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Al-Anam 74-92 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 74-77

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim lesson number 82 SoTL anon I at 74 to 92.

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What is Allah Ibrahim Ali Avi as mentioned, O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when Ibraheem alehissalaam said to his father as of what did he say to him?

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At that the hue of snam and lehighton? Do you take idols as gods in the Rococo Mecca field with any movie? Indeed, I see you and your people in manifest error.

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In the previous ayah, we learnt about check about the one who is doing check that his companions, whether it is his family members, or his friends, they call him, but he doesn't respond. And a person who is doing he is harming himself, he is offering himself for destruction.

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So, in these it is the story of Abraham or the center

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in which he is shown calling his people to the heat. And he is making his people realize the futility of shake that how it doesn't make any sense. It's so illogical.

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Well, it's father Abraham, when Ibrahima has said, I'm set, and who was Ibrahim Hassan, he was

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the father of the prophets, Allah Allah, the friend of a law, it was a gender out of or out of the father of the Arabs, as well as he was a Buddhist, Mary was

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the father of his marrying the father of his help or an incident.

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So when he sadly abbyy to his father, who was his father,

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it is said that as of was actually the lockup of his father, it wasn't his actual name.

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Others say that it wasn't the name of his father, but it was the name of his grandfather. Others say that Azur was not his real name. And in reality, as it has a very negative meaning, and he has been called as it over here. However, we should just take things on the surface. And that's there is an evidence that proves otherwise

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a loss of power that says over here, he said to his father, as a, we will take it as it is, he said to his father as of that his father was as whether it was his name or his lack of his title, whatsoever.

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He said to him at that moment, do you take idols

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instead of him which is defined as this for Toby, her approach? amazement, that are you really worshipping idols? What are you doing? He's provoking thought over here. What are you doing? Are you worshiping idols? You're taking them as gods. The word Islam is a form of Sunnah, Sunnah, so solid noon me

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and son is basically an idol that is made of gold, silver, or wood. It is often said that Sonam is that idol, which is carved out of wood or silver or gold, or something like that. And remember that there are many types of sculptures out there. Even today, every sculpture is not an idol. Every image is not an idol, because sometimes people you know, they will see a doll or they will see a stuffed toy and they will say Oh, look at these idols and move them from you.

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In order, it is called booth. So they will throw their booth over here, remove them, hide them, cover them up, put them away, get rid of them. But remember that every sculpture, every figure, every image is not a sonic Sonam is what that sculpture that is made for the purpose of worship.

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It is made for the purpose of worship, or it is made with the belief that it has some kind of divine powers or it has some effect that if we put this particular sculpture over here, there will be a lot of peace and tranquility. Like sometimes people put the sculpture of Buddha or something like that, thinking that it brings wealth. So if there is a sculpture and image that is believed to have some divine powers that is believed to have some effect, that is what Sonam is, that is worshipped. That is what a Sonam is.

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So he's asking them, are you taking a snap as Allah?

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Allah is the plural of Illa in the urraca that you're worshiping these objects whom you've made yourself. I see you that clearly you will call maka and your people. So you reverse to his father and omocha your people, meaning all those people who follow this religion, I see you feel an alum of being in clear air

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meaning you're not on the way of the heap. You're not on truth. You're not on that which is right but rather, you are in blood and your blood is moving, it is clear.

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Remember that sort of an arm is one of the last suitors to be revealed in Makkah, and the argument has been established against the machine.

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Up until now, many sources were revealed concerning Phil Heath establishing to hate proving the heat. Now, this story is mentioned of Ibrahim realism in which he invites his people to the heat, he proves to them, the fact that schilke is illogical. And finally, he says that I am buried from you, I have nothing to do with you.

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Similarly, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had been doing that to his people for about 13 years now. And he proved to them though he proved to them, that * was illogical, but still, they weren't getting it. So he's given this example, that now you have to do the same thing.

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Ibrahim Hassan has mentioned in the story, Ibrahim Hassan, he was born about 4000 years ago, in the city of Earth, which is in Iraq.

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It is at that upon excavation of the city, the civilization of this place of the city of Rome, was discovered. And it was found that it existed around 2100 BC. And the population of this area was about 250,000.

