Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 07 – L076B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the journey of love, where individuals are forced to stay at home and do their job. The test for hunting is designed to test individuals' behavior and overcome fear. The importance of holding back during sinful acts and avoiding loss of reputation is emphasized. practical tests are needed to determine one's knowledge and behavior to avoid unnecessary punishment and avoid unnecessary punishment. The speakers emphasize the need for practical tests to determine one's knowledge and behavior.
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I was living let him in the shade

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over him

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lesson number 76 so tonight I number 94 to 108

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yeah you have Ludhiana manual, or you who have believed laya Balu and Nicola who be Shay in mina slaty. Allah will surely test you through something of the game through something of the hunting animals.

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Then no ad con, what am I How come that your hands and spears can reach very easily? Leon Allahumma your half who believe that Allah may make evident those who fear him in the unseen feminine Arteta bar, the danika fella who are there when Aleem and whoever transgresses after that, for him is a painful punishment.

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This ayah was revealed with regards to the journey of the Sahaba of the Lutheran home with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, in which they went from Medina towards Makkah in order to perform

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for the first time when they went collectively.

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And this is when they weren't able to perform the remote because the machine did not allow them to enter marker. And this is when the Treaty of Arabia was made.

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So basically, when the Sahaba when they were going from Medina to Mecca, in order to perform the aroma.

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And the journey of love is a very peaceful journey.

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Why? Because it's a journey of a bed, which is why when a person reaches a particular point, what does he have to do, he has to put on the home. That now my focus is what the aroma, that I am going for that particular reason. And there are certain things that I'm not allowed to do, which I'm allowed to do otherwise. Like, for example, cutting your nails, even cutting your hair, even any kind of relationship between husband and wife even is not permissible.

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So things that are permissible otherwise are not permissible in the state of your home.

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Why so that a person can focus on the goal on the purpose that he is undertaking that journey for.

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And this is why the journey of or hedge is a very peaceful journey.

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Because remember, just imagine, if there are a group of people one is cutting their hair, and other is cutting his nails, I mean, how difficult it would be.

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So these few days, when you're all traveling together, you have to be very peaceful. There are certain things you're not allowed to do because everybody has to focus on the goal. But when a person tries to do something good, he's always tested. Whenever he tries to do something good, he's always tested. You stand up for sada and what happens? Your mind goes everywhere. That's your test. What do you do? Do you try to control your thoughts? Or do you drift away?

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So, similarly, the Sahaba also, they were tested on this journey?

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What was your test?

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Remember that in the state of a farm, a person is not allowed to hunt.

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And we learned that the Sahaba by their camping area, there were so many wild game and birds within their reach.

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Only they could literally catch them by hand. And they could literally, you know just shoot a spear very easily and they could catch the game very easily. So this was a test that it's coming right before you but you're not allowed to hunt.

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So over here, Allah subhanaw taala says that Yeah, you are letting me know or you have believed layer below a knuckle. Surely, definitely. Allah is going to test you waiting This is definitely going to happen. Allah will definitely test you. Why?

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Because this life is a test.

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Allah subhanaw taala has created life and death Why? So that he may test us as we don't in total mole Hola, como tal? hayata leobardo. com. au comparison, la Mola. He's testing us that what do we do in different situations?

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In a situation where a sin is made very easy for us, what do we do? a situation where committing a crime is very easy for us. What do we do?

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a situation where obeying Allah subhanaw taala is difficult. What do we do? This life is a test. And every single moment, every single second is a test. That who does good and who does bad? who obeys Allah and who does not obey Allah.

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Some of these tests, they're very obvious. And sometimes these tests are not that obvious.

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Sometimes they are external. And sometimes they're internal. You have to fight with your own knifes you have to fight with your own heart, you have to fight with your own mind. And sometimes you have to fight against external reasons, external opposition.

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Similarly, sometimes these tests are very great, very huge. We think that it's impossible to pass a test, it's impossible to deal with it. And sometimes, they're very small. So they have no one no common law, who surely alone will definitely test you. Be shy, even afraid with something of the hunting animal.

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The word sight as you know, is used for what? Again, animal meaning hunting animal, basically animals that are hunted for food. People also hunt them for the purpose of sport. However, in our Deen hunting for the purpose of eating is permissible only if you're hunting for the purpose of sport, that is not permissible.

