Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-029C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 216-218

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of intentionality and how it is necessary for community leaders to take action. They also emphasize the benefits of living in small towns where everything is fine, and the importance of accepting the Prophet's commandments and avoiding negative consequences. The speaker also criticizes the use of the holy month as a excuse for war and the struggles faced by Muslims to achieve their obligations. They also discuss the negative impact of being a Muslim on one's life and the importance of avoiding misunderstandings of one's religion.
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Then Allah Subhana Allah says cootie barleycorn will Peterloo Wahoo a Corolla calm fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you, Allahu Akbar katiba Lakin will PETA fighting has been decreed upon you. And this means that it is an obligation on you that you have to do this. Now remember that fighting Patel, this is for key fire not further in. What is further in further in is something that is an obligation on the individual on every single individual. Like for example salah, right, this is for Dine, it's something that you as an individual have to do. Right? fuddled. Keifa, on the other hand, is something that is not obligatory on every individual, but it is

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obligatory on the community. So even if some people do it, it is sufficient, like for example, salatu Janessa. Okay, the funeral prayer, you find out someone passed away, and now the funeral is the next day after a load and you are not able to go because you're not feeling well or you don't know where to leave your children or, you know, you have a prior commitment you're not able to go are you sinful? No, you're not sinful why because you know, that other people are going so it is fogged key fire, okay. Jihad also detailed specifically, it is also called key fire and it only becomes further I mean, in certain situations, okay, like for example, when a person is already in

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the battlefield. Now, it is further in on them they cannot just leave. Or for example, when the Imam when the leader of the Muslims gives an instruction that everyone has to go for a particular battle, or when the enemy enters the land, or when a person is needed for their services, because of the skills that they possess. In those situations. Yes, it is fought during but otherwise, remember the jihad or pital is fault key fire. Now, initially, the Muslims were not allowed to participate in battle or to use conflict. Okay, violent anything like that. I don't like to use the word violent, active conflict we can say at the beginning, this was not something that was permissible for the

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Muslims in Surah Nisa 77 We learn along Tara Eden Medina Pilla whom Khufu ADEA calm, the Muslims were told, restrain your hands, meaning don't engage in any sort of battle or any sort of conflict or upheaval salata instead, focus on Salah will add to the caregivers, the care, etcetera. And then what happened, PETA Al was obligated on them. So it's also mentioned over here cootie Bara Lake will Peterloo fighting has been prescribed on you prescribed in what sense for the key fire or further brain fog key fire except in certain situations. Now, one thing I want to clarify over here is that a lot of people think that war in Islam is for the purpose of spreading Islam to make people enter

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Islam. And one thing we should remember is that Allah subhanaw taala teaches us a very important principle, intellectual Bacara verse number 256, which is that let ECLA 15 There is no compulsion in religion. So Islam is not in need of forcing people to enter Islam against their will. Okay, so War conflict is not used to make people enter Islam. Rather, it is used to let Islam reach people, okay. And the people who prevent Islam from reaching others, they're the ones who are fought. So for example, the people of Makkah, they prevented the message of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam from reaching the rest of the people. And that is why those individuals were fought against. So let it

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crawl, have it dean. And if war was used to force people to enter Islam, that you know, literally gunpoint that either accept Islam or you're dead, then there would be no concept of non Muslims living within Muslim lands. Okay. And you see this in history, any place where Muslims ruled, there was always a community of non Muslims. Why is it that they existed not only existed they thrived? Why? Because war is never used to force people to accept Islam. It is used to remove those people who become an obstacle in the way of Islam in the way of Islam reaching people. So anyway quotevalet Cool patella Hua Kohala calm what a big truth is mentioned over here

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last panel tharla says that fighting is something that is hateful to you, you dislike it. And I mentioned to you earlier that color and color is used for something that a person disapproves of that a person dislikes that a person does not like it's the opposite of hope. When you love something, you want it when you dislike something, you don't want it. So, what will call will look on you dislike it? Why is it that the Muslims disliked it? Or rather, why is it that an average person would dislike engaging in such conflict? Because there is risk of death, there is risk of injury. All right, there is risk of captivity, there is loss of wealth, you know that when there is

