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Jumuah Khutbah/lecture at the Abu Huraira Center on June 16, 2017.

2017-06-16 – Ramadan 1438/2017

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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In the legendary law

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whenever we rubella human Shuri m fusina was the year Tiana Lena Mija de la bufala mobila huami Fela de la y shadow La

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ilaha illallah wa de hula Sheree Kayla wash ana Muhammadan Abu Rasulo. Yeah, you have Latina de la haka, tokachi wala Morton Illa and Tomas de mon

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Johan su tipo de como la de la Kakuma come in FC wahida wahala amin has Uija WebEx I mean who Marija dang kitty wrong one is

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what double la la de tous

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Luna v he was out

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in LA hurricane alley como peba. Yeah, you hola Dena mano De La Hoya kulu pavillons de de la Come, come while Phil la Koo back home one a huge Lake Havasu la hufa, def, frozen alima burned for in the cul de la de la gente

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el Hadji Hadji Nabina Muhammad in Salalah

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While he was early, he was alone was shot one more remote data to her wakulla modesetting bidda What could it be that in Bala Allah, all praises due to Allah we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray in and can guide I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped, except a loss of Hanover to Allah alone. None has the right to our ultimate love and devotion except a law alone who has no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam is his slave

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and His messenger or you who believe fear Allah as he should be feared and die not except in a state of Islam and submission. All Mankind be dutiful to your Lord who created you from a single person, and from him he created his wife and from them both he created many men and women and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and observe the rights of your kins. Surely Allah is Ever and all watcher over you,

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all you who believe. Keep your duty to Allah, fear him and speak the truth he will direct you to righteous deeds and will forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed attained a great achievement.

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The best speech are the words of Allah, and the best guidance as the guidance of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa early he was sending them. And the worst thing in the religion or the newly invented matters for all the newly invented medicine, religion are considered to be innovation and bidda. And every bit that is misguidance, and it leads to the hellfire.

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More than two thirds of Ramadan have already passed. just seems like last week we were talking about Ramadan approaching and coming near. And that's the same story that we tell every year. Every year we say Ramadan runs by so quickly. And

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in reality, it's our lives that are running out. The time that we have here in this life is running out, time is passing on. The clock is ticking and we don't realize that day in and day out. We're coming closer to our death. We're coming closer to the transition from this life into the hereafter. And we know that in this life, Allah has given us the gift of choice as either you Vitaly probably Allahu anhu said, le oma Ramadan, Walla, Walla, Walla, Amman. Today there is actions there is deeds you can do you can choose. But in the hereafter there's no choice. In this life, you can make choices you can do actions you can you can decide. And there is no account allows not holding you to

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account in this life. But once you make the transition is the other way around.

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There is no deeds, there is no choice, you can't do anything. But there there is the accounts. There are the consequences of what you have done in this life and you are bound by those consequences.

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That's the difference between this life and the hereafter.

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The difference between death as some people think death is ceasing to exist exist is the end of life. Death is not the end of life, death is a transition. Death is the end of choice. Because once you die, you can't make any choices anymore. And that's why when people die, they seek and they ask Allah Subhana Allah to send them back so they can make better choices. So that's the whole thing about death is that it's the end of your choice period. There's no choice from now on. It's consequences of your choices. So it's time now to make choices. And as Ramadan is passing by in Islam is reaching its end.

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Those who have not done good use of or have not made good use of Ramadan, those who have done probably their best in Ramadan. That's the time for you to give your best Give your all to Allah subhanho wa Taala offer whatever you can for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and the prophet SAW Selim remind you of this beautiful Hadith where the prophets are send them what Allah Hirotaka Amina na vida de Ke Kula Allah subhanaw taala freeze some people from the Hellfire there are people that Allah will free from the hellfire.

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So they were on their way to the Hellfire but a lot of freedom from the Hellfire and save them from the hellfire. Every night in Ramadan, there will be a group of people that will be freed and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from among those. But last month it looks at our hearts. A lot looks at our hearts there are people who are negligent of fasting negligent of the prayer, the Muslim by name, they don't even know anything about Ramadan.

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These people who deserve the pity. These are the people who have lost these great treasures of this month. But there are people who observe the force. And there are people who pray, but they do this mindlessly their minds or someone else somewhere else. They stand in their prayer, but they don't feed it. They're not even there. Their minds are dwelling on something different. And they do the fast. They're just going through the motions because everyone is fasting. They just happen too fast like everyone else.