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Like, for example, we learn about once some group of the youth they had this Rooster and they had tied it up, and they were throwing arrows on it. They had basically made it a target, that let's see who can shoot the most arrows on the target, and even remodel the learn who passed by from there. And when he came, everybody dispersed because they got scared of him. And even little Darnell got so upset, he said, the profit sort of audits of them has cursed a person who does such an action. So there's Lana, the curse on who, on a person who hunts an animal or who makes an animal a target for his game.

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So the hunting that is permissible in our Deen is only for the purpose of what food

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so Allah will definitely test you with something of hunting and these hunting animals these game animals, then I know who it will reach it that I know from their own countries no Niala name so it's going to reach it. What does it refer to that I know who what is the rule refer to the site?

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And what is going to reach it? ad comb your hands? What do you mahakumbh and your Spears remark is a Florida from and work is used for a spear

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so your hands and your Spears can easily reach these game animals.

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So for example, with the hand, for instance, if it's a small animal, the person can just pick it up by his end. Or for example, if it is an animal that is on the ground, it's close by you can literally just catch it with your hand and that's it. You have it.

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entity metrical. What animal do you hunt with your spear an animal that is distant? Or for example if it's a bird that is flying in the air or a bird that is sitting on the tree or something like that.

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So these animals will be so close to you that you will be literally able to catch them by hand or with the throw of a spear you can hunt them, but allies testing you because you're not allowed to hunt at this time.

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Liana mala who lamb over here is have a lot of reason that why is this going to happen? So that Allah may know meaning a lot may make known mania, hoffa will be live. Who is it, that fears Allah in the unseen? who fears a lot of believe?

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What does it mean by fearing a loss of personal data believe it gives us two meanings.

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First of all, when a person is in the unseen from people, meaning when a person is absent from people, in the sense that a person is alone, because what is like that which is hidden, that which is absent.

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So who is it that fears Allah, when he is alone when other people are not watching him? when other people are not watching him? He is in the unseen from the rest of the people.

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And secondly, Maya hoffa will be late. What this means is that while Allah is absent from him, meaning while he does not see Allah,

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what is your son? And third, would Allah Allaha uneca?

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What a lambda contura hufa in Iraq. So many acaba who believe is that while Allah is absent to the eyes of the person,

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that a person cannot see a loss of penalty, but still he fears him. Still, he fears in

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life, for example, generally what happens with us

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if we're doing something, and we know that a particular person, if they see us doing it, they're not going to like it. What do we do?

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We don't do that particular action in front of them.

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And when they're not there, then we do it. When we can see them. We don't do it. When we cannot see them. Then we do it

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but without

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Lots of panel data he can see this all the time. Therefore fearing the loss of panel data and the unseen means that a person fears him, while he cannot even see Allah.

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He still remembers him. He still is mindful of him. And about this and sort of the scene What do we learn that inadvertently Manitoba declare war Haha, man I will hide from a Shinto be mouthfeel At what age in Korea, that a person who fears align the unseen, he is one who takes benefit from the reminder. So therefore, give him good news of forgiveness and give him good news of a noble reward of a very generous reward.

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So over here, Allah subhanaw taala is going to test you through these situations. That who is it that fears Allah, even when other people are not watching him that nobody's watching me? Let me just catch this animal. Nobody's watching me nobody will find out

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from any outside of our danika then whoever transgressed after that? How? By hunting by not refraining from the prohibited? And after what what does that equal refer to, after this hookup of abstaining from hunting in the state of your home?

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That after knowing what is permissible and what is not permissible, if a person transgresses meaning he doesn't care about what is permissible and what is not permissible, then for him for the who or that would allow him, for him as a painful punishment.

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This is very serious. Because what do we think generally?

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That doesn't matter, I will do it and later on, I will seek forgiveness, or it's okay. Eventually I will go to gender. So doesn't matter. Or analyzing a photo of him? Even if I know I shouldn't be doing this. I'll do it anyway. No big deal. It's okay. But what is Allah say? That whoever transgresses after knowing after learning, then for him is a painful punishment.

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What do we learn from this i?

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This ayah clearly mentions how Allah subhanaw taala makes it easy for a person to commit a sin. Sometimes he provides the opportunity to a person do committed act of mercy. He enabled him that literally, the opportunity falls in a person's lap. It's right there. It's very easy for him. It's right before him.

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But what is this? Does this mean that since you're able to do it, then do it anyway? Because that's what we think sometimes, that if it wasn't good for me, then I wouldn't have gotten the opportunity.

