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16 Iman Bi Al Kutub Belief In The Books


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The importance of respect towards angels and actions during the COVID-19 pandemic is emphasized, along with the use of the word "angels" in their actions. The speakers emphasize the need for respect towards individuals and the importance of not offending the angels and not committing acts of dis dis twice. The history of Islam, including the holy month, is discussed, and the use of negative language and negative language in Islam is emphasized. The importance of belief in the spiritual teachings of theals and their impact on behavior is emphasized, along with the importance of affirming news and following scripture.

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Now I do want to say Dr. Susan Kareem, Mr. RUBIN let him in the shade line. Hello, Jim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Rubbish rightly surgery were Sidley MD, Dr. melissani of koko de probenecid.

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So Eman will melodica belief in the angels in travel, we will conclude this topic today. We learned about the angels relationship or their role in the lives of human beings in general, and then specifically to the believers. And when we learn about their generosity towards us in the form of their draws, and you're seeking forgiveness for us, and they're helping the believers, then we also learned that there are some duties that the believers also have towards the angels. Remember, that relationship is always two sided, right? There's rights and there's also responsibility. So when you receive a favor from someone, then it's also necessary that you're courteous towards them. So what

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is the etiquette of the believer towards an angel that first of all, he shows respect to the angels because the angels are Who? Allah Sopranos are the servants they are his creation, and if they're doing anything, it is because Allah subhanaw taala has commanded them. And this is the reason why we must refrain from offending the angels. And we must also refrain from acts of disobedience because act of disobedience. What do they do they hurt and annoy the angels? Because think about it, if you love something, and you do it yourself, can you tolerate somebody else opposing? Would you like it? Not at all. So just like that, the angels did, they do not like disobedience. So as respect for not

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just ourselves and not just for the commands of Allah, soprano, dada, but also as respect for the angels, what should we do refrain from disobedience. And refrain from all those actions, which allows a penalty does not like in the angels Also, do not like think about it. If we are talking excessively nonsense, just talking chitter chatter useless, then who has to write all of the engines.

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This is why these women wants they were talking nonstop. I shall do that right now. She got upset with them. And she said, Give your angels a break. Give your angels a break.

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Think about it, the angels, Allah subhanaw taala call them killer on those that are honorable. And if we commit a sin, if we utter a lie, if we say a word that is of abuse, imagine those noble angels have to write them down.

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Imagine it's not fair. But it's their obligation, they have to write it down. The angels love goodness, which is why when one of the companions uttered those words of praise, during Salah, so many angels over 30, they jumped forward in order to receive those words, to be the first ones to take them to a loss.

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And if we are saying words, which the angels dislike, and therefore, I mean, they have to write them down, record them, the angel waits for six hours waiting for you to repent. And if we still don't repent, then aren't we burning the angels?

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Think about it a nasty word if we have to write it down. We never said and we have to write it down. Would you like it? No. So why should we burden the angels with such things?

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So part of respect for the angel is not committing acts of disobedience. And our obligation towards the angels is also that we befriend all of them, we love all of them, because they are all a loss of hand artists, servants.

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How the angels How are they with the kuffar with the disbelievers

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with those people who refuse to believe in a lot of panaderia who oppose Allah, his Deen His commandments. First of all, we see that the angels they dislike the disbelievers where the angels love the believers. they dislike the disbelievers to such an extent that they actually pray against them. And they also send their curse upon them. And when Allah subhanaw taala commanded, what happened the angels also brought punishments to those people to those nations. Like for example, we learn about the nation of loot Elisa, when they rejected their messenger, they persisted in their sin. Then what happened? A Lost Planet Allah sent His angels in order to bring about the punishment

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upon them. We learned that even concede the Mufasa even KTV said, they mentioned that jabril went out against them against the people of Luke and struck their faces with the edge of his wing.

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Even cause he also wrote that Mujahid said jabril sees the people of Lutheranism from their fields and houses and carried them with their flocks and plants.

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He lifted them up until the inhabitants of heaven heard the barking of their dogs. Imagine lifted them up so high, and then he turned them upside down, upside down. Why? at the command of Allah soprano.

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So the angels way they bring mercy, where they love to give good news where they love the believers. They also dislike and hate disbelief, and they also bring the punishment of a law on such people. Then we learn that the angels don't just dislike disbelief, but they're also certain other actions, certain other actions which the angels dislike so much that the angel sent the curse of a loss of panel data on those people who perform those actions. What are those actions, the doers of which the angels send their curse on? First of all disbelief. We learned in total Bukhara I went 61 in the linear car for Obama to home co found a car lane him learner to Lucky One minute equity when NASA

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edge marine that those who disbelieve and die as disbelievers, then on them is the curse of Allah. And who else His angels. The angels send their curse, meaning their prey against those who die in the state of disbelief.

