Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P13 131A Translation Ibrahim 35-52

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various topics, including a proposal to move on from a woman named Robina and a media trial involving a proposal to move on from her. They also mention a woman named Yona who is charged with murder. The group discusses plans to return to Earth and make movies, including a brief appearance by a woman named Speaker Auntie Bella and a woman named Speaker obtain. They mention a woman named Robina who is being hit by a car and a man named Gianni who is a movie star.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah his

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mother who want to slowly out out of Saudi give him another word for with the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem for Beshara li Saudi Wei acidity Emery wa Hello Dr. Tam. melissani aka Hokulea Robin as you enter in

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lesson number 131 sort of Ibrahim is number 35 to 52. Translation. What is and when? Pada he said Ibrahim, Ibrahim and his sit down. Robbie. Oh my rug HR you make Heather this Albula the city of Milan peaceful work and would you know bunny? You keep me away? Wha and Benny Yeah, my sons and that nabooda We worship? Allah SNAM the idols rugby Oh my inner Hoonah indeed they have learner they have led astray cathedra on many men from a Nursey the people from and so whoever that'd be Ernie he followed me for Inaho that indeed he mainly from me. Woman and whoever are Sani he disobeyed me for Inaka then indeed you have a food on most forgiving. Rahim on most merciful

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Robina or our rug in me indeed I asked them to I have settled. I have made to dwell. Men from the reality my children, my offspring be wedding in a valley rarely other than the possessor zetterling of cultivation in the near vaidika your home. Elmo have the sacred one Robina or our Leo Ki Moon so that they establish a solid the solar federal so you make us editing hearts, men from a NASA the people that we it inclines la him towards them. What zoom and you provide them men from a summarize the fruits LA LA home so that they Yash Quran they are grateful Robina or our indica indeed you Darla will you no matter what, no fee we hide warmer and what Norlin will reveal. Warmer and not

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yet. It is hidden. Allah upon Allah He Allah Min from che in anything fill LD in the earth, Walla and North is summer in the sky.

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Al hamdu allpro praise Linda he for Allah. Allah the who were however he granted he gifted li for me, Allah upon and kibarim the old age is Marina is Maria what is her and is her in the indeed Robbie my Arab lesson mero surely one who hears a dua the call the prayer

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Robbie Oh my Rob Aegiali you make me look Lima one who establishes a solar the solar women and from the reality my offspring Robina or our what Taco Bell and you accept dua II my invocation my call Robina or our infant you forgive leave for me while you are leader here and for my two parents when they move me Nene and for the believers, the OMA en de Yo como it will stand it will establish a hisab the account

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Wallah and do not that's abundant you definitely think Allahu Allah, wa feelin unaware negligent are mad from what Yama Liu he does a volume on the wrongdoers in Nova indeed not but you are here to whom he delays them. Leo men for a day that should pursue it will stare in horror fee in it and absorb the eyes.

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motorino ones racing ahead more Canary ones raising up

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their ina ones racing ahead more Canary ones racing up

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through see him their heads learn not here to do it comes back it returns in a him to them or for whom their guns were of either to whom and their hearts. However, empty void

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will unzip and warn a nursery the people Yoma of a day yet de him it will come to them either Bucha punishment for Kulu so he will say Alladhina those who want to move around Robina or our rap or Hytner differ as delay as

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In a deal, a jialin a term periurban one near Najib, we will respond that Watarrka your call when at the beer and we will follow a rustle the messengers. Our lamb did and not the Kulu you all are you all were accustomed to you all swore oats men from Pablo before man not looking for you men Franza well in any decline

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was second term and you dwelt fee in misogyny dwellings and Medina of those who wonder who they wronged and foster home themselves whatever unit and it became clear like home for you okay for how far I know we did be him with them. What are Robina and we struck local for you and Ansel the examples

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were called and in fact Mokoro they plotted macro home their plot were in the near Allah He Allah macro home their plot were in and indeed, Ghana, it was macro home their plan their plot, Lita Zulu, that it moves men who from it elgible the mountains

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for now, so do not bet seven you definitely think Allahu Allah Motley for one who goes against where are they he his promise Roesler who to His messengers. In there indeed Allah Allah as easily always Almighty do possessor intercom and of retribution

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Yoma on day two, but it will be changed, it will be replaced and our boo the Earth via other than ugly the earth was some hour and the heavens were bozhou and they all appeared Lila he for Allah. Allah hate the one alcohol the prevailing the overpower

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What are and you will see almajiri Mina the criminals Yo Ma even that day, mocha Romina once bound together once chained together fee in a sfard the shackles the jeans

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so I'll be the home their garments men from copper Iran in liquid pitch door

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What OSHA and it will cover would you her home their faces and now through the fire

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Leah Zia so he will recommence Allahu Allah color every nevsun. So my word cassava it earned in the indeed Allah Allah Surya swift al hisab in the reckoning Heather this boiler room a conveying lunacy for the people when a user through and so that they are warned, be here with it when they are Alemu and so that they know a number that indeed not but who are he is either whom God were hit on one way or the other occur and so he takes heat, olu possessors an adverb of the internet

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presentation of the sine

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wave on an

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OBJ and had

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me know Do you know Vinnie was any

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Rob be in

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London can pee on me

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daddy I need

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any woman now saw Anita in Naka local wahi

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d b word in milady. These are wineries who you can move out

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around Burnin Up masala

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e that means

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will resume Amina

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homeschool oh

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man oh

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no I mean one

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of the one

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Lucien dueling

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barry allen key Barry is

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in vieles me

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Gianni movie Masada

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me Auntie Bella

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Occasionally when he when he they meet each

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while seven Allah Hafiz

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badimo In

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this philosophy he'll

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on here you will see him do either he

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lie or do

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either to

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say omega d moolah

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Larry you know one or more of

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body being

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up my Sakeena let me know what are

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what are they and I couldn't

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be more Babina

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while Padina calluna

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dunloy Hema

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liters who

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said seven Allah Muhammad

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Allah has he is

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a woman

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of the US

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you ah he didn't look on

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what mood you remain

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wanting us

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settle I'll be

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popping it on you I thought we'll show we'll do

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the IGC Allahu

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Allah has already on he's

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the Obi Wan

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movie he won he

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won why he do what He has let go

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