Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 07 – L076C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the definition of hunting in Iran and the meaning of hunts in relation to animals. They also touch on the concept of culture and the importance of protecting religion and returning to the worship of Allah. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to not commit to hunting in the future and emphasize the negative impact of hunting on their reputation and their own gain. They also discuss the theory that people may not be responsible for hunting and that the behavior of the person is not a reflection of their own values.
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Yeah you are Latina woman or you will have believed. Let okoto say that do not kill game will unto home while you are in the state of Iran. So over here, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that hunting in the state of Iran is not permissible.

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So after mentioning in the previous ayah that you will be tested. Now, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned as to what the rulings are pertaining to hunting

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that are you allowed to hunt in a haram or not? And if you do so, then what are the consequences?

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So, yeah, you're letting me know, let apple cider or anthem calm.

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The website, as I mentioned to you earlier, is an animal that is hunted, why, for the purpose of food consumption,

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remember that the word sight as a technical definition, it applies to all haiwan and bergerie meaning a land animal, a land animal, it does not include sea animals or water animals. So, which animals is a land animal?

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Secondly, a slave is that which is cool meaning it is edible, in the sense that it is Hello.

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For example, even though a pig is a land animal, if you hunt it that doesn't make it Hello. Why? Because in and of itself, it is not mckuen it is not something that is edible.

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And thirdly, it is Almodovar Hush, meaning it is wild, it is untamed, it is wild, it is untamed.

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So for example, a deer or moose, what else? buffalo. What else? Use your mind be imaginative.

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A rabbit, giraffe, zebra birds. Obviously those animals that are permissible to eat.

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Remember that those animals that have fangs that hunt other animals, they're not permissible by for example, a lion, a wolf, a tiger. They're not permissible. hyena not permissible.

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But animals that don't have fangs, and they're basically herbivores that are permissible for us to eat.

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So I'll say that first of all, I'll highlight albery Alma McCool, Al mutawa heshe, a land animal that is edible, meaning it is halal, and it is also wild.

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So not up to the cider and don't don't hunt animals while you are in the state of your home. And what does it mean by huddle? huddle is a plural of heroin. And it refers to one who is in the state of Iran. He is in pilgrimage attire having the intention for Hajj or Umrah or he is in the area of heaven.

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So not up to the site though, until a

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woman Katara hoomin come and whoever have you killed it from among you, meaning whoever hunts an animal among you, Muhtar maiden deliberately in the state of Iran, or in the area of Harlem.

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Now, just one thing before we move on over here, it hasn't mentioned that after the Seder. Now, I have a question for you. If a person is traveling, and he has to go to with him, one goat is going to offer a sacrifice the other one is taking from himself that he's going to eat it. Is he allowed to slaughter it? Yes. Why? Because over here left off to the side. This is Hunting animal which is why Almodovar hush wild is a condition.

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Woman Katana woman Kamata Maiden, who is the one who does something deliberately, intentionally.

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So whoever deliberately intentionally hunts an animal in the state of Iran.

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Meaning he doesn't do it out of forgetfulness. He doesn't do it by mistake, he deliberately kills the animal out of hunting, when in the state of

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Florida saw his recompense meeting for our lay, he does it on him his recompense he has to pay a fine.

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Now, the word does that has been used over here, because the word desert is used for compensation. And it gives a sense of exactly the same, it gives a sense of exactly the same.

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So he has to give an equal give an equal meaning he has to give an animal that is the same.

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Miss Lu, like meaning similar to man, that which patola he killed mininum of the grazing livestock.

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So the recompense is what? That he has to offer an animal as sacrifice

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And this animal that he's going to offer a sacrifice is going to be similar to the animal that he hunted.

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It has to be similar to the animal that he hunted.

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And obviously, it's going to be of which animals unarmed grazing livestock.

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So for example, if a person, let's say he hunted a deer, deliberately, he hunted a deer in the state of Arizona.

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Now, the recompenses, that he has to give the same animal that is going to go hunt for a deal, what if he cannot find it here? So in that case, what's the solution that an animal from the grazing livestock that is similar to the animal that you hunted, you're going to offer that in sacrifice.

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So for example, if a deer has been hunted, then what is he going to offer sacrifice? a goat for instance?

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If an ostrich has been hunted, then what is he going to do? a camel, ostrich and camels are very similar.

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Similarly, if a person hunts a wildebeest or a buffalo, a wild buffalo then what is he going to offer? A cow. So basically an animal that is similar similar in what sense in its appearance,

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so Mr. Malhotra let me know now. So who is going to decide that which animal is similar to the animal that he hunted Yakumo he is going to judge he is going to decide V with it meaning about it, about the equivalent animal from the grazing livestock

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who is going to judge concerning it? There were two possessors of either end of justice MIPCOM among you, there what is the dual of the other is justice. What does it mean by the way,

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it is said that other is is to karma, meaning it has steadfastness in Deen in religion, and also in having a good relationship with people.