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If I got the opportunity, that means this is fine. That's what we think.

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But in reality, what is it, it's actually a test? It's actually a test, that it's very easy for you to commit us and it's right before you, it falls in your lap, you have the opportunity, you have the ability, and you are fully capable of doing it. But what is it in reality, it's a test that allows a Panzer that is testing us that who is going to fear Allah. And out of that fear, he's going to stay away from it.

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And who is not going to fear a lot. And he's going to do it.

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Allies testing us. And the same test the bunny is what you were also tested with

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when the seventh, when the fish would come up to the surface of the sea. They said that on the Saturday, the fish would come up to the surface, they could see them. And on the rest of the days, they wouldn't come. This was their test. But they knew that they're not allowed to hunt on Saturdays. So what happened? What do they do? They put the net on Fridays, and they took it out on Sundays. So that was going against the commands of a loss of penalty, they were not allowed to hunt on that day deficient that day.

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So we see that sometimes the opportunity comes right before us. And if you look at it, if you compare it with the situation that the Sahaba were in, that think of the game the hunting animal as something that a person desires, something that a person likes something that a person finds attraction, and just remember that the Arabs in particular, they would love hunting, they would love hunting.

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So just imagine something that you like to do. Something that you find is beneficial for you. I mean, if you hunt an animal, you can eat it. Especially if you're traveling, it's actually good for you. If you're traveling you have unlimited food anyway. So it's actually good for a person if he manages to hunt an animal and he can eat it. However, it's a test. So think of the game as something that you like something that you desire, something that you find attraction in.

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It could be an action. It could be a particular food. It could be a project

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Get a person, it could be a place, it could be anything that a person finds attraction and however, it is not permissible. It is not permissible for him.

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What happens when it comes right before you? What do you want to do?

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What do you want to do? Let me just try, let me just touch it, let me just look at it.

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But even looking at it and admiring it, and staring at it, and looking at it with a desire, and just touching it, even just trying it even. Even that is not permissible. Why?

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Because Allah subhanaw taala says, Let the horrible sinner don't even go near Xena don't even go near the *.

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So we see that, on the one hand, the nafs is pulling you, your heart is pulling you that this is something that you like, and it's right before you, the opportunity is right there. It's facilitated for you, it's so easy. All you have to do is assign a paper,

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even when people are offering you money, and they're offering you one card after the other. And all you have to do is sign up and they tell you, you're gonna get so many benefits. All you have to do is just sign that's it. That's all you need to do. However, that's a test that what are you going to do? Are you going to fall in that situation? Are you going to hold back.

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So on the one hand, your nerves is pulling you. And on the other hand, the command of a muscle panel that is putting you This is a test

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this like when a person is fasting, the food is right before him. And sometimes he takes it up to his mouth even out of forgetfulness. But he's not allowed to eat it.

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That for instance, for a child, if they see even $1 or if any on the floor, what do they want? They want to keep it with themselves. But even that is a test for them. That what do they do in it?

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And sometimes is this I'm sure you can come up with many examples in your head about how the opportunity to sin is right before you.

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At that time made me think that, you know because it's okay for me, that's why I'm getting this opportunity. Maybe it's good for me.

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Allah wants me to do it. This is why he's giving me the trophy. It's okay for me to do it. However, it's not okay for you to do it at that time, unless pantallas testing.

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Secondly, we also learn from this idea that a person should be careful when a sin or an act of disobedience is made easy for him. And he should hold himself back and he should not fall in the trap of shaper. He should not fall at that time. And at that time, one should remember you surprised

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that how the opportunity to sin was right before him right before him. That the woman she had been tempting him since a long time. And now she had closed the doors. And now she openly said to him come. So just imagine for any man to be in that situation. What would he say? That maybe it's okay for me. That's why, you know, I'm put in the situation. He didn't say that. What did he say? Allah, Allah, I seek refuge with Allah.

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So at that time, instead of falling, what should a person do? Hold himself back. And if a person holds back with the fear, that Allah is watching me, even if other people are not watching me, then Allah will reward him in a way that nobody can reward him.

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What do we learn about a man who refuses a woman in such a situation, that he will be one of the seven who will be given the shade under the throne of Allah subhanaw taala on the day of judgment on the day when there is no other shade. So sometimes, when the opportunity to sin is right before you what is our responsibility, that we must hold ourselves back. Don't consider yourself to be so weak. Don't handicap yourself, don't think that you're so weak, you're not that weak. Don't say Oh, I can't get out of the situation. No, you can get out of the situation allies testing you. And now you can live alone. Epson, no, sir.

