Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-024A Translation and Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 177-182

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various interpretations of the word "slack" and its meaning, including its meaning as the person who believes in Jesus Christ, the person who gives wealth to someone, and the meaning of "well" in relation to money. They stress the importance of patient behavior and actions during these conditions, as well as preserving life and preserving society through wealth. The air of the victim's death hints at the possibility of forgiveness, and anyone who changes wealth will be punished, while anyone who makes a mistake will be punished. The concept of a "will" and its use is discussed, including its meaning behind certain actions and actions of others. The speakers also touch on the idea of a "will" and its use in requesting a will.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh are with the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Hill Karim rubbish Raha Saudi way acidity Emery wa who looked at a melissani of Kahu coli Allahumma Nickleby was admittedly Sunny was loads of humid akorbi I mean your bill olamine lesson number 24 Surah Al Baqarah verses 177 to 182, translation, laser, it is not a Billa the righteousness and that to one Lu you all turn, would you her comb your faces, the Bella towards El Mirage repeat the East while Maori B and the West, what are kina But indeed, Al Bira the righteousness man is of who am Anna he has believed Billahi in Allah will Yomi

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and the day I'll ask at the last while Mala Iike and the angels will Kitabi and the books when they begin and the prophets were Arthur and he gives a murderer the wealth or allow hubby because of his love or despite its love that will CORBA to the close relatives while your tama and the orphans while Messiah keen and the persons in need webinars Sabine and the Traveler was saline and those who ask were fee and in a record freeing of the next were apama and he establishes a salata the Salah, whatever and he gives a Zika does occur while mu fauna and those who fulfill be around the him their covenant either when or her do they make a covenant was Sabreen and those who are patient fee in L

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Betsa. The hardship in circumstances while the RA and the hardship in selves were Hina. And in time, Albert C of battle. Hola Iike dos Alladhina are those who saw the code they have been truthful or they have proved true, what hola ICA and those whom they truly elude the * are those who adopt consciousness of Allah. Yeah, a you have or a Lavina those who are new they have believed katiba It was decreed RLA come upon you all LP sasu the legal retribution fee in regard to Al Kotla those killed a whole row the free person will hurry for the free person will or will do and the slave Bill RBD for the slave while unser and the female Bill awnser for the female Furman then whoever raffia

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it is pardoned law who for him meant a fee by his brother or for his brother che on something for tiba and then follow up bill maruf in the recognized way what are their own and a payment la he To Him be your son in a good way? There Lika that Duffy phone is an alleviation men from Rob become your Rob will Ramadan and immersi from and then whoever era Tada he transgresses bother after that ICA that fellow who then for him or that one will be a punishment a Lehman ever painful. Welcome and for you all fee in LP softly the legal retribution. Higher tone is life. Yeah, Ollie Owens who possess Al Bab the intellects, Lauren law calm so that you all that Capone you will safeguard

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yourselves, cookie but it was decreed are they come upon you all either when how thorough it presents itself to a harder comb one of you all Elmo to the depth in if Tharaka he leaves Hiren wealth, l was a year to the bequest lil Wally Dane for the two parents will occur Rabin and the closest relatives Bill maruf in the recognized way, have gone a duty Allah upon ultimate Ducane those who adopt consciousness of Allah from and then whoever, but the law who he changes it Barddhaman after some era who he heard it for in nama that indeed only is smooth it sin. Allah is upon a Latina those who Yuba de Luna who they change it in that indeed Allah Allah Allah Samir, Arun

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is ever hearing or Limon ever knowing from and then whoever Hoffa he fears men from mousseline AB quitter, Jonathan a mistake Oh or isn't a sin for ostler her so He reconciled Boehner home between them fella is the no sin at all our lay he is upon him in that

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Indeed Allah Allah, Allah folden is ever forgiving or Haman Ever Merciful. We will do the word analysis, just like manna, Rahim laser it is not a beloved the righteousness meaning righteousness is not unto what Lu would you her comb that you all turn your faces people machine really well mohareb towards the east and the west. So righteousness is not that you turn your faces toward a certain direction. So laser is a word of negation. Okay, just as the word law law means not. So laser also is a word of negation. So I'll bet the word bid is from the root letters that rah rah, okay, bear, rah rah. And bed is used for you know, the word bid is generally used to refer to piety,

