Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-032E Tafsir Al-Baqarah 238-242

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of not forgetting obligations and not just thinking about it during difficult situations like divorce and the coronavirus pandemic. They stress the need to be mindful of one's responsibilities and pray on time to avoid distractions and avoid mistakes. The importance of praying properly and showing gratitude to Allah is emphasized, as it is a duty upon divorce couples. Prayer on time and showing gratitude to Allah is also emphasized.
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The next is last panel tharla says haffi Lu R la sala Wati wa Salatu was spa war como lillahi carnitine. Maintain with care diligently guard maintained the obligatory prayers and specifically guard the Wistar prayer, the best prayer will Pullman Allah He carnitine and stand before Allah devoutly obedient. Now, this is a complete change of topic. Right? And if you think about it, the verses regarding divorce have not ended over here. There's more verses that are coming up regarding divorce, waiting period, matara, etcetera, they're coming up. So, all of a sudden within these verses, there is mention of Salah. So, remember that the order of the 13th the order the arrangement

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of the words of the Quran, the verses of the Quran, even the surah of the Quran, this is all though piffy meaning this is all from Allah subhanaw taala So, this arrangement of verses is not random.

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This is how Allah subhanaw taala revealed it. Okay. And Allah subhanaw taala is Hakeem he is all wise. So when it comes to the arrangement of verses, yes, this is a change of topic. But this is not random. This is not meaningless, because we are taught to reflect on the Quran of Malaya that the Brunel Quran will do not reflect on the Quran. And to reflect on the Quran means that you reflect on the words on the verses and part of reflection is also that you see the arrangement that what is mentioned first, what is mentioned second, what is mentioned third, right. So, when divorce is being mentioned, all of a sudden, we are told to maintain our prayers. What lesson can we take from this?

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What lesson can we take from this? You see, the topic of divorce is a very heavy topic. Right? It's a very heavy topic. Mentally, also, it is heavy, because you know, you're looking at so many scenarios. First of all, you're trying to understand what the process is, what the rules are, what the laws are, what the exceptional situations are, what needs to be done in what situation, there's a lot that you need to grasp, there's a lot that you need to understand. And if a person is personally experiencing, you know, such a thing in their life, where they are contemplating divorce, or they are actually going through it or there is death of spouse, or there is you know, financial

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issues. This is all a lot to deal with. It's painful, it's heavy. So Allah subhanaw taala directs our hearts now to something that is a balm for the hearts something that suits the heart, something that brings us comfort and relief, and that is Salah, Was there enough as somebody was salah, seek help through patience and prayer. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what was his way? Or they follow the law Warren who said that whenever anything distressed the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he prayed either has a bow Imran Salah he used to pray. So Salah is mentioned within the topic of divorce and separation, so that hearts are guided to what brings comfort to the hearts and

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that is the vicar of Allah. All right, in Surah Roth IRA 28 of us parenteral says Alladhina amanu Wautoma inocula Woombie grilla Allah Vinick Rila hit Ultima in Nakuru, there are those whose hearts are content with the vicar of Allah unquestionably it is with the vicar of Allah, that hearts our content. And you may have experienced that in from the beginning of the class or past few classes. This is a heavy topic. You know, I'm sure as we're talking about divorce, you remembering people that you have seen going through divorce, and all those memories, they're heavy on your heart. All right, and I'm sure you don't just think about divorce in the class after class. Also, as you are

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reviewing these versus thinking about them. Any, this is a heavy, heavy thing on your mind, a heavy thing on your heart. And when Salah is mentioned, this is something that suits the heart. This is something that brings us comfort. So this is one lesson that we can take. Another lesson that we can take is that you see in domestic issues, especially where there's divorce and money issues and fights over money, death of spouse, distribution of inheritance and all of these matters. These matters are such that they can really keep a person busy, mentally preoccupied and physically busy as well. Alright, so in these matters, happy Luciano Salawat. Guard your prayers. Do not forget

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them. Do not forget them. Do not forget your obligations. Because when you will guard your duty to Allah

