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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de la su de his Karim a mbarara Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,

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rubbish friday saturday where silly AnnMarie wash Lola rock data melissani yokocho holy Robin as ignor in

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Lesson number 304 sudo tar Bursa

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and sudo to turquise.

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So terbesar is number one to fortytwo translation of a PSA, he found what a while and he turned away and that jet who he came to him, and Arma the blind one woman and what you do Rica, it would make you know larhonda who, perhaps he, he has zeca he purifies himself, oh, or Jaco, he takes heed certain Pharaoh who, consequently it would benefit him xikar the reminder? ama, as for Monday, who is still governor, he became a No need.

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For under then you law who for him? Does, what do you give attention, one law and not I Laika upon you? I learned that not he has zakka he purifies himself? What a man and as for man who Jirka he came to you? Yes, sir. he strives wahala while he yaksha he fears for under then you on who from him, della her you are neglectful

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color name, him or her indeed it that Kira a reminder, feminine so whoever shall He willed the Cara who he remembered it fee in surfin scriptures, sheets. scrolls, mocha Rama, honored more for art in exalted Mata hora, one completely purified by ad with hands, sufferer of scribes, Ki Rahman noble Bharara pious Padilla. He was killed in Sanu. The human being man how akara ungrateful is he mean from a ye which Shay in thing called aka who He created him? men from neutral setting a drop of sperm Hanukkah who He created him for a DA then he proportion him then he destined him some then a Sevilla the way yes sir who he made easy for him. Some then America who? He gave that to him for a

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cobra, who then he gave him a grave. Some then either when He willed and shadow who He resurrected him. color name, llama, not yet, Jacobi. He fulfilled. He has accomplished man that which Mr. Ah who he commanded him valuable, so he should look I'll insert new the human being Isla towards me he his food, and indeed we suburban we poured the water sought a definite boring, summer, then Chuck Hakuna, we broke open, above the earth shopko a definite splitting for an BATNA then we cause to grow. See her in it. hubber greens were in urban and grapes were caught. And vegetables was a tuna and olives when a flare and date bombs were had and walled gardens will bear dense. Well, psyche

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Hatton and fruit what a bear and grass matter on a temporary benefit. Luckily for you, Wiley and amico, and for your grazing livestock for either then when it came or saw the deafening blast yiruma on the airfield route, he was Lee Elmo demand men from a CD his brother, well, omega he and his mother was a bee. He and his father, also hibbity he and he

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His wife were Bernie and his children, his sons. Luckily for every employee in person, main home from them, yo Ma, even that day shut known a matter a condition you need. It makes him indifferent. Would you want some faces yoma even that day maspero one bright. One radiant. Bashi cotton, laughing, Mr Bashara rejoicing, what would you want and some faces yoma even that day, or lay her upon it about a dust or Haku hair, it covers it atara darkness blackness, Allah aka those whom they Alka for the disbelievers and fetch the evildoers those who are wicked

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De Soto

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mean he

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was a

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Whoo hoo

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wah wah

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. sutra, duckweed is number one to 29

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either when a shampoo the sun could rewrite it was coiled up why either and when a new Jew move the stars in Canada it became blurred it became dispersed what either and when LG Ballew the mountains, so your it was set in motion what he there and when Ellery shell the 10 month pregnant she camels earthly law it was left neglected what either and when, and will show show the wild animals, the wild beasts show sure it was gathered together

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What is the end when I will be held? The cs sojiro? It was set on fire. What either and when a new force to the souls Zoo widget, it was cobbled together. What either and when. Alamo older the female buried alive

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so Ella she was questioned. She was asked by ey for which them then send cotulla she was killed. What either and when a soldier of the scrolls knew Sheila it was laid down. It was spread out. Why the end when a summer the sky cushy. It was stripped away. What either and when he moved the Hellfire, surreal, it was set ablaze. What either and when an agenda, the paradise was lifted, it was brought near alima she knew Neff sun Sol, Ma, whatever, a lot of it presented, fella. So no. Oh, Cosimo, I swear, Bill harness by the retreating stars.

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Oh God, the ones that move swiftly, I will confess those that disappear. I will confess those that disappear. One lady and the night either when I saw us it departs, was so busy and the morning either when the manifests it breeds in the who indeed it localu surely a word for sulan of a messenger Kareem in noble, the possessor

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of might have power or in the near the possessor

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of the throne. McKean in one secured, one established mortarion one who is obeyed, some there a meaning one who is trustworthy, warmer and not Sahiba comb your companion be more junoon at all, one who is meant what occurred and certainly for who he saw him, build a fork in the horizon and move in the clear, warmer and not who he Allah upon alloy, the unseen build on in at all, one who is stingy, warmer, and not who would it be cold? Definitely a word. Or at all a word shaytaan of shape on regime one a cursed for aina so where that her boon you all are going

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in not who it Illa except the Crone, a reminder little earlier mean for the world's Lehman for who shall He willed men come from you and that he is the team he becomes straight. Warmer and not the share owner you all shall will Illa except on that Yeshua He wills Allahu Allah, Rob boo, Rob and Ireland mean of the worlds

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let's listen to the recitation.

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This meeting

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Ohio she wanted

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to be a

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Gary Vee

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Daddy loves

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in Hawaii

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learn me