Alaa Elsayed – Jumuah Talk 07-15-16

Alaa Elsayed
AI: Summary © The importance of staying on a straight path to achieve happiness is emphasized, along with the need to differentiate between lawful and illegal behavior. The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing the definition of Islam and being mindful of one's actions. The speaker also highlights the need for people to confirm their faith and avoid mistakes, as well as the importance of understanding the importance of three criterias for success.
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ilaha illallah wa lava watch the Buddha actually gotta watch how do I know Mohammed inhabitable? What a pseudo national we also love and Natasha dated Amanda, but love the reserve on Sofitel. boombah boombah boombah boombah.

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body he was at a moon 11 Muslim moon. Yeah. NASA topolobampo monitor lady whom in nursing Latina

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woman coming home Mary Jane and Kathy on what is

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what's up lalala de Luna v.

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In Nevada con la Cooperativa Yeah, you have the de la poodle overland the city that use our madam or your fuel level maneuver Come on up.

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Around Lima

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de de la

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well hydrology it Mohammed in Salalah alayhi wa sallam, or shall not more effective than to hot or cold

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or cold let me that in balada wakulla dollar and even my back. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam today's topic about a one word that it means a lot

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to Lady and con one book specifically for that words, a student that they need Nuka Cola and he had another book when there is a certain theme, and the other one is the farmer. Remember in Delaware Valley, you had one whole chapter in the other side of hate for the farmer. We asked a lot of Yoda for that at least 17 times a day, hour long hope an intimate ultimate Oh in this life is to be guided to that straight path. It is done as a comp is a compulsory is an obligation for us in every prayer we do in fact to hide itself. Asking allows to hide objective Yoda is done a dinner slotum study guide is the straight path specifically after Ramadan, we're going to roam around one ayah and

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one heading one person or and one prophetic tradition in that same Muslim

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roaming around what do we do after a lot? So we're over it now. So when we go, how do we handle it? And what's the purpose of it? And why the consequences if you do and if you don't? And what is also the reward for you if you do so.

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So understanding the biggest magnitude for allows hydrogenic to meet this obligation. family had to collapse called Omar Patel, the mother of the book because of the mother of the book, which is the beginning of her app comes the children every idea every surah after that comes revolving around that. In a slotum study. olanzapine Angelica is telling us the guide for the answer for the question. When we're asking him to guide us all by give us the straight path, he gives you the answer in the following surah the helper

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I didn't mean that Ethan keytab would motivate me Allah make us Amanda. I mean, so understanding the biggest picture and let's draw a road map with a visual So, we will never be able to lead a splitter straight what narration says as if Allah Subhana Allah has given you an example a parable method,

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he says none of a Serato study there is a straight path. And on both sides there is a great walls

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and in two walls there are doors and every door has curtains drapes, and there is a color from the beginning of that path. So that is the general oneness everyone come go ahead on this straight path. And there's also a wise voice from above that path. He says anyone that goes into any of these open gates through the Braves is white hack

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in the hunter who wore to you if you enter it, you will fall in it. That

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is what you do not enter through this game because if you enter you will fall there in you know what the scholars say the position of this is is this is rather Mr. Davis's lab.

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This straight path but we're supposed to follow is that Islam submitting our will to God Almighty

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And the caller that is inviting everyone to pass this slot is the poor ad.

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And walls on both sides are behind him in law and what is prohibited what you're not counting an item from the fleet no street one way or the other the boundaries of what you're supposed to stay on this route. And inside these doors are you shallotte your whims and desires you lost your veto new tests about the doubts and desires the biggest to fitness.

