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Al-Maidah 67-81 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 71


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The segment discusses the confusion surrounding Islam, where some believe it is a combination of an Guineala" and a "bringing of the messengers." The history of becoming blind and deaf quickly, as well as the return of people to their state of blindness and deafness after experiencing loss of panel data. The importance of avoiding loss of panels data and deceptivities is emphasized, along with the need for people to change their behavior and be mindful of their actions. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning from mistakes and sharing experiences to gain knowledge.

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Well, hello people, and they thought they presumed has evolved from their letters has seen but and has been is to have an opinion with regards to something to think.

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So they thought they were off the opinion they presumed that Allah, Allah is a combination of an en la. They thought, that leather counterfeit metal, that there will be no fitness.

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Fitness has several meanings. And often meanings of fitna is punishment.

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Over here it means punishment.

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So they thought, that there will be no punishment as a result of what

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as a result of their denying and killing the messengers.

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They thought that nothing is going to happen as a consequence of this evil action of ours. Why?

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Because we are the children of the messengers. We are oven Allah ahead, Bell, we are beloved to Allah.

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We will not be held accountable eventually we are going to paradise.

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So this is what they thought

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that no matter what we do, even if we kill the messengers, we're not going to suffer any kind of punishment because we are the chosen people.

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Allah has said that he is going to be with us.

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No matter what we do.

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Ferragamo, so they became blind was some and they became deaf.

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Mo and some who doesn't mean that all of the money is finally became deaf and blind. Literally. No.

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This is not physical. But rather this isn't the intangible centers figured that are movable some move, they became blind and deaf to the truth.

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That no matter what they saw, they wouldn't take a lesson from it.

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No matter how evident the truth was, no matter how evident the truth was, they wouldn't accept it.

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It was as though they had become blind.

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Like, for example,

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when he came and he presented the miracles,

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could any person with some sense deny you?

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Any person? No. I mean, a person is blind and he's curing his eyesight. A person was dead, and he's bringing him to life. And he's saying this has been a vanilla. This is by the permission of Allah.

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So I'm over some more what does it mean that they became blind and deaf to the truth? No matter how evident, no matter how Stark the truth was, they still could not see it. They still would not recognize it. They would still not benefit from it.

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Some then, double A Who are you? Then a laughter and mercy upon them. And he gave them the trophy to do Toba. And when they did Toba, Allah accepted there, though. Some are more some. But then again, they became blind and they became deaf. For the second time,

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what is it that makes a person blind and deaf?

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It's when a person is overcome by his desires.

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that a person is so overcome by his desires that the reality is so obvious, but still he cannot see it.

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Like, for example, there is a child.

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He just sees something, and he wants to eat it, or he wants to take it.

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For example, there is a knife or something,

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a little child, he doesn't know that this knife is going to harm him. But he becomes blind to the dangers of that knife. And he will scream, he will cry, he will yell Why? Because he wants that knife. He's blind to the dangers of that knife. This is how these people also became deaf and blind.

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That they were so overcome by their desires that this is what we want, no matter what regardless, this is what we want.

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And because of that, they became blind and deaf to the truth.

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Not just once, but twice.

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The first time they became blind and deaf, so metabolome early you and then a left turn in mercy to them, he gave us the faith to repent and he accepted their repentance. But then again, some are more some more Cassio ramen home.

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But then again many among them, they became blind and deaf.

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Look at the justice of Allah.

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Not all but majority.

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Well law who mostly Don't be my arm alone and Allah is seeing of whatever they did.

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They become blind. But Allah is Vasiliev. Allah is watching them exactly what they're doing.

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The name of allah Subhana Allah wa See, it gives the meaning of bustle. The last pantalla has vision behind meaning that literally he sees

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and secondly, below that he knows.

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He knows exactly what people are doing what people are saying.

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What situation people are in.

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Well loboc don't Mar Manon, and he has seen of what they do.

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Now, we see over here that the bunny is Tyler mentioned that they became blind and deaf twice.

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If you look at the history of the bunny Israel

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when the rebellion increased,

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we learned that in 586 BC,

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the king of Babylon is known as both Nasser

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in Persian.

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And he's actually known as Hammer of the Jews. This is how he's described.