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righteousness, goodness, the doing of good actions, and in particular, it's also used to refer to the good treatment of parents. So for example, Bill will validate barrel validate is the good treatment of parents, right. So bear in general refers to goodness, good actions, righteousness, piety, and sometimes it is used to refer to piety towards one's parents good treatment of parents. So for example, recyling has Salam wa Burdwan beware lidda T, right he was one who was very kind and good towards his mother. So les Sal Bidra righteousness is not unto well Lou that you all turn would you have come to Well, lo from the root letter as well. Lamb Yeah, wala means to turn so to well,

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Lou, you all turn would you how come your faces plural of the word watch? Okay, watch. And watch is face. So you turn your faces dibala towards al mushrik. The East will Maghrib and the West remember these words earlier, Masha took us from the root letters sheen rock off and Maghrib from the root letters ln a la ba, okay. And machinic refers to the direction of the East Maghrib the direction meaning where the sunsets so much look where the sun rises from McRib, where the sunsets? Well, I cannot but indeed Albula the righteousness. So what is righteousness? It is Minh of who. Now technically bid is a noun, right? Not a person. So there's different ways in which grammatically

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this idea has been understood. I'm not going to go into the detail of that a simple translation has been done over here that righteousness is of who meaning real righteousness is of the person who am Anna Billahi. Well, yo mill after Amana, he has believed Billahi in Allah will Yeoman. Meaning if you want to know what real piety is, then you can see that in the person who believes in Allah, and who believes in the last day, while Mala Iike and the angels while keytab and the book now the word keytab, appears to be singular, and it is technically singular, the plural of the word keytab is couteau. Right books, but it's also in essence, in essence, meaning a generic now, in the sense that

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it can refer to more than one. So keytab over here you can understand this as revealed scripture. So he believes in Allah the last day the angels in revealed scriptures, when to begin and the profits and the beginner's deploring of the word and nubby what earthen Mela, Allah who be so real piety is awful. First of all, he believes in Allah. Secondly, what Atal mela Allahu be atta he gives a Mullah the wealth I let her be here because of his love. And Allah who be the word Arla we can understand this in a number of different ways. One we can understand this as because meaning because of her, be he and Who is he, this pronoun he referring to? It is referring to Allah or Zawada. So he gives his

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wealth why because of his love for Allah, okay, because he loves Allah. This is why he gives his wealth Well, Athan mela Allah who behaved Secondly, we can understand her be he this pronoun he referring to it as in the wealth itself. Okay. And here we understand our law as despite meaning even though he loves his wealth, he still gives it even though he loves his wealth, he still gives it what I tell my Allah Allah hubby. This is real piety. And there is a third interpretation of this as well, which we can translate as because of its love, meaning he gives

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wealth because of its love the pronoun he would be referring to spending meaning because of the love of spending. So, some people when they spend, they get very upset, they regret they keep thinking about it, they keep worrying. And some people they just love to give. So what and my Allah Allah who be who does he give the wealth to the will CORBA to the close relatives. Now the Wii is the plural of the word though, okay possessor and kotoba is close relationship from the root letters cough. Ba Porb is closeness. So there will orba close relatives meaning people who possess the relationship of closeness to them, okay, so they will call back close relatives while you're Tana And the orphans

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plural of the word, your team, okay. And your team. If you remember we discussed this earlier as well that he a team has a child whose father has passed away and the person will be called the A team for as long as their child once they hit puberty, then the term your team no longer applies to them. So while the uttama and the orphans Well, Messiah keen and the persons in need plural of the word Mysskin. Okay. miskeen is someone who is in need from the root letter seen calf known, and second means stillness. So miskeen is a person who is not as mobile meaning their poverty, their dependence, the lack of fulfillment of their needs, does not allow them to be as mobile as others

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are. They're not able to go around freely their poverty their neediness inhibits them. So well, Mr. Kenan, the persons in need webinars Seville and the traveler. Now technically, if you look at the word even even means son Seville means road. So son of the road, meaning someone who's on the road, okay? So meaning the traveler, so they also give wealth to who to the Traveler was Sati lien and those who ask plural of the word said Ill okay one who asks seen Hamza lamb question, two question to ask. So here sir 18 is referring to those who beg, we're fee and in meaning they also spend in the Cause of a record. The next record is the plural of the word Lacava. Okay, and rock Oba is neck