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Then besides the disbelief There are also some other actions which ones

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like for instance, the angels curse a woman when she does not respond to her husband. in a heartbeat and Buhari we learn on the authority of Buddha Allah will argue that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, when a man called his wife to his bed, and she refuses to come, then the angels cursor until the morning comes. And another version we learn until she changes her mind

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when a husband is calling his wife, and the wife is not responding, refuses out of pride, then the angels cursor until morning or until she changes her mind. Thirdly, they curse the one who points towards his brother with a weapon.

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In a Hadith, which is in Muslim, we learned whoever points towards his brother with a weapon is cursed by the angels, even if it is his brother through his father and his mother. Sometimes we see very casually, you know, somebody has a knife, and they're talking to somebody and they're pointing the knife towards the other person, or like a fork. You should be careful anyways, an accident can happen. And in a joking I also don't threaten someone with a knife or with a weapon with something sharp, because as long as a person is pointing towards his brother or sister, then what's happening, the angels are sending their curse upon him.

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Then fourthly, they also curse those who slander the companions of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in a Hadees, we learned, which is an associate to Sahara, that mindset is heavy for la de la to LA, he will malayaka onesie ultramarine whoever curses and slanders my companions, that made the curse of Allah, the angels and all of people be upon him. Remember that the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam are very honorable human beings. And it is necessary that we respect them all. Because of their belief when Allah subhanaw taala and said that only Allahu anhu will do and who Allah is pleased with them, then who are we to highlight their shortcomings and to talk about

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their shortcomings. And to say that they were disbelievers? No, not at all. When they were believers, they were human beings. After all, they have their shortcomings and flaws. But when Allah has said that he's happy with them, then we must respect all of them.

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Then fifth, they curse those who prevent the share of a loss of panel data from being implemented. Meaning when the command of the last panel data has to be implemented, and someone comes in the way and says, No, this token must not be applied, this law of loss of power must not be applied, then such a person is cursed by the angels. In these we learn whoever killed a person deliberately, deliberately, then what's the recompense? Because, right, then he should be killed in return and whoever tries to prevent that, whoever tries to prevent that through anyway, whether he's a lawyer or he's, you know, a family, elder, whoever, whoever tries to prevent that a laws punishment allows

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law be implemented, then May he be cursed by Allah, the angels and all of mankind.

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The Angel of ascend their curse upon such a person. And this is just one example, right? That prefers somebody not allowing that to be implemented. Any other commandment, any other ruling? A person is not letting someone implement it, then this brings the curse

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of the angels, we must always be those people who help others on the way of Allah, not those who are preventing people from Sabina. Number six, then the angels they also curse those who gives sanctuary to innovators, meaning who support and give protection to innovators. In these we learn which is an Abu download, that whoever innovates a heresy or give sanctuary to an innovator or criminal, then may there be upon him the curse of Allah, the angels and all of mankind, which three are mentioned in the Hadith, the one who innovates a better meaning a person who commits a better innovator. Secondly, he helps the one who performs a bidder, meaning he supports him, and he grants him

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protection and shelter. And thirdly, a criminal, meaning the one who shelters a criminal.

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So the one who performs better. Secondly, the one who gives shelter to the one who does better and thirdly, the one who gives shelter to a criminal. All three people are cursed by Allah and His angels. That number six, the one who performs better in Medina.

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Innovation practicing innovation in the city of Medina, in the city of Rasulullah, sallAllahu wasallam, than the angels curse him also, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Medina is a sanctuary from these two mountains, meaning from this mountain to the other, this entire area is Medina and what is it a sanctuary? Whoever innovates a heresy or commits a crime in Medina, or give shelter to such a person, then may there be upon him the curse of Allah and the angels and all of mankind. And none of is compulsory, or optional, good deeds will be accepted on the Day of Judgment. Who, the one who performs better in Medina, and the one who helps a bit dirty in the city of Medina. And this is

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a hadith which is in Buhari. So all of these actions, what do we learn the angels dislike them? They hate them. And this is a reason why they curse those who practice such will perform such actions. And we learned that the angels were appointed over Hellfire, how are they? Are they hammer a cotton pillow? She dad whenever she didn't lay out sooner lahoma among the angels that are very loving beings. Remember when it comes to disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala they're very firm over there. They don't have any mercy for the innovator for the disobedient for the sinful. No love, no mercy for them. Then we also learn about the announcements that the angels make. What does it mean by

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this? That the angels are not just performing certain actions? They also make announcements. What kind of announcements do they make? First of all the angels. They make the announcement every day, calling people to repent to Allah soprano Darla to turn to Allah soprano. In a hadith and Muslim mode we learn the sun doesn't ever rise, the sun doesn't ever rise, except that two angels are sent to its both sides, an angel on the right side of the sun, and the angel on the left side of the sun. So as the sun is rising, the angels go there. And they announce they make an announcement and the entire creation except the human beings and the jinn. They hear that announcement. What is that

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announcement? Hulu in our become evenness haloumi in our become Oh people rush to your Lord, go to your Lord, turn towards your Lord, for enamal Allah wa Kapha Hyo mimma kassala Ella, go to your lawyer for indeed what is little and enough is better than what is more and distracting.