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Basically, he conquered Jerusalem and Judah. And he captured he enslaved and he exiled them and he is like,

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the kingdom that they had. The nation that they had, the place that they were so proud of what happened. This person came and he captured the Bani Israel. He enslaved them and he exiled them as well.

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Now, they realized that they had made a big mistake, they had done something seriously wrong, which is why they were in such a big difficulty.

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So they repented to a Lost Planet Allah, Allah Subhana. Allah accepted their Toba and then Allah Subhana Allah made a way out for them. So metabolismo Who are they?

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And we learned that in the year 536 BC, Cyrus who was the founder of Persian Empire, he attacked Babylon and then he freed the Bani Israel.

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So they became blind and deaf Allah soprano tada durnan mercy upon them. They were given it though feek to repent to Allah subhanaw taala. Then Allah subhanaw taala sent his help, that he sent the person who freed them.

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And they returned to their land, they may places of worship, but then again, after some time, they became blind and deaf.

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They were overcome by their desire to oppose the messengers, they left a comment of a loss penalty.

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They did not see or listen to the book. So how would it go inside them?

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So we see over here that repeatedly the bunny is relevant notice

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when restart is an EM game.

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They rejected him. When the Prophet said about his own game, they rejected him.

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The truth was so obvious, but still they denied.

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Now, it doesn't mean necessarily, that these two incidents that are mentioned over here refers to these two particular incidents that I mentioned you in history, it could be others as well.

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But because it's happened repeatedly, that they were punished many, many times they were overcome by their enemy. Then when they reform themselves, Allah subhanaw taala sent them his help. And then after they were held, again, they returned to their state of blindness and deafness. And then again, they repented again, Allah subhanaw taala to help them. So basically, this happened many, many times.

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So what can we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, we learned that the people who have been given the book who have been given the Scripture, and after having the book, if they don't read the book, if they don't implement the book,

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if they do not observe the book,

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then a loss of panel data is going to make the enemy overcome them.

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This is the punishment of law. Because look at this, we'll have Cebu, alethic.

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When they were opposing the messengers, when they were abandoning the deen, they thought nothing is going to happen. Everything is going to be fine.

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decide when we do something wrong, what do we think?

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Don't worry, nothing's going to happen. It's okay. You can do a Safar later on.

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Do tober later,

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no big deal. Nothing's gonna happen.

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This is what gives us the confidence to commit sin. This is what gives us the confidence to abandon the command of Allah, this assumption that nothing's going to happen, and this is exactly what they thought as well.

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So when people think like this,

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despite having the book, then what happens a loss of power dynamics, her enemies overcome them.

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And they become so blind and so deaf, that they don't even see their own mistakes. They do.

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don't even see their own weaknesses.

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And when they see that the enemy has overcome them, what do they think?

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That it's conspiracy.

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They're so blind to their own weaknesses, own faults that they don't even see them. And instead, they say, Oh, this is conspiracy. These people are so evil. These are so bad. Oh, look what's going to happen to them on the Day of Judgment.

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And they don't see what's their problem, our mood, or some mood, they become blind to their faults, they become deaf to the warnings that are mentioned in the Quran, in the Scripture.

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So why should I help them?

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What's the way out? What's the way out, returning to the book, returning to the book.

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So metabolome ready, then Allah subhanaw taala turns in mercy to the people and he accepts the repentance.

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In this ayah is also a big lesson for us that Allah subhanaw taala turns in mercy to a slave, even after his blindness and deafness,

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that look at the mercy of Allah. That so much I belong religion, despite what, despite the fact that they had become blind and deaf. And remember, that when the word tab is used for light gives us two meanings. First of all, that Allah gives it a fee to the slave to repent.

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And secondly, tab for Allah, what does it mean? That he accepts that over of the slave.

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So look at the mercy of Allah, that he shows towards those people who may have chosen

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that even when they become deaf and blind, to the truth to the Scripture, and when they're suffering from the evil consequences of their own actions. Still, Allah gives them that they'll feel to repent.

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Allah is the one who guides them the way out.

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We also learn from this ayah that many times, the person after doing Toba, he's not grateful for the blessing of the Oba.

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He's not grateful, because Allah says that they became blind and they became deaf, then a lockdown and mercy to them. But then again, Soma. amo was amo Casio many,

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many among them, became blind and deaf again.