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Oh, Allah will also guard you isn't itself in Hadith leader in flb, La Jolla phulka. You be mindful of Allah and Allah will guard you, Allah will protect you. And think about it. When, for example, if a couple is not getting along, they're constantly fighting, they're contemplating divorce, or they're actually going through divorce. What happens people are constantly busy in the morning, they're giving an update to their mother in the afternoon. They're checking their bank account in the evening. Now they're thinking about what they're going to say how they're going to argue. And now that they're angry, they have left the house. You know, one thing after the other people are

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busy, so as you were busy with these problems, don't forget your obligation to Allah. And when you will fulfill your duty to Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will guard you, Allah subhanaw taala will protect you. So this is a reminder that you're not alone. You don't have to deal with all of these problems yourself. Right? You fulfill your duty to Allah and Allah subhanaw taala will ensure that you are given what you deserve. And you see Salah is something that prohibits a person from fascia from indecency from mancha from that which is wrong inner salata, tenha and in fascia, you will Moncure of us authority tells us in the Quran. So if a person is praying Salam consistently

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properly, they're not going to go and take someone else's right. If a person is particular about their salah, and they pray properly, they're not going to go and take the wealth of another. They're not going to be rude and harsh and mean even in a situation like divorce. Salah makes you grateful because in Salah, what are you saying Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen over and over, you're declaring the perfection of Allah Salam makes you grateful. It makes you patient, it makes you honest, it makes you committed and disciplined and humble. So the person who will guard their salah, they will guard other matters as well. If they're going through divorce, they will go through it

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properly. They will care about following the rules of divorce also, and they will be grateful for what Allah subhanaw taala has given them they will be grateful for even the laws of divorce. So half ulu Allah Salatu was Salam it was star. Now the question is, what does it mean by Halophila or la sala diligently maintaining Salah it means that first of all, a person regularly performs them that they do not skip any prayer, they do not miss any prayer. They're not negligent towards Allah, they guard Salam, meaning they perform all of the prayers properly. Okay. And sometimes, you know, some women for example, they're negligent about the end of their menses, and as a result of that, they

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miss their prayers. So for example, their period ended sometime in the morning, and they don't take also until nighttime, this is wrong. Once your period has ended, you see the sign off the end of the period which is clear discharge or complete dryness, then that means you should take hosel ASAP and then that means you start praying you don't delay the whistle because that means that you're going to end up leaving the prayers you're going to end up missing the salah some people are lazy with a whistle Genova right, and like that they miss their budget, or they skip a Salah. This is not correct. Some people are too busy shopping, or some people are too busy studying or working and they

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miss their salah. That is not correct. We're not allowed to, you know, be negligent about Salah we have to diligently maintain, meaning perform all of the five daily prayers. Secondly, part of Maha Fulda or la sala is to guard the proper times meaning pray on time, pray at the right time. If a person is traveling, they're allowed to join their prayers or for example, there is an exceptional, unusual situation which is beyond a person's control. In that scenario, also they can join their prayers but it should not be a habit. Okay. And you cannot just join any prayer with any prayer. For example, you can't join fidget with Zoho. Okay? You cannot join us with McRib. No you can join Lord

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and officer and you can join Mokuba inertia. All right, with budget you have to pay on time. So you have to guard the proper times. And if for example, you miss a Salah like for instance you were sleeping and you woke up late and you realize that you have missed your Isha you have missed your budget. Then what do you do? The moment you wake up, you get up and pray. The moment you realize that you missed your Salah. You pray Salah this is also part of Dylan

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gently maintaining the prayers, because we're human. We forget, sometimes, you know, you have the intention, you know, I'll just get up and pray. And the next thing you know you're out and you wake up and you realize you have been sleeping for two hours, three hours. So the moment you realize that you have missed your Salah, you don't just leave it that Oh, I missed it. No, you pray now. Right you pray, the moment you realize as soon as you wake up. Thirdly, part of diligently maintaining Salah is to perform Salah properly as well. That you pay attention to the Qibla that you are facing the right Qibla you pay attention to your dress, that you are dressed correctly for Salah that you

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have will do you made will do properly. As you are praying you pray properly. You're not looking here and there. You're looking at the place of such though. You're not constantly moving and fidgeting and scratching yourself and things like that. No, you are focused in prayer, you perform the salah properly. Sometimes a person is praying that their mind is completely distracted. So they don't know if they're in pm or they're unscheduled or in the second car or the third Recaro in pm they're reciting the shahada in record, they're reciting Surah Fatiha that is not correct. Pay attention and if you're too sleepy, go may go do do something to wake yourself up. Okay, so