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But there are people who are when they fast, they know that I'm doing this for my Creator. I'm doing this as an act of devotion. I am aware that I'm depriving myself and I'm abstaining from food and drink and sexual desire. I'm abstaining from all of this because Allah loves it because Allah wants it and I'm doing it in devotion to Allah, in love of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's what I'm doing these things. This person will get the greatest reward from Allah and these are the people that Ally's happy with. And these are the ones when they stand up in prayer. They feel that they are in the Presence of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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says in the authentic hadith reported by the Allahu animal in Allah Hello, era Swati como edge Sami come while our Kenyan born in Abu become American, Allah subhanaw taala does not look at your, your looks, your appearance, your beauty, your you know, the way you dress the way you present yourself. Allah doesn't look at that. Because that that's not a deciding factor of how good you are or how bad you are. That's not a deciding factor, whether you end up in the Hellfire or in paradise.

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Rather Allah looks at your hearts. That's what Allah is concerned with is your heart, the state of your hearts, and then you actions because your actions stem from your heart. And if your actions are so less, they don't have any heart in them.

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They don't count or they count for very little. So Allah subhanaw taala wants your heart. So when you are praying when you are fasting when you're reciting Quran, Allah wants to see your heart.

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Allow us to see the state of your heart is alive in your heart. Are you doing these things for the sake of Allah? Do you feel the love of Allah? Do you feel the guidance of Allah? Do you feel the inspiration of Allah as he has allowed you to do these great acts of worship? Do you feel that connection to Allah subhana wa Tada. That's the point behind the worship. And that's why when the prophets are allowed to send them when they enter the masjid and he sees there's a rope that has been tied between two poles in the masjid.

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So the prophets of Salaam has never seen this before. See us? What is this? This is this is for Xena, the wife of the prophet SAW Selim. She prays at night and she fought, she's too tired. Sometimes she's sleepy, so she doesn't want to lose focus. She doesn't want to fall asleep. So she leans on this rope. To keep praying. The prophet SAW Selim says untie it, take it off.

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He said, Take it off.

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He says salu or you pray whenever you have the ability to focus and pray.

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Don't push yourself too hard.

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Then he says for in the La La amandla Hector de Mello that Allah will reward you. And Allah will as the Proverbs is in another Hadith that when you pray, Allah turns his face towards you.

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That Allah will turn his face towards you, unless you are praying, heedlessly you just going through it but not feeling it. Allah is gonna turn away from you.

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So when you pray, when you fast, when you do any act of worship, you do that with a present hearts, from your soul from the bottom of your heart. Don't think it's about the emotions, the emotions are just the vessel, for your inner state for your heart. The Salah itself is important, you cannot give it up. You cannot do away with it. But that's the external vessel. That's the physical vessel of the state of your heart and your spiritual connection to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So don't be engaged completely with the external vessel to the exclusion and the negligence of the heart of this act of prayer. And that's what we should be doing in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And that's the peak

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time in the whole year. And this way when the Prophet the Prophet was told about the province of send them that when the last 10 nights of Ramadan approached, the prophet saucer would stay in the masjid he would make it to calf in the masjid.

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And the reason it says it has any sense of worship is the professor would keep away from his family from his wife, he would stay in the masjid. Why complete focus on worship. These are 10 nights I'm going to develop them completely to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And then

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Prophet SAW Selim would wake up his family to pray and that's as soon as that is forgotten what a cover Allah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would wake up his wives.

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Wake up and pray.

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Wake up and pray.

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Those who have spouses and those who have children, when was the last time you woke up your spouse or your children to recall on all makes Allah? Why do you just worry about yourself coming to the masjid or fasting and doing your own a better but you kids are just playing and have a clueless about it.

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And your wife is busy doing other things because she has too many things to do.

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You worry about their provisioning. You worry about buying them food and clothes and toys and, and different things. But when it comes to the worship, we don't think about our families. The best gift that you can give to your wife is some time wake her up and tell her Let's pray. tolaga pray for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Come on. Listen, you find your wife one day sitting in the house approach and said, Come on, let's read Quran together.

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Some people even feel shy doing this. Some people feel shy talking to their kids. Come on, let's pray together. Come on, let's read a couple of pages from the Koran together. Come on, let me teach you this solar. That's what the companions used to do. That's what the tablet used to do. This is how the Muslims used to behave.