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What does it show that many people are not grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for the blessing of them,

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for the blessing of Toba, which is why they returned to the crimes that they were committed.

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If a person realizes, and he recognizes the fact that this ability to repent, has come to me from Allah subhanaw taala.

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And this is truly a blessing that look at where I was, look at what I was doing. Yet, a lot of me out of there.

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He gave me the trophy to come close to him to learn his book, if a person truly realizes this as a blessing,

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then he will never return to his ways of disobedience to almost.

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If he realizes that as a blessing, but if he doesn't see that as a blessing, then what's going to happen, he's going to return to his ways of disobedience to a loss.

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We also learned from this ayah about the warning against returning to sin after leaving it

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warning against returning to sin after leaving it no matter what sin it is, no matter what crime it is.

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Because over here, this is what the money is why you did

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that they became blind and deaf, a login to figure event but then again, they became blind and deaf.

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So why is Allah subhanaw taala mentioning this as a warning for us that we should not do something like this?

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In total, and I have 43 Allah subhanaw taala says, follow Allah is a home but sooner

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than why when our punishment came to them, did they not humble themselves?

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Why is it that when our punishment came to them, they did not become humble? The purpose of sending the punishment was so that a person realizes his mistake, and he becomes humble, when that can cause that horrible home. But their hearts became hard and was a no the home was shaped automechanika Manon and shaytaan made attractive to them that which they were doing.

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So what is it that makes a person returned to sin after Toba?

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It's the hardness of the heart.

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And it's the

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traction in the same way that a person finds because of which he returns to the crime that he was committing before, and he doesn't see that the Oba was in fact a blessing.

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recitation of these

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world is eaten

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in theory,

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You see how the eye ends?

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This is like a warning

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that after you do Toba, what do you do?

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Do you change your ways? Are you don't change your ways?

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Do you continue in your good ways? Where do you return to your blindness and deafness? Allah is watching you.

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By the way, when the presentation is playing, I see that some people that put the most have down and they're looking here and there, the purpose of playing the recitation is so that we look at all of the IR that we have studied thus far.

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And I highly encourage you that you look at the must have.

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Or you look at your just when the recitation is being played.

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We see over here that COVID prisoner mentioned that a person who believes in a line the last day, then he will have no hope and no husband.

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And we see that people

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are in depression. They have fears. Why?

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Because they are not following the commands of Allah subhanaw taala. They're not on the deen.

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They don't have Eman and they're not doing our mazzaglia.

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And if a person is busy with our methodic, then he doesn't have time to get depressed. He doesn't get time to get depressed. And if he is busy fulfilling his desires be my letter and resume.

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Then no matter how many desires you fulfill, still, it's not going to take you out of depression.

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It's not going to take you out of depression. What's really going to take you out of depression and sadness and grief and sorrow

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is what uncle

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because Quran is Shiva it is a cure.

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So Eman and Amezaga are the ways out of fear and grief. And you see in Alinea even no matter what happens, what do you say to yourself? Okay, because then you will also pass

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so it takes away the whole from you takes away the horizon from you never mind is going to be over very soon.

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So Eman and Amazon are really the ways out of home financing.

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sonica I just wanted to say that a lot of the times when we're thinking like in the dunya, especially if we do a mistake, and we're given a chance to correct it, we never go back to that mistake ever again. We say, you know what, when if you make a mistake, we're gonna go for consequences. But even the one always giving you the chance to belva and to repent against what you have done wrong. Why would you go back to it again?

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It shows that you're not really sorry for what you did. You didn't really learn a lesson. If you really learned the lesson, then you're not going to repeat the same mistake again.

