Taimiyyah Zubair – Qur’anic Pearls Day 23 – The reward for patience is without account

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of patient behavior and faith in one's relationship with Allah is emphasized, as it is essential for individuals to guard themselves and avoid suffering and loss. The reward of success is rewarded for individuals who are patient and those who are patient but not rewarded. The importance of showing intentions and showing actual behavior is also emphasized, as it is essential for achieving success in various aspects of life. The need for support and support in achieving goals is also emphasized, and the importance of patient behavior and faith in dealing with difficult situations is emphasized.
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Rhoda Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah al Karim rubbish rally Saudi were silly emri washio Europa melissani Yahoo Ali Allahumma had equality was said deadly Sani was rude Sufi Mata Colby amin Yoruba aalameen

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today insha Allah we are going to look at an idea from just number 23 of the Quran. And this is an idea from suta Zuma, verse number 10. where Allah subhanaw taala says kuliah A baddie levina Manu taco Robuchon say all my servants who have believed fear your Lord Lil levena, or Sanofi heavy dunya has Santa for those who do good in this world is good. What Allah He was Sierra and the earth of Allah is spacious, in llama yoga for sabi Runa adura home be lady Hey, SAB. Indeed, the patient will be given their reward without any account. So today's session will be about the reward for patience. What does the Quran tell us about the importance of patience and the reward of patience? The thing

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is that in life, every person experiences different changing circumstances, we all experienced times when our circumstances are very favorable to us. And we experience other times when things are not favorable at all. There are times when we enjoy the good things in life, we enjoy certain benefits. And then there are times when we experience loss, we experience hardship, we experience pain. So in life, there is comfort, and there is also discomfort. In life, there is ease, and there is also hardship. And so often, circumstances in our lives are completely beyond our control, we are not able to change our sickness, into health, our pain into relief, our difficulty into ease, we are not

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able to change our circumstances. So it is necessary then, that we equip ourselves with the right tools. So that through these difficult circumstances, we are still able to find goodness, we are still able to gain rewards, both in this life, and also in the next life. We want to be able to insha Allah with the help of Allah, not only survive the hardships that come in our lives, but also thrive through them. Insha Allah, and one of these tools that we so desperately need for our success is sublime. It is patience, and what is patience, patience is that we do not allow our difficulties to overwhelm us, but rather, we have good expectation of our Lord. And while hoping for good reward

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in this world and the next we restrain ourselves from responding in a way that is displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala patients is that we don't get riled up in aggravating situations, patients is that we don't get irritated by inconvenience patients is that we respond with good sense not with impulse. we control our behavior. This is patience and the person who is gifted with

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However, then such a person is the one who will be successful. So in this I have sudo to Zuma verse number 10. Allah subhanaw taala says, all year a baddie levina amen otaku Robuchon, se meaning all Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam us should say, you deliver this message, what message that? Yeah, Eva de la Vina amanu that all my slaves who have believed, meaning, oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you tell my slaves, you say this to them, you pass on this message. The fact is, that everything that Allah subhanaw taala has informed us of he has informed us of it through His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam none of us can receive direct revelation, the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the messenger, the one through whom Allah subhanaw taala has conveyed his messages and his good news and his promises to us. But when it is mentioned in the Quran, that call us say a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then this shows us how very important this message is, and how necessary it is for us to hear messages like this from the people who are around us. So all Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you tell my slaves, but with slaves, because if you think about it, all people are the slaves of Allah. But this message is especially for those slaves of Allah who believe in Him who believe in Allah. What is that message? Tell them what? Tell them

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that it Dakota back home that you all should have, taqwa of your Lord, that You all should be conscious of Allah azza wa jal that you all should obey Allah azza wa jal, and that you all should not disobey Allah, because you see it Dakota bacaan taqwa is to save oneself to guard oneself to protect oneself, and what is it that we are essentially guarding ourselves from, from the punishment of Allah, right from the anger from the wrath from the disapproval of Allah? That is what we are all striving to protect ourselves from? But then how do we actually guard ourselves from that? Just by feeling a sense of fear? No, you guard yourself by taking the right action. You guard yourself by

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keeping away from things that put you in danger. So guard yourselves how, by obeying Allah, guard yourselves how by not disobeying Allah. And yes, this can be hard at times. It can be challenging at times, but do not compromise on this. Always be loyal to Allah, no matter what situation you're in, and no matter what place you are in, do not compromise under the color of your rub. Why? Because little Lavina or Sanofi heavy hit dunya has.