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So they were about 250,000 people, and they lived around what time 2100 BC. And the city of Rome was the central town. It was the central time, the main town just as Makkah, was a central town, meaning people used to come there a lot visit a lot. Similarly, Earth was also the central city.

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And it has been found that the population of there it was divided into different classes. So basically, there was a class system, there was a class system.

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And it was divided into three classes. The first one was a meal, which was the elite, the rich, those people who had leadership and governance. And remember at that time, leadership, men governance meant that you are politically empowered, as well as religiously,

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that those who have religious as well as political authority. So that was the amela.

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And it is said that Ibrahim renesola belong to this class.

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Then the second type of the class was Myskina, which was of craftsmen, skilled workers, laborers. And there was another class as well, which was mainly of those people who were poor. And we see that these people were polytheistic. And they worshipped many gods.

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These people, they were polytheistic, and they worship many gods. And each city and town had its own main God, which was known as the rubble ballot, the Lord of the city, each town, each city had its main God, or idol, whom do people worship. And it was the rubble ballad, the Lord of the city. And for each town, it was a different. So the God of Earth was men.

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Who was the God of roof, men now. And for that God, many lands were dedicated, many animals were dedicated, people were dedicated,

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people would offer sacrifice for the sake of that God. And that idol, was fixed in a very prominent location in that city. So for instance, none now, it was located at the top of a particular Hill, particular mountain, so that it is visible from falling.

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And we see that sometimes, especially in history, you see that people did place idols, or their gods were at the front of the city, or by the lake, as people are approaching the city, they can see the God from far.

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So this is something that they had done as well

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alone and what the reality was, but we learned from the Quran that the people who are human incident they were,

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they worshiped many gods, and it wasn't just that they worship Gods made of clay or gold or silver. But they also worshiped stars, and other creatures as well.

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So we learn over here that even our hero has said and said to his father, that do you worship idols, you've taken them as gods, that you think that they help you, they provide for you. They deserve your worship, you dedicate all of your actions to them, you dedicate your money to them, really, your worshiping idols, I see you and your people in a clear error. What do we learn from this ayah

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First of all, we learn that the hour begins from home, meaning a person must begin calling others to the dean and he should start that process from where from his

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His own house from his own family. Like it is a charity begins from home.

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So Abraham is and I wanted to speak to his father.

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He didn't start from, you know, just any random person on the street, he started from his own father. Why?

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Because if you have the support of your family, then you can do more. And if you don't even have the support of your family, then you can't do anything. It's very difficult. So you have to start from your own house. And it's not fair that a person is wishing well for strangers, people whom he doesn't know. But he doesn't care at all about his own family, about his own parents about his own children. So if a person is really sincere to his family, he will start from them.

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We also move on this is about a very important technique. And what is it

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to ask questions in order to make the other person think?

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What is that tell them what you're doing is wrong. And this is ship in original ship, because Luna Aleem and you will be in Hellfire if you do ship. Now, one is to use that approach. And the other is that you ask questions in order to make them think

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you make them curious.

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And this is something that we see very common in this story of Ibrahim Renaissance that he's making them think,

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again, and again, he's asking them questions.

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And generally what happens, you meet someone you want to give power to them, and you don't know how to start, isn't it?

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You don't know how to start? The best way is ask a question and break the ice.

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You will ask a question, they will give an answer or they will say okay, what do you think?

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For example, you can ask them so what religion to follow?

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Oh, I heard this about the children and you guys do this as well. But do you really think it makes sense? So ask questions, break the ice, and then you can bring about your point.

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We also learned another very important technique, which is to use logic and common sense that he's asking them Do you really take these

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as God's meaning a son of whom you have made yourself? Are you worshiping that we learn in selected MBI number 52 that Abraham Renison is finally, a B he will call me when he said to his father and his people, Melody Murphy, what are these statues and let the ultimate hierarchy form to which you are devoted. So what are these statues that you have made yourself and you're devoted to it? Is it really something worth devoting yourself to?

