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Qur’an made easy’ delivered at EIC masjid.


AI: Summary © The Bible is a series of verses covering the fruit of believing in the Koran and the consequences of not believing. The importance of believing in the Koran is emphasized, as it is often used to give gifts and guidance on not becoming like others. The segment also touches on the origin of the Surah and the Bible, as well as the confusion surrounding the origin of the Bible. The segment ends with a discussion of the construction of the Kaaba and the Bible's origin.
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ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi nine. So this is the seed of the first Jews, Allah azzawajal first start with Surah Fatiha. Surah Fatiha is like the Quran, it's the mother of the Quran, in it are seven verses, but every single verse tells us, more or less the whole pursuit of the Quran. And what is it the seal, that the seal of the Quran is to link, the Hulk, which is the creation with the holly who is the creator, through the Quran, and that's the whole point of the whole of the Quran. So if you look instead of facha, it starts with hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. Because he Allah is telling us to praise him to look around for what he's given us, to praise him to

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see that he is Rabbil aalameen, the one who is the Lord of all of the different worlds, and then to recognize his Rama, His mercy, the fact that we're going back on the Day of Judgment, according to number three, and then we seek him from him always ear canal Buddha Stein, we asking what are we asking? Serato studying, which is the Quran, in a book form, and slotum studying is the life of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam if you study the sooner, you asked me a lot to keep us away from those people who've either gone astray or who've angered him.

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Now Alif Lam mean from there starts this whole sort of Baccarat. And in there what Allah is trying to say, and I'm going to try and be very sure, the first five verses tell us about true believers, those who believe in the unseen those who pray those who believe in the African so the next two verses tell us that there are people who will never believe in this message. They've got Khufu and disbelief in their nature. And Allah says that they themselves have become the reason why they've got their eyes, they've got a cover over it, the ears are sealed, the hearts are sealed. So why are you doing this is because he wants us to know that you believe this is real belief, then this is

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disbelief. And then he spends 13 verses from it. Number eight to tell us about hypocrisy because these people are caught in between and they display a lot of things that are not desirable to Allah and they try to become devious to towards believers. So that lasted about number 20. And then Alaska is calling everybody saying that okay. Oh, you believe Oh, you are on the earth mass. Oh, people are Voodoo Robuchon. worship your Lord who has created you, well, Edina, kubla Khan, those people before you so that you may have, you may be aware of him. Now, as soon as Allah talks to the whole of the world and says, Oh, I'm asking everyone to believe in this he gives certain values and he gives

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certain evidences. So he starts by telling us that he's made the earth in a way the sky in a way, he says, Look, I've made this look, I've made that analysis. If you've got doubt in the Koran, then try and bring the similarity of the Quran. Try and try and match this ground with anything you've got. And because human beings can do that allows,

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although his statement there is that if you're not going to believe in this, there's a fire. And if you do believe in this, there is the garden. And then Allah azza wa jal moves on to telling us that, how is it that you people are going to deviate from this when you if you look at life and death, you were brought back to life, you're brought to life and then back to life again, you will be brought, this is an EIN number 29. Now when Allah has told us that what he's trying to say is that this message is here for you to believe. And you've got to understand that if you don't believe this by the end of your life, then there are serious consequences. And then he goes, talks about the

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beginning of where we came from, so that the humanity knows where we came from the story of Adam and Sarah, and it leaves and how Adam and Sam was, was was taken from Jenna, all the way to this earth, because he ate from the tree. All of that has been told to us and is told to us up until number 39. And the whole point of that at the end, the law tells us in number 38 is 38 and 39 is for ima yet Tiana caminhada. If any guidance come from me, you should follow it. And that's what I told Adam and I said I'm the beginning. So here is the guidance in front of you. Now, from the verses of verses of the surah verse number 40. We see that Allah azzawajal has started

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in the children of Jaco Valenzuela, and he's got a lengthy conversation going on about them in the past about them with musala salaam. And the question is why