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For those who don't come to the message for all their prayers, when you're at home, do you make a dramatic with your wife and your kids? Why not teach them? Why not teach them if you're just staying at home and you decide to bring it home, at least make a jump out with your family. teach your kids from now the importance of the salaat let the memories that they have about their parents. Let them be connected to Allah that is the prayer. I used to pray with my dad. He taught me how to pray hate my dad taught me the surah

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my dad taught me how to pray at night. It was my dad who talked to me about a lot and and gave me so much information about Allah. It's my dad is my mother.

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So these are important things, important things in the last 10 nights to do. So whatever your these past 21 days have been how your case was with Ramadan.

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It's not over.

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That's the time to pay attention. Because the prophets of Allah when he was sending them

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one day he

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was about to tell the companions of the prophets of Allah or his companions or the Allahu Allah home about the little puddle, the night of power. The Night of Power which our Los Angeles speaks about clearly in the Quran in Enza now feel a little under

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the Quran we revealed it we send it down during the night of other night of power. woman come out a little further when Allah says And do you know what later. That means a lot of talking about something big

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woman like Mr. Li, Li little under a Roman and Fisher The Night of Power The Night of Decree is greater than 1000 months than 80 plus years. It's a lifetime one night accounts for a lifetime.

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xS zero lamella aka to a roofie happy in Europe beaming Guillermo the angels will be descending from Heavens on earth to bring blessings and peace and tranquility from Allah subhana wa Tada. Tennis is equal to a rule even jabril comes down. Tennis gentlemen are eager to be happy if they are being mean, Colin

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said when he had peace, that night is peace is full of peace till the break of dawn.

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And some of the scholars say the reason that one of the signs of late is that you will see the sun without raised without so much glare is because the angels have occupied the horizon. This is something said by many scholars. It's a peaceful night.

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It's a night when you worship a lot and that night is better than a lifetime of worship. And you will find it on the Day of Judgment. And we don't know what it is because the process of them came out to tell the companions but two companions had an argument had a dispute among them.

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So the knowledge of that night was taken away from the profit center. So the problem so as I said in the studio, Bella can be a little puddle. Fatah have fallen on waffle and fantasy to her. I came out to tell you about layers of cotton which night it was, but so on so had a dispute.

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And it was the I was made to forget it. It was taken away and that shows what disputes among Muslims do what disagreements

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among Muslims do what fights among Muslims do. What hatred among Muslims do takes away the blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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It takes away the gifts from Allah subhanho wa Taala takes away the support of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So in the last two nights, you exert yourself, you don't know what it is, but it's worth it, that you push yourself these last two nights the prophet SAW Selim yeah Lila who, usually last nights he would stay up almost the whole night. almost the whole night in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. The prophet SAW Salem and it's not doesn't have to be completely prayer you can pray. You can make vicars. You can recycle iron, you can make Dora you can spend the whole night making stuff up, seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. And if you seek forgiveness, and it happens to be a little cuddle, imagine what that be, it would be as if you were seeking forgiveness from Allah for a

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80 plus years. So simple. So simple. I'm telling you, nine days from now will around 90 days from now Ramadan would be over.

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And whether you slept or whether you were awake, it would be it would become part of your past and forget about it. So make sure you leave it as an asset. Not as a waste of time. The last night's don't ever waste than the this is the golden time in the year you cannot you can't waste it you can't do away with this, no matter what your situation is. And you can also do sada you can also do so the cotton give for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So during these last 10 nights give more for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala because you're more than likely to meet a lot of others. And imagine you give a one night. And this is as if you have given the sadaqa for what 1000 months 1000

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months. So it's one night as you're looking at around, you give it one time as if you have given it 30,000 times. Because that's what 1000 months is.

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So these are the great nights we should not miss out on them. keep them in mind, do your best. And as an as an buslee of the optimal low to Allah He used to make a do up

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and used to say a lot how much I play a lot in our field, Ohio, Ohio marilena how our team has a lot make the best of our days, the last of them, the last part of our life making the best and the best of our deeds make them the last ones. The last 10 nights of Ramadan are the most important. And that's when Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala shows His mercy. So don't waste this time. And

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a lot of the scholars mentioned that with Lea little cuddle, the name of Allah subhanaw taala becomes manifest. And in fact, that is the one who creates an opening for you some sort of an epiphany, where things just change in your life. At one point, like a turning point in your life.

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That happens usually during a little cuddle. When someone is sincere on the last panel, it looks at the hearts of humanity and he sees your heart as sincere

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and has so much love for Allah.