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For those who do good in this world, they will have hacer una they will have a good reward. Meaning those people who worship their Lord, those people who do righteous action, those people who make their words and their actions beautiful, they will have a good reward. Where will they have a good reward in this life and in the next life in this life, they will enjoy good benefits in the form of sustenance in the form of contentment in the form of inner peace and happiness in the form of the help of Allah. And in the hereafter. They will enjoy Jana, they will enjoy the pleasure the approval of Allah azza wa jal so those who do good in this world, they will have a good reward. But this

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promise is only for those who believe in certain natural eye on number 97 Allah subhanaw taala tells us that Manami la sala Han Min veker in our own fair, well who am amin on fella nahi Yana who hyah temper yerba when an adze and Nahum adura home, be us anymore can we are I'm alone, that whoever does righteous action, whether they are male or female man or woman, it doesn't matter what the gender is. The only condition is that they should be a believer, well who am meaning then such a person? Allah subhanaw taala will grant them a good life and Allah subhanaw taala will grant them great reward because of the good things that they used to do. Allah subhanaw taala tells us insulet

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Yunus is sick

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32 to 64 that Allah in Olia, Allah, La homophone la him, whenever we are known, that unquestionably the friends of Allah, they shall have no fear on them, nor will they grieve. Who are they? They are la Vina Manu, where can we get the code? They are people who used to believe, and they were conscious of Allah. La homall. Bushra, Phil higher to dunya they will have good news in this worldly life, what we'll have here and also in the hereafter. So for those who do good in this life is a good reward. This is only for those who believe. And then it is said what Allah He was Sierra and the earth, the land of Allah is vast. Meaning if it is difficult for you, to worship Allah to obey

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Allah in a given situation, in one place, then go elsewhere, change your place, change your situation, to the best of your ability, because the earth of Allah is best. Even our basketball the Allahu anhu said about this idea that this I meant that now you should migrate from Mecca to Medina. Because day by day it was becoming harder for the Muslims to worship Allah in Mecca. And some say that this was an indication that they should now migrate to habba to Abyssinia because again, for some Muslims, it was becoming incredibly hard to worship Allah in Makkah. So it is said over here that the earth of Allah is vast, not that you should take it easy, and you should leave those things

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which are becoming hard. Okay, fine. People want you to worship idols, fine, you should just do what they're telling you to do. So that you know you're not facing any difficulty, know what Allah He was Sierra, the earth of Allah is vast. If it is hard for you to worship Allah in one situation in one place, then move, relocate, go somewhere else. And sir, either been Jubail or de la hora and who said that when a person is told to do something wrong, then he should run away from that place. Meaning you always have an option. Whenever you are being put in a situation to disobey Allah, you should never ever settle for compromise, you should always remember that there is an option, the

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world is filled with opportunities, you always have the power to say no, you always have the power to refuse. And sometimes people use you know their position, or the power that they have over you. Or you know the status that they have to try to pressure you. And they try to force you into obeying them. But even then, remember you always have the power to say no. And if you don't have the power to say no outwardly, in your heart, definitely you have the power to say no. And when it is said over here that will Allah He was Sierra, the earth of Allah is vast. We learn in sudo Anca booth I have 56 that Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, he by the alladhina amanu. In the early were Sierra,

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for a year far boon that all my slaves who have believed indeed, my Earth is vast. Allah subhanaw taala has given us this huge world to live in. Therefore, for a year if our boon only worship Me, meaning if it is becoming hard for you to worship Allah in one place, then go elsewhere. And we learn in the Quran in Surah Nisa, verse number 100, that those who immigrate those who leave places of sin, and they go to a place where they are able to worship Allah, then such people are promised abundance from Allah subhanaw taala such people will not miss out. So what's the lesson over here? The lesson is that when it is hard for you to worship Allah in one place, in one room, right, in one

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situation in one job, then remember that the world is full of opportunity. Don't approach your situation with a scarcity mindset. Don't Don't put a limit on yourself, that poor me, I don't have any other option. No, you do have options. And you require patience to find those options, courage and reliance upon Allah subhanaw taala to find those options that are good for you. So go somewhere else, seek another option and ask Allah subhanaw taala but you have to take that first step. And yes, this is hard. Allah subhanaw taala says at the end of this ayah that in them you were for sabi. Runa Agila home. Be lady he said that indeed those who are patient with

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will be given their reward in full without any account. Meaning those who are patient will get their reward in the hereafter without any measure, meaning they will be given an incredibly huge reward. The question is, who are the sabi rune? Who are those who are patient, they are people who remain firm. There are people who remain steadfast, there are people who do not compromise who do not give up on worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. In being loyal to Allah, in spite of hardships, there are people who are always loyal to Allah, there are people who are always obeying Allah subhanaw taala. The mama show Can he explains this, if he says that be lady, he said that they will be given the

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reward without any measure. This means that those who are patient will be given an extremely generous reward. Such a huge reward that no one can count, no one can calculate, and no one can measure. You see in this world, we have so many different ways of calculating, of measuring, of counting different things, of quantifying things. But this reward is so huge, that no matter what, you know, what measures we have to calculate to count what formulas we develop and what software's in what systems and what you know, what databases we developed to, you know, to count and measure, no matter what we have, will never be able to calculate this reward because it is so huge in Noma,

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you have fasab you Runa Jerome, B lady Hey SAP, earlier Ile de la Horne, who said that every person who obeys Allah will be given the reward in a certain measure, meaning they will be given the reward after you know, a certain calculation. So for example, a person who was truthful, so when were they truthful, in what situation? And how hard was it for them to be truthful, their deed will be examined, their effort will be measured, and the reward will be given in proportion to the deed that they have performed. But earlier, they'll do a lot more and who said that, except for those who are patient, meaning their subject will not be measured, their their effort will not be calculated, they