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Meaning don't go after the dounia

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if you have a little bit of dunya be happy with that if it's enough, that is much better than what then what is a lot and will distract you from your Lord. Every morning what happens? The angels remind us that they make the announcement go to your Lord, spend your day in his obedience. Don't spend your day in chasing the world.

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Then secondly, the angels also make an announcement at the time of every prayer at the time of every prayer. In a hadith we learn that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said when the time of prayer enters than what happens to angels are sent and they make the announcement that all children of Adam get up and extinguish the fire that you have lit for yourselves. So the people if they stand up and they perform who do then what happens as they perform will do then their sins.

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They fall off.

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Even since they fall off from their eyes. Imagine as the water is dripping from your eyes as you wash your eyes, then what happens? The since they fall off just like the water drips off of you. And when they perform their prayer, then the sins that they have committed since the previous prayer until this prayer, all of them are washed off.

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Then what happens after the prayer, the people go, and again light a fire for themselves. What does that fire since so when the time for next prayer enters, again, a caller is sent to make the call to make the announcement that oh people get up and extinguish the fire that you have lit for yourselves. So if they get up, perform will do perform the prayers, then what happens? That fire is extinguished five times a day with every prayer when the time enters the angel makes this announcement, get up and extinguish the fire of sins that you have lit for yourselves.

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At the end of the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that when the people go to sleep, then they sleep in a state that they are forgiven.

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But they're who those who perform their prayers, for just load us up

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all the prayers. So by the time they perform their Isha, then what happens? They are clean, they're clean. He said, some people spend the night in a good state in a clean state, forgiven from their sins, before they go to bed. They're clean, and others spend their night while they are covered in sand. They're smothered with sin, because they never washed it.

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They never extinguish the fire, that they lit for themselves.

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Then thirdly, the angels also announced the names of those who do good.

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For example, in a Hadith, which is an activity we learn, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said monarda, Maria bon Ozawa, Allahu Allah He, whoever goes to visit a sick person, or he goes to visit his brother, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, meaning only he loves him for the sake of Allah and he goes to meet him. Why, for the sake of Allah, no worldly benefit nothing. He just goes for the sake of Allah. Then what happens? there who Muna din, a caller called him, and what problem am shocker that you are good, you have done really well, you are good, and your walking is good, meaning you walked all the way. That's all good, whatever what that means nothing man Zirin. And you

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have made your home in Ghana.

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So imagine a person is going, angel is watching him. And the angel starts announcing starts talking about him loudly, congratulating him, the person has no idea who is hearing all of this, the other angels, right. And they all become a witness to his good deed, and the other Hadees that we learned that when a person steps out of his house, the angel goes with a flag, who's seeing that flag, the angels, right? So all of these are what I thought all of these are the testimonies that are being established in favor of the person who's doing something good. Then for the angels ultimately announcement, meaning the call people to give charity, to give charity, in a hadith which is a

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Muslim 100 we learned

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that there is an angel that is a pointed at a door from the doors of the heavens, meaning at one of the doors, we know that the heavens have many doors that somehow were not gender, some I

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mean, this harness is talking about the center work. So an angel that is appointed one of the doors, he calls out and he says may you do Mama, you deserve Odin,

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who will give a loan today. So he can be compensated for tomorrow, who will given charity today, so he can be rewarded for it tomorrow? So we see that the angels, they also make announcements they call people to do good.

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Then the angels also give testimony.

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What is this testimony?

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In a hadith we learn which is an unnecessary the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I'll Malaika to shuhada life simmer until shuhada ally fill up that the angels are witnesses to Allah in the skies. And you are witnesses to Allah on the earth.

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So the angels they testify to watch the oneness of Allah soprano for the supremacy of Allah, his existence, his greatness, His perfection, that they witness to all of that and the people

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On the earth, those who believe they witness to all of that there are a lot of witnesses on the earth.

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And then we see that the angels will also testify on the Day of Judgment, in favor of a person or against a person. All of these are Hadees that we learn that the angels make this announcement. They witness the good deeds of a person, they pray for him. All these angels are going to be what on the Day of Judgment, those who will testify either for a person or against a person, just like our hands and our feet will speak either for us or against us. Likewise, the angels were recording Shaheed we learned on the Day of Judgment. Each person will come with him a sidekick and a Shaheed. So who is that Shaheed? So I'm excited, these are the angels that will testify for a person that yes, Oh

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Allah, this person performs such and such deed and that deed. And then there's also the debate whether the angels are better or human beings are better, because from this Hadees, what do we see that the angels testify to the oneness of Allah subhanho data in the skies? And who are the witnesses on the earth? human beings?