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diligently maintain Salah meaning perform Salah properly as well. Now what is the benefit of performing Salah properly half you lose your salah the benefit is that first of all, this is the sign this is the quality of a believer of a sincere Muslim in certain meno in verse number nine, Allah subhanaw taala mentions when Medina Homer Allah so Allah wa T him you have you alone, the believers who will have attained success, or those who diligently maintain their salah. All of their five daily prayers. This is a sign of a sincere Muslim. In a hadith and Muslim Sahih Muslim we learn our Abdullah Al de la Mourinho, he said that men settler who whoever wants that they meet Allah

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tomorrow as a sincere Muslim, meaning that whoever wants that they're considered a Muslim before Allah, then this person should guard these five daily prayers. He should not be negligent toward them in Surah to noon Ayah 37 Allah subhanaw taala mentions that he JAL Allah to lead him to jail or to whatever you earn victory Allah, what a common salatu wa eata is that there are men who are not distracted by trade or business, a transaction, they're not distracted by these things from the Victrola or from establishing the Scylla meaning even when they're working, they are, you know, in the middle of a transaction, they are busy with a business trip, they're not distracted by any of

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that from salah, they perform Salah on time. You know, when I read this, I, I think about people who are doing stocks, trade and things like that, you know, they're watching the numbers so diligently. Alright, and within seconds, things can change. Within minutes, things can change. You know, people are very busy. But when time of Salah comes, then you have to get up and pray. Allah subhanaw taala praises such people that they're not distracted by even money by trade by financial transactions. When it's time to pray, they pray, and these are people who have known. Also we see that this is a prophetic character to diligently maintain the salah. We learned about the Prophet salallahu Alaihe

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Salam that in his home, he would be in the service of his family. And then when it was time for Salah he would go he would leave the house in order to pray. And in certain marriage I had 3435 we learn what Medina Houma la sala team, you have your own Hola, ecoffee Jannetty mocha Ramon, that those who diligently maintain their prayers, they will be in gardens of Paradise and they will be honored. In a hadith we learn that whoever comes on the Day of Judgment with the five daily prayers, meaning he performed them properly and he performed there will do properly and the record properly and the schedule properly and he also paid attention to the proper timings, then such a person will

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enter paradise and if a person comes in the day of judgment and he did not maintain his prayer then there is no guarantee of paradise for them. In another Hadith we learn that the Prophet sallallahu already said I mentioned this hello once and he said one half hola hola Canada who knew runwal Han and one a jaton. Ian will pick that whoever guards the prayers. These prayers will be for him a light

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and it will have like an evidence meaning a proof for him and in a job that is salvation. He, this is what will grant you salvation on the Day of Judgment. Also, we learned in Hadith about how if a person guards these five daily prayers, they will get the reward of 50 prayers. Because in the incident of a strat, remember when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he ascended to the higher level and he was given the 50 daily prayers. And then when he went down, Musa alayhis salam asked him, and he told him, you know that 50 prayers have been obligated. The Musar SNM said, it's not going to work out. This is too much. Go and ask for a concession and the prophets of Allah who

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are listening Winton, he asked for a concession. And this happened a few times until it was reduced to five prayers. And then a promise was made, that whoever guards these five prayers will be given their award to 50. At the time when the Prophet salallahu Urdu Sena was leaving this world. His final advice was what Asana Asana that fear Allah in regard to your prayer, fear Allah in regard to your slaves and also fear Allah in regard to your Salah. These were his final instructions that he gave. So how have you looked at Asana? What was Salah till Wooster, specifically guard the Wooster prayer and the was thought prayer is the best prayer Okay, I will set over here doesn't just mean

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middle because every salah is a middle Salah because it is in the middle of two solos. Fajr is between Russia and lower Zohar is in between Fajr and us. So it's not middle. It means often formula, because omoton was upon it means the best Alma when Abu Sufian was asked about the lineage of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said who owes cellfina nessa and that he is the best of us in terms of Nyssa in terms of lineage, he didn't mean that he is the average. No, he is the best of us in terms of lineage. Okay, so we'll select it will stop means the best prayer, the most important prayer. This doesn't mean that the rest of the prayers are not important and you can miss

