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Al-Maidah 6-14 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 14

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wamena Medina calm and from those people who say in Nana for that indeed we are Christians.

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Notice how Allah says women are Latina. kalu those people who say that indeed we're Christians, it hasn't been said wamena Masada that far among the Christians, but rather it has been said wamena Latina palu innersole that from those people who claim that they are Christians, what does it show? That they claim they are Christians? They claim that they are nesara but they're not actually nusseibeh.

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Who are the original assault or the the believers in your

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you know, when the How are you and when they said that we are the unthought of Allah? This is why it is said that they are called Masato.

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But the later generations, they only claim that they're in a sorrow. Why? Why are they actual Masada? Because they are far away from the teachings of reciting surah. Far away from the teachings of

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their father far away from the religion that a sign is no doctor. So they only claim that they're in a solid, they're not actually in the saddle.

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So Amina Lena kalu in Nana sobre, a hood nanny circa when we took their visa.

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In the previous ayat who was mentioned, the bunny is hot in particular, the hood, and now has been mentioned the nosara that even from them, their meetup was taken what we saw

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that they worship Allah alone,

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just as it was taken from her from the bunny Israel, that they must also believe in the messenger, specifically the final messenger. So 100 lamesa home and they must abide by the commands that they have been given. But what happened? furnace who held one mean mercury will be but they also forgot a portion of what they were reminded of what type of machine is this? This Yan Amelie. But in the context of the nesara It is not just machine Amelie, but it is also mission.

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It is ultimately entering me that they abandon their actions, but they also don't know what they're supposed to do. You see, they are who they are understood as who the most dude who is not the one who knows what he's supposed to do, yet he doesn't do it.

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They have the Scripture, they have the laws. Like for example, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. They knew the punishment for the person who commit Zina. But what did they do? They hid it. They conceal that. This is what

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someone who knows what they're supposed to do, but still they go against it.

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And the questions then Asara, they're understood as the one meaning they don't know what they're supposed to do.

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They don't know what they're supposed to do.

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So financial help them in Medicare ob. This is misia normally, as well as ilmi. They don't know. Or they forgot they abandoned what they were supposed to do

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for Elena. So as a result, how are these people punished? That Urena, we cause to grow, we produced binome, between meeting between them assata. Allah Dawa, when the enmity and the hatred until when either Yeoman pm up until the day of judgment.

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So what is the consequence, that they are suffering, because of their neglecting the covenant that they had made with Allah, hatred and enmity amongst them until the day of judgment.

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You see, when a person disobeys a law, then there are definitely definitely consequences. Definitely consequences. Never think that if I choose to disobey, I choose to leave out a command of Allah, nothing will happen. No, something will happen.

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Something will happen. Never think that if I choose the prohibition for myself that what Allah has forbidden, I will still do it.

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Everything that there will be no consequences there will definitely be consequences.

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Remember, we learned earlier that there are two types of punishments, punishments that are sugary legal punishments and punishments that are contrary. So this is an example of country punishment, that Allah subhanaw taala produced between such people or that were and Botha until the day of judgment.

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The word of Raina is, Petra is vain or Ah well, and her one means to glue something to stick

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One thing to do.

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And if a lot is ill sock remember I mentioned to you earlier then we'll do that from sir Who do Second, the back is off Elsa, what does it mean that you connect you join, you join.

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So ally is ill sock it is to join it is to stick to glue one thing to the other.

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So Elena avena home that we produced in them. And when this came about in them, it was stuck on them, it stuck to them, never ever will they be distanced from this disease, from this illness from this ailment from this consequence, it is going to be on them eternally, constantly until the day of judgment.

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And what is that punishment?

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First of all, are though,

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what is our though

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our though what is enmity, hostility, and it's the opposite of wilayah What is wilaya friendship closeness. And basically our there is such enmity that is expressed through a person's words, as well as actions.

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It is such enmity, that a person shows that a person expresses through words as well as actions.

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Whereas wilaya on the other hand, is such friendship that it's not just in the heart, but it is such friendship, that is outward, that you say words of friendship, you say words of love, you show you do such things that show that you are friends with someone, but are though on the other hand is enmity that is expressed through coal and fair. So for Urena, being a homeowner that we have produced among them are though, so they have no friendship with one another whatsoever.

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well above law, and the law is from Bell lane, but and below is hatred. And in particular, is used for extreme hatred, extreme aversion, that is in the heart of a person for another.