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Are we now reading this in the Quran? Well through this allies trying to tell us, all Muslims, you should not become like these other people that I blessed, you are also a blessing people and don't become like them. So he first starts off saying that don't become like the aroma, or the people who are the rabbi's of the of the Jewish community, some of them not all of them, but some of them. Why? Because they, they went against what Allah had revealed in the Torah. Again, we're not saying about all rabbis, but some rabbis. So this is in a number 40 and 41. And then he talks to all of us in general and says, Remember the gifts that I gave you, this is an item number 47. And it counts gift

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after gift he gave to bonus right? He says, Look, how did I save you from from and this is number 50. And then Loudon says, that look, you had you then once you you, you were given a Niermann a gift from me, each time I gave you a gift, you then started to show this respect towards myself. And I then tested you one after the other after that now these all these tests that Allah talks about, they range from a number 50 something all the way to about 66 Allah talks about I took you to the desert and I gave you water there than I you know, I saved you from Iran, but I took you to CNI. Then I gave you water there, then you still did this? Why am I saying that is his triangle, Muslim

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Muslims don't be the same. Don't every time I gift you don't try and get my gifts, and then rely on my gifts and relax and not do anything. Your gift, the gifts are there for you to do something for you to get closer to me. And then the reason why this whole sutra is called Surah Baqarah is there, which is I 7071. And so on, you look around there where musala salam says, you know, slaughter the cow. Now that whole thing is there because it's trying to say that the Australian got into real nitty gritty, small matters, when they have to just simply just slaughter the cow. Unless telling this Omar Look, don't get into such jurisprudence and your law that you lose the bigger part of what

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I've said the bigger part of why the Sharia is here that is that we should be obedient to Allah azza wa jal so we shouldn't get into small small nitty gritty things and forget about the larger things like you know, some Muslims you know, they'll they'll treat Ravi in Ramadan like followed and then when Allah said farther is your you know, your acid and blood as well there won't be paying us a lot of, you know, in Ramadan might be praying, motherly, Shah, maybe father, but not the rest of them. So Allah saying stay focused, and in saying that a lot then in iron number 78 tells us a big reason why these people went astray. And he says wamena home immune there are a literal illiterate people

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amongst them who do not know anything from the book except for wishful thinking. So Allah is telling us don't have this wishful thinking that you think oh, is all going to be forgiven, we'll only be in the Hellfire for a few days. And and that's what Allah says in EIN number 80 of the Surah Surah Baqarah. And these are the beliefs that made them go astray. And then what happened then is they started to fight amongst themselves, they had this unity, this is mentioned in 83 and 8485, that they had a lot of disputes amongst themselves and they started to misinterpret the the laws of Allah according to their whims and desires. After that, Allah azza wa jal then moves on to telling us

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about the actual revelation that came from jabril la through jabril, la sala and 97. And why Allah goes into this is because some of the Jewish people said that, you know, we don't accept this revelation, he comes from these sources. Again, what Allah is trying to tell us is that this is a revelation I've given to you, you accept it from where it's come from, some again, turned towards Sahel and other things towards black magic. And that's discussed in either number one or two. So again, unless telling us don't deviate from this message and use this code, and to try and create ahead of crime try and create sort of black magic. Now a whole section near towards the end of the

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surah, which is the end of this juicery, which is going to spill on to the next part of the US is a couple of things. One is Allah is telling us about the construction of the Kaaba. And what Allah is telling us is that this construction, the Kaaba was by Ibrahim alayhi salam. And because the Jewish people said Who are you, Mohammed, who are you? We should follow the Abrahamic faith. Allah saying, Okay, why don't you just think, who built the Kaaba? It was Ibrahim Ismail Allahu wa salatu salam. And second thing Allah is trying to tell them is that why you making such an argument about this? When the whole reason why this is all here is that you're supposed to get closer to God through all

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of his profits and not divide profits. So this is really interesting and I number 120 26, Allah says

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All Muslims tell them that you are people who believe in all the prophets you don't divide between Ibrahim smiley is happy aku and the sons and what you say Salim Salaam Salaam was given that they were given. But anyway that's that's more or less the summary of just number one. Is it slavery like monopoly over