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Al-Maidah 15-26 Translation 15-26


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want to say Leonardo da Vinci Kareem Amar bad for the Billahi min. Ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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beshara he is further away safely emri washlet better melissani acabo Kohli for Penang. cygnar

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essay number 70 pseudotumor EDA is number 15 to 26 Translation yeah for ethnic people, Al kitabi of the book.

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In fact, Jeff acoem he came to you for su Luna our messenger, you bet you, he makes clear the comb for you to Thielen much mimma from what control you were to foon you all hide men from Al Qaeda be double what and your fu p pardons. On from Catherine much. But in fact, just a comb, it came to you men from Allah, Allah neurona neuron ally. What and kita bone a book been one clear yet the He guides be with it. Allahu Allah. Man who it tavar he followed, he pursued with whiner who his pleasure Subala with a salon of the peace while you read your home and he takes them out men from a womb at the darknesses Isla towards a new the night. The evening he with His permission, what and

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yet the him He guides them. Isla towards slit all clean above was the theme one st laqad certainly cafaro he disbelieved Alinea, those who call the set in Indeed Allah, Allah, who he is, and mercy Hill the mercy evolute son, Maria ma of Miriam,

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say, family, so who yummly COO, he possesses, he has authority, men from Allah He Allah shaped anything in if or other he intended and that you liquor he destroys and mercy has the mercy ignat son Maruyama of Miriam or oma who and his mother, woman and whoever fee is in an early the earth gem era, or together

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when he left he and for Allah muku possession Kingdom as similarity of the skies when earthly and the earth warmer and whatever bainer humor is between them to Yes, local, he creates math whatever you show, he will, will who and Allah Allah upon calling every shaking thing pudieron always are able to

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work on it. And she said, or it said earlier who do the Jews when the sada and the Christians, national we Urbina our sons, Allah He of Allah, wa and a Hubba loo, his beloved ones, can say fairly much so why your ID will come He punishes you. They do become for your sins, but rather I'm telling you all by Sharon are human man from whom Kanaka created. Yet Pharaoh He forgives the man for whom you show he wills where you're evil and he punishes man whom He wills when in that he and for Allah Maluku possession, Kingdom a similarity of the heavens of the skies when only and the earth woman and whatever bring the humor is between them to what he may he and to him and mercy the destination?

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Yeah, oh, hello people and kitabi of the book called In fact, Jerome, he came to you for su Luna our messenger, you may you know, he makes clear lakum for you, Allah upon factorizing and interval men from Russell the messengers and that the kulu you all say, Man, not Jana, he came to us, men from rashidun Bear have good news, wanna and nor levied in a warning for caught So in fact, Joe acoem he came to you by

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Sharon a bearer of good news whenever the Iran and Iran will who and Allah Allah upon Kohli every shaken thing pudieron always are able what is and when Carla he said Musa Musa de Santa the economy to this people? Yeah Oh for me my people with guru you all remember near Mata blessing Allah He of Allah La come upon you if when Jana he made fi come in you and BIA prophets wa and gyla comb He made you more Lucan kings will attack him and he gave you man what lamb not you think he gives a had an anyone men from an either mean the world's yeah for me my people who do Who do you all enter above the earth the land and look like desert the one made sacred and Lotty which katiba he wrote Allahu

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Allah the comb for you. Why not and do not Delta Do you all retreat? Either upon adversity comb your backs? First and cannibal consequently you will learn about how serene as losers are no, they said yeah boo Musa Musa de Sena in indeed Fie her in it Coleman a people just burying once most compelling we're in LA and indeed we learn we'll never know the hula her we will enter it had until Yahoo do they go out minha from it for in so if Yahoo do they go out meet her from it for in less than indeed we definitely don't want to enter either he said radula two men men from and Medina those who have fallen they fear and armor he favored Allahu Allah La Hema upon them to all the Hulu

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you will enter or the him upon them and Baba the door, the gate for either so when the whole to move you all entered it for in Nicole then indeed you volleyball once you overpower once you are victorious or Allah and upon Allah He Allah fatawa Gullu so you are trust in if consume your word mean once you believe

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follow? They said yeah, or Musa Musa alayhis salaam in that indeed we learn we'll never know the hula we enter it better every

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man as long as there will they remain my demo as long as they remain fee her image fed hub so you go and you were a broker and you're up for katella so you to fight in indeed we have hoonah right here cardoon are ones who sit on he said, for a beat for my rub. In me indeed I learn not only qu I possess I have authority Illa except lapsi myself and my brother, flock so you separate binary between us webinar and between alchemy the people and faceting those who disobey Allah He said for him or her so indeed it will have Ramadan one strictly forbidden one prohibited I lay him upon them or Marina 40 senate then you get the hula they wander fee in a lovely the land further so Do Not

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that sir you grieve you be sorrowful. Allah upon allow me the people and ferocity those who cross limits those who disobey

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