Ramadan Reminders – Day 08

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The importance of finding evidence of one's taqwa status in order to assert their position as a Christian is emphasized. It is important to be clear about what is happening and not give up on people's efforts. Being aware of one's behavior and avoiding giving up on one's own success is also crucial.

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Hello, Pamela Robert alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffelin be able mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, WA salatu salam to Sleeman, Kaziranga sera from abadal weiterbildung sisters we are looking at the issue of developing taqwa. And I said as I as I mentioned to you and remind myself when you are Ramadan, Al Karim came to

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assert this to show this and to reinforce this. So, let us take this opportunity to do two things. One

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is to assess ourselves and say what is the level of my taqwa as demonstrated and as seen by my actions because that's the only thing which count to the last man who died on the Day of Judgment. It's not all the talk we do it is what do we act? How do we act? So let us make an assessment. Let us assess ourselves and say what is my life showing? Do I have Taqwa or I do not have Taqwa? And the second one is to say, How can I change that?

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Believe me, if there is science, if there are signs of deliberate disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala in your life, if there are signs of deliberate disobedience of Rasulullah sallallahu in your life, or my life, then we do not have Taqwa as simple as that.

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dakwah is, the sign of turquoise has to be there too.

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That is the evidence that we will present before Allah subhanaw taala.

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So we need to find this evidence in our lives. I'm not talking about

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things that happen. For example, if I'm praying five times a day, but the quality of my Salah is, you know,

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it's full of forgetfulness, and this or that and so on. So I'm not talking about I'm saying somebody who deliberately does not pray.

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Right? I'm not talking about weakness. hamdulillah Allah will forgive inshallah, we ask Allah to forgive our weaknesses. Allah We ask Allah to forgive what we forget.

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I am talking about deliberate. Somebody who deliberately does not pray somebody deliberately does not fast. Somebody who deliberately does not pay zakat

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and tries to do all kinds of shenanigans in trying to escape within course, Zakat, somebody who, who borrows money on interest, I don't have to say deliberate because there's no way you can do that accidentally.

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Somebody who's, who is rude and who's abusive and who is, you know, foul mouthed and somebody who is constantly engaged in in labor and backbiting and slander. Somebody was trying to harm other people, whether they're Muslim or not.

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All of these things are signs of the absence of dogma.

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So let us use this time in Ramadan, to assess ourselves and say, What is the evidence that I'm going to show it all as random data that I was a person of taqwa and I was trying my best to be a better person of taqwa.

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inshallah, this is sufficient, Allah subhanaw taala. In his verse, he did not specify a, a metric to say that you must have tacos to be measured in this way, or you must have dakwah like, also relies on Salah mad or any of the Sahaba had Allah didn't make that clear, I didn't give that criteria like left it over for anyone who has sincerity

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and who makes an effort

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not to talk about that.

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So let us be very, very clear about that. I also say to the allamah, especially to Dharma, speak openly and clearly. And state what is halaal and state what is her don't create loopholes. And don't look for loopholes for your friends and supporters and donors. For them to escape to that because those are loopholes are not loopholes. They are the loop of the noose around the neck.

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And on the day of judgment when that Moses tighten and when that when that donor of yours

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is hanging with that from that knows he is going to take you with him.

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Because you are the one who gave him those loopholes and you are the one who told him this is yeah this is okay. This is macro it is not Haram.

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In such a situation you can give bribes even though it is haram.

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If a certain percentage of your income is haram, it doesn't matter even though Russell's never made a percentage on the on the halaal or the harem of the interest. The reason for bed everything which was haram irrespective

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give off the quantity and this is from the basic fundamental or soul of the Sharia. Something which is haram is haram.

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in totality irrespective of the quantity but we have chosen to make some things

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less and more harm.

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The same people who are giving fatawa to say that 50 up to 15% of haram income in your overall income is okay, up to 20% up to 30%. of Haram in your income combined with halaal is okay. As those same people, how much pork Can I eat?

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Other than people?

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I'm not eating pork day and night. But if I'm eating three meals a day, can I eat pork in one meal? That is 30% 33% right?

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Can I eat pork once in a week? Can I we eat pork once in a month?

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Some people ask them this Can you give me a photo You're giving me a fatwa you're saying so much Haram is is permissible. Give me a fatwa saying so much of pork is permissible, permissible.

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We have made choices we have made bordering on interest less brain body than eating pork because we don't like to eat pork anyway.

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Whether Allah subhanaw taala did not declare war on the one who eats pork. Whereas Allah subhanaw taala declared war on the one who deals in interest.

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Tobacco tobacco products, cigarettes BDS good car all this stuff. Right?

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addictive, harmful, severely harmful.

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But we sent on its mcru as if to do something macro is a good is a good deed is a Hassan

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Because the people who are giving these photos will ask them

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to show you the idea. Most of them don't keep account but if they did, ask them who are your donors?

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And you have the answer.

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Speak the truth.

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Because on the Day of Judgment, you will recall to account

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if you hide the truth,

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if you manually ate the truth, if you use the knowledge which Allah subhanaw taala gave you to create loopholes for people who are indulging in haram to escape Believe me, they will not escape and you will not escape.

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Because on the Day of Judgment they are going to call you before Allah subhanho wa Taala and they're going to say I did what this man or this woman within course permitted me to do. Please understand, you have no authority whatsoever to permit what Rasul Allah sallallahu Sallam for bed, you have no authority whatsoever to permit what Allah subhanaw taala forgive, you have no authority whatsoever to prohibit what Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger sallallahu Sallam permitted

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speak with courage and inshallah Allah subhanho wa Taala will stand with you your provider is Allah not your donor.

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If the donor is doing something wrong, point your finger and tell him what you're doing is haram

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don't make the towel to say well you know even if he's doing what he's donating to me afterward is a gift for me. And gift is halaal so therefore I can take it even if you take it at least tell him that you are going into the Hellfire if you continue with this.

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And I would say don't even take it but I mean after you

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are done sisters please understand this.

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That that's why I keep saying don't make money out of Islam because it the first thing it does is it hangs you.

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It puts a lot on your tongue when you when you should be speaking the truth you are thinking of whichever wealthy, you know person is supporting you and you are saying you are singing a tune which he finds or she finds pleasant. And you don't say what you need to say.

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Please speak the truth. Fear no one except Allah subhanaw taala because on the Day of Judgment, that person is not going to take your hisab Allah is going to take

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with you and never to be displeased and to be and to protect you from yourself and protect me from myself and protect all of us from ourselves and from Jetta. Was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah savage made

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me salovaara