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war, big or small, there is a lot of danger. And then afterwards also, people who have participated in it, you know, sometimes they're left with injuries, etc. Life becomes very difficult. So what we'll call local, but Allah subhanaw taala told us over here that we're Assa and Takara, who che and Wahoo highroller, calm, but perhaps you hate a thing, and it is good for you. And he, yes, you dislike war, but it's actually good for you. How is it good for you in the world and in the hereafter? How is it good for you in the world? Well think about it, if there are people who are preparing to attack you to fight you, and you don't fight them, then what's going to happen, they're

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going to finish you, they're going to make your life even more difficult. So you have to fight back in order to exist in order to break the power of your enemy, in order to protect yourself in order to protect your property in order to protect your freedoms. Right. So there is good for you in detail. And in the hereafter. Also, there is a lot of benefit for you. Allah subhanaw taala mentions and sort of the Toba Iowan 20, about the reward of those people who go out in the way of Allah, that they don't experience any thirst, any fatigue, any hunger in the way of Allah. Well, I also own a multi on, they don't trample any road. Basically, they don't make any attack, except that a good

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deed is written for them. So basically, you know, the entire journey that they make in order to go and participate in battle against the enemy. For every step, they are rewarded, for every moment of thirst and hunger and fatigue that they experience, they are rewarded. So the reward and dunya and akhira is huge. So yes, you dislike it, because it's hard. It's not easy, but it's good for you. And this is not just related to capital. This is a general rule in life, that it's quite possible that you dislike something, because it's so difficult. But in reality, it is good for you, you have to do it. You know, this is a lesson that we learned from a very young age. You know, for example, you

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don't want to do your homework, you don't want to go to school, you don't want to write your exam, you don't want to take medication, because it tastes horrible. You don't want to do many things, because you find them hard, but you kind of have no choice, you have to do it, for whatever reason. And it turns out to be good for you. Well, who will hire a locum and on the other hand, were a seven to hippo shaitan perhaps you love a thing? Well, who was shielded look on, and it's actually bad for you. Like for example, if it was up to you, you would be on your phone 24/7 You'd be watching something, you know, on your computer all the time, you would constantly chatting with certain

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friends, you will constantly be, you know, doing certain things. But you know that if you do them excessively, they're actually bad for you. When it comes to certain foods also, you know, you would rather drink pop instead of water, you would rather eat sweets instead of salads or whatever. And you know that certain things are not good for you. And they are actually a lot of fun. And you also know that certain things are good for you. And they're not that much fun. Right? So we'll love we are limited into Letterland moon, Allah knows while you do not know. So trust Allah subhanaw taala the decision, if you understand this idea, this concept, that it's quite possible that you dislike

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something but it's actually good for you. And it's quite possible that you love something and it's actually bad for you. If you understand this, your life will become easy, and the most difficult things also will become easy for you. And what we learn from this is that sometimes the most difficult things bring a lot of good to us. Right because Allah subhanaw taala is ill mannered and unworldly he withhold certain things and he also gives when Allah subhanaw taala prevents us from something he is at the same time giving us something that is much better. So it's very hard to bear

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that the Why am I being deprived? Why am I not being given this thing that I so badly desire and I'm trying so hard to get it? There's wisdom in that. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in regard to the incident of if, if you think about the incident of if the slander against our I shall de la Mourinho was very hard on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was even harder and I shuttle de la hora. And he she cried and cried and cried, she was not feeling well, the prophets that Allah who already is and it was quiet, any at home, it was not easy for him outside it was not easy for him. And that whole trial it went on for a month. And Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah to new ayah

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number 11 about it that laughter Cebu shall Allah Khan don't think that it was bad for you all, Belle who are highroller co rather, it was good for you. Subhanallah such a difficult test and Allah subhanaw taala says, don't think that it was bad for you. It was actually good for you. How was it good. If you look at the pain that the Prophet said Allah who are in Islam experienced the pain that I shall do love more, and he experienced the pain that Abu Bakar will do Longhorn who experienced. Think about it, all of that pain was a lot but still Allah subhanaw taala says don't think that it was bad for you. It was good. How was it good, because whatever pain that they experienced, and they

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were patient over it, what happened they were rewarded for it, Allah subhanaw taala elevated them in their ranks, right? And then the incident of slander against martial Dilawar. Now, any, there were so many lessons that were drawn from that incident. And they're mentioned in surah. To note, and through this incident, the hypocrites became known because of this incident, we have more love for the Prophet sallallahu, where to send him and his family. So the point is that don't just look at the surface of things. Okay? An average person or rather, an ignorant person would only look at the surface, that on the surface, this is very painful. This is very hard. This is very unfair. Okay,