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will be given their reward without any measure without any calculation. So this means that the scale will not be set up to weigh their suburb. Because we learned that on the Day of Judgment deeds will be weighed, right? What was new, Yama, even will help but those who are patient, their deeds will not be weighed, we learned that on the Day of Judgment, the record of deeds will be opened up, and people's deeds will be examined. But those who are patient, their record of deeds will not be opened up, their deeds will not be examined. Instead, the reward for their patients will be given to them abundantly without any measure. So look at the reward of suburb, it is endless, it is not

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quantifiable, it is limitless. It is it measurable. And this reward is for all those who are patient, regardless of the type of patients that they observed. Because some people they face a lot of personal hardship in life, that is their patients, other people, their patients is that they have to try really hard to avoid sin. They're, you know, they're surrounded by, you know, people who are constantly calling them to sin. They're surrounded by opportunities of sin, but they are constantly, you know, avoiding sin. So that is their subject. for other people. Their subject is that they have to make themselves worship of law, it is incredibly hard for them to worship Allah, but they make

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themselves do it anyway. So regardless of the kind of patience, a person is observing, their reward will be built at ASAP, it will be without any measure. So this is this pearl of the Quran shows us the virtue of patience, the reward of patients. And the main takeaway of this idea is that we all should observe patients, regardless of the situation that we are in, instead of comparing ourselves with other people. And thinking that Oh, they have an easy, she has it easy, or they have it harder. No. We need to look at what situation Allah subhanaw taala has put us in, what situation has Allah put me in and what kind of sub am

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I suppose to observe, because suburb is important for every person for every single individual and suburb is a means through which we can get a measurable reward. And the fact is that impatience cannot actually change anything. Right? When a person is being impatient when they are, you know, you know, they're losing control, they are yelling, they're hitting their head, they're pulling their hair. They are, you know, saying things that are extremely negative, or they basically begin to give up, that doesn't really change their situation. But when a person is patience, and look at the outcome, the reward is incredible. So, every person must discipline themselves and must urge

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themselves to observe patients. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all safety and Aafia, security and well being and we Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to be patient in situations that require patience from us. So what exactly is patience? That is the first thing that we need to understand what exactly is subud? Now linguistically, we see that the word sub sobre, yes, Viru is actually to hold someone in custody. It is to restrain someone to detain someone, like for example, if someone is is restrained with handcuffs, right, or they are kept in a jail cell, they're not able to escape. This is the essence of suburbs. But suburbs to over this means that I restrained myself over this

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task, meaning I made myself do this task perform this task, which means that I really had to hold myself over here, it was not easy. I wanted to run away, I wanted to give up, I wanted to quit, but I made myself do it anyway. So then this means that sobble is to restrain oneself. When your knifes is getting out of control. It is to hold yourself back when your nerves is losing it. Now why is your knifes? Why is your inner self losing it? Why is it getting out of control because the situation is becoming hard. It's becoming extremely painful, or the temptation is real, it is very strong, or that a person is feeling very weak on the inside. So there could be different situations

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that are causing us to lose it. But sub is that you don't lose yourself. Rather you restrain yourself you detain yourself. So subject is to hold oneself back from what one must hold oneself back from meaning it is to keep oneself away from things that you should keep yourself away from you know I'm a rock says that sub is to restrain oneself in a manner that both the intellect and the Shetty are require. Meaning there are situations where you know, the your, your you know, your intellect, any person sound intellect will require that you don't behave in a certain way that you don't respond in a certain way. Like for example, when a child throws a tantrum in the middle of a

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supermarket, right, the article says do not behave in this way. Do not lie down on the floor, do not kick and scream in the middle of the supermarket, right? That's the that's what the alcohol requires. That's what the intellect requires. But then the shadia the religion of Allah also requires from us that we that we restrain ourselves from certain behaviors, right from certain actions, from certain words from certain responses. Like for example, when you're angry, it might be okay, you know, it might be considered okay to use harsh words, or to use curse words, maybe the people that you're around, it's perfectly fine to them, if you use curse words, but the shut er

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requires from you, that you control your tongue, that you speak what is right even in anger. So, sub is to restrain oneself in a manner that both the intellect and the shittier require. So it is to restrain oneself from getting upset from losing it. It is to restrain the tongue from complaints and restrain the limbs from behaving in anxious ways. So if you think about it, somebody is basically a strength. Sabra is an excellent habit. It is an excellent quality with which a person is able to not only stay away from things that are ugly

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But it also gives you the resilience to behave in ways that are best that lead you to your success. Sometimes we think that somebody is about suffering, you know that whatever hardship you were in, just bear it, just deal with it. But somebody is not just, you know, being being passive, in times of difficulty, that you just suffer, knows somebody is in durance, in spite of suffering, it is to keep oneself together. In a time when things are incredibly hard. That when you are falling apart, when you feel like giving up when you feel like quitting when you feel like doing nothing, when you just want you know, you're you just don't find the strength to to to continue moving forward,