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So he's using logic, common sense. And this is something that we should also do

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work early cannery, Ibrahim, and dusted we show Ibrahim at a salon mallacoota somewhere to

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the realm of the heavens and the earth, when he akuna Minal movie Nene. And that he will be among those who are certain, in fact, work identical. And thus, meaning just as we showed him, the misguidance of his father and his people. And we made him realize how illogical shake is. Similarly, we also show to Abraham and he said, I'm the mother could have the similarity.

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We made him realize about the misguidance of his people. And at the same time, we showed him the signs in the heavens and the earth. Why?

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So that he would develop your pain in the oneness of Allah. So

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he would develop your claim, that all those who are worshipped besides Allah are not true God.

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And instead of the one who owns the mallacoota silhouette, you will be the one who owns this creation in the heavens and the earth, He is the God

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this is how he developed your thing.

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So karateka this is connected with the previous side, just as we showed him the ilab the misguidance of his father and his people, and we made him realize how illogical is similarity? We showed him the mallacoota Assa t a lot so that he would develop your pain in the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Now, over here, the word gnudi has been used nudie asunder newsletters all Hamza

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from the word Rukia.

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And Roja is to see and there are two types of vision. One is Roja. berseria to look at something with one's eye,

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look at something with one's eyes.

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And the other type of rokeya is here in media.

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Which is to look at something with knowledge in the sense that to reflect on something, to consider something to think about something to learn about something

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For example, one is that I show you a very unique fruit or vegetable that maybe you've never seen before.

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That is, what Rukia bacillary. And the other is that I describe it to you. I mentioned it to you, I explain it to you.

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And when I describe it to you, can you picture it in your mind a little bit? Of course, you can

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submit it when we read in the Quran, Allah item, or at home, the same word or ADA has been used. It doesn't mean literally have you seen physically? But what does it mean? Have you considered? Have you thought about this? Have you reflected on this? So he is of two types right here in media, and Rukia basilea.

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And over here, waka Delica, nui, Ibrahim, this is Leah berseria, as well as me,

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because he didn't have see the surface. He didn't just look at the sky and the earth and the sun and the moon. Everybody was looking at those things. He saw them but he also reflected on them. He also reflected on them. He also got the point of their existence. He also got the point of their existence, the reason of their existence.

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I for example, one is that you see a machine like okay, it's a machine.

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And there is another person looks at it. And he's like, what is this machine? How come it is functioning like this? And he touches it, he feels that he thinks about it, he tries to use it. You saw it as well. He sighed as well, but his seeing is different from yours. Correct. So we showed him the mallacoota some of it will or not that he just physically saw everybody sees meaning that he reflected and he contemplated on the Miller code of similarity will and he got the point. He got the message. What does the word melaku mean? mallacoota sundram cutters mean lamb calf, and mallacoota his empire, Kingdom realm. And mallacoota is like mulk. However, because it ends with wild, wild or

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extra letters, and therefore mobile offering densification.

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So mallacoota is not just the kingdom of one country, or one area, but mallacoota is the entire demeaning, entire demeaning.

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And the word mallacoota is only used for a loss of pantalla. Why? Because the entire melaku belongs to

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only Allah.

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So we showed him the malla code of some of the heavens and we're

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meeting a las pantallas MOOC is so fun, his album over the summer wet and

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that Allah subhanaw taala showed to him that everything in the heavens and the earth it belongs to who it belongs to Allah. Who is their Creator of law? Who is their provider? Allah, Who is the one behind everything, Allah. So we showed him that the similarity was all their medical belongs to Allah alone, and none but him. And we made him realize this fact, we made him realize this fact.

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And it is also at the mallacoota. Swati Well, it refers to the amazing creation, the marvelous creation in the heavens and the earth, which points to the oneness of Allah subhana

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wa ekonomi lucchini. And we showed him all of this, so that he would become of those who have been moving in his role of moving one who has up

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meaning we showed him all of this, that you would have your thing in the oneness of a multiplanetary.

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So this shows that he believed in the last panel data from before he had him and from before, but he was shown all of this, so that he would realize and he would have seen that yes, Allah is only one

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like a person. He has believed that for and is from Allah. The other is that he learns the Quran, he studies the Quran, he goes through the Quran, and what does that develop in him?

