been useful. Somebody