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So basically, when a person is known for his Deen for his religiosity, and he's also known for his good treatment to people.

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And he has a good relationship with people in general.

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So for example, this person, he performs a photo if you see him, he comes to the masjid. You see him he has done the Hajj. You see him he fasts in the month of Ramadan, he performs a Fatah he abstains from the cabana and he does not commit any major sins, his houses not a mortgage, for example.

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And he is not persistent on small things on minor sins.

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And at the same time, he has a good relationship with other people, that he is good towards them. He's not harsh towards them.

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And remember that this standard varies from time to time and place to place culture to culture.

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What is good in your society may not be considered good in another society. Somebody was telling me about how their children, they just moved to an Arab country. And the teacher of the children came over to teach them Quran. And the children were just sitting over there. So the teacher said that your children have no manners. Why? Because the children did not get up to greet the teacher, they did not kiss the hand of the teacher, because he had no idea. So this varies from culture to culture, place to place time to time. So there are dealing meaning in your society, in your place, there should be known for their goodness, they should be known for their piety. So these two men,

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these two people are going to decide as to which animal is equivalent to the animal that you hunted.

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And this animal that you're finally going to select, and you're going to give us just that meaning you're going to sacrifice in place of what as a recommends for what, as an animal that you wanted.

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So this animal is going to be heading, what is

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an animal offered in sacrifice were in the area of how to hide the end, because Hadean literally is from the roof of his head Alia and what does it mean to go from one place to the other?

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He dies what guidance that when you lead from one point to the other point.

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So how do you meaning this animal is going to be led, it's going to be taken to it's going to be transported to from outside of the harem to inside of the heroine. Why? To be sacrificed over there.

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So haidian valuable karnavati

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meaning it's going to be slaughtered when it has reached the Kaaba now doesn't mean that it's going to be soldered inside the cover right outside the cover. What does it mean? That in the area of the cover, so basically the requirement is that the animal is going to be slaughtered in the area of the

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in the area of the heroin, and it cannot be slaughtered before it reaches their value is one that reaches. So only when it reaches then it's going to be slaughtered. Upon reaching, it's going to be slaughtered, it cannot be started before it reaches the destination.

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So how do you ballyhale? karate?

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So let's go back a little bit. What's the crime that has been committed over here? Then in the state of a firearm, a person hunted a wild animal? What does he have to do? Now? The animal that he hunted to people are going to decide as to which animal is similar of that animal from the grazing livestock? That animal is going to be decided, let's say it's a cow. Let's say it's a goat. It's decided. Now where is it going to be taken to the huddle? And over there, it's going to be slaughtered when? When it reaches there. This is the first option.

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Oh, or another option is that a person is going to give a cassata he's going to give an explanation and what is a photo a video that covers the same so that no effect no consequences, the same remains on the person's heart in his record, before people the sin is completely wiped off.

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So or he is going to give us a photo? And what is that good photo? That he is too. Damn Masaki. He has to feed Who? needy people. Now, how many needy people? Is he going to feed? How many meals? is he supposed to give? An which masakan? Are these? Basically, the animal that is going to be decided? For example, the two people judge it has to be a goat. So it's going to be decided as to how many meals can you take out from a goat? How many meals in average? Any idea?

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It depends on how you cook it. But it doesn't mean that you just give stock to people. Okay? It means that you give them like proper meat to eat. So let's say I don't know if this is a good estimate or not. But let's say 30. I'm sure it could be more. But let's just say 30. So 30 meals can be taken out from a goat, for instance. So tamama second, what does it mean that 32nd are going to be fed?

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If it's a camel, let's say 50 meals can be taken out. So how many masakan are going to be fed 50?

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So tamo Misaki. Now, which food is this? Which food? Is he going to feed them a second? The animal that he slaughtered? No, because this is a different option that has been given over here. If he was going to slaughter the animal, then yes, it's going to be slaughtered in the harem. And it's going to be distributed amongst the needy over there, the meat is going to be distributed mock scenario with it. This is another option that you cannot do this, you cannot find the animal you cannot slaughter the animal, you cannot afford to do that, then in that case, what are you going to do? You are going to find needy people and you're going to give them meals. How many meals depending on how

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many meals you can take out from the animal. And this food could be any food. It could be vegetables, it could be another animal, it could be any food. So tamasak in this is general.

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Now over here, we see that our choice has been given. What does our show the choice has been given

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some upside, a person has this choice, that he can either slaughter the animal or he can feed the needy. It's up to you whatever is convenient for you.