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Your clean, conviction, certainty. Similarly, he knew that Allah is one He is the Creator. He was a believer from before. But when he saw that the star rose and except the moon came and it went away, the sun came and it went away. What did that make him realize?

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That everything else is transitory.

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And the one who is behind all of this, he is the permanent beam and he is the only one worthy of

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your cleaning comes after him and that a person already has enough then he develops

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and it's possible that in one incident only a person has a man anyway.

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But it starts from him.

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So when he akuna mina

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Now, we see over here that Allah subhanaw taala he gave Ibrahim Addison and adelphia to reflect on the mallacoota of sumati will.

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And through this reflection through this observation, he realized the truth of the oneness of Allah soprano.

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And through this, he also try to make other people realize the oneness of almost,

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that when he was preaching to his people, he made them reflect on the star on the moon on the sun, so that they would realize themselves that Allah is one.

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So what do we learn from this idea?

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First of all, we learn that Allah subhanaw taala has created the similarities.

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And he has placed in them many signs for us to realize his oneness, for us to realize his power

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for us to use our minds and take lesson,

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but everybody does not reflect,

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everybody does not learn, everybody does not get the point.

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We learned Colin zuru manifesto it will have that say, behold, look, all that is in the heavens and the earth. Look at it. Look at all the loss Pandora has created, so that you can take a lesson, so that you can realize the oneness of Allah, so that you can develop up.

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We also learn from this ayah that when a person observes and reflects on the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. If this observation and reflection is done correctly, then what does it develop in a person? What does it develop in a person

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you can gain, certainty, conviction,

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remembering sort of earlier in life, we learned about Albert, who are the

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those who reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of the night and the desaturate the people who take lessons from what from observation and reflection on the creation of almost serpentine.

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We also learn from beside that if the Prophet of Allah,

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he was shown the Morocco tomato, and he was made to reflect on the Makoto sumati will do develop your theme from that is not important for us. Isn't it important for us?

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Then should we not learn about the creation of Allah? Should we not reflect on the creation of Allah, so that we can develop your penis? Well, of course we should.

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If the Prophet of Allah was made to do this, it is all the more necessary for us.

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Furthermore, generally, he laid

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so when the night covered him with darkness, Allah subhanaw taala made him see the heavens and the earth to get the point that Allah is one and he used the same method to prove the heat to his people as well.

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So what did he do?

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That fellow man generally he laid when the night covered him, gender is a little better Jean No, no. And jen junoon is to cover something.

00:23:07--> 00:23:12

Basically, it is when something is hidden from one census,

00:23:13--> 00:23:15

when something is hidden from the census,

00:23:16--> 00:23:22

so you cannot see it, you cannot smell it. You cannot hear it. You cannot touch it.

00:23:23--> 00:23:25

It's covered from all five senses.

00:23:26--> 00:23:28

And from the same root is a word gene.

00:23:29--> 00:23:32

Why is gene called gene because it's hidden from our senses?

00:23:34--> 00:23:51

If there is a gene because with every person associaton who is whispering even in his heart, can you hear him someday? Maybe in your head, in your own voice? Where can you hear the jinn? No. Can you touch him? Can you feed him? No. Can you smell him? No. That's why he's called Jean.

00:23:53--> 00:23:56

Similarly, Janine, is used for fetus.

00:23:57--> 00:24:01

In the early stages, especially. It's concealed.

00:24:02--> 00:24:29

Nearly a woman cannot touch it cannot feel it. Until eventually it starts to flutter to move, then the mother can feel it. But until that point, it's completely hidden from the census. Although it's within a woman, but still it is hidden from the census. So Phantom agenda, La La Lu, meaning when it completely covered upon Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, what the night, meaning the night descended, and everything became dark.

00:24:31--> 00:24:39

When he saw a star, just imagine the whole sky is black. And he sees a star, which has bright.

00:24:40--> 00:24:50

The word coca literally means to shine to glisten, and it is used for a big star, the glistening shining star.

00:24:51--> 00:24:58

And in the sky, there are many stars. But sometimes there's one star in particular that's very bright that's listening and you see it immediately.