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somebody is that you still find that strength to move forward. It is essentially that you shift your focus away from what is bothering you, to what you want to accomplish. So what is that you shift your focus away from what is causing you pain to what you want to accomplish in the situation that you're in? So suburb is that you don't allow your suffering to dominate over you. So suburb gives you the strength to propel through your misery. suburb is an affirmation that yes, things are hard, but I am still able to do something. Sabra is an affirmation that yes, things are hard. I am in pain, but I'm still able to do something. And I am going to focus on that something that I can do.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that was suburbia. That suburb is light. But you know, he didn't say what subdue knows. He didn't say that suburb is new nor is also light. But there is a difference between node and Leah. Leah is such a light in which there is also heat. So for example, in sort of units, I have five Allah subhanaw taala tells us that he has made Darla shumsa bleah. He has made the sun Abia in light. And we know that the sun doesn't just give out light, it also gives out a lot of heat. And sometimes that heat is very painful, it can cause your skin to get burned. It can cause you to you know, feel to get sick even. So suffer is light, but it is also

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incredibly hard on the knifes it doesn't always come easy. suburb by definition, requires effort, you have to bear the hardship of suburb. This is the main thing, that suburb is never meant to be easy. Because when you have to get you know when you have to gather yourself together in a situation when you're falling apart, when you have to restrain your tongue, when you have to restrain you know the way that you are behaving your behavior, it can be incredibly hard. And as you are observing patients, it seems like your your difficulty is never going to end. It seems like it is endless. And this is why we see that the reward is similar to to the effort that the reward is actually endless

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because when you're observing patients, it seems as though your ordeal is never going to end. You know, seconds feel like hours, days feel like months and years. Right? time seems to slow down when you're enjoying difficulty. But look at the reward in the manual for saburo una adura home be lady Hey sab indeed those who are patient will be given the reward without any measure.

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Now, remember that there are different types of subs. There's different types of patients, and there are mainly three types of subs. The first form of sub is to refrain oneself, to restrain oneself from disobeying Allah or zildjian that sometimes, you know, the temptation is really strong. Sin is very accessible, you know, you you don't even have to put in much effort, the opportunity to sin is right there. And the temptation is strong people are actively calling you or you know, that opportunity that is right before you is literally just a tap away. But Southern over there means that you hold yourself back you detain yourself you do not allow yourself to fall into sin. So in a

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Hadees we learn about the seven types of people who will be granted shade under the throne of Allah

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One of them is a man who is invited to sin, who is invited to commit Zina by a woman who is a woman of status and a woman of beauty. You need to sin is so accessible typically men have to pursue women, right? But here a woman is, is inviting that man. But he says, In the behalf of law, I fear Allah, meaning I'm not going to do it. So this is one form of subject, that you refrain from disobeying of law. And this means that, you know, this subject is, you know, at different levels as well. You know, the first level of this type of somebody is that you, you in your heart, you remove that longing for sin, that that liking for sin, that in your heart, you remind yourself, no, this is

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wrong. This is not okay. Allah subhanaw taala does not like that. I am not going to do this. So you don't even look at those situations, those places, those gatherings where their sin and disobedience, because if you continue to look at it, then you will be tempted. So sometimes, you know, people tell themselves No, no, I'm not gonna commit Zina. I'm not gonna do anything, hold on. But then on social media, what are they doing? They're following different women, they're looking at pictures of women, they're looking at, you know, pictures of people who are not dressed appropriately. Honey, this is not real suburb suburb is that you don't do what is wrong, and you

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don't even like it. You don't even allow yourself to be tempted by it. And then sometimes somebody means that you are physically moving away from that situation that is inviting you to sin. So for example, if that social media consumption is getting out of control, you limit yourself, you'll get off of social media, and then suffer in this situation also means that if you are already in sin, then you bring yourself out of it. Because sometimes we realize we're doing something wrong, after we are doing it. Everyone does not know you know what is right and what is wrong. So sometimes we realize what we're doing something wrong, when we are already engaged in the act of sin. So then

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somebody is required to bring yourself out of that sin, to somebody is required to repent from that sin, to leave that sin. So this is one type of sub sub in staying away from disobedience. The second type of sub is sub in, obey in obedience to Allah, that you that you observe patients, in making yourself obey Allah subhanaw taala. And there is a beautiful Hadith in which we learn about three types of people whom Allah subhanaw taala loves, and because of whom Allah subhanaw taala laughs Allah subhanaw taala rejoices because of these three types of people. And one of them is a person who goes out with a group of people, meaning he is participating in a battle. And then he is left on

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his own, meaning everyone else has left, everyone else has gone and he is left on his own facing the enemy. So what does he do? He he stays his ground, he does not quit, he does not run away. He stays in his place and he keeps trying keep struggling. And Allah subhanaw taala says on little Isla Abdi, look at my slave, k for sobre Li nafsa who, how he is holding himself in that situation for my sake. And he could have also quit, just like other people did. He could have also run away just like other people did, but he did not look at him how he is standing firm for my sake. And sometimes, you know, it happens that maybe you're the only person fasting in your family. Maybe you're the only person