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Just imagine a person cannot go to the car at that time. How will he take the animal to slaughter the animal?

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You cannot do that. So he's going to figure out okay, how many meals and he's going to feed the needy wherever he is. So basically a choice has been given a person can do whatever he finds easy for himself whatever is feasible for him to do.

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Others have said that this choice is only applicable. If there is no equivalent animal of livestock that can be found.

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Let's say a person hunted a small bird. Now what is its equivalent from the from the grazing livestock? Chicken is not grazing livestock.

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Or let's say a person hunted a rabbit. Now what its equivalent from the grazing lifestyle.

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There is no equivalent from the grazing livestock. So in that case, what is he going to do? The second option, which is that he's going to figure out okay, from a rabbit, you can find you can get three meals. So he has to feed three needy a bird you can serve one person, so he's going to feed one needy person.

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So some say that this choice is applicable to any situation, meaning depending on what is feasible for a person. And secondly, other say that this choice is applicable only if there is no equivalent that can be found from the grazing livestock, aka Pharaoh to Tama Misaki

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o or I do daily calcium or equivalent to that

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infesting meaning a person can fast the equal number of days, equal number of days To what? To the number of the needy that he is going to feed.

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So let's say he hunted a deer, it was decided a goat is to be slaughtered, you can take out 30 meals from that

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he decides I'm not going to slaughter a goat because I cannot go to the cover right now. Therefore, I'm just going to feed 30 needy people. Now, he cannot find 30 needy people he can only find 25. So, in that case, what does he do? He is going too fast 30 days, he is going too fast 30 days so our our little Danica Sienna

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Leah do so that is why Bella Emery the consequences of his action. Which action which deed which matter hunting in the state of Ohio. So this punishment is so that a person may taste the consequence the word war varies from the root level as well by now.

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And what that is an evil consequence of something

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awful love who Allah has pardoned. I'm Masada from what has passed before, set up from the roof ever seen lambda?

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Meaning whatever has happened before Allah has forgiven you for that. What does it refer to? That before this command was given, especially at the time the profits are allowed.

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So a person is not going to see Oh, when I went for oma, then I hunted a deer. So in that case, I have to give the cappadonna know why. Because the command was not given at that time.

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So our follow on my setup, whatever has happened thus far has already happened. You're not held accountable for what you did in ignorance,

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one or other, but who ever returned, meaning whoever repeats this action of what hunting in the state of Iran fan duckling, Allahu Allah is going to take revenge from him.

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Look at this young duckling, that after you know what you're not allowed to do, if you still do it, remember, a lawyer is going to take revenge from you, he is going to punish you. And some punishments as you know they are Sheree, and other punishments are poverty. So if I ended up him, Allahu Minh, who will know who are Aziz on his intercom, and Allah is Mighty, and he's also the possessor of retribution.

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So we see over here that Allah Subhana, Allah has taught us to honor the the, to honor their religion, to respect their religion, due respect all of the commands all of the rulings, all of the shots of the religion. This is why there are some restrictions that are applied, when a person is in the state of

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y for the purpose of discipline. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the person who is in the state of harmony in the morning, that when he leaves his house to perform, has determined that he should maintain a discipline, and you should refrain from hunting.

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And if a person does hunt, then what does he have to do? He has to give the cafardo. What is the cassara? To summarize, the animal that he hunted, it's equivalent from the grazing livestock.

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If he cannot find an animal that is equivalent from the grazing livestock, or it is not feasible for him to take that animal and slaughtered in the head on then what is he going to do? He's going to feed needy people. If he's not able to do that, then what is he going to do? fast? So basically, there is a choice that has been given over here, and whatever has happened in the past, and that is of ignorance that is over now, you should be careful about what you do in the future.

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What do we learn from this? If first of all we learned about the prohibition of hunting in the state of Ohio? Secondly, we learned that hunting in the state of a farm goes against a man Why? Because Allah says Yeah. Are you willing to? Thirdly, not hunting in Iran? Perfect. Amen. Because Allah says, Yeah, you were letting me know. So if a person does not hunt in the state of Iran, then what is he doing? He is improving his Eman. He is perfecting his email.

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And leaving side leaving hunting, not hunting in the state of Islam also increases even.

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So when a person stays away from the heroin, even when he has the opportunity to do it, what does it do? Leaving the heroin? What does it do? It increases him in his email. Because if he will do it, then it's going to distract him from the worship of Allah. And if he stays away from it, he's not going to be distracted automatically is going to be increasing in his email.

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We also learn from this either a person who leaves Masia a person who leaves an act of disobedience, even though it is very easy for him to commit it. What does it do? It increases him in his even

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because of the previous ayah, we learned that a lie is definitely going to test you in situations where committing a sin will be very easy for you.