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but when you go a little deeper, when you reflect on it, when you see what Allah subhanaw taala has given you through it, then what you realize is that, in fact, this was beautiful. In fact, this was good. So it's possible that you dislike something but in reality, it is good for you. So remember that, first of all, nothing happens except by the will of Allah, whatever happens, anything big or small, that happens, it happens by the will of Allah, it was already decreed it was already written. And when it comes to the decrees of Allah, whether they are Kony or shattering, meaning they're related to worldly matters, or they're related to the matters of the religion, they're all based on

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the knowledge of Allah, the wisdom of Allah, the justice of Allah at the mercy of Allah. And when it comes to Kony matters, Kony matters as in, like I mentioned earlier matters related to worldly issues. So for example, someone died, someone was born, someone fell ill, someone failed an exam, someone passed an exam, someone got a job, someone got fired, things like that. Any kind of loss or gain, these are all county matters, right? So when it comes to the county decrees of a law, remember there are three kinds. The first type is that which only brings good, it is filled with hate, it only has played in it. Secondly, it's a matter which has more played and a little bit of shelter. So

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a lot of good, and then there is a little bit of evil or a little bit of harm. And the third is that there is a lot of harm, but there's still some good even though that good is little okay, what is the fourth possibility? The fourth possibility is that it is pure shall pure evil, but Allah subhanaw taala does not decree that, okay, remember this, ALLAH subhanaw taala does not decree what is purely evil. So even when something that appears to be extremely bad, extremely horrible, and it's difficult to even comprehend it in sometimes you read in the news sometimes you find out about an incident where criminal has committed such horrible crimes that you can't even talk about, you

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know, in justices that happen around the world. And you wonder if this is all evil, yes, there is a lot of evil in it. But you know what, Allah subhanaw taala is able to bring good out of it also. And he does, he does sometimes, you know, something happens in your life and you wonder, there could be no good in this. Well, you don't know that good right now. Well, long we are number one.

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And to laterna moon, you don't know Allah subhanaw taala knows. So what's the lesson over here the lesson is, trust Allah. Trust Allah, accept the decrees of Allah believe that there's good in it for you. But whatever commands that Allah subhanaw taala has given believed that they are good, you know, be content with Allah subhanaw taala has decrees whether they are Kony or shuttered. You know, for example, when it comes to religious commands also, sometimes the benefits are obvious. And sometimes the benefits are not that obvious, right? Sometimes it's very difficult to accept those comments. It's very difficult to practice them. But then what do you do? Do you trust your judgment?

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No, you don't. Because your judgment is based on your limited knowledge, trust Allah subhanaw taala is judgment. When He has commanded you to do something severe now will Athena no matter how hard it is, and when Allah subhanaw taala decides something in your life, then it will lead to Billa I am pleased with Allah, no matter how difficult it is for you to cope with it. Be content with the decree of Allah. In a hadith we learn the prophets Allah Who are you seldom said what Allah Bhima Kasam Allah Who Luca, to can own a nurse, be pleased with what Allah subhanaw taala has decreed for you, and you will be the happiest of people, you will be pleased with what Allah has decreed for

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you, you'll be content and you will be the happiest you will be the richest, so be pleased with the decree of Allah. And even when it comes to the commands of Allah, like over here, catabolic Mockito fighting has been prescribed. There is no denying it, it's very clear, very obvious in the Quran. So accept it. It's hard accepted. There's different commands that are mentioned in the Quran that you might personally struggle with. And that's okay. Allah subhanaw taala acknowledges that over here, well, who Akoto Lacan, it's hateful to you, you dislike it, you find it hard. And that's part of being human. Right? That's part of being human. This doesn't mean that we are sinful for what we

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struggle with. No, the state of the heart is something that you don't have control over the feelings in your heart, you know, you don't have control over. But when it comes to your actions, then you have to show obedience to Allah. So Barasat and Takara, who Shayan will, who will hydro local, where I said unto him, Bushi and will who are shallow local, will Allah who your level, Will, Antonella Darla moon, Allah knows, and you don't know. Now, sometimes what happens is that, you know, when you find something difficult, you end up leaving it? No, just because you find something difficult. It does not mean that now you should leave it or now you are exempt from it. Like for example, the