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And the one that is calling from above do not to enter that is your height, your heart that is alive is trying to tell you your consciousness is telling you to stay on the straight back do not deviate in philosophy was not even set jabiru indeed this is a straight path my straight path and there's only one straight path to gender

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and it's the shortest distance so as I was riding tell you this is the only path that will take you there to submit your will to above you believe there's only one God and follow the Sunnah of His Messenger and the seal of the prophets the messenger may Allah be pleased with all of them. I mean, I will make us walk in their footsteps to be able to find them and meet them agenda after a long healthy righteous life. I mean you'll understand the picture is their vivid you can see you do this every day you get on the street every day. But the way you take it is the shortest distance to your work your office or back home or you go around wasting time stopping here stopping there talking to

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this wasting time here looking at that lying stealing cheating going again and doing everything else around the street power.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is trying to tell you, you also do an answer B in da

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da da da but there are people that are going to stop you from being on the street they will fight you to death he's at that instant the gym the gym you cannot see but there are

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there are Satan's there are devils of that human grind. They will tell you not to go on the street but come on man this guy doesn't know what he's talking about. He's just scaring you off. There is no life after that. We all do this and by the way

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you will hear this and legends stories over and over and over again. You will find these people that will tell you all that stuff is up whatever Don't worry about it. Just live man have fun enjoy yourself man this paint the town red. Let's burn rubber. Let's go do whatever it doesn't matter. Let's live a little does Islam deny you and deprive you of you having a pleasant life now alive. It's all about pleasant life. But we talked about sad and true happiness. We talked about the happiness has no limits no time to happiness where you don't go gray. When you don't get ill is when you don't die

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anymore. We don't seem so long than you want. And that's the true happiness eternal. So we say eternal happiness is the one that we're after. Not the temporary one that you could not have is not yours you will leave it behind. So this path is yours. We said before the path is is clear this time. One path is trying to tell you here's a q w going to Toronto, here's a few w going to Niagara it's a choice that you have to make. Just before we get on the wrap. I want to go to Nebraska beautiful scenery. I don't want to have the hustle and bustle.

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But you chose to go on to rant that says clearly signed going to Toronto, you end up in Toronto. So how did I end up here? It's a choice you had to make. So only have to do is follow what allows this in the de la la buena la masakazu. This is the idea that we're talking about today. Those who see in the Submit. It says Rob Puna Our Lord is Allah The one and only Lord deserving to be worshipped.

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then they were straight there after steadfast is explained also by another hugging insight mostly.

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We're from a band of the Hagia Sophia, Abdullah Golan, gave the Prophet Mohammed Salah seven says I want to ask you something in Islam last I heard about it. That's it. I will ask no one after you. You know what that means? Give me the bottom line.

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Get get to the chase. Don't bother with that riffraff. Get off the weeds. Don't waste my time. He says give me something teach me something about Islam. I will not ask anyone else after you. That's it. Then what Prophet Mohammed replied, what did he say?

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Say I meant to be loud.

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So much stuck in, say I believe in Allah, then be steadfast during

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that is explained another dimension * Allah is explaining the I, oh my lord is Allah then be steadfast there in understanding that bigger picture of the ayah the verse and the Hadees the prophetic tradition will get you on the straight path Why? There's too many poetic benefits and virtues of this Howdy. First of all we learn that doesn't

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mean the commandments may Allah be pleased with all of them. They were very,

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they were very careful to learn about their need. So what is the first lesson we have to learn? What kind of questions do we ask about brothers and sisters? What kind of car are you driving?

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What how much you got in the bank? Dude, what are you wearing? Gianni Versace Yo, Yo, man. You gotta you gotta you got to die. You can't breathe anymore. And all of that stuff. What the? Where did you go high school? You know what, what kind of sports you like? Are you going to Oxford Harvard? Which one? Dude? Who do you know? Who's the posse? Who did you marry? Why? Why do you divorce? And the list is long. So we understand the number one lesson from this. What do we ask about in our lives rather than sisters? It's actually a reflection of you. What are your priorities? What do you waste your time upon or invest your time upon number one lesson from this heading.

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So please understand, the scholars will tell you when you ask a question, you have to have three criterias don't just ask about anything. Don't waste your time Don't waste anybody else's time. Number one.

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Something will be come from asking the question you'll know what to do, what not to do, and how and so on. You bet you're gonna have to differentiate between what is lawful and unlawful

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and increases your email increases your feet, your beliefs, your creed, why because the scars will tell you that second thing is that even that itself is not enough.