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who is reciting Quran in your family, maybe you're the only person who is giving sadaqa in your family. You know, it's easy to do good when you have that right environment when people around you are also worshipping Allah. But when you're the only one who is staying up in the night, to pray PM, who is getting up in the night to make Dora who is you know, who is the only one who is fasting, when you're alone in doing good things, it is hard, but look at the reward sub is also in obedience to Allah or xojo and subud over here means that you first of all, pay attention to you know different acts of obedience, you have the intention, you have the willingness to worship Allah

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subhanaw taala. And then when you are obeying Allah, you you perform that act of worship in the way that Allah subhanaw taala has commanded in in the best way that you can, you know, sometimes, you know, sub

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is required in getting yourself to pray Salah that you'll get up from where you were laying down, you get to the washroom you make will do, you know you stand on the prayer mat, and then you just begin your Salah. So yes, somebody is required before you begin the Salah, but then somebody is required during Salah as well, that you pray, with attentiveness, with humility, with the fear of Allah with the love of Allah. Right? So what is required in the manner that you worship Allah, because sometimes, you know, we're performing clamor lay, but how are we standing leisurely? how, you know, we are constantly fidgeting, moving around, just waiting for, you know Salah to be over,

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we are getting irritated and annoyed. And we are taking those deep sighs that you know, as if we are being tortured, as if we are being punished, what are the other Billa This is not patience. And then somewhere in obedience to Allah also means that you, you know, you you keep worshiping Allah, you keep performing that act of worship, until the end, meaning you do not quit halfway through. Because sometimes what happens is that people begin to do something good. But then as things get hard, they quit, they leave, they stop, this is the opposite of suburbs. And suburbs also means that you refrain from doing things that would potentially waste your reward. You know, sometimes we give

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sadaqa right, we give charity, but then right after we give charity, we say something hurtful to the person whom we have given the charity to, right, where we remind them of the favor that we have done, where we say something hurtful, where we show off, and we you know, keep talking about the the charity that we have given an Allah subhanaw taala tells us that led to blue solder corticon bill manual other that do not waste your charities, through money, through reminders of favor, and through hurtful words. So support is required, not just before doing the good deed, but also while performing the good deed and also after performing the good deed. So support is required in making

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your intention sincere in purifying the intention in improving the quality of the good deed that you are performing. And then afterwards also that you are consistent, and that you you preserve your good deed as well. The third type of suburb is suburb over the decrees of Allah. Meaning sometimes there are situations in your life that are incredibly painful, but they're beyond your ability, ie they're beyond your control, you are not able to modify your situation, you are not able to control your sickness into health, you are not able to take that headache away, right that that weakness away, you're not able to you know reverse that financial loss that you have just faced. So, in these

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situations also sobor is required. How, what does sobor mean over here, that you restrain yourself from saying anything that is displeasing to Allah from doing anything that is displeasing to Allah. And this means that first of all, you are you express your your contentment with the decree of Allah, that you say early to biller that your ob I am pleased with you, I am not angry with you. I am not upset with you. That, you know when when people do something that bothers us, we get upset with them. Right? Like for example, if your husband says something that is hurtful, you get annoyed, right? If you're if your husband doesn't do what you asked him to do, right? Or if he if he makes a

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bad, you know, financial decision. You You are annoyed and you have the right to be annoyed, right? You're hurt, you're upset and that's okay. Right. Your friend does something that is displeasing to you, you have the right to be displeased and annoyed with your friend. But when Allah decrees something painful for you, then you know what you'd never ever get upset with Allah Subhan is that you never get angry with Allah, you'll never get annoyed with Allah in a Hadees we learn that when Allah subhanaw taala tests a slave, then whoever is pleased, right from unlovable, yeah, whoever is pleased, then such a person will receive the river, the pleasure the approval of Allah and whoever

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is whoever is upset, whoever

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is angry, whoever is annoyed, then that is what they will get from Allah. So the way that you respond is what you will get from Allah soprano Tada. And the thing is that when Allah subhanaw taala tests you with a certain decree, then Allah subhanaw taala is not intending to harm you, because you read the law who become a Yusra well are you read to be cooler surah Allah intense ease for you, Allah does not intend to hardship for you. Allah subhanaw taala intends that you should turn in repentance, Allah subhanaw taala intends goodness for you. So even taymiyah he says that there are four types of people in relation to sobor.