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Now, the angels testify to a loss of penalty, that's understandable, it's only logical, they communicate with each other receive orders from him directly, they report to him, right? We don't have that luxury, correct. So this is the reason why we see that there was a whole debate amongst the scholars as to whether human beings are better, or the angels are better. Some said the angels are better. Why because they don't commit sin at all. And others said that no, human beings are better, but which human beings? Those who are obedient to Allah soprano died? Because Allah subhanaw taala ordered the angels to Prostrate to Adam. Correct? Allah subhanaw taala made Adam and Eve Santa

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with his own hands and the angels were created by Kadima can write Allah subhanaw taala give knowledge to human beings which the angels were not given called Holly Esther will Latina Yamuna will Latina ly Allah who can they to be equal, those who know and those who don't know they cannot be equal, those who know have a greater status. So the scholars they said that righteous human beings will be better at the end, the righteous human beings will be better when, at the end, when they enter Jannah when they attain near access to Allah soprano data, when they dwell in the highest levels, when they are greeted by a man. And when they are brought even closer, and Allah subhanaw

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taala will manifest himself to them will show himself to them. And they will experience the joy of looking at his normal face. And the angels will stand to serve them by the permission of their Lord, to who status will be better at the end. Those who get to Jannah.

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And the scholars said that the angels are better at the beginning, meaning right now whose status is better of the angels? Why? Because right now the angels are closer to Allah. They're above the things that the children of Adam indulge in. And they're devoted to the worship of their Lord. So they said undoubtedly, at this point, there is a situation is more perfect than that of mankind.

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And this is where we need to reflect on the effects of amen women to watch the benefit of Eman, Bill Malacca, because when a person has a right kind of Emmanuel melodica, then what will happen, he'll be motivated to obey Allah subhanaw taala even more, when he will do that, then his status at the end will be greater than that of the angels, then he will have the vegetal ruler the highest ranks. So then as conclusion to this back to this chapter, what are the effects of Eman, Bill melodica. So you tell me when we believe in the angels, what's the benefit of that belief that it makes a person more aware and more conscious, more alert about what he's doing, about what he's saying. I mean,

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generally, a believer does have some level of taqwa, right some level of God consciousness. But we see that despite that, what happens is that we forget. But when we realize that this person is here, he's watching me, I better get up and do this, or I better refrain from this, then it makes a person even more alert. And when a person has this realization that an angel has been appointed to write my deeds, and Angela is appointed to watch me, then I better be more careful. And I'm sure you've experienced this. In the past week that we have been studying about the angels, that a person becomes even more alert more conscious. So this is a great benefit of belief in the angels

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For the angels, it makes a person come out of the state of law, because we know that our deeds are being recorded. But when you think about it, someone is writing down my deeds, I better be careful about what I say, I better be careful about what I'm doing, then a person becomes more alert and conscious. What other benefit is there? What other positive effect is it that you have the sense of being loved, and being taken care of?

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That Allah subhanaw taala has appointed angels, to guard you to mark your attendance to look for you look out for you. Go out with you with a flag.

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When a person goes out to seek knowledge, angels lower their wings. The angels protect a person. Remember when a person says let her in the long walk the hula Sheree Karla homolka will have a condition called return times after mother. Angels are sent, you know that are with weapons. Why in order to guard a person, when a person remembers Allah until he falls asleep? Then the angels? What do they do they expel the shaman, get out of here. Go from here, I am going to spend the night with this person and guard him. So when you realize all of this, you have the sense of that I am loved I am taken care of. I am not all alone. There is somebody looking out for me. And this in reality

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increases this realization that Allah subhanaw taala loves me, then no state can a person feel abandoned, and alone and neglected. No. You're never neglected. You're never abandoned. You're never alone. What other positive effect that it develops, it may not in your heart that there's somebody praying for you, making love for you seeking forgiveness for you. You appreciate the last panel Dinah's, you know system of how he has created human beings and the angels and so many angels that worship Him and that pray for human beings, that there's a greater appreciation for a loss of paneled artists that we've this belief, it produces humidity in the heart of the believer that

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there's so many angels worshipping the last panel data, I'm really not needed. If I do anything good. It's really for my own good for my own benefit. You feel positive. And you see that the angels are making the offer people seeking forgiveness for them, making the offer person when he makes to offer his brother, it's such a positive atmosphere, if you think about it, of obedience, of praising Allah subhanaw taala. of well wishing for others, giving good advice, sending good messages, or profitable laws. And please tell your mother, hey, john, they could have said anything, but the same, this message. So you see this whole positive, you know, nature of the angels, which makes you