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and in the cause of the next what does that mean? Meaning in the cause of freeing slaves, okay, freeing slaves. So those people who are enslaved or even imprisoned, their neck is tied, their neck is tied, meaning they don't have the freedom to go around. So we're fitted a cog in the freeing of the next meeting the freeing of slaves, what a coma and he establishes so number three so the first was about Iman min Armineh second was about spending giving and the third is about a comma Salah establishes the salah number four, we're at Zika and he gives Zika. So this is real bit, this is real piety. Well, more phone and those who fulfill this is number five, move forward is the plural

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of the word move in Okay, and move in is the person who does what and what is Wafaa to fulfill something Wow, fair. Yeah, is the root. So those who fulfill br the hem their covenant Iein ha that so those who fulfill their covenant, either when or how do they make a covenant, same route. So whenever they make a covenant, they fulfill it. Then number six was sabe Idina Filbert set, and those who are patient in Baksa and in other rock plural of the word Savage, sob it is the person who does suburb sought by rock, just as move on move in is a person who does want to solve it is a person who does suburb and suburb is HUBZone naps to restrain oneself because sometimes we want to

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be impulsive, but we have to think is this really an appropriate response at this time? Can this wait or is this necessary? So Sabreen those who are patient fi in Albert sir II will drop but say you will de la are two different kinds of conditions that are mentioned over here. What are these conditions the first condition but Sir from bear, Hamza seen you can see in the translation, it's hardship in circumstances. So you're talking about for instance, financial constraint, okay. Or for example, there is a natural disaster. A person has been fired from their job. So this is but set some

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say that it is shared the tool fucker, extreme poverty and but Sir is the opposite of Norma. Norma is good times, okay when a person is enjoying many blessings and good things and but Sir on the other hand is hardship in circumstances not ease, not wealth but a hardship and of the raw is from the root letters blood raw raw, the raw is to suffer in oneself, okay? It's the hardship that a person experiences within themselves and this could be in the form of physical pain, physical illness, it could be in the form of mental torture, so that sat around a person in the circumstances that they're in and the raw within a person the difficulty the hardship that they experience within

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themselves. So they're patient in both of these circumstances and both of these conditions were handled backs and they're also patient in time of battle, meaning when they're in a battle, even at that time their patient Hain means time and buts same route as Betsa ba Hamza scene and battle is called butts there is a connection over here because the you know, the circumstances the situation that a person is in is very dangerous, very risky, their life is in danger anyone could attack them from anywhere they could get injured they could get killed. So that's is battle were handled. That's it hola Ecuador's meaning, the people who have such qualities. They are Alladhina Sadako. Those who

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have been truthful, solid dal Tov, they have been truthful in what in their claim of piety or in their belief in Allah. So Allah Nina Sadako, and not just they have been truthful, but they have proved true that they are truly believers. So Allah Iike Medina Sadako, WA Hola, Iike and those whom they truly elude the cone or those who adopt consciousness of Allah. Because when you think about the word Murthy, a pious person, a God conscious person, then this is what a real McDuffie is, okay. The person who has these qualities, they are the real Motoki Yeah Are you her or Alladhina amanu those who have believed katiba It was decreed, calf, but literally cutover means to write. And it

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gives the meaning of decree as well Kitab is decree of Allah so could t bar lay calm, it was decreed upon you all here we will not translate good pizza as it was written on you, because it's not written on your body. Right. So could you buy it has been decreed upon you all meaning this law has been given to you. And what is this law it is off key sauce, Alka sauce, ALPA Saso Phil Kotler, the sauce in regard to those who are killed now the sauce is from the root letters cough, solid solid and pasa por su literally means to follow okay to go after we learned in the Quran that when the mother of Musa alayhis salam put him in the box and put the box in the river, she told his sister

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mean the sister of Musa Ali salaam poo See he will see the same root meaning follow him follow the box, see where it ends up at. So T sauce, what does this mean this is the law of legal retribution, where you follow the criminal okay and give to the criminal as punishment what the criminal inflicted on his victim okay. So, this is the sauce that you give to the criminal exactly what he inflicted upon his victim. So, cookie bar la comarca sauce, this law has been given to you in regard to those who are killed and Kotla is the plural of the word Patil. Okay, which gives the meaning of MK tool okay meaning the one who has been killed off the lamb to kill. So, those who have been

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killed in regard to them, you will carry out the law of SOS. So what does that mean? That the people who killed them are going to be killed in return. So the sauce is basically legal retribution and how noble Hoadley and hurt her rah rah This is a free person meaning the person who is not a slave. So the free person been hurry for the free person well are the two and the slave bill of the for the slave inshallah we'll talk about what this means in sub seat while ownself