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The first type of people are those who are patient and they also observe the taqwa of Allah. They combine sobor with taqwa. So they're patient, and they're conscious of Allah. What does that mean? That means that they're patient in the way that they respond. So they don't say or do anything that is displeasing to Allah. They don't express anger and annoyance with the decree of Allah. And what is the core taqwa is that they carry on obeying Allah, regardless of the situation that they're in? So for example, a person is sick. They're physically unwell. What is somebody over here? Somebody is that they're not angry with Allah, that yellow Why me? What did I do that I'm so sick? Why am I

00:41:31 --> 00:42:19

suffering so much? And this is not fair? No, this is the opposite of sub summaries that a person is not angry with Allah. And what is the quote over here, duck what is that they still worship Allah, they still pray on time, they still pray properly, to the best of their ability. They don't leave obedience to Allah. So this is the first type of people, people who observe patience and taqwa and it is such people who are successful. The second type of people are those who observe taqwa. But they're not patient. So for example, these are people who are very, you know, devout. So they recite a lot of Quran, they pray PM, they even give sadaqa you know, they keep their tongue busy in the

00:42:19 --> 00:42:26

vicar of Allah, they're overall very obedient. But as soon as they face some difficulty, they lose it.

00:42:28 --> 00:42:50

As soon as they face hardship in life, they lose it. So they begin to say things that are inappropriate, they begin to pull their hair and hit their head and say negative things. And, you know, they begin to break things and destroy things. And they begin to you know, yell at other people, and they begin to show really bad o'clock because they have no sub.

00:42:51 --> 00:43:10

Will every other Billa such people are not successful. The third type of people are those who observe stubborn, they're very patient, but they don't have the quote of Allah, they're not conscious of Allah. So these are people who are, you know, like, for example, the stoics. Right? Be You know, when you think about when you read about,

00:43:11 --> 00:43:43

you know, people who, especially in in Buddhism, right, people who endure a great deal of self discipline, and a great deal of endurance, they have so much self control, right? But they're not really worshipping Allah. Right. And likewise, you have people who exhibit a great deal of patience and courage and persistence, in, you know, in doing wrong things. Like for example, you know,

00:43:44 --> 00:44:32

you know, like, for example, criminals, do you think it's hard, it's easy to, to commit robbery, no, you need a whole lot of courage, right? You, you take a whole lot of risk, you go and you hide your identity, and you, you know, plan and you have to, you know, coordinate and you have to, you know, have that strength, to be able to go quickly to move quickly, to yell at people and to get whatever you want out of them. Any to kill someone to use a weapon requires courage. So, yes, these people are, you know, they, they have a lot of patience, they have a lot of endurance, but they have no fear of Allah, because of the head fear of Allah. They wouldn't be using their patience in

00:44:32 --> 00:44:59

disobeying Allah subhanaw taala. So such people are also not successful. The fourth type of people who neither have patience, nor do they have the core, so in hardship, they give up they lose it. And when it comes to obey nama, again, they have no consistency. So Allah subhanaw taala tells us in sort of the marriage i a 19 to 21 that in Al insana, holy mahalo, either master who shabu Jesu

00:45:00 --> 00:45:51

are what either Mr. hohiro munawwara, that people are very impatient, right very small hearted, how that when some some evil strikes a person, he becomes very impatient he loses control and when he gets something good, then he becomes extremely stingy, very, very selfish. So, we see that out of these four types of people, who is successful, the person who combines sobor with the color and this is what we should be striving towards, that in hardship, we are patient, in in situations that are difficult, we observe suburbs and at the same time, we continue to be loyal to Allah, we continue to worship Allah, we we are mindful of the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is observing us. Now,

00:45:51 --> 00:46:40

somebody is incredibly important in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentions sobor more than 90 times and in suitable bacara Allah subhanaw taala mentioned sobor along with Salah, Salah is is a condition for success. Salah is what differentiates a believer from a non believer, Salah is a key to Jenna, right? It's your connection with Allah subhanaw taala and Allah subhanaw taala mentions sobor with Salah when he says was there you know the summary was Salah, seek help through patience and through prayer. So this shows us how incredibly important somebody is that it's not optional. This is something that we have to strive towards. We learn in Hades that even Allah observes

00:46:40 --> 00:47:29

patience, meaning when people say wrong things about Allah, they say that Allah has a son, Allah subhanaw taala observes patience, in the sense that Allah subhanaw taala does not destroy humanity right away. Allah subhanaw taala still heals these people and Allah subhana wa tada still provides for them. Sabra is a prophetic trait. First become a Sabra Allah as Amina Rasul Allah tells us messenger that Be patient just as the Ola Azzam among the messengers were patient in circle MBI 85 Allah says what is smart ILA Idris are well carefully. He mentions different messengers and he says co la mina sabreen. All of them were patient. Allah subhanaw taala praises people who are patient in

00:47:29 --> 00:48:14

the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala commands His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to be patient while spear hedaya kumala Allah commands the believers to be patient, and also that they should urge one another to be patient here Are you a Latina, ominous, biru wasabi true, that oh you have believe Be patient and urge each other to be patient. Allah subhanaw taala urges all people to be patient in certain Furqan Ayah 20 Allah says, Allah Akbar Allah calmly, Berlin pfitzner we have made some of you a trial for others, your you know, children become a test for their parents, parents become a test for their children, siblings become a test for one another in laws become a test for one

00:48:14 --> 00:49:02

another, coworkers become a test for one another, friends, neighbors become a test for one another. So people The fact is that people are a test for one another. Allah asks us adults will be alone, will you all be patient? Or are you going to be impatient, meaning you must be patient. And remember that sub is deeply related to our faith. In fact, in a narration, we learn that somebody is the highest level of faith, meaning when a person is observing patients, this shows that they have an increased level of email. And when they're not observing patients, this means that they have a lower level of faith. Or the it'll do love more and who said that patience is to faith, like the head is

