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Al-Araf 3-102 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 89-93

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If terrain and lie cover in urban FEMA political bar there is an agenda Allahu minha Well, my akuna Lana, and it is not for us, meaning it is not permissible for us. A narrow the fee here that we return to it,

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we return into it were turned into what into your religion in law except in your share of law hapuna except that Allah our Lord wills

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meaning if Allah wants us to return to your religion,

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then only we will return to your religion. If you ask us, we're never going to return. if Allah wills and he wants us to, and he compels us to only then we will

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over here by saying ala inicia Allahu la buena. What they're doing is, remember I mentioned to you, their earliest will Maha

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to confine the occurrence of something to something that is impossible, that only when something impossible occurs only then such and such will happen.

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Like we learned earlier, that those people who are arrogant towards the earth of a land they deny them lead to Fattah hula hoop abueva sama la Khurana Janata Hata jelly del Germano FISA malkia

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so what is the third is when

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this is authorities when Maha Allah never wants misguidance for his servants.

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So where they're saying over here, except if Allah wills for us that we should be misguided, then only then will be misguided. What does it mean? We're never going to return to religion. We're never going to leave the deen. We're never going to go back to the ways of God.

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Because Allah never once misguidance for his servants Illa Allah

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was there out of buena cola Shea, our Lord has encompassed everything how arraignment in knowledge, meaning he is not unaware of our circumstances of the situation that we're in. He knows very well

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on a lighter color upon our Lord upon Allah, do we trust that he will keep us firm, and he will make things easier for us and defend us from you.

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And this is something that a believer needs to do in every situation, trusting upon Allah soprano.

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Because if you think of it, you can start one thing, but how do you know you will remain firm upon it? Can you trust yourself?

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Can you rely on yourself? You cannot. Because we are weak people. We lose our confidence. We become double minded about things that we're extremely sure about even sometimes it happens. So who do we need to rely upon to make sure that we are perseverant have lost?

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And is exactly what they're saying? Or the light alicona upon Allah do we trust because only he can give us the ability to remain firm to remain steadfast?

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robina Oh our Lord. Now they make the right to Allah. That Oh our Lord if that manana webinar kamina judge between us and between our people? How will help with the truth?

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Over here the word if that is being used for judgment.

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Further, what does it really mean to open something?

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And when this word is used for judgment, it is used for such a judgment that clarifies between the truth and falsity. It opens up the reality opens up the whole matter.

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It's evident as to what is true and what is false it it completely removes the confusion. And no one remains in doubt anymore.

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So they're not just asking for a decision. But they're asking for a judgment that is going to clarify as to who is upon the truth and who is upon the falsehood.

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If they're praying to a loss.

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Why are they asking a loss of penalty for a set of judgment? Aren't they sure about their truthfulness? about the fact that the deen is from Allah, and about the fact that what they're on is definitely true.

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The fact is that when you are opposed so much, when you suffer so much opposition, then what happens? There is a point where you begin to doubt yourself.

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There is a point where the truth or reality seems to be weak. Or it seems to be doubtful, because of the opposition of people.

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And in such a situation, what happens the person's email also he feels that it's becoming weak.

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If every year somebody is telling you don't pray, don't

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Pray, don't pray, don't wear the hijab don't wear the hijab. How would you feel eventually, you feel weak inside.

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So along Ireland perhaps it was a similar situation that the followers of sherry, Baroness and I had also been in.

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So they're praying to a lot that Robin has never been a commoner will have that, Oh our Lord, the situation is getting very difficult. Now, the test is becoming very hard. Our faith is almost becoming weak. It's difficult to defend it. So judge between us with the truth, what untitled Fatiha in and you are the best of those who judge?

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The fact is that whenever a person accepts Islam, whenever a person tries to do something for the sake of repentance,

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he is definitely going to be tested. Definitely. And sometimes these tests become extremely difficult.

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We learn so that uncouth I never to that, has he been NASA a neutral coup? in your corner? Amanda, homelife tahnoon?

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Do the people think that they will be left to say we believe and they will not be tested? They will not be tried.

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That enough for you to say is I believe, and that's it, no, you will definitely be tried, you will definitely be tested.

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So tests definitely come. And sometimes they are very difficult, to the point that it becomes challenging for a person to remain firm, to remain steadfast. And he begins to doubt himself, he begins to doubt in the truth.

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So over here, what do we learn that the people have shaved his head and those people who have believed in him?