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person says it's very hard for me to prefetch it. Well, that doesn't mean you're going to leave it. No, you still have to do it. This aisle also shows us that you don't always enjoy what is good for you. You don't always find easy, what is good for you. And that's okay. All right. And this also shows us that we don't always have to follow our passions and desires. Because sometimes our passions and desires can actually be bad for us. They can actually be detrimental. So don't always follow your heart. Okay, follow what Allah subhanaw taala has commanded them it is said yes. Aluna carne Shetty the hot arm up Italian fee. They ask you about the sacred month, specifically about

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fighting Darren, who was asking this, the people of Baca the machete cane, they asked the Prophet salallahu already was about fighting in the sacred month. Now, they weren't asking this question for the purpose of is Dr. Lam any in order to learn whether or not it was permissible to fight in the sacred month, they already knew the answer. They were asking this question in order to criticize the Muslims in order to make an attack on them basically. Okay. And in order to shame the Muslims. Now there is a particular incident behind the revelation of this is, first of all, remember that there are four sacred months, right, Raja, the little karda, the hija and Muharram. And the people of

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Makkah, the Mushrikeen. Also, they believed in the sanctity of the sacred months, and part of the sanctity of the sacred months is that there should be no warfare, okay, within the sacred months. Now, as I mentioned, Rajab is one of the sacred months what happened is that in the month of project Surya to Nakhla, happened a particular expedition. The Prophet sallallahu earlier said I'm sent a group of hygiene. Okay, so how

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But who originally from Makkah, he sent them with our beloved Jash little de la Mourinho. And they were sent on this expedition where basically they were supposed to keep an eye on the whereabouts of a certain makan caravan. Okay. So they were just sent to keep an eye on that caravan. They weren't instructed to attack it, or, you know, fight the people who were in that caravan. They were just supposed to keep an eye. All right, and bring the news of the Prophet salallahu already who said no. Now what happened is that when these companions, when they came across this particular caravan, that was supposed to return to Makkah, they ended up attacking that caravan. And then there was a

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skirmish. So they ended up killing some of the people. And when there's a conflict, it escalates quickly, so they ended up killing some people, and they also ended up capturing some of them. And now what do you do with the people that you've captured? Because if you let them go, they're gonna fight you. So they captured them? What are you going to do with them? What are you going to do with the caravan? So what did these companions do, they took the captives and the goods of the caravan to Medina. Now, basically, this incident happened on the last day of Roger, and Roger is a sacred month. And if you have any idea about Moon sighting, you know that sometimes it can get confusing,

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where you think that the month has ended, the New Moon has been cited. But in reality, it has not been. Or you can make a mistake, basically, in the sighting of the crescent, it happens. So these companions, they thought that the month of Rajab was over, but it was actually not over. And they found it later. So when they came to the Prophet sallallahu, already of setting them with the captives and with the goods, they thought they had done a good thing. But the Prophet sallallahu already said I'm disapproved of it, because the Prophet salallahu already said him did not even tell them to do that. He just told them to keep an eye on the whereabouts of that caravan. That's it. But

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there was a small conflict and that escalated quickly and things changed. And when this incident happened, and we should be keen, basically did criticize the Muslims a lot. That How dare you that you guys think that you believe in Allah and you worship only Allah, and here you are violating the sanctity of the sacred month that you attack a caravan you killed some individuals, you take the rest captive, and you take all the goods. This is who you are. So they use this incident to criticize the Muslims. So what happened? Allah subhanaw taala revealed this is that cool Peter Allen fee cubbies that say fighting therein is a great thing. That yes, fighting in the sacred month is a

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big sin. And it's acknowledged over here that the Muslims made a mistake. And the Prophet sallallahu at his own rectify the situation, the captives were sent back and the blood money was given for the people who were killed, and the goods were also returned. So the prophets of Allah Who are these and rectify the situation, but that did not mean that the mistake did not happen. It did happen. So Allah subhanaw taala acknowledges that quality talent V cubed, all right. You know, when Musa alayhis salam he went to fit our own with the message, but did fit our own suit. We learned in sort of the Sharla 18 to 20 to fit our own set to Musa alayhis salam alum, Nura pika fina Walidah did we