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think positively also and refrain from negativity, like it removes depression and feelings of upsetness and anger. And because when you see that these angels are so positive, then it brings about the same feelings inside of you also, that when you think about the angels, and when you learn about their attributes, their great size, their strength, their voice, the loudness of their voice, then all of this manifests. All of this clarifies to us the greatness of the Creator. That How great is that creator? How great is that, Lord, how perfect the last parameter is that this belief, it motivates a person to do good and refrain from sin. Because like the example that she mentioned,

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that the angels don't like filth, and sometimes you may be alone, nobody around you so you don't bother to brush your teeth all morning. You don't bother to take a shower, even though your body is smelling. But when you realize that the angels are offended by the same things that people get offended by, then you are motivated to clean yourself, you're motivated to get up and do something good, right? Likewise, when we learned that when a person sleeps in the state of will do, then the angel prays for a person. So it motivates us to take that extra step and get up and do will do before going to bed. Likewise, read Quran because the angels love to listen to the Quran. Remember

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our last panel data because then you will get the protection of the angels then seek knowledge because the angels love a person who goes out to seek knowledge. So it's a great factor in motivating us to do good and refrain from sin. It's an encouragement for us to obey laws of penalty even more like when we learned that the angels liked certain things or the dislike certain things, they keep away from certain places because of certain things. Then what happens even though we know these things shouldn't be done. These things shouldn't be here. But when you know that the angels keep away, then you're motivated.

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Then, belief in the angels also motivates us to strive harder, because the obedience of the angels is an example for us. They're continuously

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Be there continues about their ihlara their humidity. All of this is an example for us. And it reminds us that no matter how much we do, we should always remember that it's not enough because the angels are continuously worshipping Allah. And they still feel the need to continue to do that, because that is what a lot of countdown has commanded them, that it motivates us to strive harder. So there are many positive effects of Emanuel melodica. And mirrorless, paladar gives us the ability to keep this man strong, so that we are motivated to do good, we realize the greatness of alosa kind of learner. And we are conscious about our surroundings, the beings that are around us. They're so

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involved in our lives, that from the moment that we are created, in the womb of the mother, an angel is appointed, and then who comes to take the soul of the person, the angels. So the angels are there from the beginning watching us throughout our lives until the very end. So what are we doing? What are we showing to them? These are going to be our witnesses, for us or against us. People might not know about certain things, but the angels are watching this right and Allah subhanaw taala of all of them, he is watching us even more, he knows us even better.

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So with this we begin Eman Bill couteau belief in the books or the revealed scriptures, amen in Dakota. Believing in the scriptures that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed is a major part of email. It's a pillar of email, which means that if a person refuses to believe in the books that allows a penalty has revealed that his email is incomplete, it is deficient, it is not acceptable than his belief in other pillars of Eman will not benefit him. It will not benefit him as much believing in the books is a part of the man in Surat Al Baqarah is number four Allah subhanaw taala says when Medina you mean una Bhima, Anja? alayka wanna own xlm? In carbolic? What Bill filati homeopathy? No,

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those who believe in what has been revealed to you meaning the Koran, and they also believe in whatever was revealed before you, meaning they believe in all of the Scriptures. All of the books that allows the panel data has revealed such people have the correct email in total bacala i 136 Allah subhanaw taala says, Oh no, you believers you should say declare that men never lay women on Xena Elena on our own Zilla either Ibrahim what is married what is how we are called well as well. Well now Oto Musa, where Isa woman OT and OB unit middle of him learn federal kobina I hadn't been home when I knew the who Muslim say that we believe in Allah and everything that was revealed to us

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meaning to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam everything that was revealed to him, the Quran, the Sunnah, everything that was given to him. And we also believe in everything that was revealed to Ibrahim is married is how yaku asked about who are the above the prophets of Bani Israel, and whatever was given to Musa and Teresa and whatever was given to the prophets from their Lord meaning any profits, whether we know of them or we don't know of them. So basically, anything that allows panel data has revealed anything that allows a penalty Allah has sent down to his creation as guidance for them. What is that part of Eman been put up. So believe in the books means that we believe in the Quran.

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And we also believe in what everything that Allah subhana wa tada has revealed to his messengers as guidance for his people.

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Now the question is, what are the

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what are the books? What are the scriptures that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed, it is necessary that we learn the meaning of God over here. goto is a plural of kita Ankita means MK tube.

00:34:16--> 00:35:00

What is ketamine MK two, I see that some of you try to take notes on the notes that are provided. I recommend that you keep your notes in a folder in such a way that you have a blank side. Okay, on the opposite side so that whatever you need to write, you can write over there. Okay, it'll be easier for you. So you understand what I mean. Keep your notes in a binder in such a way that the backside of the previous page becomes what a blank side where you can record your notes where you can write down your notes, okay. The singular of YouTube is keytab and keytab means MK two meaning that which is written and its root letters gafta Cat Cat means a bomb to

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

join together to collect, which is why Khatib a scribe is called catnip. Why? Because when he writes something down, what does he do? He joins together the sounds that he's hearing

00:35:15--> 00:35:25

the words, the letters, he's joining them together as he is putting them down on paper. All right. So keytab is basically a collection.