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They're so firm upon the Hulk, and they're relying upon Allah subhanaw taala. And they're praying to Him, that judge between us with the truth

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will call el mundo. And the eminent one set which minute and Medina kapha, Roman Khomeini, those people who had this belief among his people, what did they say that let in it divert, I'm sure even in nachum, either la Ceylon, that if you follow your ape, then indeed you would be after losers.

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They said this to do one another. They said this to the people, that if you follow charade, then you're going to suffer great loss, what loss loss of dounia is telling you fulfill, measure and wait, with justice, don't reduce the people are things if you do that, how are you going to make profit?

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He's telling you don't do highway robbery, don't sit on the pathways and don't harm the travelers. If you do that, how are you going to make money?

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If you don't collect tax by threatening people? How are you going to make money?

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So they said to one another, that if you follow Him, you're going to suffer loss in the dunya.

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So what happened for a holiday tomorrow, but the earthquake sees them for Oscar houfy, Daddy and Jackie mean, and they became within their homes, corpses that are fallen prone.

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Notice, they said,

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If you follow your aim, you're going to be losers.

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What is the loss of data? Tell us over here that those people who did not follow Sherry on insulin, they're the ones who actually became losers, how that the earthquake sees them a severe convulsion

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that all of them were lying that in their homes, Jessie mean, utter humiliation.

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We learn in solitude, I remember 95 galamian ofii her as if they had never prospered they're in

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Allah berdan lamattina canonbury that samode

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then away with my dn, as the mood was taken away, meaning both were destroyed.

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even those people who deny Traver Hey Sarah, Columbia no fee her it was as though they had never resided there. It was as though they never lived over there.

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And Medina kadavu shravan Kanu homolka City, those who deny Srebrenica No, it was they who are the losers.

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First of all of us parents are the says that it is as though they never lived there.

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Y'all know y'all know his newsletters ln pneumonia. Rena? What does it mean?

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To be rich, to be free of what?

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and Lena? Over here, it gives a sense of living at a place for a long time. Why? Because if you live in a particular place for a long time, what does it show?

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You don't want to live anywhere else. You don't need any other place to live in your content and you're happy in the place that you're living in the place that you're residing.

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So can I learn

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Have no fever as if they never live there. They never resided there.

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Meaning they were completely finished. There was no sign of life, no trace of life.

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Once they were destroyed, no trace of life behind them. Nothing was left to them. It was as if they never existed there.

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And Medina camdeboo sravan. Those people who denied Srebrenica, Ghana, who will have seen it was day who became losers. What did they say? If you follow shape, you will become losers. What does Allah say? Those who did not follow Srebrenica? No, it was the only who became losers.

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So what do we learn from this? that a person must side with the truth, no matter what happens, because at the end, Allah will decide in the favor of those who are upon the truth.

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It was a Mullah who refuse to accept the call of Sherpa hustler.

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And they said, If you follow shave, you will be losers. But what do we learn from here? That it was they who were destroyed? So who and what should the person side with that which is the truth, not that which is prevalent in the society? Not that which the rich and the wealthy and the prosperous are promoting?

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What is to be followed? What is to be cited with that which is the truth?

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Further, we'll learn him. So he turned away from them. Who Sherry burns and I'm left then we'll call it and he said, Yeah, call me the other two committee sila to be Oh my people, I conveyed to you the messages of my Lord. When a sector Lacan, I fully conveyed the message, and I wished well for you, I advised you, I explained to you,

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for K for Assa, alchemy and caffeine. So how and why should I grieve over people who are disbelieving. Aside from newsletters Hamza senior, what does it mean? To be sad upon losing something?

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So why should I become sad now, upon your destruction?

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When you yourself, didn't accept what I told you?

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I warned you. You didn't listen.

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So whose fault is it my fault or your fault? It's your fault. So I should have feel pity for you.

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It's like when you tell a child. Don't do this. Because if you do it, you're going to harm yourself. He doesn't listen to you and he does it anyway. What do you say afterwards? I told you so.

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I told you so. You should have listened. You knew what you were supposed to I don't do so it's your fault.

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Similarly Sheree versus me said okay, for Asana, common caffeine, how and why should I be sad for those people who are disbelieving? Why should I be sad for them? Why should I have any pity for you?

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Those people who deny deliberately while knowing the consequences of their denial, such people are not worth any pity, any sadness, any kind of condolence? They're not worth it. Because it's their fault.

