Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 03 – L045A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of disconnected sentences and phrases, but provides a summary of the meaning and meaning of a book and its use as a guide for achieving wealth and success. The book is viewed as a reference to a woman who could have made a lot of money by being a great woman. The speakers suggest that J attractedah, a woman named Joranah, is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a woman who is a
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother who want to sundiata Sudha Yun Karim Allah Bharath for Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem or beshara holy suddenly were sanely angry. Why? Rock let me list any of you who

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have been asked in

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Lesson number 45 sort of earlier Enron is number 64 to 77

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say See ya Oh

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people are kitabi of the book. tolo you all come Illa to Kelly Martin, a word, a statement,

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server and equal bainer between us ouabain acoem. And between you,

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Allah, that not now Buddha, we worship Illa except Allah, Allah,

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Allah and North Africa, we do ship we associate partners Biggie with him, Shea anything

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like that wanna and nor, yet Takeda. He takes he adopts Barbuda, some of us bourbon some others out of bourbon as Lourdes min from dooney. Besides Allahu Allah

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for him, so if the one low, they turned away for coding, then you all say ish, how do you all bear witness be Amna with indeed we Muslim moon? I want to submit?

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Yes, all ethnic people and kitabi of the book, Nima, why? To have junuh. You all argue your dispute fee in concerning Ibrahim Ibrahim alayhis salam

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Lama, while not in zealot, it was sent down it was revealed

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to the Torah while in jail and the NGO

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in their except men from by the he after him.

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fella do they're not alone, you will understand

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and to hear you are her here. And don't you all are How old are he? Are those

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heritage them? You all argued you all disputed

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FEMA concerning what Lacan for you be with it in modern knowledge for Lima. So why to have Juna, you will argue FEMA in what concerning what Lisa? It is not luck for you all, be he with it, or anyone any knowledge or level and Allah your level. He knows what anthem and you all they're not alone. You all know man, not Ghana, he was Ibrahim Ibrahim or the sinner, Yahoo, dejan a Jew, Warner and nor the serrania a Christian working but Ghana he was hanifin one who is Hani unswerving

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Muslim man one who submits warmer and not Ghana, he was men from a wish the cane those who do shake those who associate partners with Allah

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in Indeed, Allah nearest most worthy

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a mercy of the people be Ibrahim with Ibrahim or to Ibrahim levena are surely those people who are are surely those who it

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Woohoo. They followed him

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and her there this and maybe you the Prophet war and Allah Dena, those who knew they believed

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will know who and Allah whether you his guardian claws projecting friend, and would mean of the believers

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all that it wished loved.

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If I don't agree, main from people and kitabi of the book low if you're a loner calm, they lead you astray. Warmer and not while not you're the loner they lead astray in there except and foster home themselves warmer and not be alone they perceive

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Yeah. Oh people and kitabi of the book Lima why duck furuno you all this believe be it in vs. Signs Allahu of Allah for a while. And don't you all fish? How do you all bear witness? Yeah. Oh, hello, people. And kitabi after book, Lima, why, Toby sooner you all mix you all confused? Over here The meaning is not covered, can be sooner you will mix or you all confused and help the truth. Then with the falsehood.

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And Dr. Mona, you will conceal, hide and hide the truth or unknown while you are down the moon. You all know

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what color and it said, For if I don't agree, I mean some people and kitabi of the book, amino you all believe the lady with which, in zillah it was sent down either upon and Medina, those who knew they believed. Watch her at face, beginning and the hurry of the day. For Kuru and your disbelief. As you know who it's no longer home, perhaps day, your dear own they return back

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while there and do not to me No. You all believe in their except Lehman. For who Tobia he followed the nickel, your religion to say in indeed alhuda the guidance, who there is guidance Allahu of Allah.

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And that, you He is given a hidden anyone missler like ma that which, who tetum you were given?

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Or you had Juco they dispute with you all in the near future become your

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own say in indeed. And fabula the Father, the favor, big BSD with hand in hand. Allah He of Allah.

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De he, he gives it man, whoever you're sure humans will law who and Allah was your own infinitely vast or Lehman powers all knowing?

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Yes. So he selects. He chooses, bureau Mati with his mercy, money, home pleasure. He wills Allahu and Allah, the possessor and family of the father of the favor and Aleem the great

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woman and from elderly people and kitabi of the book,

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money who in

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that men who you entrust him with empowering with a heap of wealth, you add the he, he will return it, he will pay it, ileka to you,

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or men home and from them. Man who in if that meant who you interest him. Be dinner in with a dinner of a coin

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If not, you add the E. He will pay it, he will return it

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to you in there except MMA, as long as MMA as long as

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don't you remained, I lay he over him upon him, call Emma one standing

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there Lika that the unknown because indeed they call you They said, Lisa, it is not Elena against us upon us fee concerning Amina the unlettered ones, the illiterate ones. So be able anyway.

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Well and your colonna they say, Allah upon Allah He Allah and KB via the light or home while they are on the moon, they know better, rather, yes,

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man, whoever over here fulfilled, B or D with his pledge, what the * and he adopted the core, he feared Allah for in. So Indeed, Allah, Allah, you hibou he loves and with the theme, those who fear Allah, those who adopt the core

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in Indeed, Allah Vina those who yesterday una de barter, they exchange via the with covenant, Allah He of Allah wa and emani him their odds, feminine a price Lila little

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America those law not hold any share the home for them, fee in an era the here after all, and nor you can limo home, he will speak to them. Allahu Allah, Allah and nor young guru, he will look at him towards them. Yama on the LPR Mati of the standing owner and nor user key Him He will purify them while the home and for them are there been a punishment and even one painful.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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Kelly Matthew

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Lucia Kashi

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June II

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da da

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da da

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Ghana honey.

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Mimi was the

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one I know

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kita De Lima

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Lima una

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be me Ruby lady

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Warming Nikita demon

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de la

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una de la

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vida man.

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He was

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tell me

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you can remove la Juana

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la mia woman

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Al-Imran 64-77 Translation

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