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So if a person leaves the sin out of the fear of a loss of penalty, what is it going to do? It's going to increase him in his event.

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Because Yeah, are you under the AMA? No. Eman has been mentioned over here.

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Remember that a person leaves us in for several reasons. One is that a person leaves it out of the fear of of loss.

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So for example, the person finds the opportunity, and he intends to do it.

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Let's say a person thinks that, oh, I have money. Now. Let me go and buy music, video, for example. So my parents are not gonna know, I have the money. I'll just go get it. So he has the opportunity. He has the ability, and he has the intention. But then he thinks that no, this is not right. A lot doesn't like it. So he decides that he is not going to do it. Is this going to increase his even? Yes, it is.

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Another reason why sometimes people leave marceia. And what is it the fear of people? The fear of people? Is that going to increase as human?

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Because he's not doing it for the sake of Allah.

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Another reason why sometimes people leave marceia is because of a version for the mercy because of dislike for the mercy

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that, for example, a person thinks that, oh, I'll get this music video, I'll buy it.

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And the next day is like, No, I don't think I like it anymore. Why should we spend money on it? I watched it, I'm not interested anymore, I'll get something else. Or I won't waste my money here. So he changes his mind is that going to increase in demand? No, it's not going to benefit him.

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What benefits a person, when he leaves an act of disobedience out of the fear of a law, that is going to increase him in his email.

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Then we also learn from this idea about the prohibition of hunting for the more hidden that a person was in a state of Iran, he cannot hunt. And this means that he cannot even cooperate with anyone who is hunting. He cannot even cooperate with anyone who is hunting. Let's say a group of people are traveling together. Five of them are in the state of Ashram. One of them is not performing or MLA, he's only going for his business trip. He's not in the state of Arizona, he sees a rabbit. He wants to hunt it. So he says, Oh, can you give me the spear? And you're in the state of Arizona? Are you indicated?

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You're not allowed to do that you're not allowed to cooperate in any way whatsoever.

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Similarly, if you spot the rabbit, and he doesn't, I have to tell him,

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you're not allowed to cooperate in this in any way whatsoever.

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Similarly, if you are in the state of Islam, and he's not in the state of your home, and you tell him, can you please hunt that for me? I can't hunt because I'm in the state of Iran, can you do it. And if a person hunts for the Muslim at his request, then in that case, the Muslim is allowed to eat it.

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If a person hunts for the more Haram, for the Muslim, then in that case, the Muslim being the one that he's not allowed to eat it,

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then they hunt and bring it to you, then you can eat it, as long as they didn't hunt it for you. Like, for example, I'll just mention that.

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Sorry, Don said that he gave us the bread as a gift of the profits out of autism in the area of ABA. But the profits are of autism gave it back. And when the profit side of autism saw the effect of is returning the gift on sarps face, he said we only give it back to you because we are in a state of your home. So here, why did he return it because he thought that he hunted the zebra for him. This is why he refused to take it.

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We also learned that Abu Qatada, he hunted a zebra when he was not in the state of Iran. And he offered it to those who were in the State of Israel.

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They hesitated to eat from it. And they asked the prophets are about Islam. And he said, Did any of you point at it? or help kill it? They said no. So he said, then eat it. And the profits are also ate from it. So what does it show that in the state of your home, you cannot cooperate? You cannot tell them to hunt. And if they hunted for themselves, and they bring it to you, then you're allowed to eat, provided that they didn't hunted for your sake.

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And another very important thing that we must remember is that the cafaro is applicable only when a person deliberately hunts only when a person deliberately hunts.

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If a person kills an animal of sight by mistake, that let's say he was shooting at the tree, and he didn't know there was a bird sitting over there, and the spear or whatever, it hit the bird and the bird died. So in that case, he's not going to give the co founder Why? Because it was an accident. He didn't intend to kill the bird.

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Tell me something. Is it out?

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Eat the burger. No. Why? He didn't say Bismillah. He's not allowed to eat it. Why? Because he didn't say Bismillah when he was shooting.

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Similarly, if a person hunts while forgetting that he is in the State of Israel,

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just imagine a person who doesn't realize that he isn't sort of a harmony hands. Like for example, he has his gun with him just for the sake of protection. And all of a sudden he sees a deer and say, oh, Bismillah shoot. So does he have to give the cafaro? No. Why? Because he did it. unintentionally. He did it by mistake. Because the word over here is muthambi. Then the word over here is with Amidon. And remember, there are many evidences in the Quran and Sunnah from which we learned that if a person does something, by mistake by forgetfulness, he is not held accountable.

Al-Maidah 94-108 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 95

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