00:49:02 --> 00:49:54

to the body. Meaning, if the head is cut off, the body will no longer be alive, right? You slaughter an animal How? By cutting off the head. So just like a body cannot be imagined to be alive without its head. He man, he man, faith is non existent or it's not complete, rather, without patience. And then our little doula horn who is reported to have said out loud to the people who are in front of him that beware, the person who has no patience has no faith, meaning, patience is extremely necessary for event. It is deeply connected to your event. Don't think that it is just reserved for some people, somebody is important for every believer, because without subud we cannot stay away

00:49:54 --> 00:49:59

from sin. without someone we cannot control our anger. without someone we cannot make ourselves.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:46

Worship Allah, you know, the month of Ramadan is also called shadow supper the month of patience. Because the entire month What are you doing? You are worshiping Allah? How? By staying away from food and drink, right? And then yes, when you have to do it for a few days, it's manageable, but then you have to do it for an entire month. By the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan, things do get harder, right? Even the strongest of people, right, they really have to exert themselves. So somebody is necessary for Amen. And somebody is a condition for entry into paradise, and it is essential for success. And you know what, it requires determination. It doesn't come naturally, you

00:50:46 --> 00:51:21

need intention. To be able to observe patients, you need determination to observe patients. And this is why sobor is described as an alcohol as a gift. Meaning if a person has been given patients with the trophy of Allah than they're truly fortunate. So while we should pray for patients, remember we also have to strive for patients has an adversity said that summer is one of the treasures of the treasures of paradise. It is one of the treasures, meaning it leads you to Jenna.

00:51:22 --> 00:52:03

Now, there are so many benefits associated with patients which of course we're not going to be able to cover. But we see that in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala promises three things to those who are patient, what best should is slobbering, give good news to those who are patient. Those who the moment when disaster strikes, they say in nalli Allah he were in LA he Raji aroon. These are people who will get solo out on the rub him that's the first benefit, that they get blessings from their Lord, what a hammer. Secondly, they got mercy from their Lord. And thirdly, what Allah ecomo methadone, they are the ones who are rightly guided, meaning they will be able to navigate the

00:52:03 --> 00:52:50

situation properly, they will get to the right, you know, they will take the right decision, and they will get the good outcome. So these are benefits associated with sub there is the, you know, the promise of Allah's forgiveness, and a huge reward for people who are patient, those who are patient, Allah guarantees reward for them. And their effort is not wasted at all. And we learned that the greater the trial, the greater the reward, and there is a lot of good in the endless good for those who are patient. When you are observing patients, it seems like this is useless, I'm just you know, I'm not really getting anything out of this. You will get something out of it sooner or

00:52:50 --> 00:53:34

later. Because you know, those who are patient, they get the help of Allah. Allah says, Well spirou in Allah hamara sabreen Be patient. Indeed, Allah is with those who are patient. Don't you want the help of Allah? Don't you want Allah to be on your side? We've learned in the Quran, that people who are patient get the help of Allah through the angels of Allah as well. Well Love Will you hibel sabreen Allah loves those who are patient, it leads to success that are looking to flee home is brew, wasabi, oh, be patient so that you may be successful. And when a person is patient, they increase in their dignity in their honor. When a person is patient, only then they're able to lead.

00:53:36 --> 00:54:28

They're able to lead with patience, meaning if a person is not patient, they cannot lead other people. Patience protects you from from your enemies. And because of patience, you're able to reflect Allah subhanaw taala says in nifi Valley color IRT liquidly sebat in Chicago, indeed, in this are Signs for every person who is patient, and who is grateful. And in contrast, when we become impatient, then our thinking is clouded. We don't have much clarity, because of patients, we get good rewards in this world and in the next, and the reward of patients is Jenna. Now in what situations are we supposed to observe patients in every situation, but especially submit is required

00:54:28 --> 00:54:59

over what people say? Because people don't always say things that are pleasant, or things that are you know, nice and, and healing. Sometimes people say things which hurt us which injure us which causes us to feel broken and shattered inside. But patience is required over there. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is told in the Quran, first bidder Allah Maya Kowloon, be patient over what they say when people bother us.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:39

When people annoy us, and sometimes people bother us on purpose, and sometimes they bother us just by their mere existence, right, because of their habits, they're not intentionally trying to bother us, but the way that they do things bothers us. So the problem is sometimes in us, not in other people. So somebody is required, even over there, a man came to the Prophet sallallahu earlier said, we're complaining about his neighbor that my neighbor does this and that and I get really annoyed. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said it herb fosmid go and be patient. Somebody is required to or false accusations. When people accuse you have things that are not true about you. Like I shuttle de