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Allah might give you

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as well. I was in fact I might create an opening for you. He's the opener. He opened something for you and everything in your life changes to the best. That's an opportunity in the last 10 nights so don't waste any of those nights secret secrets in the odd nights of these last 10 days. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us to meet later and benefit from it.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad while early he was so happy oedema hain. Well that

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Ramadan is a time for worship and for the month of the Koran as we previously clarified general Ramadan and Lady uzziel available on houden linas the month of Ramadan in which the Quran was revealed as guidance for mankind. So this Quran is guidance spend more time reciting Quran

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it is said that Lima shefali used to recite the Quran so often but when it came to the last 10 nights of Ramadan, he would recite it once at least once each each day.

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Every day of the last 10 nights he would recite it one time, so he would finish the whole on the last 10 days 10 times. Yes, the prophets also advised not to recite the Quran in less than three days. But the scholars say that there are when some special times come this could be an exception.

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Because this practice has been observed from some companions, like man have not found all the low. I know a lot of the early generations they have observed this only in special times in special occasions like the last 10 nights of Ramadan, the first 10 days of that hedger and so on and so forth these great times these high season for good deeds. So there is some kind of an exception. So that shows spend some time with the Koran try to recite it, try to understand it, try to see what a Lost Planet Allah is telling us on the on. The guidance is found in the Koran and none other is found in the Quran and whatever explains it from the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alaihe alayhi

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wa sallam. Again, I will conclude this football was just a very general reminder, a very general reminder that your life is your responsibility. And last panel to Allah says, Yeah, you have Latina, takala, or you who believe female or have Taqwa be dutiful to Allah, observe the rights of Allah will turn wellness on market demand.

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And that every soul, look at it, look at what it has prepared for the morrow for tomorrow, for your real tomorrow, and that's the hereafter.

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This whole life is just a preparation, and a luck and take it away from you in the blink of an eye. A lot of us feel comfortable in this life, you feel you're gonna live until your 80s 90s until 100. A lot of people have high hopes about how long they can live. But anything can happen. Humans are fragile. Life is so easy to end. And it ends unexpectedly. Just this morning, I was looking at some news about, you know, the high rise building in London, West London that burned a couple of days ago. And a lot of the people there actually were Muslim, but I saw this Italian capital couple. And they're just six months ago they might they moved from Italy, to the UK, to architects to newlywed

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couple couple to architects, they were very intelligent, they seem to be having like bright future ahead of them. And they just moved there. And they were living on some of the one of the top floors.

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And they were communicating with their family. And as the fire started.

00:27:19--> 00:27:59

They thought all the firefighters are going to fight it. And they so they called their families and they said we are we are okay. And the specifically the the girl, she had big plans for the future. She was very ambitious, very intelligent, very special. So she had plans for the future. And they didn't evacuate because they thought firefighters are gonna have everything under control. And just 20 minutes later, she calls her mom and she says, Where are we stuck? There's so much smoke, we can't leave, we're on the top floor. We can't leave anymore. Sorry, I can't, I won't be able to hug you again.

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And that's the end.

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That's the end. She says one of her statements is that this is unfair. I had a bright future ahead of me. And now I'm not going to have it.

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So no one knows. No one knows when we're going to leave this life. You don't know. It could be at any second could be any reason could be no obvious reason. And how many young people died. How many old people died Healthy People died, men died, women died. Everyone dies, right? And no one knows when their death is going to the point and the challenge is to be ready for death. whenever it comes. You're ready. That's the challenge. That's the ultimate test of this life. So who knows?

00:28:47--> 00:29:24

Don't look at yourself. Don't think you're young don't think you're healthy enough to live a bit more Eleanor's alarms. So the point is as the last one that says and prepare for tomorrow. Prepare for tomorrow. What have you prepared for tomorrow, you have been given resources you've been given time, you've been given awareness and consciousness, you've been given a mind. You've been given everything in this life. you survive, you can eat you can drink and here you have the time and you have been given the guidance. What are you going to do with this life? That's the challenge. What are you going to do because you will be questioned about every second in this life? What did you do

00:29:24--> 00:29:59

with it? I gave it to you so that you live in devotion to me. That's what I was gonna say to you. What did you do with it? That's the point. That doesn't mean you sit at home and do nothing. No, it means you do everything for Allah, even the normal things you do. Feeding your children looking after your your family, helping others giving Salaam to someone walking down the street, doing your work. Being kind of nice to others. All of these can be great acts of worship. The prophets of Salaam says in the Hadith, even a husband approaches his wife. There is rewarding this that's what Islam is. Islam is about living a life.