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not raise you when you were a little child will miss the Phenom in ermotti Cassini and you lived with us many years of your life. And then what are the four letter cullity For Alto and terminal caffeine and you did your deed the one which you did, he is constantly pointing at it without really mentioning it. And basically he's referring to the accidental murder, right? mozarella Salam accidentally killed him in war and terminal caffeine and you were those who were very ungrateful. So Musa alayhis salam, he did not deny the mistake that he made. He said qualifier to her even were enemy not baldy. He said Yes, I did it. I made that mistake. When Amina Berlin I was wrong. And then

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he said for Faraj to mean Kamala massive to come. I fled from you when I was afraid of you because I knew that you were not going to give me a just trial basically, for what happened in Europe be hookman, Magellan even and mousseline and then my Lord granted me good judgment and he made me off the messengers will Tilka near mutton to Manohar, I lay here and I better Bani Israel and this favor you will remain

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Binding me of it. Which favor that you raised me that I lived with you for many years. You are reminding me of this. Why an arbiter Bani Israel because you enslaved the Bani Israel in meaning if you had not enslaved the Bani Israel, I would never have ended up with you anyway. You would not have to do that huge favor to me. And you remind me of one mistake I made. Have you looked at your own crimes that you enslaved an entire nation mozarella Islam accidentally killed one man and fit our own slaughtered so many children of Bani Israel, I have so many boys among them right on purpose and enslave the entire nation. So the people of Makkah, were behaving very similar to fit our own.

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Right? How that here they were making such a big deal out of one incident, right one mistake on the part of Muslims, it was an actual mistake. They made a poor judgment. They thought that the sacred month was over, but it was actually not over. And this is part of being human. So Allah subhanaw taala says it was sudden uncivil Allah, stopping people from the way of Allah averting people from the way of Allah, which is something that the people of Makkah had been doing that any person who embraced Islam their life became difficult. So people were hindered from accepting Islam were caught from behind and then disbelieving and Allah while Masjid Al haram preventing people from the sacred

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mosque what you heard you at Lehman who making their life so difficult, that you literally expelled them from Makkah. All of this is a couple are in the law. It is greater evil in the sight of Allah. So first of all, we see over here that they know the people of Morocco are making a big deal out of you know, the mistake that the Muslims made, and they were not acknowledging their own crimes. They were upset about Muslims accidentally fighting in a showdown huddle in the sacred month, whereas they had persecuted and killed Muslims were in a Masjid Al haram. They had tortured Muslims in Al Masjid Al haram. Right? So they made so much noise that oh, you fought in a shallow haram, you

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violated the sanctity. Well, how many times have you violated the sanctity of a Masjid Al haram? You know, the incident where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was praying near the Kaaba, and even a be more easily came and he began to strangle the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam and Abu Bakr or the Longhorn, who came and stopped him and he said, Do you want to kill a man just because he says, My Lord is Allah? Is that why? You know the incident where the Prophet salallahu Urdu sunnah was praying near the Kaaba and another occasion. And what did Abuja Helen his friends do? They brought all those insights of the camel and they put that gooey icky, any gross stuff on top of

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the prophets, Allah who already who has said no. And while he was in such that, and it was so heavy, that the prophets of Allah who are it isn't it was not able to get up, Father model the law more and she had to come and remove all of that herself to help him get up. And you know about how the family of Yes, it was killed in Makkah, how the Muslims were tortured in Makkah, there are so many incidents of Ibaka Mattila, one who was once beaten so much that he almost died. So you are making such a big deal out of one mistake. Look at your record. Look at what you've been doing all along. And this is something that you sometimes experience in your life, that God forbid you make one

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mistake, and people make such a big deal out of it. And they're, at the same time unaware of their own mistakes, not just mistakes, their own crimes. And another thing I want you to notice in this ayah is Colquitt Island V kabhi. And then look at the words what is Raju leaving a Kabiru in the law. So, some sins are great, but other sins are a cabal they are greater. So not all offenses are of the same level.

