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Al-Maidah 109-120 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 110


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The conversation covers the spiritual teachings of Islam, including the importance of delivering the message of Islam to others and boosting individual chances of achieving success. Maria spoke in clear and logical ways about her mother and father, leading to a discussion about their relationship and future. The speakers discuss the benefits of writing, including being able to write clearly and be able to write beautifully, the dual motor of writing, and the importance of gratitude and understanding small things to benefit everyone. They emphasize the need for everyone to be grateful for their parents' blessings and the importance of learning from them to build a positive life.

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Coronavirus says is on Allahu when Allah will say, Yeah, he said Anna Maria or Isa son of money.

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So, we see that the messengers collectively they will be questioned, collectively matter or Jupiter, people also collectively they will be questioned, but at the same time individuals will also be questioned.

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So, over here after mentioning all the messengers, which messenger is being mentioned, are you sorry listener, that is on a lower uresa, when Allah will say, or Isa, who is restarted some

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sort of Maria and he was a messenger who was sent to the money is about you, and he was from the descendants of Abraham. And he said,

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So, is all along, he said, so over here see, a lot of Panther is directly addressing is our listener.

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What will he say to them? That was, remember, recall, recall what near Mati my blessing, I like it upon you.

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Remember my blessing upon you.

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Now, there were many blessings that were given to Teresa, Teresa.

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But over here in this ayah, and the following is a loss of power. Darla mentioned some specific blessings, which were given to a listener.

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Why would a las panatela say this to our listener,

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because we know that they could have a blessing is what that person is grateful. The person is grateful.

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And when is gratitude beneficial for a person when he's alive?

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In the author? Is gratitude really going to be beneficial for a person before he androgen? It's not, because then he's going to be held accountable. So what's the purpose behind saying both good remember this blessing?

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The reason why Allah subhanaw taala is saying this is to make it known to everyone on the Day of Judgment, that these qualities that recently Salaam had, were a special favor of Allah upon him. These qualities did not make him divine, did not make him God did not make him a son of God. But rather, these were special favors of a loss of penalty upon him.

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So Earth God near mighty alayka remember my blessing upon you. And also remember what my blessing where I live where leader tick, and my blessing upon your mother,

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who was a mother of three scientists in Madeira Edison. So also remember those blessings which are bestowed upon your mother?

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Now money right, I said, I'm also she was given many blessings, such as she was chosen. As we learned earlier in the last affair key, what the haluk she was chosen, she was selected for the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. She was the only woman for the first time ever, who was allowed to stay in the Heiko. Why, in order to learn the deen in order to worship Allah subhanaw taala.

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And she was placed under the guardianship of who have the career in Islam, that also is a huge blessing, that you get a teacher who is not just an ordinary person, but a great scholar, not just a scholar, a prophet of Allah, He is your teacher, he is your trainer.

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Then similarly, of the vessels that were given to Maria Maria said that she was given a very good nourishment. What um, but the HANA baton has center, as we learned earlier.

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Similarly, she was given a lot of knowledge. So the hot became it. We also learned that she was given a lot of risk especial risk, that in the cycle, she will be given such food that was completely out of season. There's a career esna would come in to you, he would ask her where'd you get this from?

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Similarly, she was given the good news of a child who would be a leader say it. And she gave birth to a child while she was a virgin. And her child also spoke in the cradle, in her defense,

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and when she was delivering her child, a lot of parents already gave her special risks at that time as well, Ruth and Jenny, fresh dates and water is what so all of this was what among the many blessings which were given to money and writing.

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But the special blessings that were given those blessings are the ones that are most apparent Allah mentions over here

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is when meaning remember these special blessings in particular, which blessings

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that first of all, are yet to come. I strengthened you. I aided you, who does you refer to recently and a year from the root letters Hamza dal and a year you are you do is to strengthen someone to assist someone. So when I added you bureau headquarters with intelligibly

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as you know, this is the title of both

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Djibouti Artesia. Others have said that rural voters aware first of the rule of thumb, that he was given a route that was very pure. That was free from bad. That was very good. He was naturally inclined to goodness just as your hair salon was.

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So is a yet to come euro headquarters. But however the stronger the two opinions is Royal College refers to Gibraltar Hassan because everywhere in the Quran refers to up.

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So when I edited you through the angel gibreel How did the angel to be? It restarted Silla?