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We also learned from this ayah that a person should fear Allah regarding disobeying him, even when others are not watching. Because what is the dust may have a little bit of a who is going to fear Allah in the unseen

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meaning when people are not watching. What am I going to do?

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Like sometimes people will not turn the TV on when other people are there. When they're alone. Then they will turn the TV on and then they will not watch the news or the sports channel. But they will watch something else that they will not watch in front of other people.

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Similarly, on the computer, what do some people

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If it's in front of everybody, then they will refrain from certain websites. And if they're alone, then they will do things which are not appropriate. So what is it that really stops the person from falling in this situation? It's the fear of almost.

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Sometimes we don't do or say something out of the fear of people that if we do it, if we say it, our reputation is going to get ruined.

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But whose reputation is good, the one whose reputation is good in the sight of a loss apprentice, the one who stays away from sin, whether he's with people, or he is alone. This is the test.

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We also learned from this ayah that what helps a person pass such a test is the fear of a loss.

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That might Rob is watching. Even if people aren't watching me, even if the opportunity is right before me. Even if it's within my reach, I will not do it. Why? Because of the fear of a loss of power of Allah my rubbers watching me.

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So what really helps a person pass such a test is the fear of a loss of

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similarity we also learn from this ayah that a person who commits heroin who commits an act of maaseiah after knowing the hokum concerning it, for him is painful punishment. This is a severe warning. Familiar that BARDA danika. fella, who are there any

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one is that a person doesn't know if something is allowed or not. If a particular food is haram, or halal, or if a particular kind of financial contract is halal, or haram, a person does not know. And he's doing it out of ignorance, he's not going to be held accountable. Why? Because he doesn't know. He did it out of ignorance.

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But the other is that a person finds out that is that a person finds out?

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And upon finding out, what does he do? One option is that a person continues to do what he's doing. And the other option is that a person changes his ways, according to the commands of the most.

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So a person who commits heroin, who does something wrong, after knowledge for him is a painful punishment, this is a severe warning.

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And this is why we see the use of it, Sam, what did he say? That Robbie said, you know, Habu

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that Oh, my Lord, the prison is more beloved to me. Why?

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This prison of the world is nothing compared to the prison of the

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this prison of the world is nothing compared to the prison of the FL. So a person who commits from after knowledge for him is a painful punishment, therefore, a person should, especially after knowledge, what should he do? He should change his ways according to the commands of Allah soprano.

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Another very important lesson that we learned from this is that after a person learns about what is permissible, and what is not permissible, so after gaining knowledge, basically, then he's definitely just, he's definitely tested. So be ready.

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Be ready.

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Because Allah says over here, they everyone knows, he will definitely test you. So now that you've learned, what you're supposed to do, what you're not supposed to do, what is permissible, what is not permissible, you're definitely going to be put in tests, that in this situation, what do you do?

00:23:25 --> 00:23:33

When somebody offers you something? How long do you eat? What do you do? when somebody asks you to bring a glass for them so that they can pour their wine? What do you do?

00:23:34 --> 00:23:49

After learning that anyone who cooperates with the other even in drinking alcohol is what? Even he is cursed? So this is a test that am I going to fear a lie in that situation? Or am I going to fear people in that situation?

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Sometimes people give up. Why? Because of social pressure,

00:23:55 --> 00:24:10

social pressure, peer pressure, that what is that person going to say? What is that person going to say? I'm the only one here. So let me change a little bit. Let me compromise a little bit. So what does that mean? that a person has failed the test,

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who has passed the test, the one who sticks to the commands of Allah subhanaw taala, even if he is alone.

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And you will see that in the entire circle later, we have learned about so many comments. And now towards the end of the surah. We are learning now you'll be tested. Isn't this a mercy of a loss opponent or that he's telling us that you will be put into situations where your knowledge is going to be tested, where your fear of a lie is going to be tested? Because true knowledge is what that which is implemented. Practical test, that when you learn something, you're tested on the theory on the knowledge part, and then you're also tested in the practical field.

00:24:53 --> 00:25:00

So our responsibility is to test you with regards to your theory and alasa penalties we've tested with regard

00:25:00 --> 00:25:06

To the practical part, the practical aspect that what do you do in life? What do you do in different situations?

Al-Maidah 94-108 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 94

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