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Al-Maidah 109-120 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 115

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Khan Allahu Allah said in nimona Zulu, indeed I am one who sends it down, meaning Okay fine, I will respond to the door, I will send it down.

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But remember this, if you accept this condition, then I will send down the money that if you don't accept this condition, then no matter for Mensa, whoever yuck for he disbelieves barddhaman come after that among you. Meaning after the money that comes down, if anyone disbelieves for any or a devil who other than then I will punish him with a punishment, which punishment that lead or a devil who I will not punish it, meaning punish that punishment. I hadn't anyone mean an enemy afterwards. So basically, anyone who disbelieves after that, anyone who commits after that, he will be punished with a punishment that has not been given to anyone in the world. And as I mentioned to you earlier,

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this was when they were turned into hundreds Eve,

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because this position was not given to anyone, because what does the pig signify? greed, that he will eat anything and everything.

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So similarly, they were told not to store that food, but they stored it. It reflected greed, and the loss of pounds or to warn them that if you do go for after that, you will get a punishment that is very severe. Nobody has ever received that punishment.

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Even above, so that it was said that the angels brought it down from the sky. And they were seven of inefficient offices I mentioned to you. And Abdullayev in Armada, he said that those who will receive the severest punishment on the Day of Resurrection are three. First of all, the hypocrites because in a monastic benefit, don't kill as Philomena. Secondly, those from the people of Merida who disbelieved in it, and thirdly, the people of Iran.

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So these three will get the severest punishment on the day of judgment because Allah subhanaw taala says, I will give punishment that I have not punished anyone with. So what do we learn?

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What do we learn from this is

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that a person who denies a person who does cover of the earth, after seeing them, his cover is much greater than the cover of the one who hasn't seen the iron.

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Just like a person who, after knowledge does not do normal, he is much worse than a person who goes against the commands of Allah, out of what, out of lack of knowledge.

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A person who with knowledge after seeing the eye after studying the ayat, if he goes against the debt,

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then his wrong action, his sin, his crime is much worse than the crime of those people who are doing the same crime in ignorance. Because over here, what is being said, that if after seeing this miracle, if you disbelieve, then I will give you a severe punishment.

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Why? Because your disbelief is much severe.

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Secondly, we also learn from this idea that there are levels of punishment.

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levels of punishment, depending on the level of the crime is the level of the punishment. The more a person knows, the more responsible he is,

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the more a person knows the more responsible he is. So if despite learning all of this, a person does not change his ways. Remember that if despite learning all of this, a person does not change his ways. Then his punishment is what

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it is much worse.

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Because I lost pants. It says over here that I will give a punishment that I have not punished anyone with before.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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G, what is the Hello camino de Nika? Hey

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for me

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to share their affection

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it will humor this and I'm also asked to see something so that his heart would be content the same word was used leiomyoma in Nickleby. However, his demand was to add in his in his request, rather was to add an easier thing and this request was what

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it was based on desire.

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And no matter what happens whether we are able to do something, whether we get some knowledge whether we get some help anything at all, we should remember that it happens by the permission of Allah and this will happen on the day of judgment that Allah subhanaw taala will say this again and again be easily be is me alone took us a year to come to show what that everything that happened happened by the permission of Allah

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and so it never should we become proud.

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And we think that oh, we know everything. After learning just a little bit. We think we know everything and we don't need to learn more.

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Anybody else from the from

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Santa Monica?

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I'm just looking to the last area and I'm thinking the variety of food that we have today. That nanometric form shape and to us to start thinking all the time of us wasn't connected tonight wasn't gonna eat tomorrow wasn't gonna provide for next day, because we already think to make is more viable. So it's something that take us away from the current law.

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We get so occupied with the thought of eating and preparing food that it distracts us from that which is more important than any aside we're given by Nintendo Why? So that they would do what they were supposed to do. And they said, We don't want this food, we want something else.

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Just based on the miracles because I mean, asking stupid questions because your mind is our strongest as we just go around asking stupid questions. And here to there, imagine was based on my diet, they're gonna get the matter, then they're gonna believe, or else they won't. So I mean, you believe is not based on just the miracles, you know, actually do what you're commanded to do. And if you have a strong fit, then you're successful. Without the miracle, you have to confirm it. I mean, even without seeing the miracles, which is why in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Stein, people demanded so many miracles, but hardly any miracle was shown.

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They have a miracle in front of them. They saw all those miracles through which their Eman was confirmed. But they demanded something to satisfy their desire.

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You understand this, sometimes we believe in everything, we accept the commands, everything, but we just want that something should be made for us. Right? Just so that we can eat a particular food just so that we can enjoy a particular food.

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So basically, the problem over here is with the desire.

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And the time of breaking the fast is the time of making graphs. But unfortunately, many of us are standing in the kitchen preparing food, even at that time, because our whole life revolves around eating.

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And it's such a big responsibility on us that we should keep our property and wealth, everything that we have in order, so that it's not a burden on those people who will be dealing with it afterwards.

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They kind of made a promise to our last panel.

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If you give us this, you know, we know the truth and everything. So how many times do we like, make promises with Allah subhanaw taala life I pass this test, I'm gonna do this, right, and we just forget about it. And some of them they did commit COVID afterwards, and they were punished with a punishment that was very severe.

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I was just thinking that whenever you go out to eat, you want to do very nice, and you eat it, that tastes will only last for maybe five minutes. And then afterwards, you have a bad aftertaste. It's so little like it doesn't even last. It's not that enjoyable. But things like aftertaste are really bad consequences the next day.

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It's just amazing how it's a great reminder for us that we learned so many things. Like we're finishing switches matita and they were known yesterday how we're definitely going to be tested with our knowledge what we know and then so we're going to be tested what we know and then Allah told reminded us that if you contradict our knowledge, we're gonna get severe punishment compared to the ones who didn't know about it. So it's just it's scary that you know the knowledge now you have to obey. So you can have a greatest punishment.

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It's a severe warning as well, that if after knowledge you don't change your ways, then be prepared.

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That's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Wanna model Soulja

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