Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 11 – L109A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sundiata suneel Karim a mother for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Odisha Rashi is surgery with silly angry

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letter melissani of koko de probenecid

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lesson number 109 Surah totoaba number 94 to 106 Translation

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yard the Runa they will make excuses la come to you all either when Raja tone you all returned la him to them

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all c'est la do not there are 30 rule you all make excuses. Learn never meaner we will believe locker room for you. But in fact nabba Anna, he informed us Allahu Allah, men from a very calm your news what's the euro and soon he will see Allahu Allah Ahmed upon your deed, well Sulu and this messenger. So much then to aduna you all will be returned, enter to Alimi nor la be of the unseen was Shahada and the scene for unit B Oh calm then he will inform you, the man with what content you were Dharma loon you will do

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say Ashley funa. Soon they will swear belay by Allah. Luckily for you either when in Allah bitten you all returned Eli him to them.

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Literally those so that you turn away on home from them for audio boom so you all turn away on home from them in the home indeed de richeson are a few are an impurity will not wear home and their abode jahannam is held jazza recommends Bhima because of what ganhou they were the xe boon they earn

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you actually foreigner they swear Luckily for you, little bow so that you are pleased and home from them. For instance, if the vo you all are pleased on home from them, for inner then Indeed Allah Allah, learn not yoga, he will be pleased. And from home the people, especially those who cross limits

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arrabal the Bedouins I should do are more severe, or more intense confront in disbelief when a Falcon and in hypocrisy were urged to do and more likely

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Allah that not your animal they know. So do the limits. Boundaries. Man what antenna he sent down Allahu Allah, Allah upon or su li His messenger will law who and a law or layman always all knowing Hakeem on always always

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women and from the Bedouins man who yet does he do, he takes he considers man what unifocal he spends Mega Man as a fine without bustle and he waits become with you adore the calamities

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or lay him upon them their era to calamity or so of the evil will Allahu and Allah semir on always all hearing or Lehman always all knowing

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women and from the Bedouins man who you may know he believes biLlahi in Allah while young and the day of the last where and he takes he considers ma what Yun filco he spends aubertin as a means of neediness in the near Allahu Allah will follow words and prayers and will soon have the messenger Allah unquestionably in her indeed it kobato a means of neediness no home for them. So you know home soon he will admit them Allahu Allah, Fie in Rama de His mercy in the law her indeed a law of a foreign most forgiving or a Haman are resolved merciful.

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Was Serbia. And the foreigners are Serbia gone. The four runners alone, first ones, the foremost one men from animal hygiene, the immigrants while unsought and the helpers

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When levena and those who have our own home they followed them be stern with utmost good robbia he was pleased Allahu Allah on home from them. What I'll do and they were pleased on who from him, what are the and he prepared the home for them Jeannette gardens, allegedly it flows that to her underneath it and how the rivers Holly Dena once abiding eternally see her in it over there forever. There Lika that and follows the success and Arlene the supreme the great

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woman man and from home, how local around you men from around the Bedouins when after going are ones who are hypocrites, women and from early people, dwellers and Medina of the Medina motto do they persisted

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Allah upon a nifa the hypocrisy

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learn not there are no more home you know them. National way narla Mohan we know them. Semi IBO home soon we will punish them more watain twice summer then your donor they will be returned in a two are there been a punishment or lien great?

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Well Haruna and some others are a total fool. They acknowledged they admitted they do not obey Him with their sins. high level they mixed amalan a deed sila Han righteous

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a hora and other Surya evil

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eye sir perhaps Allahu Allah and that youtuber he will turn in mercy or lay him upon them in the law her indeed a law of origin most forgiving crochet men always All Merciful

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why'd you take men form and rally him their wealth, their properties? So the cotton charity to the hero whom you completely purify them? What was a key him and you cleanse them for you make them grow? Be here with it was suddenly and you pray or lay him upon them? In the indeed Salah Taka yo prayer? Second a source of peace, comfort the home for them? Allahu and a lot semir on always on hearing or leave on always all knowing

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and then did not hear or no no they know. And that Indeed Allah Allah for he Yakubu he accepts October the repentance on some are bad everybody he his servants were horrible and he takes he accepts us for the cause. The charities were under and that Indeed Allah Allah who he at the web, the greatest acceptor of repentance of Rahim the always All Merciful

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and you say it My Love you all do first IRL so soon he will see Allahu Allah our mana comb your deed, what I saw the rule and this messenger

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and the believers was the Torah Donna and soon you will be returned either to Ireland nor a vibe of the unseen was Shahada and the scene for you in a bill calm then he will inform you Bhima with what quantum you were Dharma loon you all do.

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What are Haruna and others more Jelena are ones awaiting or ones who are deferred the Emery for decision on law he of Allah, ima either your availible whom He will punish them what Emma and all year to boo he will turn in mercy or they him upon them. Maho and Allah are demon always annoying Hakeem on always on wise.

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That's the recitation of these verses.

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want to say

At-Taubah 94-106 Translation 94-106

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