00:25:00--> 00:25:00

The North Star

00:25:02--> 00:25:11

and there is many words used for stars. For example, the word najem is all to use, but the word Coco in particular is used for a big, bright, radiant star listening stuff.

00:25:12--> 00:25:50

So, Coco when he saw a star, it is said that this was Venus planet because it's also used for planets. other meanings, meaning Ibrahim Alayhi Salam said to his people, hello, Robbie. This is my Lord. Because his people, they were Muskegon, so he was trying to prove to them, he was trying to show to them that these creatures are not God. And he's going to prove it to them. So when he saw the story, he said, This is my Lord. But for them a fella, but when it said, our financial newsletters Hamza fella, and fool is when something sets basically, it is used for the setting for the disappearing of stars and other celestial bodies.

00:25:51--> 00:26:01

So for them, I found out when it said when it disappeared, Allah He said, No, he said, let me I don't like those who disappear.

00:26:02--> 00:26:07

And I want a God who is always present, who's always there to listen to my prayers.

00:26:08--> 00:26:17

If this is supposed to be my God, and it disappears, I don't like him. Which friends do you like? what friends do you like? Those who are always there for you?

00:26:19--> 00:26:24

And if they disappear all of a sudden, and you find out two weeks later, they've gone to another country. How do you feel?

00:26:25--> 00:26:28

I don't like them anymore. They never told me.

00:26:29--> 00:26:37

So furama afara cornella Hubbell as I said, I don't like those who disappear. Therefore, I'm not going to worship the star.

00:26:38--> 00:26:42

I don't like the star. I'm not going to take it as my Lord.

00:26:43--> 00:27:19

Remember this story? This is not a fundable health because many people misunderstand the story, thinking that Ibrahim al Islam was trying to look for God, he was searching for God. And first of all, he stumbled upon the star and he said, Okay, I'm going to worship the star because he was very impressed by its brightness. And then he stumbled upon the moon. And he said he was going to worship them. No, he's not searching for truth. He already had the truth. He had your theme. Remember, he had a man and he lost 100 assured him all of this, that he would develop your team. And he was using the same technique to prove the heat to his people. So this is not possible. This is not that he's

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seeking the truth. But this is Misha that'll help he's observing the truth. And he's making his people observed the truth as well. So that he would have the appeal, and he would prove to the people the irrationality of worshipping manmade idols

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phenomena, then when he saw a camera, the moon,

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then when he saw the moon beziehen rising, by definition, the root factor is bad, they like blue and blue is to come out it is to emerge to rise. What does it mean to emerge to rise? And it is used for the initial stage of the rising of the sun or the moon.

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So for example, when the sun is rising, what happens?

00:28:04--> 00:28:08

You see it appearing from the horizon, isn't it?

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Have you ever seen the sunrise, it appears gradually from the horizon, and it continues to go up the horizon. This is what beza is, this is what buzu is. And at that time, you may have noticed that it's very bright, it's very radiant, the sun is so bright, that you almost cannot see it directly. This is what blue is. So it's not just used for the rising of the sun, but it's also used for the rising of the moon.

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When the moon begins to appear in the night sky,

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and at that time, it's very radiant, it shines, it's most visible, and it's also very attractive.

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Your vision goes through it again and again.

00:28:49--> 00:28:54

So when he saw the moon rising in the sky, color, he said, Hi Robbie, this is my Lord.

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He said this to to his people, because he's showing it to his people

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from Atlanta, but then when it disappeared, Allah He said, like a lamea linear of B if my Lord does not guide me, let akuna nominal komikko lien then I will be of those people who are astray.

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Why is he saying this? Is he looking for guidance? What does it mean by this? He is showing to his people, that I am searching for truth. I am using my mind, you should also do the same, and the Lord meaning the Creator, the one who made me, the one who made you, if he does not guide me if he does not show me the way to himself, then I am gone. So in other words he's making there are before them for who they are for guidance. It is also that that what the statement means in reality is like a Lamborghini or be that if my Lord does not make me firm upon guidance, does not establish me on true guidance. Then I will be

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Those who were astray.

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But even this didn't work still the people, they wouldn't stop worshipping their gods.