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But you live in love for Allah don't make it complicated. Because when you make it complicated, you opt out of it, you say I don't want to be extreme. But when you realize that everything you do even your sleep, you can turn it into worship. That's when you make you could make good use of your time. Don't harm others don't do any harm to others. And keep your records with Allah clear from any kind of oppression or injustice and be dutiful to Allah. It's as simple as that. That's what Islam is. Give Allah his rights, give people their rights and give yourself your rights. That's all what Islam is about. That's all it's as simple as that. That's what all what Islam tells us, give every give

00:30:39--> 00:30:41

everyone their rights. That's what Islam is about.

00:30:43--> 00:30:52

And there is no better time to contemplate, contemplate about your life. Better than this time better than Ramadan. When the devils are chained

00:30:53--> 00:31:30

when your soul reaches a peak in terms of connection to Allah subhana wa Tada. That's the time when you start seriously thinking about your life. And this is why a lot of the stories of transformation people changing to the better. If you consider that you will see Ramadan played a major factor in these people's lives. People who change their ways in life, people have the turning point usually happens in Ramadan because that's a blessing and a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. But you don't have to be smart, you don't have to be intelligent. You don't have to do so much work. Just show sincerity to Allah. Call upon Allah from the bottom of your heart that he helps you that changes

00:31:30--> 00:31:31


00:31:32--> 00:31:45

That he brings you to him. Do that sincerely, you will see to leave the rest for Allah, Allah will guide you, Allah will guide you along to give you the energy, Allah will give you the inspiration, Allah will bring the right people into your life to guide you to him.

00:31:46--> 00:32:09

That's how the law works. But he just wants to see sincerity from your heart. So turn that to a lot and you have these days to Allah. Do what you can don't push yourself more than what you can just do what you can acknowledge your shortcomings. And just say to Allah, I'm helpless, that's all I can do. But I need your help. That's better than you pray the whole night and you feel good about yourself because you prayed.

00:32:10--> 00:32:22

This sense of lack and weakness in front of a lot sense of reliance and helplessness in front of Allah is far better than doing great acts of worship, and feeling satisfied with yourself.

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That's what the worship is used to warn against, that you feel good about yourself and your worship and last panel. And the last call that I'm going to leave you with is first of all, a shout out to everyone in this community handler. For the last couple of fundraising that we have done that was excellent, the response was profound. And the generosity keeps proving itself in this community. May Allah reward you may Allah double your reward in these special nights and meltwater except from you, and may Allah put Baraka in your wealth and Baraka in your families. And may Allah show you more with his blessings. And there's another call as well that for today, inshallah, and probably towards

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the end of Ramadan, there will be a couple of fundraising and don't see this as a burden. Don't see this as a burden. Someone who cannot give for the sake of Allah, your conditions do not allow, give very little for you can and don't overburden yourself, and don't feel bad about this. But it's an opportunity for you in these special nights to give for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. It's an opportunity for you to help msgid to help an Islamic Center, we try it tries to keep our youth away from all these temptations. And I'm telling you on a weekly basis it with people who leave Islam, people are born into Muslim families, young brothers and sisters who leave Islam and I deal with

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this on a weekly basis. And sometimes it gets overwhelming. We need to provide a safe environment for our younger generation in order to maintain their Islamic or their Muslim identity. In order to remain Muslim in order to face these challenges. There's a lot of social pressure, political pressure, peer pressure, media pressure, there's a lot of things, there's a lot of bullying going around, and it affects people and their decisions. And we need to empower our community, we need to grow stronger, otherwise the consequences will be very painful. And you don't want to see and you don't want to be a father or a parent and see your child leaving Islam is so painful. It is so

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And I've seen some of those parents and it breaks your heart when you see them.

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So we need to we still as I said, this is an opportunity for you to come closer to Allah and the sacrifice is a great act of worship, and doing it during these last 10 nights. There's a great chance and there's a great opportunity that you're like it might fall within one of those blessing nights or Blizzard days. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept from us all allama Philomena when not when a Muslim in a Muslim matter

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

Hear him in Hong Kong and watch Aloma filiana don't know by now is Rafi and Marina with a bit of dominance on alchemy Catherine robina hottie navdanya Hassan, Hassan joaquina Who

00:35:13--> 00:35:15

will pay him What did

00:35:18--> 00:35:25

he mean? A lot of money in a car for 123451451 Allah.

00:35:28--> 00:35:32

Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. Allah.

00:35:34--> 00:35:35

Allah, Allah Allah.

00:35:36--> 00:35:40

Allah Hakuna masala Fini melamine Lima can alone muffin

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alone My family him Dino

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medica me. masala Hamas Nicola silica Mohammedan vida de wasabi