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How is it different from other our other ways, expressed through words and actions?

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And Botha on the other hand is kept in the heart. And below is the opposite of molad. What is know what the love that a person has, in his heart, intense love, intense desire that a person has for another

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but But, on the other hand, is hatred in the heart.

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So they don't just hate one another. This hatred is not just in the hearts, but they actually show it how

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through their words, as well as their actions so by no human are dealt with Obama, either Yeoman pm. So as a result of Christians among themselves, they have no friendship. They differ with one another, they oppose one another. They call one another misguided, they negate the belief of one another. They constantly deny one another. Now, a person might say that no, apparently they seem to be very united. Apparently they seem to be very united. But I colossal pantherella Testarossa boom, Jumeirah. Well Kuru Boucher.

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You think that they are together, but their hearts are actually this united. They are not United at all. Apparently, they may seem to be together. But they have enmity and hatred for one another in their hearts. And they're not united in their acleda in their beliefs, even in their practices.

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Like for example, just the concept of the letter of Trinity amongst them, it varies from group to group doesn't matter from one faction to another. They're not united on any kind of belief whatsoever. So for our Raina VEDA whom are there with a well Baba Illa Yama, Yama was so far you know, to whom Allah will be met, can we just in our own and Sona Allah who will inform them of what they used to do? What do we learn from this?

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First of all, we learned that Allah subhanaw taala took me out from every room,

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not just the Muslim Ummah, but before then, then Asana and before then the Bani Israel

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from every oma that Allah subhanaw taala gave a shout out to a lot took a covenant from them, that they must fulfill what they're obligated with.

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They must do what they're commanded with. So the fact that we have to do what we have been commanded with, this is not something new. This is not something unique. This is the SU novela that each time he gave commands, he ordered the people that they must accept. Thank what Allah subhanaw taala sent any messenger

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didn't send him except that he must be obeyed.

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Similarly, when Allah sent any commands, he didn't send them so that they must be rejected, they must be played around with no. So that they must be accepted, they must be implemented, they must be followed. So we have to change our behavior, our attitude towards the commands of Allah. We cannot take them lightly anymore. We have to become serious about them. We have to accept them, we have to implement them. Because if we don't, then we're mocking at the command of that. Yes, Allah. I know you said this, but I'm not going to do it. I know that this is a part of the deen, but I'm not going to do it. I know that yes, Muslim women and Muslim men are supposed to do it, but I choose not to do

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it. You know, things are different now. I'm in a different situation now. So I'm not going to do it. No, we have to change our behavior towards the commands of Allah.

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Secondly, we learned that neglecting the heck of a law not giving the right of Allah subhanaw taala. to him. It leads to either our and Botha between people. It leads to enmity and hatred between people.

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You know, sometimes we wonder the Muslims are so disunited, not just the Muslims as an oma. But even as minority communities in certain countries were so disunited, forget about the community inside the house, for so disunited

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that people are showing enmity to one another husband and wife in laws. What's the problem? Parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren? I mean, what is this? Or that one? Baba? What's the reason?

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We have to analyze ourselves? Are we neglecting the hug of Allah in some respect?

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If we are neglecting the heck of Allah, then it's possible that because of that we are suffering from our dogma and dogma in our lives. When a person neglects the hug of Allah He does not give to Allah, what is due. Then what's the consequence? What's the result, enmity and hatred between people.

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We also learn on the other hand, that when people when they give the heck of a lot than their hearts come together, they have love, and they also have unity.

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We also learned from the side that there is severe warning against those who neglect the commands of Allah. Because Allah says was over you know, to whom Allah who be mechanical, yes, not only that Allah will inform them very soon about what they used to do.

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That alone would inform such people of their actions, when on the Day of Judgment, which actions their actions of disobedience be Macedonia snarl.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Well, Amina levena, although in all

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fairness who have more

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Salaam Alaikum

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I was thinking about verse number 13, Allah subhanaw taala commands thus far one home was that part in them and forgive them and overlook them. And in this verse ultimate that was telling us to pardon Who? The Jews and the Christians or the Christians, the Jews in particular, but I was thinking that, um, it sometimes seems easy that we have to forgive them, but what about our own Muslims? About our own Muslims? Like it's difficult for us? We don't forgive them. We don't forgive them at all. It was one of those talking about people who are enemies. And what are they doing? They're trying to change the words of Allah, they're trying to lead us to hell. But what about those people who are trying to

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lead us to heaven, our own Muslims, our own community, people who are with us amongst us, we forget to forgive them or to overlook their small mistakes, even though they weren't good for us.