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them. No, every single prayer is important. But this salah, Salah will also because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said Salah did was to Salah to us that the most superior prayer is the asana prayer, okay, that has even more significance, it is even more important. And why do you think it is even more important because think about it, this is the time of day when you are either extremely busy, okay, extremely busy, like for example, end of the workday, end of school day, right, or you are getting ready for dinner, you're getting ready for the evening, or you are out and about and you're having fun. So this is a time when you can easily forget Allah subhanaw taala. So it is

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incredibly important to remember Allah subhanaw taala at this time, and pray Salah to the officer at the right time. And the other thing is that the more difficult something is, you know, for a person to do, the more rewardable it is, okay? Because the reward is in proportion to the effort. Okay? Now, also, it requires effort that you pray you pray on time, this requires effort on your part, because, like I mentioned, it's the end of the workday, you're rushing back home or you are rushing to complete your work, you are rushing to take advantage of the daylight and things like that. So Salah Tusla is solitude. And another reason why it is important is because this is a time when the

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angels, the angels who observe your deeds and who record your deeds, this is the time when their shift changes, okay. So basically, at the time of also the angels that have been with you throughout the daytime are now going to leave and the angels that are going to be with you in the nighttime are coming. So all of those angels are present at the time of rasa, which means that also Salah will be witnessed by two sets of angels. Okay, so is Fajr so two sets of angels are basically going to go and give a report to Allah subhanaw taala that you performed also salah. Okay, so this is why it's significant you want that the angels that are coming, witness your prayer and the angels that are

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leaving, also witness your prayer. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said on Sunday al Bara, Dany the Hello Jana whoever performs the two cool prayers, both Dany to cool prayers, meaning the budget and also prayer will enter Paradise, the prophets of Allah

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Whereas and also said that he who observes prayer before the rising of the sun and its setting meaning budget and also will not enter Hellfire lay yearly Gennaro, any such a person will not enter Jahannam also, we learned in Hadith that the person who guards the budget and also the prayer will have the privilege of seeing Allah just as you don't have any difficulty in seeing the full moon, you can see it so easily so comfortably, and like that a person who maintains these two prayers will be able to see Allah and if a person is negligent, and he neglects the salah that this is very dangerous. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam segment Taraka salata, lessly, heavy Dharma Lu,

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whoever leaves the asana prayer, his good deeds will be wasted, they will be wasted. And you think about it. Sometimes a person is you know, because they're shopping, they will miss their as they're driving, they will miss their officer, and he plan your trip accordingly so that you don't miss your officer. So when taka, taka taka is to leave it to not pray it at all. Okay, to willingly leave it to choose to leave it, this is a problem. And this is something that we cannot even think about that we realize it's time to pray. And we decide, oh, I am not going to pray because I am busy. No, you cannot do that. All right, you have to pray wherever you are, or you have to leave what you're

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doing. So that you can go pray. But if for example, you are in a situation where you are not able to know for example, you are in the car, okay, I remember once I left the airport, okay, I was coming back home. And in the winter, where I live, the time of officer is very, very short, that window is very, very short. And the airport is very close to where I live. So I was like, you know, I'll pray at home, there is sufficient time. And what happened and it was the middle of winter, extremely cold outside. And we were driving, and there was a traffic jam. Sometimes this happens, you know, there's an accident on the highway and all of a sudden, you're stuck. And now you're stuck for 20 minutes

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for 40 minutes for one hour. And the next thing you know by the time you reach home, you will miss your roster, you will miss your Salah completely. And this was a situation where I could not even stop the car and pray on the side because middle of the highway in the middle of a traffic jam, not possible because the car has to keep moving. And if you stop on the side, then you're going to cause further problems to the traffic. Right. So in a situation like that you pray in the car while the car is moving. Okay. However, you don't pray in the car out of convenience. Okay, fourth prayer, obligatory prayer, you have to perform while standing properly facing the Qibla fulfilling all of