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Because the email Prophet Muhammad Allah, Allah say I believe in Allah only. No, it was not a lip service. What did you say is it soon must appear then be steadfast during that means the man your faith, your belief has a fruit as proof. We have to call your bluff. Can you say I believe I say that like I repent. I am healed. Only can will that take you off? Okay? No, no lie. You will find out in the Quran, Allah Cobos. A man with actions, while also in the inside that appeals to England. I only know what they had. By by the time I was six. And oh, by the time how important our time is that we should not be wasting investing your time. That's the modus. That's the commodity you have

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in this life. Every Breath You Take every day the sunrises and sunsets does not increase or doesn't go down. Are you closer to the grave? Are you ready for that journey? Have you invested in the hereafter? Or was it a wasted day? Because it's called a present the reason it's called the present you can never get it back. Can you get any day back now alive? Yo.

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Yo no road? Well, when

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I did that, it's gone. You can never get it back. I did that you witness and it is promised.

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So when you think about it, what do I have to do in order for me to capitalize on this? Allah subhanaw taala take an oath by the time it's people in the state of loss except this the map exception is what? Except that those who believe in Allah subhanaw taala the order in God Almighty The only one deity deserving to be worshipped What have you saw they had and they're proven they're human and do righteous deeds. Exactly what Prophet Mohammed Salah love is on set. So what do we have to do? My dear brothers and sisters now I'm learning and learning again that lessons from this hunting, the scholars will tell you also that Prophet Muhammad SAW Southern Buddha Jelani and tell

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him Look, there are books written about this books written about this statement, and an explosion of narration and books are written again I'm getting the I that I mentioned earlier books, but Prophet Mohammed Salah give it to you in few words, say I believe in God Almighty and be steadfast during Buddha I meant to be led to Muslim period period that's it amazing how because the scars will tell you

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that he man his job or intentions is I'll I'll be so the scholar says Prophet Mohammed Salim combined the actions of the heart and the actions of the lemmings together into words, who are meant to be lag, which means what I believe in a luck, where does that fall, it's in your heart. So he's telling you that your way of ignite is through your heart, which means if you're really

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Truly no a lot is the smart answer that a movie or you hear the godhood the Lordship, the nouns and the names and the use of attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, but in your heart, why in your heart, because your heart is the king of your body. Why? Because your tongue only reflects what you have in your body, in your heart, your eyes reflect what you have in your heart. Your ears reflect what you have in your heart, your legs reflect and take you where your heart desires, your hand will act according to what your heart commanded you to do. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling you he doesn't look at your bodies. He doesn't look at the color of your skin. He doesn't look at the bank account.

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He doesn't look at your status. He doesn't look at your height. He doesn't look at your beauty. He doesn't look at your clothes. He looks at your heart. That's what he says hello. looks at your hearts. So prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told you who are meant to be now he's telling you in your heart, you have to have a man, then some mistake and then after that, if you really truly believe what you have to do it stuck in that means.

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That means your actions and deeds will reflect what you say. So can you say I believe that he's still looking at bad websites? How could that be? Can you tell me I believe that I'm not dressed appropriately. Can you tell me I believe but my money is unlawful. Can you tell me I believe but I still cheat. Can you tell me I believe but I still lie. Can you tell me I believe I still whisper and gossip and backbite Can you tell me I believe that I stabbed my brother in the back I smile in his face. Can you tell me I believe in kill innocent people, and so on and so forth. It's impossible for us to say I believe without reflection our actions and deeds and that's why they're coupled

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together in the eye. And in that I asked Allah subhana wa to make us one of those into speech and follow the rest of it. That I want him to level up without me Nakula Madison was the following.

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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam.

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linguist linguistically and the definition is the farmer

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who was said that if there is a parameter it actually mentioned in the shadow definition, seeing a straight path. Larry was you cannot turn this way or that way. You cannot break the boundaries of Allah and be obedient to Allah subhanho wa Navarra, Minamata, meaning the actions of the heart and the actions of buildings, the definition of stubborn this department itself being steadfast so so that is what

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set they do about evil rabbit Mohammed Salim do your best because we're human beings. We make mistakes, we sin. That's our nature. A lot of us have high now Jonah told us never to despair. Even if you commit sins, it doesn't matter how much no matter how far you've been. You've never obeyed the law. You've never believed in him. You've never done anything he asked you do. You've done the exact opposite. Everything Allah told you to do you've never done anything and everything Allah subhanaw taala told you not to do you've done everything. Similarly with Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Allah Subhana Allah Jennifer's telling you.