00:35:26--> 00:36:12

What is keytab? a collection? A collection of what? Of words, okay, of certain concepts that have been written down and composed together, they have been put together in one place. Like, for example, there are many ideas in your head, many thoughts. But when you gather them together, and you write them down, then your writing is what a collection of your thoughts, you understand, you've collected them on paper. Likewise, you read many things, you hear many things, you learn about many things, and then you write down certain things. So you've collected all the main ideas, the main examples, the main concepts, and you put them down together, you've collected them. So keytab,

00:36:13--> 00:36:32

essentially, is what a connection now as a technical term in the Sharia, what is Al Qaeda? Or what are the couteau? Basically, the kutub are the books or the scriptures that Allah soprano tada has revealed to his messengers. What are they called?

00:36:33--> 00:37:02

The revelation is what a collection of all the messages that Allah subhanaw taala has sent? Why did the last panel data centers messengers, as mercy to mankind, how was it a mercy because it was further guidance. So they could be successful in this life and also in the hereafter. So when it comes to the Kudo, remember that we believe in all of the books that Allah soprano data has revealed all of the messages

00:37:04--> 00:37:51

that he gave to any of his messengers from other medicine into the last prophet, any book, any message, whether it was in the form of a book is called a tablet, whether it was given to the messenger in written form or an oral form, whether it was supposed to be recited by the people or not recited everything that last panel data revealed in his messengers, what is that part of Eman bilco. So understanding Revelation where he mutlu and what he laid mutlu, meaning, the revelation that is recited and the revelation that is not recited, remember that Allah subhanaw taala sent messages to all of his prophets, right? Some were given books, some were given tablets, and some

00:37:51--> 00:37:57

were given no book form, but messages were sent. reminders were sent.

00:37:59--> 00:38:36

Why? Because that was the need of that time. Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he was given the Quran, but not just the Quran, he was also given some other teachings, right jabril came and taught the prophets of Allah and certain other matters, which are not part of the Quran. So there's what he that is material meaning that is recited, right, for example, the Quran, and there's where he that is very similar to that is not to be recited, like for example, the teachings that we learn from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, where did the prophet SAW the dolphin and learn about all of that, from his own mind? No, was that his imagination? No, it was based on

00:38:37--> 00:38:41

what was taught to him, the messages that were delivered to him.

00:38:43--> 00:38:51

So remember, that a man will could have means believing in what he mutlu and also where he raised motto,

00:38:52--> 00:39:46

right? So we believe in any message, any message that Allah subhanaw taala sent to His Messenger in any form, you understand, in any form, this is part of email bill kowtow into Nyssa Iowan 63 a las panatela says in hanaa ileka gumma o hanaa in our neural one Nabina min Bharti we have sent way to you revelation to you, just as we send revelation to new listener and the prophets who came after him another way that came to the Prophet Allah this and the Quran, okay, but when he came to New Edison, what was that? Was it a book? Was it a scroll? Allahu Allah subhanaw taala send messages to new listener, right. And the prophets who came after him, how many prophets many, many prophets so

00:39:46--> 00:39:50

believing in the books is basically believing in what ye

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

Eman will cook is essentially what? Eman in ye in the revelation that Allah subhanaw taala sent to his profits.

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

Whether it was to new Harrison, or it was to the prophets who came after him, Well, ohana Ibrahim, what is Marielle? What is hawkwell? Who was a spell where he said what a you were Yunus? Well, how long was the name and what are they know that there's a Buddha? So all of these prophets, Allah subhanaw, taala, send messages to them. Right? There Buddhism, Allah gave him the ball. So any message, we believe in that this is a man bill Kota. Now the question is, what are the books that unless panatela sent? Now remember, there are some that we know. And there are others that we don't know. Some were sent in a book form. Others were sent, you know, orally in the sense that only the

00:40:41--> 00:40:49

words were revealed. Some were given in the form of inscription like for example, Mozart, his enemy was given the total How?

00:40:50--> 00:41:34

On the tablets, right? So there are different forms. Some that we learn about from the Quran and Sunnah are what, first of all, serve of Abraham ready center. Any scripture that came before a low art we don't know about it, but we do believe that Allah sent messages to the server of Abraham or they sent him in total Arla 1819 we learn in the header level serving oola. This is also mentioned in the former scriptures, meaning the scriptures that were sent before the Quran, and all are the first ones, which ones serve Ibrahima, one will say, the scriptures of Ibrahim and Musa now what was given to musasa we know Tara, what was given to

00:41:36--> 00:41:45

him, sir, but you bought him. So we believe in that. Likewise, Zaboo insalata Nyssa I 163 we learned what attina the Buddha

00:41:47--> 00:41:57

Allah says we gave to the word disabled. Likewise, we learn in the Quran wala kata kata is a booty that we have written in the school.