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Just thinking of a form of speech, because last few days ago, we learned how the people have been nice, right? And they were saying Yeah, Moosa. That's how they spoke to their prophet. And well, that's what I was mentioning how much Absalom and he's not even taking his name. So the respect that we get sort of like how we should be careful how we speak because it sort of resembles Who are we trying to be closer to. If we talk like those people, then we're sort of becoming like closer to them. So we should really watch how we talk about

00:21:07--> 00:21:16

how we address our elders because unfortunately, in our culture, we take people's names, even if they're 2030 years older than us, we just take their name

00:21:18--> 00:21:23

and handle our Deen teaches us the respect that when you're addressing someone, sister, so until our brother, so and so

00:21:24--> 00:21:26

because it shows respect to the other

00:21:30--> 00:21:54

part of the eye about conveying the message accurately and fully. I was listening to a lecture by chef Muhammad Sharif. And he was saying, one time he was teaching a class on to teach students on Baccarat. And there was a student in the class and she was a non Muslim. And she said, like, you know, I'm not Muslim, I'm attending this class, it was very happy about that. And so the next IRA that they were about to study was in electronic, federal, so well, and IBM, and continuing.

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And so he said, like, you know, I didn't try to hide or like, you know, dilute down the quote on or something, he said, Who am I to do that. And he said that after that, people respect you so much more when you conveyed a message as it is,

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you know, because we have a habit of maybe leaving something out, or, as you said, diluting the message. And what happens, people don't know what the truth is. And that's exactly what's going to be mentioned about the money is for you, that that's what they did, especially the Christians. This is how the belief of Trinity came about in them,

00:22:29--> 00:22:37

that they wanted people who were very logical to accept their religion as well. So they change the theme, they altered the deen just so that it would be acceptable to others.

00:22:39--> 00:22:42

And if a person does that, then he's not doing well, on the daily.

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I said I want to go.

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I was just talking to stress when we were discussing that how important it is to use our faculties for everything, for example, our hearing or sight or our speech, we have to use them to gain knowledge of the dean. But sometimes what happens with students of knowledge is that they're so excited to gain knowledge that they stop there. They gain knowledge, and they say, we just want to gain we just want to gain, but they don't have this willingness to give back. Because it's our duty to also

00:23:11--> 00:23:45

to convey the message. And I was thinking this associate EMEA once and her son was crying, and I said, Don't worry only this many more months, you know, till the core sense. And then I restated my statement, I said, No, no, no, this is a lifetime journey. It's not going to end here. And if you even volunteer later on, you'll see that on the sheets that says, Okay, are you going to volunteer for a couple of months or for your lifetime? And so you have to choose which one you will do? Because this is a lifetime journey, and you continuously have to do it. And so you all have to make attention now that what are you going to do after you gain? This is just a base knowledge inshallah,

00:23:45--> 00:23:57

you have to continue gaining knowledge till your depth. But what will you do after you gain this base? What will you as students of knowledge, how will you can read the message, because now it's a duty upon you. So

00:24:03--> 00:24:42

I was just reading the I were a lesser product that I said, sharing the bottle, and I sell them of his protection, when he delivers the message. Because I was thinking, I was discussing this with my daughter, I said, Oh my god, like, you know, the responsibility of teaching other people because like, you know, if you make one mistake that could be perceived upon you, and then you could go to hell for that. And I said, What am I gonna do? So it was just like that fear of conveying the message because you don't want to make mistake, but then again, it occurs to me now that if you ask Allah subhanaw taala, for protection and for guidance to know what to say and what to do, then you

00:24:42--> 00:24:46

will be guaranteed the protection and then you would be able to convey the message

00:24:48--> 00:24:59

with sincerity with a floss or whatever he finds out he conveys, and if we learned about his mistake, he corrects it. Then inshallah he should be forgiven for the wrongs that he has done because he has fixed the

00:25:00--> 00:25:13

mistake. And we see that the profits are a lot of them as well. Remember that incident when the woman came to him and asked him, my husband hit me, he said, hit him back. But Allah subhanaw taala corrected him.

00:25:14--> 00:25:19

Similarly, when he made honey cow upon himself, a loss of data corrected him.

00:25:21--> 00:25:35

So we're human beings, we make mistakes, just the fear of making mistakes should not stop us from conveying the message. you convey what you know. And if you make a mistake, be open, accept your mistake, correct your mistake and continue.

00:25:41--> 00:26:02

I was just thinking I'm working to my mind was a quote, I forgot who said it. But when we're going through a punishment, why do we forget to be grateful again, right, we go through a punishment, we just forget about the trial that we've been through. It's because Satan whispers to us and says that it wasn't that bad. Whenever you go to trial that says it wasn't that bad. Then you decrease in your gratitude and you forget about the punishment or trial. You win.