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That first of all, who would teach him

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gibreel would teach him meaning he would deliver the message of Allah subhanaw taala to him the way he doing? As we know that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was well jabril early Salaam he delivered the Quran to him. And as we know that in the month of Ramadan, always the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would revise the Quran we do with indigeneity.

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Similarly, interview also taught the Prophet sort of autism as to how to perform the Salah.

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And remember the Hadees gibreel, the famous Hadees Tribune, when Indian debris left What if the profits are allowed to sort of say, that was gibreel? Who came to teach you your religion?

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So if a yet to kabiru headquarters, what does it mean by teaching you? And secondly, assisted you how by assisting you by aiding you in difficult situations.

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So basically, in any and every situation, where he said SLM needed help, whether it was when people were accusing his mother of fornication.

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Or it was that he was in a situation where people were going to harm him. Angel, the bill would come, and he would help him. And this was a huge favorite of the last panel data upon reciting

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to kundiman, NASA, you would speak to the people, meaning you are Isa or the SLM you would speak to the people were filled Maddie in the cradle, what governance and also in maturity.

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What is the cradle? And what does it reflect infancy because an infant is put in the cradle.

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So you spoke to the people, even in the age of infancy. And this is the age when children don't generally speak. I mean, how often do you hear a child speaking in this age? Yes, children, they will make noises they will cool. However, they will not speak properly. But as our listener, he spoke like an old mature person, even when he was an infant.

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Even when toddlers when they speak, they babble or they say words in a very unclear fashion. However, when he spoke he spoke very clearly, like an older person speaks. Just imagine this was a huge favor upon him. Well, Catalan and also in maturity, what is called refer to Kahuna refers to the age that is between 30 and 40. And others say it is between 30 and 50.

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Basically, it's the age where a person's here, it begins to gray.

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So to call me when I say mid mccannon What does it mean? First of all Phil MADI MacAllan together, it means that you spoke to the people, as a young child as an infant, and also in the age of maturity. Now we know that at least our listener he was raised up before God. So what does that indicate

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that he will return to the year.

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Secondly, they said that film it or camera means that you spoke to the people in the cradle and in maturity, meaning you spoke normally, even in the cradle, and you spoke normally, even in the cafe.

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You spoke normally as an infant, and he spoke normally, in the age of cotton as well,

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to call him a NASA fill method for Kayla.

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Why did he speak in the mat?

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Why, what was the reason? What was the purpose First of all, in defense of his mother, and secondly, to deliver the message of Allah soprano data as we know, from South medium, that as a child, he said in me, I would have indeed, I am the servant of Allah. And Allah has given me the kita the Scripture and he has made me a prophet.

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Well, either I learned to meaning another blessing, that when I taught you, I gave you the knowledge of what al Qaeda but the book The Scripture,

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what does it mean by Al Khattab? kita First of all, it can be understood as a scripture,

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meaning he was given the knowledge of the Scripture with Scripture without it indeed, whichever scripture

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secondly, elkie tab has been understood as key tab, key tab. And what is key tab mean?

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Hot meaning the art of writing

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Risa SLM was also taught how to write, he knew the art of writing.

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And for us, it's not really a big deal. I mean, it's standard, every person must know how to write. However, at that time, this was a skill that was with only a few people with few learned people.

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And writing is actually a very big blessing. It's a great quality that a person could possess. By writing, I don't mean, like writing just anything, even if it means you're scribbling and nobody, but you can read your writing, writing, writing, writing beautifully, writing clearly. And writing not just anything but writing good things, writing good things, because many people there, right, where do they write

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on the walls, on the desks, sometimes on the floor,

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sometimes they will doodle around their books. But what kind of data is this what type of writing is beneficial for a person when a person writes that which is good, which is going to benefit him, which is going to benefit other people.

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It's not a burden on other people, that people write things on the walls that other people have to go clean it or people write things on the table. And other people have to come in, either clean those tables, or completely replaced those tables.

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So it allows them to call keytab when I taught you the art of writing, while Hekmat and also the wisdom, what does Heckman refer to? In one after beneficial knowledge, understanding of the guidance mean right mindedness, the ability to judge decisiveness as we learn one minute and Hc modificado to Hiram cateel. So it's a huge blessing. It's a big gift.