00:41:59--> 00:42:04

So in this award, certain messages were given unless panatela tells us about them in the Quran.

00:42:05--> 00:42:39

dora dora has also given to musar listener in total amount of 44. In Angela Terada fee her hidden one, Dora was sent as a guide and alight yes Kenobi, hanabi Yun alladhina slomo. The prophets who came afterwards, after Masada Santa, what did they do? They judge according to the total. So the total contained law. It was a light it was a guidance for the people, the prophets implemented it and after them, who else have a banyan about?

00:42:40--> 00:42:43

They also implemented the book.

00:42:44--> 00:43:16

Then after the total injury. We also learned about the injury in South America if 46 was a final 30 Newberry sub Memorial, Masada Kalima beignet human atolla were at a national injury we gave him injury and this injury fee houda 101 masataka Lima beignet de Minato wahoo then when will we ever tell him? What qualities of the Indian are mentioned here? houda no mosaddek again, houda and motiva

00:43:17--> 00:43:47

a guide alight an admonition instruction, and one that confirmed what came before it. And remember, this is a quality that we learned about almost all the scriptures of a loss of Pantheon and we'll select the one that confirms confirms what that which was revealed before it. So for example, the Quran confirms the authenticity meaning the truthfulness, the fact that a las panatela revealed that there are the visible serve Ibrahim

00:43:48--> 00:43:56

the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, this is a hadith in a Silsila to Saha. Interesting facts about the books of Allah.

00:43:57--> 00:44:03

That the scriptures of Abraham are they sent them were revealed in the first night of Ramadan.

00:44:04--> 00:44:08

The Torah was revealed on the sixth of Ramadan.

00:44:09--> 00:44:29

The Injeel was revealed after 13 days of Ramadan passed, meaning the 14th of Ramadan, there's a bool was revealed on the 29th of Ramadan. And the Quran was revealed after 24 days of Ramadan passed meaning on the 25th of Ramadan.

00:44:30--> 00:44:31

Something new

00:44:32--> 00:44:59

so what do we learn that all of these books Allah subhanaw taala sent them down when in the month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is the month of Quran but not just Quran. It is the month of Revelation, divine revelation. It is the month when Allah subhanaw taala sent guidance to humanity, whether it was in the form of sort of Ibrahim or toto in the Quran, and this is why in gratitude

00:45:00--> 00:45:08

For that law for that guidance, what do we do the entire month of Ramadan? We fast and we stand in prayer reciting What? The Book of Allah,

00:45:10--> 00:45:11

the Quran that he revealed.

00:45:12--> 00:45:56

Then there's many other books that allows the penalty revealed books or scrolls or messages that we don't know off. But remember that we also believe in that incident factor is 25. Allah says when you look at the book for the caliber, Latina and korbinian if they deny you, then the people before them also denied, who did they deny the prophets who came to them at home Rasulo home their messengers came to them, they will buy in at what is doable, we will keep having money, their profits, Bratton, clear evidences clear proofs, whether it was in the form of miracles or arguments, proofs, evidences and zuboff. The prophets brought them Zuber what is

00:45:57--> 00:46:42

something that is written written ordinance, and kitengela mooneyes. So what were all those books? Like, for example, in the ayah, that we learned earlier? In surah, Baqarah? I 136. We believe in what was given to Ibrahim is married, what was given to is married an incident. Which book was it? Which girl? Was it? Allahu Harlem is how were aku? Well, as well, we don't know. Right? But remember, that there are many messages that are lost without assent. And as believers, we believe in all of them. So the constituents of Eman bilco, meaning, what does it mean to believe in the books? What does it mean to believe in the books? First of all,

00:46:43--> 00:46:51

it means that we must believe that they have all been revealed by Allah subhanaw taala In truth, who is your sender of law?

00:46:52--> 00:47:42

It wasn't that the prophets invented them. No, Allah subhanaw taala sent them and denying even one of them is something that is not acceptable from a believer. So the other one is three, Allah says, natural or legal Kitab have been healthy. Allah has sent the book on you in truth moosehead alima beignet, you were under a total injury. It confirms what was revealed before, and he sent down to Tara and mg. So if Allah subhanaw taala, has said that he has revealed to a prophet, he has sent a message to a prophet, he has revealed a book, then it means that we believe that Allah is the one who sent them. We don't say, the prophet wrote it himself. We don't say the Prophet invented it. No.