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Well, yeah, I gotta

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tell my slaves still my servants, they're my worshipers. Those who exceeded the boundaries of this obedience, transgression, evil deeds. Never despair of Allah's mercy. Because Allah Subhana Allah forgives all sins in Allah.

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Allah forgives all sins except one, that if you die in a state of shook, that's the only thing he forgives not the only sin on judgment day not in this life, even if you don't believe in Him, even if you believe that somebody else other than God Almighty is another god. There is more than one God or there is no God or somebody else other than God is God in this life. And before you die said with your hearts and you don't approve it and believe in it, just man I'm your editor. You know what that means? As long as you don't Garbo? That'd be the breath has left your body. He says if you come to me with this earth full of sins, but come worship Me alone, do not ascribe partners unto me. I will

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come to you with this earth full of forgiveness. If your sins have reached

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the sky, the firmament, but you can't believe in there's only one God I will come to you with this earth and the heavens full of forgiveness. If you come to me walking, I will come to you right

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And if you come back and repentance to me, I will not just explain, explain your sins and forgive you, I will take all the sins that you've done turning into good deeds. What are we waiting for my brothers and sisters. So we have to have a roadmap, you have to have a goal, in order for us to reach this mere life is just that measuring stick. It's just one step to clip one time Well, there are two steps one in one out.

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That's what this whole life is all about. So what do we have to do? We have to listen to this, I have to give you the good news. Because we know we're all saying we all make mistakes. But what allows statuses if you don't commit to them, you'll make a mistake. I would have wiped you out and create another creation to make mistakes and sin so I do forgive them and have mercy upon them. That's why I call myself the most forgiving, merciful. So whenever this parable was mercy no matter what, but the important part is

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not just the knowledge actions because we talked about the twins of faith before. So when Allah Subhana Allah says in then that is a thought or a bonobo, indeed those who say my Lord is Allah. So Mustapha, what happens? Your luck, and that's what we're going to finish with?

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What happens if I believe there's only one gods?

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And then steadfast during why is that fast? They're in.

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Because I'm going to

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suddenly and choose soon in Egypt. What I cannot do.

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This is going through if you wish, fast if you like.

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But what do you say after that, but indeed, the whole thing is about is the problem, the straight path, the straight path that we have to stay on. So I want you to think that there are shayateen on both sides of this wall. They're calling you. There's a girl 3624 36 blond hair, blue eyes. She's telling you Hey, Big Boy, I want you to have a subliminal message in the back of your mind. She's gonna take me away from the holiday. She's gonna take me away from Jenna. Is she really worth it? Can you hear?

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Can you hear in the background? Can you hear in your subconscious mind? Can you hear it in your ear? Can you please listen with your heart? White hack, white hack? War? Do you? Would you? Where are you going? How could you be leaving the straight path that is gonna take you to a law? How could you leave the street that doesn't have a walk in the footsteps of Ohio? Well, how could you leave the straight path a little farther in if you don't find you pass the straight path in this life, because there will be a straight path on that over the Hellfire on Judgement Day. If you walk straight on this path, you will walk straight on the other path. If you fall here, you will fall there. My

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brothers and sisters, this is a straight path that olanzapine told us about this is the same straight path The Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam do align, it says this is the Straight Path of Allah. And he drew lines. And this is the path that should stay on the straight path. Because every time you turn, every time is money. That's how long I want you to think it's another gate that I put my head, but that gate has held fire out, I will get burned, is it really worth it? Every time you hear somebody talking about somebody else behind their back, gasping backbiting, you don't want to do this, because that's another gate that you will burn from I want to go to Gemini alone. My goal is

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to go straight to heaven. I don't want to do any of that deviation, I want to stay on the straight path. So brothers and sisters, as true believers heart has eyes, they can detect, they can see who's on a straight path and not who I want to have my company who do I have to have people who are with me to get to know who will take me with him agenda, who will pick me on the straight path, because that is exactly the company you keep three criterias no snow horse.

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This one you see them is

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extremely important. If you want to start on the straight path. You have to do what I saw him sad.