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What a lotta wealth engine, meaning and I also taught you the knowledge of the tiller, and the knowledge of the engine. Now, since delta and the Injeel are mentioned separately, then what does GitHub refer to keytab writing, art of writing,

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what is the meaning another huge blessing of Allah subhanaw taala upon reciting was what the Camino de that you would make from Clay Cafe.

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Like the shape of a bird, hey, f of the roof letters, higher Hamza, higher heel is to prepare something, it's basically the initial stage of something, the skeletal stage. So you would make the finger of a bird be isni, with my permission, meaning Allah subhanaw taala gave him the ability, the permission to make an image, a figure of a bird. Because for us, it's not permissible. Correct. Making sculptures drawing pictures is not permissible. So the person might say, then how come we shall Islam did it? What does Allah say? Isn't he with my permission, he was given this permission. Because for other people, it was not allowed. It is not allowed. He was given this permission.

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Especially Why? Because he was going to show a miracle through this.

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And many people they try to draw, they try to make sculptures, but are they successful? They're horrible at it. So be his knee with via permission, you were able to actually make a figure of a bird for them for who and then you would blow fear into it meaning into the word further kulu and it would become fire on an actual live verb BE evening with my permission,

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that he would make the form of a bird, he would blow into it, and it would become a live bird it would fly away? How would it happen? By the permission of Allah soprano data because anyone else who tries this, it's not going to happen?

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What do we do and you would heal from battle Hamza, who achma had the born blind, who is

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the person who is born blind. And who is

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the person who becomes blind who develops blindness. So a coma is a person who is born blind. So he would heal a person who was born blind, a person who never saw anything, he would pass his hand over him, he would recite some column out, and that person would become seen again.

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While others are and the leper, what is both it's a disease in which a person has white patches on the skin. So he would heal the applause as well. There is me with my permission, what is the what did you know that and when you would take out the dead as a clone of my yet be his knee with my permission. It is said that restart Islam, you would just go up to a grave. And he would say yeah, for that come out. And he would come out alive.

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earlier and earlier on we learned our lesson and said where he'll motor and I give life to the dead. Or he refers to like a person who has just died meaning who hasn't been buried yet.

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And he would give him life again.

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Dual motor is when a person had been buried, maybe he had been buried for a very long time. And he would walk to the grave and he would say, Come out alive and he would come out alive. So what is still a dual motor? Again, how is me with my permission, notice the his knee has been repeated so many times. So that we know that complete power to give chifa to cure, to give the root to raise the dead, lies with who with almost died.

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And again, you see a lot of parents artists mentioning this when on the Day of Judgment. He's going to say this on the Day of Judgment, to show to the people that all have this ability to give life to cure to raise the dead. It's with who with a loss of

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weight and when meaning another favor of a loss of penetrator that covers too many Sri Lanka I withheld I restrained The money is thrown at you from you.

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Meaning I withheld them I prevented them from harming you cuz after what disgusts me to desist, to refrain to restrain something to not let something go. So I did not let them harm you. When they plotted and planned in order to harm you. What happened

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to them was saved. restarted insulin was raised up, as we learned earlier, well, I can should be held to hold the knife it was made doubtful for them, that another man was made to appear like him. And the people caught him they crucified him thinking that they actually crucified Sam, but in reality, he was lifted up. So it could have to Benny is slightly longer term when you came to them Bill bagnet with the clear proofs, which clear proofs, which miracles, the miracles that are mentioned in this ayah and other is what other miracles as well.

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For color Latina for women home, then those who disbelieved among them among who among the Bani Israel meaning those people who disbelieve from them, they said in her that this is not a law except sacral mubin clear magic. What do they mean by this? This is not except clear magic. Who do they mean by Heather? Hi there, first of all, refers to resign isn't

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that this is nothing but magic. Meaning This is just someone who was doing magic. And another recitation session has been recited a second, that this is none but a magician.

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And remember that one hand that is used for a human being? What does it show? Have you done isn't Michelle? What does it show?

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to insult that person? It's basically very derogatory, it is to insult him to reduce his status. So this man had this. He is nothing but a magician.

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Secondly, had that refers to the miracles that restart Islam performed.

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So they said this has nothing meaning these miracles that he's performing in reality, it is only magic.