00:47:42--> 00:48:33

What do we believe that Allah is the one who sent them in truth. Secondly, it means that we believe in all of the Scriptures those we know of, and also those we do not know of, of the qualities of the believers is what into the earlier one i 119. What took me nunobiki Tabby Cooney, you believe in all of the books, all of the books, the book that has been given to you, and the books that came before you also, whether it is stolen in jail, or those who you don't know of all the books, then belief in the Kota also means that we affirm their news, the information that is provided in the scriptures. So for example, in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala tells us about certain news of the people of the

00:48:33--> 00:48:49

past, or certain information about how he sends rain, or about how a human being is created in the womb, right, how the mountains are, that's right about the skies above us sebastiana wet and

00:48:50--> 00:49:24

there are many different kinds of information that Allah subhanaw taala has given in the Quran, about the creation, about the past, about the present, about the future, about how something works, right, the roles of certain creatures. So all of this information that Allah subhanaw taala has given in the Quran, whether we understand it, or we don't understand whether we understand its heckuva or we don't understand its hikmah whether science proves it, or it doesn't prove it. We still believe in it.

00:49:25--> 00:49:40

Eman will go to means that we affirm the news of the Scriptures. Now with regards to the Quran clear, because it's not changed at all. So everything that is mentioned in the Quran, we believe in it.

00:49:41--> 00:49:59

But what about the previous scriptures? Because we know that they were either lost or they were changed or forgotten. So in that case, what do we do? Remember this general rule? Something mentioned in the previous scriptures if it conforms with the Quran and Sunnah, we affirm it but if it

00:50:00--> 00:50:05

contradicts the Quran and Sunnah, then we do not affirm it, we do not believe in it.

00:50:06--> 00:50:45

And if there's something that is mentioned in the previous scriptures, which the Quran and Sunnah are silent about, then we also have to remain silent about it. All right? We don't say yes, this is true. We don't say no, it is false because Allah subhanaw taala did not inform us. So we should also adopt silence concerning those matters. So belief in the books means we affirm their news instead of the Nyssa I 136. Allah says, Yeah, you alladhina amanu Annabella he will also de Waal keytab and Latinas Allah Allah su de Waal kita Villa de and gentlemen COVID. Allah commands us believe in what I have sent down to your messenger and believe in whatever was sent down before meaning believe in

00:50:45--> 00:51:01

everything. Remember, the bunny is lying to me. noona bobbin hit me with a Karuna Baba, you believe in parts of the book and you disbelieve in others, that's not acceptable. We have to believe in everything that the book informs us off. Then

00:51:02--> 00:51:06

belief in the court of ultimate means that we follow them.

00:51:07--> 00:51:11

That whatever commands have been given in the books we observe them,

00:51:12--> 00:51:58

but remember, that when it comes to the matter of Hold on, then yes, we follow everything, we must follow everything. But when it comes to the previous scriptures, then we only follow what is on abrogated because remember that the Quran was sent as an aggregator also inserted into a 48. We learn what ends in a calcaterra will help people start the column Avenida human kita, Haman and IE. The Quran was sent down as more Haman over the previous scriptures, what is more human criterion hacking? Meaning the Quran decides the Quran tells us what to follow of what is mentioned in the previous scriptures, and what not to follow of what is mentioned in the previous scriptures. So what

00:51:58--> 00:52:40

conforms with the Quran, we follow that, but what contradicts it, we don't follow that. You understand? What contradicts it. We don't follow that in sort of trauma that if 15 we learn Yeah, and Al Qaeda or the jet or komatsuna you bait you know, lacuna Filomena quantum to phenomenal. Kita what you used to hide the book, The Quran has come to make a clear wherefore and Kathy and the messenger also pardons many things, meaning he has overlooked many things, many things that you concealed have been ignored. Or Jackman Allah He neuron wakita boobie light has come to you from your Lord. So we see that everything that we follow everything that we take from the books, it has

00:52:40--> 00:53:16

to comply with what now with the Quran, because remember that the previous scriptures what happened to them that if they were altered, or they were forgotten mission, so when that is the case, and they are not reliable. So what is our position concerning the previous scriptures? We believe in the fact that a lot reveal them, but we don't confirm everything that is mentioned in them today. All right, if it conforms with the Quran accepted, if it doesn't, we don't accept it. And that's exactly what the prophets of Allah told us to do. He said, Hadees and Buhari do not believe the People of the Book nor disbelieve in them, but say, we believe in Allah and whatever is revealed to us and

00:53:16--> 00:53:46

whatever is revealed to you same thing, what conforms accepted, doesn't conform rejected, you don't know of them remain silent concerning it. So you understand what it means to believe in the quota believe that Allah has sent them believe in all of them, affirm their news and fulfill the purpose for which they were sent. And that is that we must follow that inshallah we'll conclude over here, you must stand up and deconstruct before your next class to chronicle long will be harmonic measured when that Illa illa Anta nostoc, Luca wanted to be a Santa Monica barakato