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Okay, some are greater in the sight of Allah. And then it is said well fitna to Akbar nominal capital and fitna is greater than killing what is fitna turning people away from their religion that is worse than killing them. Because when a person is killed, you know, they're finished. Okay, sad that you know their life is over. But that's it, they will just experience that pain once right? But when a person is persecuted while they're alive, that is much harder. Why? Because it's as if they're dying a death every moment. Any think about it, when Wilson's were tortured in one

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Got they were persecuted in Makkah, they were constantly living in fear. There's constant anxiety, constant fear. You don't know when you're going to be attacked, you don't know when one of you is going to be killed. Living that kind of life is extremely difficult. And here fitna specifically is referring to persecuting people in order to make them leave their religion. If a person is killed as a Muslim, then yes, okay, they died, it said, but they died on Islam in sha Allah, they will enter Jannah and it'll be all good. But when a person is constantly persecuted for their Islam, then there is a chance that they will end up leaving Islam. And it happens. There are people who say, I can't

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deal with this anymore, or who say that I can't be a Muslim because being a Muslim is very dangerous, or it's very hard. It's very difficult people will share me like what happened to a book club. Abu Talib did not accept Islam out of fear of what people would say. So he died as a cover. Right? So then he's not going to be in paradise. So while fitna to abominable Caitlyn is greater than killing, then Allah subhanaw taala warns us, it is said well as Luna ukata Luna come to Duke marine Dini COMM In this tutorial, and they will continue to fight you until they turn you back from your religion. If they're able, they will continue to fight you until they turn you back from your

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religion, but they will not be able to do that. So basically, we are being consoled over here that don't be surprised by the criticism of your enemy. Their ultimate goal is the same as that of Iblees. Right? That they want to turn you away from your religion. into the locker I have 120 We learned well into Lauren Kalia, who dwell on Masada had that to be our military. The Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their religion. So think about it. If the People of the Book want you to leave your religion, and they're closer to you in terms of religion than what to expect when we're speaking. They don't want you to be on your religion. This is why

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they're making all this noise. This is why they're shaming you. This is why they're criticizing you. This is why they're attacking you. And remember there have always been people who attack Islam who attack Muslims. So don't be shocked by this criticism. And then Allah subhanaw taala says Wilma Yatta did mean come on Dini, and whoever Have you reverts from his religion, meaning he leaves Islam fire moto Hua Cafayate and he dies while he's a disbeliever. For Hola, Iike habitat or maloom, for dunya will occur. For those people their deeds have become worthless in the world and the Hereafter, meaning their deeds will be wasted in the dunya they will not count anymore. And in the Hereafter

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they will have no reward. You see this word heavy, but how about is when an animal like a cow, for example, eats in moderately. And as a result of that, its stomach swells up and becomes infected and it dies. Okay. Now, the same thing has happened with their deeds, that their deeds brought no benefit. They just perish. They just finished whatever charity they gave whatever, you know, truth, this book, whatever promises they fulfilled any good thing they did, it's not going to bring them any benefit whatsoever what will let you call us have a nerdy home free holiday soon. And those are the Companions of the Fire they will abide there eternally. This is the result of the apostate. So

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we should ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep a steadfast love vanilla to the Peruvian bar they'd had Atana that our Lord do not allow our hearts to deviate after you have guided us. And those people who remain celibate will remain firm despite the criticism of people despite the attacks of people on their religion. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Latina Amanu well Latina hydrobiologia hudl FISA bieden that, indeed those people who have believed and those who have emigrated and they strove in the cause of Hola Hola, Erica, your June Rahmatullah those expect the Mercy of Allah and they will receive the Mercy of Allah because Allah Allah for Rahim Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. So our

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beloved and Jash are the law Mourinho and the Companions who went along with him. They were believers, they had emigrated from Mecca to Medina. And now they were striving in the way of Allah. They did all of this, why, hoping for the Mercy of Allah. And along the way, yes, they made a mistake. It was a human error. And it's okay. Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. So Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven them. And this is something that we should also remember regarding believers, that believers are human. They're not perfect.

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They will make mistakes, but focus on their good qualities right and overlook their mistakes. It doesn't mean that you don't have to rectify the wrongs. You do have to rectify it just like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did, he returned the goods. He gave the blood money for the deaths, right? And he released the captives. He rectified the wrong, but he did not cancel our bleiben Joshua de la hora. And that now that you've made this really bad mistake, you're never going anywhere again, you're never going to be trusted. No, the good that these people were doing was much more than the mistake that they made. So Allah subhanaw taala is forgiving, and we should also be

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forgiving towards the believers.

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