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Built on sir and the female for the female OPT is from the root letters I in Berdahl and unser from the letters Hamza noon sir Furman roofie. Allah Who, then whoever is such that roofie Anna who is pardoned for him, meaning he is pardoned raffia from mine for well, awful to pardon. So whoever is pardoned min of heehee Min from his brother, meaning by his brother, who is his brother, his brother, this is referring to the air of the McCool the air of the victim. Okay, so the air the guardian of the victim, if He pardons who the murderer, and that can happen. So his who was his, this is referring to the makuu Okay, and raffia roofie Allahu he is pardoned, it was pardoned for

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him who was he the murderer or till so, the cotton the murderer is forgiven by the heir of the victim, that can happen. Okay. The other interpretation of this is that the cartel the murderer is pardoned for his brother. So his his over here is referring to who the cotton, okay, and who is his brother? The person that he killed? Okay, because even if he killed him, yes, that was a wrong act, the bond of brotherhood in Islam still exists. Okay, so whoever is pardoned by his brother or for his brother, shame on something. So what is this pardon that basically the air say that we don't want to kill you in return, then what's the other option the other option is furtiva own Bill Maher

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roof, what are their own Alaihe bearson then a follow up is do in the recognized way the rain and maruf rain raw for so then a follow up is due in the recognized way and inshallah we'll talk about what this means and see what other en la Hebei airson, and a payment to him in a good way at our own from Hamza dal Yeah. Okay. Meaning now, the payment is due in the sense that the compensation the blood money has to be given by the murderer to the family of the victim. So, how is he going to give that payment? He has to give it in a good way. So on time, he has to, you know, give it whenever it is expected in full amount that he cut that what is that referring to the option of blood money.

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This is it the fee phone and alleviation Hall for for HOFA is to lighten to reduce the burden. So this is an alleviation. Middle of B come from your rub, meaning your rub has made the matter easy for you. What are my tone and this is also a mercy that in every case of murder, the murderer is not going to be killed, the heirs of the victim have the permission, or they have the authority to forgive and pardon the murder. So this is an alleviation and a mercy femenina Tada BARDA lick, but whoever transgresses after that i in the URL well, to overstep the bounds, whoever transgresses after that how would someone transgress in a case like this, for example, the IRS say to the

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murderer that you know, it's okay, we forgive you, but you give us the blood money. And then he gives them the blood money, the amount that is determined by the judge. But then what happens after a month, they hire someone to kill the murderer as well. So this is transgression that they took the money and then they also killed him. So from an era Tada BARDA, daddy, whoever transgresses after that fella who then for him, meaning for the transgressor will be or that when a Limon a painful punishment, were in the hereafter what a comb and for you all, you all is referring to those who believe so for you all or believers philcare saucy in the legal retribution higher tone is actually

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life. Meaning if you observe this law properly, then there's preservation of life. Yeah, will allow, but everyone does not understand how there's more life in the sauce. Only allele el Bab will understand this so all possessors of the intellects Al Bab is the plural of the word loop. And loop is the center of something. Okay, or the center most part of something the most sought out part of something because it is the best of it. And when you're talking about a human being the low

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Have a person is their intellect, who they really are, what they really are. So all people who possess the intellects, realize that for you in the sauce is life. Learn the content, the Quran, and Allah subhanaw taala has legislated this on you why in order that you will safeguard yourselves this is to preserve you to preserve your faith to protect you from committing murder, and to preserve your society. cookie bar alaykum it was decreed upon your wall, another law is mentioned over here. And what is this that either when Hello Hola, como el Moto, when death presents itself to one of you? So how about Ah ha. But remember, in the first just we learned about in how they are Kuben

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modes, when death presented itself to Yaqoob alayhi salam, meaning he was near death. So when one of you is about to die, the signs of death are visible. So what should that person do? They must do something? What is that, that intaka hyaluron. If he leaves wealth, meaning he's dying in a state where he is leaving Highland Highland literally is something good. But it also refers to wealth, because wealth in and of itself is not something evil, it is something good. It allows a person to be free of depending on others, it allows a person to fulfill their needs, it allows a person to bring benefit to others as well. So higher it is said that when it's referred to wealth, then you're

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not just talking about a little bit of wealth, you're talking about a whole lot of wealth, a substantial amount. So when one of you is near death, and he is leaving a substantial amount of wealth, then what should they do? They must do UL we'll see here, too. So what is decreed on you? And we'll see you. Okay, the request. Now we'll see you from the root letters. Well, solid, yeah, we'll see Yeah, is to give a bequest make a will, in regard to one's property. Okay, one's wealth, and not just property and wealth, but also a person's dependents or any work of theirs. So you make a will in regard to that, in the sense that you tell people as to who is now going to be the owner

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of your wealth, who is going to inherit it, who is going to look after your children, and things like that. So here, this is specifically about wealth. So he must make a request, any he should not just leave it to the people to figure out what to do with that wealth, and that wealth should not be buried with him? No, it's going to go to people. So the dying person must make a will. And this will this request should be in the favor of who lil Wiley Daini for the parents will occur between and the closest relatives, because the people who deserve anything good from you, first and foremost are your parents and then those who are closest to you in relationship, but this will say yeah, this

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request will be been Maroof in the recognized way. Now, you know that the word Wiley then is dual of the word while in a Caribbean is a plural of the word of club, okay, a club is closest relatives, or Caribbean closest relatives, and Bill Maher roof are in fact, in the recognized way, meaning that will should be, you know, made in a way that is appropriate, not that he says for example, give my parents $10 and the rest of it can go to my cousin, that doesn't make sense. It has to be Bill maruf in the recognized way, how can I learn water clean a duty upon those who adopt consciousness of Allah. So, people who are truly pious, we learned earlier that real piety is of the one who believes

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etcetera. And then at the end, it was said that such people are with the cane. So, myth 13, this is a duty on them, that they must make a will in regard to their wealth from a Madonna who then whoever changes it. So for example, the dying person made a will made it very clear, but then what happens, someone changes that will, if it's a written document, they make some changes to it, in order to favor some people over others or if it was a verbal communication, you know, he changes that when he passes on the verbal will to the family. So whoever changes it, but that lamb is the root bar them as semirara who after he hears it, meaning after He has full knowledge of what exactly the dying

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person was saying and what he meant. So he changes it on purpose knowingly and now

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All things are unfair so far in Nama is Moodle than indeed only it's sin. Allah Allah Dena Yuba de Luna, who is upon those people who change it by the lamb, meaning then the dying person he is not sinful. The sin is on those people who changed it in the law has Samir on our limb indeed Allah is ever hearing ever knowing from an HA from a moose in Jennifer and then Whoever fears from the muslin, some jennife. Man, Hoffa, Whoever fears ha, well, file HOath mousseline who is Musen Musen is the person who is making the we'll see Yeah, okay, making the we'll see. If you remember, you know, the simple rule that when a when a word begins with me, okay, not always but typically, and

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this meme is not part of the root letters, then this is an indication that it's referring to a person, okay. So for example, more fauna. We read earlier, move fauna, it's beginning with me, so those who fulfill its people, okay. You have also moved the cone. Okay. See again, the mean people, people who adopt aqua and then here, you have Musulin the person who is making a we'll see, yeah, the bequeathing so for example, there is a person who is near his death and he's making a will and that will is clearly unfair. Okay, so there is a mistake, Jonathan Jeem known for this is referring to a person making a mistake out of ignorance. Okay. Oh Eastman or sin? This is a person making a

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mistake knowingly any he's making an unfair will knowingly for us La Habana home so he reconciles between them who the person who fears man Hoffa okay solid lamb who is the root so he reconciles between them between who between the heirs so he tells them that look even though your father made this will it's not exactly correct. This is not fair. So you all should fix it among yourselves so for US law Hebei Nahant villa is morally then there is no sin upon him in the law have a photo Rahim indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. Okay let's listen to the recitation of these verses and then we will begin to proceed Bismillah laser

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doll do have

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machinery you are now worried what a

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a hobby that we will

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do in a city will measure again our business savvy Leo's

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if you're doing a follow up almost Salah we're out on a sauna does

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you will love more you are here

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Ola. Lady you know Sadako

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Inka telco

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Ucci body in sauce will be a little

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unusual will be referred to be

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family movie Anna whom enough he shall

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be now

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any what

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do we

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go to Bali either how

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to talk

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to little worry they mean it if you're only noisy and only when either any one

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of you help

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the family

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move on lady you know, do you wanna in Allah has me on Ernie Berman for mosey J

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Lesson I

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also have a you know whom fell

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madly in Allah or fooled walking

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