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the rules because this is part of how Philo Arlo Salawat right part of diligently maintaining the prayer is that you pray properly, you stand you have will do you face the Qibla you make records such that everything properly, okay? Which is why you don't pray for Salah in the car. But in a scenario where you don't have the ability to stop the car, or you're in the airplane, right? Or you are in a train and there is literally no place to stand and pray. Okay, no way of determining of making sure that you face the Qibla then in that situation, you will pray as you are. All right, you will pray as you are. So for example, you will pray in the car anyway. So have you Lucario solo it

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was sold out it will stop. And if a person decides in a situation like that, that you know what, I'm not going to pray right now. I'll pray later. Now you can't do that. You can't do that. You cannot leave the prayer you cannot deliberately leave or delay the prayer. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah de de for two weeks husana to last three, the one who misses the answer prayer is as though he has lost his family and his entire wealth. Okay, it's as if he has lost his entire family and his entire wealth. Would you do that? Willingly, that you say okay, I will just lose my family and all of my wealth No, never. So you will come up with something. And just like

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that you have to pray arson on time before the sun sets. Okay, and delaying it until the last moment is also wrong. When you have the ability to pray on time. You should not deliberately delay us. Okay, the prophets of Allah Who are they sort of described that as a sign of a hypocrite

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that a hypocrite just waits, okay for the sun to near the time of its setting. And as soon as the sun is about to set, literally a few minutes before McRib, he gets up, and he picks on the ground like a chicken, meaning very quickly, okay, he prays and he doesn't remember Allah at all in the Salah or barely remembers Allah in the Salah. All right. So we have to be very careful about us of Salah, it has to be a priority, no matter what we are doing, we have to pray on time. And if you know, for example, if a person is a surgeon, okay? And they have to perform surgery, a scheduled surgery, that is going to take five hours, okay, and it starts at 12 All right, and it's going to

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end at 5pm that means that 5pm is marketed after maghrib. So in a situation like that, they will combine their load and assertion, okay, if that means that they have to pay us off slightly before its time that's okay because this is an unusual situation. Okay. So you have to plan ahead. And the person who guards there also prayer, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said man, half Allah Allah cannula who are dual model attain the person who guards it will get to rewards why double reward because it's not always easy to guard the salah. You have to pause what you're doing or you have to be very creative. You have to plan your day accordingly. Sometimes, so have your little or

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no Salawa to solitude Gustavo, we're qumola He carnitine and stand before Allah devoutly obedient and devoutly obedient means five things. It means first of all, stand with obedience meaning pray property, okay, pray in obedience to Allah meaning pray the way you should be praying. The Prophet salallahu alayhi salam said pray as you see me praying, meaning don't make up your own way of Salah. Don't pray however, your heart desires pray Salah as you are supposed to pray proper pm proper record proper such though and for this in order to do that we have to learn the proper way of Salah. Secondly, Camarilla equality means pray with Sukkot, okay with stillness and also with silence,

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meaning and do not talk to other people. In Salah in Hadith in Sahih Muslim we learned that they they've been EarthCam radula horn who said that we used to talk in Salah. At the beginning we were allowed to talk during Salah and then a last panel Tyler revealed were como de la carnitine for Omen be Sukkot when Hina and Al Kalam when this idea was revealed we were instructed to observe silence. We were forbidden from talking to people. So we're not allowed to talk to people in Salah. Not even a single word. Salah is just for the remembrance of Allah poli carnitine thirdly communally carnitine also means ha Shireen meaning stand with humility stand like a slave like a servant,

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right? Then those who pray with her sure you know where they are observing humility, they are attentive. Okay and Ladino and few Salah team cos your own such believers will be successful. Fourthly, it means they're even meaning pray the stand before Allah while begging him meaning make Garowe in Salah stand like a beggar. actually ask ALLAH ask Allah for forgiveness, make their own Salah and fifth, it means total pa meaning stand for long. Okay, your standing should be longer than your sujood your standing should be longer than your record. Okay, and who want to lie Conaty stand in prayer. So this means that if a person is able to stand and pray it is not allowed for them to

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sit and pray. Okay, meaning the pm part they should do while standing the recitation of Surah Fatiha, they have to do that while standing. They should not do that sitting. But if a person is unable to stand and pray, okay? Like for example, a person has a back problem. A person recently had surgery or something like that. They're elderly, they're not able to stand, then in that situation, they're allowed to sit and pray. But if they're able to stand otherwise, than they should stand and pray. And one thing a person can do is that for example, they begin their solo their stand and prayed. And if they're not able to make scheduled record, then they can sit down for that. But pm a