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We don't have that yet. I have 52 Allah subhanaw taala heska Delica Moroccan Latina makaveli hemara soudan illa colusa Heron omoton. Similarly, there came not to those before them any messenger, except that they said a magician or a madman, meaning every messenger was called a magician, every messenger was called a madman and resigned. s&m was also called sorry. That is that what he's doing is playing magic.

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What do we learn from this i?

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First of all, we see that a lot of penalty remind the slaves of the blessings that he has bestowed upon them. Why? So that we are grateful, so that we realize that everything we have is from who, from our last panel.

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It's not our own achievement. It's not because of such and such person. It's not because of such and such company. No, it's a blessing of Allah Subhana Allah.

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When Allah subhanaw taala is reminding him of all of these blessings. Notice how many times b ni B is ni has been mentioned a yet Touka I love to go, what does that show that the help that you got the knowledge that you got these things that you did? All of that was how, by my aid by my permission.

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So we must realize that every single thing that we have, if something goes easy, if something goes difficult, if we're able to complete something, we're not able to complete something, if we find something challenging, if we find something very simple, what does it show? Everything comes to us from who from our last panel.

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Secondly, we learn from this that even the messengers, they're obligated, which is that they they were also required to do sugar to a loss.

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That is the messengers being told. What does it mean that we are more

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required to trigger the last parameter.

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Therapy We also learned from this either a blessing upon one's parents is also a blessing on who

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the person himself

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that if your parents have something, then automatically who benefits the children benefit. So, a person should not just be grateful for the blessings that he has been given. But he should also be grateful for the blessings that his parents have been given. Where do we learn that?

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That is that is that is being told, remember the lessons which are bestowed upon you and I also have gone on who, on your mother, because automatically those blessings on your mother, they benefited you, you benefited from them. So you have to be grateful for not just the immediate blessings on you, but also the indirect blessings on you. Which is why we learn about the neurotic Robbie Zerhouni, an ash Quran aromatic allottee anantha Allah Yeah, what I love when he they hear that Omar Give me the ability that I am grateful for the blessing that you bestowed upon me. And you also bestowed upon who, upon my parents, we only see those blessings which we have, and we don't look at

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the blessings that our parents have been given.

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And we don't realize that if our parents did not have this, we would not be successful today. If they were not educated, we would not be educated today. If they were not kind, then maybe we would not be coming today. If they did not sacrifice, then we will not have the ability to sacrifice today either. So the blessings that parents enjoy automatically, the children also enjoy them.

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And we also see that the blessings upon resolving them they're mentioned in the ayah. But the blessings I will be thrown in Maria Maria Salaam, they are not mentioned in the ayah. Why? Because it's the other way around as well. That the blessings that are given to a person's child automatically. They're enjoyed by who by the parents as well. If your child is successful, who becomes famous, you know, everybody says, Oh, you know, their child, he went to Harvard. I mean, the child went, he didn't go, but automatically they get the credit as well. So it's both ways, both ways. So never get a person say I don't care about my parents are never going to parents, I don't

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care about my children know, the blessings that are enjoyed by your children automatically you benefit from them. The blessings that are given to your parents automatically you benefit from them, we both need one another.

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We also learn from this ayah that Allah subhanaw taala assists people. He assists his slaves through this angels through His angels a yet to kabiru headquarters and the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He also made the law for one of his companions that Oh Allah help him through through this as well. When when he was going to say some poetry against the machine. So basically the companion who was going to say poetry against the machine of Mecca, Aloma blue Hill kudos, that Ola assistant with rural kudos as well. And we see that the angels I mean, Allah subhanaw taala commands the angels to assist his slaves to assist His servants at the battle but at the Battle of Allah subhanaw taala

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send angels why to help the believers. Similarly, when a person says the idol could see that what happens in angel is appointed to guardian. So Allah subhanaw taala sends His angels why in order to protect in order to assist His servants.

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We also learn from this ayah about the fact that in and hikma knowledge and wisdom are of the special blessings of Allah.

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If you notice over here, the food has not been mentioned, money has not been mentioned, what has been mentioned, knowledge and wisdom. We also learn over here but the diversity of the quality that resides and I was given, usually a person possesses only maybe one or two main qualities, but recently Sam, we see that he was good in speaking, that he spoke in the method and the cattle, he was also good in writing. And he was also good at, at what at art even you can see.

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We also learned from the side that everything happens with the permission of the last parameter. Everything happens out by the permission of Allah. And the messenger is also they come at us command at the command of a loss penalty.