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We listen to the recitation of these

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be cool

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to see do feel

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very cool.

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was blue.

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Mostly the

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V. Two v.

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Two Miu Miu, Miu Mossville.

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For you

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have me

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phone Mina

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in the halls you

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Roger Sato for us battlefield

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a Latina

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be 187

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we should address the believers and he said first Spiro Hata como la habana

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tidal hacking,

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that you have to be patient.

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Because once you have accepted Islam, once you have become a believer, then you will definitely be tested, you will definitely be tried. And the same applies to us as well.

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You try to do one thing, you will be tested, difficulties will come. People will oppose you. People will say negative things about you. Perhaps sometimes they're completely false. But this is something that is going to happen.

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But what is required to us

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that we must do something

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and then look at how the arguments or the fights began. Between who

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those people who were my lab and the Minister stocco against you, those people who were believers,

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that alladhina istockphoto What did they say that we're going to expel you or you have to return to our religion.

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But look at the response that the believers give that Oh, no corner carrying

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that how can you force us you cannot force us. How can you compel us you cannot because we dislike it. We're never going to turn back to your religion. We're never going to change our ways.

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And look at their steadfastness, that are the starliner on a line cut even in a Roadrunner female lead converter in a journal low Minar.

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Well, may akuna, narrow the figure in sha Allah by saying this, may akuna Luna and Neruda Allah insha Allah, what are the thing that give up hope that we will ever return to your religion?

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Give up off of it, we're never going to return to your religion. And this is a type of steadfastness that every believer needs, in the face of opposition.

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That no matter what happens, he becomes firm on the hook. What is our problem today? Somebody just looks at us, gives us a negative look or a negative remark. And that's it. We lose all our confidence.

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But look at their confidence. They're so confident that no matter what happens, we're not going to leave this religion.

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Because if we do so, then we will be fabricating a lie against Allah. And if a person believes in this fact, that if I have started something in the deen I must not stop it. Now. I must not

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Leave it now. Because if I do so, then I am insulting the dean.

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I am being a source of insulting and in humiliating the I'm in fact fabricating a lie against Allah by saying that Allah never commanded that. And I actually did it out of my own will. And now, you know, I realized that Allah never commanded that that's why I've left it. So when a person starts something in a deed, and then stops it, and then starts it and then stops it, yes, he is harming himself. Yes, people are not going to respect him anymore. And at the same time, he's also fabricating lies against the loss of friends.

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So steadfastness is something that is necessary for a believer.

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And look at those who believe in Cerberus and are so firm. He told them first.

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And look at their subject. Look at their steadfastness. They're making it very clear to people, we're never going to return to your religion.

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And this is needed.

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Because if we don't have the steadfastness, then the person cannot do anything in this dunya

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if you keep falling at what people are commenting on what people are saying, then you will never be able to do anything.

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I'm sure you've heard that story in which there was a father and a son. They were traveling somewhere with a donkey.

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And the father was riding the donkey and the son was walking.

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So they discussed that Oh, people are gonna say the father is so cruel. He doesn't let the sun ride the donkey. So he said, Okay, I'll get off you write the donkey?

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The child said no, but if I'm riding the donkey, then people are gonna say look at the child. He doesn't have any mercy towards his parents. So I should not write for this and then what do we do? Nobody writes a donkey. Okay. But now people are gonna say look at them they're so foolish. They have a donkey nobody's writing it.

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Okay, then should you start crying the dunk. If you start going on what people are saying. You will not be able to do anything in life.

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what you believe is the truth. You have to do it. No matter what people say. No matter what kind of comments people give.

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Because if you don't then you making a fool of yourself.

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And when it becomes very difficult, pray to Allah make the right to Allah and know that Allah knows everything was out of buena cola Shea and

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I don't know he took on a trust on him. Don't trust on yourself. You're very weak. You need to trust upon him for perseverance.

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robinair If reynella verbena kamina will help mentor to a loss of penalty when things are getting very difficult. When you find that the test is becoming extremely difficult. It's difficult to persevere to remain steadfast that your Eman is getting affected no later to Allah. That Allah make this easy for me what untitled factory?

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Yama, Carnival groovy Sabbath calbee Aladdin

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make my heart firm on your religion,

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because it is only a loss of personal data who controls the hearts. So it is definitely only him whom we must rely upon.