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person should do to the best of their ability. And this is also encouragement that we should do pm for long. Any hour pm should be a good length. Not that every single time we're just reciting sort of cosa or pseudo class. I mean, it's fine. If salutely class is the only

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pseudo that you know, then you can recite pseudo class for example, three times four times, but your Pm your standing position in Salah should be long. All right? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said of total solitude Total Connect the most excellent prayer is that in which the duration of standing is long, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam sunnah was also like this, that his record his sujood, the sitting between them, right? They were approximately the same duration, except for pm pm was longer. All right. And when you're praying on your own, yes, you should make the pm long. However, if you are leading other people in prayer, then your Pm should not be very

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long. Even if you're leading them into we are salah. Okay, it should not be such that you're reciting an entire Jews. You're reciting Surah Baqarah all of it in one record. That is not correct. Okay. So the rule is when you're praying on your own, then do more recitation. Okay, in Fajr, even more liquid and also something like sudo to shrimps, even Orisha and Maghrib also, but it shouldn't be the trapezium is barely a minute long or it's just 30 seconds long. That is not correct. And if you have memorized only a few solos, then you can repeat them. You can recite pseudo listless three times four times five times okay to make your Pm long. So the rule is that when you're praying on

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your own pm should be long but when you're leading other people than pm should be on the shorter side because you don't want to put other people in hardship for in Clifton Fetty Jalan odo Cabana and if you are in fear, meaning you are in a situation of fear, where you cannot stand for long or you could not be still in Salah. Okay, then you pray on foot or writing. So first we are given the token of Sakina okay of so called insula that you have to be still in Salah you have to stand and pray and you should observe stillness. Okay. Now we are taught what we should do in situations where stillness is not possible. And that is a situation of fear. Okay, so you don't leave the prayer.

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Okay, you pray while walking, or writing Subhanallah now the situation of fear could be because of an enemy that is chasing you, or an animal that is chasing you, right? Or a flood or a fire or something like that the causes of fear are many. So the rule is that where you're not able to stand and pray, like stop and pray, then what do you do? You pray as you are moving? Alright, for the Jilin, Iraq binary Jala means while you're walking on your own feet, and rock by no means you're writing, you're writing like for example, you're on a car, you're on a plane. All right. And this is not just limited to a situation of fear. But any situation of inability, like I mentioned to you, a

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person is in a plane for 17 hours, they don't have any place where they can stand and pray. So they will pray where they are sitting, okay, and the plane is moving, right and the plane is moving. So they're allowed to do that. Now in a situation of fear, okay, where for example, there is an enemy, even then you have to pray and has an adversity, he said that only one Recaro will be prayed. If a person is in a situation of fear, but the majority say that it will be Tuukka. So for example, a person will not pray for the car for Allah, they will pray to to Cairo. Hustle and bustle he said even wonder car is sufficient. The point is that you cannot skip your prayer. You cannot leave your

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prayer. Because you are in fear, you will still pray, how will you do so do then record just with your gestures, you will bend down a little bit for and record and a little bit more for soju. And you will pray as you're walking. Now if I was in front of you, I would show you, okay. But just imagine a person is walking, they're walking on their feet, and they say Allahu Akbar, and they start praying. You cannot leave your prayer. This shows us how important it is to pray on time. And you don't even have to face the tiblet and because it's not possible for you. Okay, for either a mental Fedco Allahu Kamara, lemme call mellem Taku tharla Moon and when you are secure, because the

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cause of fear is gone. Then remember Allah as he has taught you. Okay? Meaning prayer properly, pray as normal, as it is taught, right? That pray standing with stillness in one place facing the Qibla the way that Allah has taught you pray like that. And fuck could Allah come out I Lemco remember Allah because Allah has taught you what you did not use to know. So when you are in a situation of safety, then especially remember Allah show gratitude to Allah. And this shows us that we cannot invent our own ways of