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Your friends will tell you, you choose your friend before you choose your path. So we have to have three criterias What are we going to use in order

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to my brothers and sisters we see enough in our path. Well, we've seen enough doesn't matter where we go in the world. We see the same thing. The brothers are good, the sisters are good all of a sudden the parents come and cry This is only if only when, when they left up company, the richest company when they left the righteous environment, they lost it. My brothers and sisters this path is extremely important. You cannot let go. So the first criteria, if you see them, they will remind you of a lot. So ask yourself right now, my friends right now when I see them, do they remind me of Allah? Or do they remind me of the Bollywood

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with no offense, please, you understand what that means? Number two,

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they will guide you the straight path, the way they act, the way they live the way they behave. Everything about them is for as much as possible, humanly possible.

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Number four number three. Is that a man?

00:25:03 --> 00:25:16

When they speak you feel like you've taken a shot a boost? You want to hang around? Hang around these people don't let them go. Why? Because the eye explains in the Medina la buena la

00:25:17 --> 00:25:20

what happens? Yeah I love that Allah says Allah Allah, Allah.

00:25:23 --> 00:25:27

When, just before we die, the angels descend upon you.

00:25:28 --> 00:25:30

What did they say to you at the end of the

00:25:31 --> 00:25:33

latter half? You wouldn't ask them.

00:25:34 --> 00:25:58

Don't be afraid of what? The future we're afraid of the future? How I'm going to make a living? What do I job? How do I get married? What about the kids? What happens to them? Do they will they be led astray? All of that stuff we're afraid of the future. So God Almighty says telling you the angels will descend. If you stay on this path. The angels will descend that the time you need the most just before you die. And the half who do not be fear Do not be scared.

00:25:59 --> 00:25:59

Why not?

00:26:01 --> 00:26:06

And don't be sad and no swords no remorse, no regrets about what your past.

00:26:07 --> 00:26:12

So if you're not afraid of the future, and you're not sad about your past, what happens? Next?

00:26:15 --> 00:26:29

We are your comrades, we are you guardians were your company that kept you with a voice that kept you remember that path. Remember that? Remember that voice? That's the voice that you have to have, stay away from these gates do not deviate from this free path.

00:26:31 --> 00:26:52

In this life, what can I feel meaning what in the hereafter that means we will also not just guide you in this life. We will also guide you in the hereafter we will guide you to the path we will carry you You know why? Because you carried us because doing the righteous thing it was very difficult is a burden to carry. But on Judgement day you will be carried by a beautiful looking man

00:26:54 --> 00:26:56

who are you design your righteous deeds

00:26:58 --> 00:27:11

you carried me in this life was a burden. It's not easy not to lie not to cheat not just enough to look and not easy. So it was a burden but now it's time to pay back you can you rewrite me I'll take you through

00:27:12 --> 00:27:17

on the other the output is True. If you actually written your phone your whims and desires

00:27:18 --> 00:27:22

on Judgement day they will cut you will carry them the others true

00:27:26 --> 00:27:38

What does it say? What is it that it allows when I told you what for you is Jenna the reward is the endless eternal pleasure of allowance upon objective Yoda

00:27:39 --> 00:28:03

given everything you agreed everything you asked for anything you wins and desires and there's more who wants to take this offer? The path is there your GPS is on your writing this vehicle of your life your choice to go in the doors your choice to go straight don't blame anyone except ourselves we asked about

00:28:05 --> 00:28:14

the rest of it we held steadfast on the straight path available and sooner so give me Prophet Mohammed Salah agenda with no accountability to be able to see the lives and face of a loved one Angela yada

00:28:19 --> 00:28:28

yada 100 on budget Anyway, it was a while ago masala Mohamad without enough documented llmd Aloma So to summarize, why the Republic of Korea with a capital D why they should go to

00:28:29 --> 00:28:54

the outside caffeine, caffeine, aka talimena to volume in our fridge Namibian said to me a lot my family's family party. Maybe this time if I do one probably be the standard operating. Well, at least we've been added or there hasn't been a moment of me being a convener when a man in Argentina you know when I was about I looked at him that you know Mama shimogamo dogs to me, why don't you tell me what Hamilton a motor speedway for the 100 a little bit I mean, or southern areas of your to the left, and so on.

Jumuah Khutbah/Talk

July 15th, 2016

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