00:55:39 --> 00:56:26

la Mourinho was accused of what was not true. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was accused of being unfair in how he distributed property Musa alayhis salaam was accused by his people. And submit of course is required when circumstances are difficult. Submit is required over poverty, financial loss, submit is required. when food is not as delicious as you expected it to be submit is required over illness submit is required when dealing with our children suffer is required when dealing with with death with with the loss of love of loved ones, somebody is required in seeking knowledge. Somebody is required in dealing with your elders, sometimes your parents, your

00:56:26 --> 00:57:08

grandparents, your in laws. So what is required in dealing with your leaders, your boss, your supervisor, right, that the way that they, you know, micromanage is really annoying, or the way that they constantly criticize your work is really annoying. Somebody is required over there. But remember, sobor doesn't mean that what other people are doing is okay. No, somebody is not about other people, somebody is about you. This this is very important to remember we think sobor means that you should be okay with oppression and with wrong, no summer is not about the other party at all, somebody is all about you. Summer is that you think good about Allah Subhan is that you control

00:57:08 --> 00:57:27

the way that you respond, somebody is that you observe Good luck, not because other people are deserving of it. No, because you have a set of rules that you have, you know, you you have for yourself, right? You You want to make sure that you follow the guidelines that Allah subhanaw taala has given.

00:57:29 --> 00:58:15

So somebody is required and dealing with people who are ignorant as well. So it is necessary that when we are observing patients, we check ourselves that how exactly are we observing patients? And who are we observing patients for? Why are we observing patients? What do we want out of it? Because if you think about it, even animals endure great hardship. So something is not just about enduring hardship. Somebody is about being hopeful, a reward in times of difficulty, and in controlling the way that you are responding. Because you see, even an animal in difficulty will scream, right? And then as soon as the difficulty that hardship is gone, it will be at ease. So what's the difference

00:58:15 --> 00:59:04

between us and an animal if we're also screaming, right and losing ourselves in difficulty? And when things are fine, we are also fine, that's not sub sub is that we control ourselves, because we are expecting reward from Allah. This is why will you rob Baker for Spears, Allah says in the Quran, be patient for the sake of your Lord, meaning because of Allah subhanaw taala in hoping reward from Allah, you are patient. And this is why sobre begins from the first strike of calamity and southern requires effort to remain at the sub bar use a bit Hola. Whoever tries to be patient, Allah subhanaw taala gives them patience. You know, one of the scholars said that whenever I am struck with some

00:59:04 --> 00:59:55

difficulty, I am grateful to Allah. Firstly, because I realize that that difficulty is not worse than then how it could be meaning that difficulty could have been worse than it is right now. Secondly, I am grateful that Allah gave me the ability to be patient. Thirdly, I am grateful that Allah gave me the ability to say in Allah he were in LA he Raji rune, because now I can expect reward. And fourthly, I'm grateful that that difficulty is in worldly matters and not in my Deen. It could have been a test in faith, but it is not. So patience means that we are also grateful to Allah and that we do not blame Allah. When we look at the prophets, we see a smile he or the his salon was

00:59:55 --> 00:59:59

so patient when he was supposed to be slaughtered, right. He brought

01:00:00 --> 01:00:51

He earned his son and was patient when he was required to slaughter his son iacob Ernie Sam was patient when his sons were lying to him and betraying him use of early his Sam's entire life was a life of patients. A YouTube early his salon observed patients in pain in illness for so many years. asiyah Ali has Salaam she observed patients because of what fit our own inflicted on her. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his patients was also extraordinary. So we should ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant his patients are abana affiliate Alena sobre. O our Lord, pour on us patience with a bit akadama Anna and make our feet firm. And when any bad news any, any painful

01:00:51 --> 01:01:37

situation occurs, our first response should be in LA LA he were in LA he Raji Rouen and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say in hardship, yeah, hey, you you're a young bureau hermetica studies and main takeaways are that whenever we are struck with some difficulty, let us think good about Allah. Do not think the trials are evil, that tests are evil, and instead we should face difficulties with sublime. And we should take inspiration from the example of the righteous and the prophets before us in poverty. Think about the patience of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when there's difficulty in your circumstances, think about the patients of Ibrahim alayhis salam

01:01:38 --> 01:02:22

when what people say hurts you think about the kind of things that Bunny is not yield set to musante his Salah when your husband is a source of test for you think about the patience of ESEA when your wife is a test for you think about the patience of know how to his Salaam and loot early his salon. When your children are a trial for you think about Yaqoob Allah has sent out a new hire to his center. When physical illness when your own body is becoming difficult to bear. Think about a YouTube or the history when people's judgment and their false accusations hurt you think about mother our Isha rhodiola horn her May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all well being and safety May

01:02:22 --> 01:03:05

Allah subhanaw taala not burden us with a test that we cannot carry me Allah subhanaw taala allow us enable us the strength to be patient when he decides that we should be tested in a certain way because he knows that we are able to handle that And may Allah subhanaw taala bring us out of difficulty whatever difficulty that we are in an MI Allah subhanaw taala grant is all the reward of sobor without any measure, I mean, just akmola heylen inshallah we will conclude over here, so panicle lahoma will be handing a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta a stone Furukawa to buoy Lake wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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