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worship we have to worship Allah in the way that we have been taught that it is said when Medina Yuto Foner men come where the Luna as virgin will see Italy as YG Mata and eel holy later if Raj and those who are taken death among you and leave wives behind for their wives is a request maintenance for one year without turning them out. Meaning when a man dies, leaving behind a widow, then that widow, that woman should remain in the house of the deceased husband, and her expenses will be covered from his estate, either the husband has to make a will like that. And if that was not done, than the close relatives should give this right to the woman before dividing the estate. And I

00:35:41 --> 00:36:23

remember that prior to Islam, women did not inherit anything from the husband's property. In fact, they were treated as property. Right? So the widow would be inherited by the heirs of the deceased men. And I mentioned that you earlier how that would happen. Okay, so this idea makes it clear that a, a woman is not property, all right, and B, she receives benefit from the husband's estate, and what is that, that for an entire year, she has the choice to remain in the house of the deceased husband, and her expenses will be covered from his estate, after the year has passed, what remains will be divided among the heirs.

00:36:24 --> 00:37:11

All right. So if for example, the house was the property of the man of the deceased, then it will only be divided among the heirs after the widow has completed her in that and it will be divided after a year. Okay. Now, this was the law at the beginning. Later on, this was abrogated. This is very important for you to note, this was the law at the beginning later on, this was abrogated. So one year was reduced to how much four months and 10 days, right? We learned that the waiting period of the widow is four months and 10 days, and the right to remain in the house for one year was shortened. Okay, to four months and 10 days also. All right. And additionally the widow is given a

00:37:11 --> 00:37:59

share of inheritance from the deceased husband's estate. This is what the Sahaba explained that this verse was abrogated by the verse that mentions there in the and also the verse that mentions the share of the widow, which is in surah nisa. Now, some will say that even though this ayah is abrogated, it is still applicable because for encouraging Allah subhanaw taala says then if they go out, all right, this shows choice, meaning a woman has the choice to leave the deceased husband's house before the completion of a year. And how can that be if she's observing grid though. So this means that four months 10 days is the waiting period where she will remain in the house of the

00:37:59 --> 00:38:44

husband. That is where she asked to observe there is. However, after four months and 10 days for up to a year, she can stay in the house of the deceased husband. She has that right. So for example, she doesn't have anywhere else to go she doesn't have any other house all right. So her wish to remain in that house for a year will be honored. Okay. And the airs, they will have to wait for that time before they divide the house for encouraging a fellow Jenna Harley conferma philosophy and fusina memory roof there is no blame on you for what they do with themselves in a manner that is appropriate meaning if they wish to get married even that is their choice, they can leave. They can

00:38:44 --> 00:39:34

go somewhere else. That's their choice. Well Allahu Rosie's on her team. And Allah is almighty always. What in Malta Alacati Mata on Bill Murphy Hakuna Allenwood 13 and for divorce to women is a provision according to what is acceptable a duty upon the righteous Omotola caught over here means all divorced women, okay. And this means that when divorced, a woman is being separated from her husband. Okay. Then she gets a mudra she gets a financial benefit. And the man must give it to her. This is not a choice. This is an obligation. This is a duty Arlen muda clean upon those who have Taqwa. All right. So in the cases that were mentioned above, we learned, you know, the scenario

00:39:34 --> 00:39:59

where the Muhammad was specified, or the Muhammad was not specified marriage was consummated or not consummated. We looked at the four scenarios, right four types of the law. So all multiple Laqad get a financial benefit at the time of departure from the husband's house at the time on the marriages ending and this is a duty upon those people who have Taco now a man cannot say I will not do it because I don't have to

00:40:00 --> 00:40:43

What? No, this is an obligation. Kedah Lika Ubu hula hula con Aya de la la quinta de Lune. Thus does Allah made clear to you His Verses, so that you might use reason you might understand. Because when a person understands, then they can observe then they can follow. So learn these rules, understand them, so that you can follow them properly. And it's so sad when it comes to, you know, a marriage, people plan for the wedding. They don't plan for the marriage and when it comes to divorce also, they don't do things properly because they don't know. So it's important that we've learned about these matters. Inshallah, we'll conclude over here Subhanak Allahumma behenic A shadow Allah Illa

00:40:43 --> 00:40:49

illa Anta Astok Furukawa tuberculate was salam. Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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