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Al-Baqarah 60-62 Translation


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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother wawanesa Leonardo serial Kareem amerit feroza belaire human a shavon OVA Jean Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, rubbish roughly suddenly were suddenly under the watchful eye of data melissani of Cabo Cody urban as in

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Lesson number 11 sootel Baqarah I am number 60 to 62

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will do the work to a translation first and then we move on to the word breakup.

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What if and when is that? He thought water, Moosa musala his

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economy for his people for Cola, so, we said every strike, beer, our soccer with your stuff,

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her Jura, the stone, funfair Jara then it gushed forth. Then it erupted

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men who from it is Natasha, do our Shahada then is not there are shorter 12 Arina springs in fact, I Lima he new Kullu every all una sin people Masha Baba whom they're drinking place kulu you all eat, wash Rabu and you all drink men from what is the provision Allah He of Allah

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wanna and do not die. So, you all commit evil, you all commit abuse fee in an early the earth move seen as ones who do mischief.

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What if and when? Although you all said yeah Moosa almost land never know Bella. We will have patience. Allah upon biomin food. were hidden one single further. So you pray. Lennar for us? Rebecca your Lord, your fridge. He brings out Lennar for us mimma from what do we do? It grows

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the earth. Men from broccoli hair, it hurts. It's vegetables. Well, and they say he her it's cucumbers. What? And for me her it's garlic It's sweet. What and either see her it's lentils What about for the hair? And it's onions. Allah He said

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do the stability Luna you all seek to change and lady that which who it is Edna inferior lor Villa de with that which whoever it is, hi, Ron better able to you all go down. You all get down. Miss one, a city for inner. So indeed, la come for you all. Man. What, sir anthem you all asked what believer and it was struck, I lay him upon them a villa to the humiliation. While must cannot do and the poverty whatever. And they returned billaudot been with anger min Allah from Allah vaniqa that be under home because indeed the candle there were Yuk furuno they disbelieve, be it with vs. Allah He of Allah, wa Jaco to Luna and they kill and Nabina the prophets be lady without a help the right

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there Lika that Bhima because of what also they disobeyed, what can you and they were young, they don't they cross limits in Indeed, Allah Dena, those who are Manu, they believed were and, and Medina those who had to they became Jews. One nesara and the Christians was the in and the sabians. Man, whoever, Amana he believed Bella He is Allah while young and the day and really the last one amela and he did slightly hand righteous deed fella home

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So far them a judo home their reward in the near robbing him their Lord while us and neither how often a fear I lay him upon them wanna and nor whom they

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they will grieve. That's this listen to the recitation.

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Why is this almost

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