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But we look at it and Masada they're constantly preaching about love and unity and compassion and mercy. And unfortunately, at the same time, they're the ones who are suffering from this problem, nor are they our and

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what does it show to us that when a person actually obeys Allah, then it is that he will have love and friendship with the people who are around him. And when a person disobeys Allah, then he suffers from enmity and jealousy and hatred and disunity that people are living together, but still, they're miles apart. What's the problem? neglect of the hakala?

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Like, for example, when more than two people are together in a place, especially men, but also for women, we can understand this. Then how should they pray separately? separately in their own rooms with their doors shut and I don't know you and I'm praying my own Salah.

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What have we been doing?

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If you pray together, there is much more reward. And if you pray together, you're giving the heck of a lot together, automatically, it's going to increase what love and unity in the hearts of people.

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But if we stay away from one another, if we don't work together, if we don't worship together, if we don't get the heck of a lot together, then how are we meant to come together? So what unites people, is when they give the hook of Allah,

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and what's your allogrooming casia, that this is a result of ignoring the commands of Allah, our behavior generally is that, you know, I will do it later. Not now. But later, when I turned 20, when I turned 22, when I'm done with school, when I'm done with this, when I'm done with that, then I will do this. We keep delaying, we keep deferring. And when we keep delaying and deferring what happens, it becomes more difficult for us to do it, we delay one thing. And as a result of that, we will do more things. But on the other hand, if whatever opportunity you get you accepted, the more you accept, the easier it will become for you to do certain things. Like for example, if you have

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some work to do at home, if you have an assignment to do, you get it on Monday, it's due next week. You're like, I'll do it on the weekend. I'll do it on the weekend. I'll do it later. I'll do it later on the weekend, like I'll do it on Sunday, then I'll do it at Sunday night. What happens, it falls at the last moment, and it's so difficult for you to do it at that time.

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And had you done it before at the right time, then you would have done the assignment, you would have been able to prepare for the test easily. And you also would have memorized the lesson of the day when it's being done during lunchtime. And it's being left on sister Atticus does after school or something like that.

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So what happens when we delay when we defer, then it's not that weird lane one thing. But we end up delaying and deferring many, many things, along with that thing. But if we do what we're supposed to at the right time, then we accomplish that task. And we also accomplish many more tasks. The more we accomplished, the easier it becomes.

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And when a person commits a sin, then there's a black spot in his heart, the more he sends the more he delays repentance, he increases in a sense, and that blackness, it almost completely covers the heart of the person.

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And we should stop complaining, we should avoid complaining because it leads only to negativity, we cannot change anything. It only makes us sad, it makes other people around us. And this leads to what are the one Baba, Baba.

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And sometimes it's just complaining about things like, I'm so tired. I'm so tired. I'm so tired all the time. Just make this rule. nobody's saying I'm tired.

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Really make this true, and you will be in so much peace at home. Trust me, you have to do something, as inshallah we will learn from the story of the bunnies file today that they were told to enter the city. They said that no, we're sitting right here, you will sign your Lord, you go and fight. And then we will enter.

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This is what we want. Everything should be done for us. We don't want to do anything, what do you have to do something yourself.

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And sometimes, we don't follow the commands of Allah because we you know, we're in all of these people. But Allah subhanaw taala puts out their reality before us. These are the people who neglected the commands of Allah and look at their end.

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That we should not hold grudges against other people, especially Muslims. If you have something against someone, if you think that somebody should not be doing what they're supposed to speak to them. What after that, don't keep a graduate in your heart.

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Because sometimes what happens when you see somebody disobeying a las panatela and you feel like disgusted in your heart, you're like why did they do this? And how dare you do this. So instead of keeping that enmity in your heart, I'm not saying that be rude to them, but just mentioned to them, talk to them, ask them that How come you are doing this or how come you're doing this? And it's possible they don't realize and lo winders at the end that he is going to make it known to you what you're doing because many times we do what we do and we forget about it. So on the Day of Judgment, everything that you do will be destroyed before you

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To be

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the man

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so panicle long will be handicapped. The Chateau La ilaha illa Anta

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assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah.