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Al-Maidah 15-26 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 15-16

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The relationship between Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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lesson number 17 Salatin, Merida ayah, number 15. To 26.

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Yeah, hello kita. All people have the book,

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which book the Torah and the Indian, meaning the Yahood and an Asana.

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So all people have the book. And why is it being said, Oh, people have the book? Why hasn't it been said earlier when the Sahaba

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because they are people of the book, they have the scripture there.

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And because you are an American, and this is something that you must do. You see this, you know this, that all people have the book, or the jet camera. So, Luna, our messenger has come to you. And because you are in New York, people have the knowledge, you have the book, you know that this messenger is indeed the Messenger of Allah, you recognize His signs, it is He, who you have been waiting for

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Khadija komatsuna our messenger has in fact come to you which messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this messenger, you may you know,

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he is making clear to you, what is he making clear to you, Kathy on a lot of much of mimma Quantum to phone me, Nikita of that which you were hiding of the book. So, a lot of what you are hiding of the book that you had this messenger of ours, what is he doing?

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He's making it clear to you he's exposing it to you. He's making it known to you, you Bay Hinako. Catherine, now the money is for you. Especially the scholars of the whodunit saga. They're the ones who had the book, who had access to the book, who knew the book, they understood the book. And the common people, they were kept away from the book, how that either it wasn't a language that was not understood by the people.

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Or it was just taboo that Oh, you cannot understand because you're not up there. It's only the scholars, it's only the leaders who know the book who understand the book.

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So, they had kept the book to themselves only. And the masses, the people there were deprived of the knowledge of the book. So they were hiding the book of Allah in this way. First of all, how, by not making it accessible to the people by not making it accessible to the people.

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Secondly, they were also hiding the work by the Hanif by alteration by altering the book of Allah. As we learned earlier, you had the phone and Kadima armillary.

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So, when a person distorts the meaning or the words of the book, what is he doing? He is hiding the actual words, the actual meaning, the actual command.

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So, first of all, by making the book inaccessible,

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secondly, by altering the book by the heat of the book, and thirdly, by not implementing the book, because many times they would not implement the commands, and then do cover up their sin, they would cover the book of Allah, they would hide the book of Allah so that nobody could question them as to why they are disobeying, why they're going against the commands of Allah. So, this messenger of Allah who has committed Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, what is he doing? He is throwing light upon much of what you had been hiding, he is explaining, he is making known much of what you were hiding. Now, what is this show that a lot of the commands that the people have the work had hidden the profits or

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loss and he exposed them? many stories, even many commands, or many realities that the very Israeli were told about in the book. They had concealed them. But the profits I don't know how to suddenly expose them. How do we expose them? How? Through the Quran, the Quran exposes much of what the Bani Israel were hiding.

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So, you buy in a local Catherine mimma content to phenomenal kita

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we are foreign cathedra and he also pardons from much meaning this messenger of Allah, He has also pardoned meaning he does not reveal he does not mention he does not show he does not expose much of what you conceal. Why? Because it's not relevant. It's not going to bring any benefit.

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So whatever the money is for you had concealed only

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That what was important for the people was exposed. And whatever was not important for the people, whatever was not relevant to the people it was not exposed.

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I give you think of it, that our in the NGO, they were not revised. We went the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave the entire the entire NGO. It was not fixed and the original thought and the NGO was not given Why? Because it wasn't relevant anymore. Only the points that were relevant to the people, they were exposed in the Quran. They are mentioned in the Quran. So our foreign key

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and if every single thing was exposed, that would only add to the humiliation of the Bani Israel.

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So yeah, foreign cathedra

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or the acumen Allah He neuron, certainly there has come to you from Allah alight, what is the opposite of darkness Luma when a person is in darkness, he doesn't know where to go, what to do. So the book of Allah had been hidden by the people, the commands of Allah had been hidden by the people. And when they were hidden, people didn't know what to do, where they're supposed to go, they were making mistakes. So are the general coming along he neuron light has come to you from Allah. Work estaba muy bien and clearbrook has come to you from Allah. What does the news refer to and what does the keytab have been referred to?

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It has been said that this news it refers to the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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and which light is it doesn't mean that he himself was light, that he had no shade, as some people claim. No. What does it mean? That he brought the light of guidance, the light of guidance, his teachings, his actions, all of them are what they're like light because they show us the way they tell us what to do, what not to do. It doesn't mean that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam himself was nude.

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Others have said this new refers to the guidance that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam brought, whether it is the Quran, or the sun, whether it is the sun or the sun. So not just the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but everything that the prophets are allowed us and abroad and taught whether it is in the form of Quran, or in the form of other teachings that he imparted.

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As we learned earlier, well Angela elago, moodlemoot Medina, until it's an asset we don't already that we have sent down upon you, neuron Medina, clear light, what does that refer to the

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so called the jail come in Allah He neuron wakita, boubyan, and a clear book, meaning the Quran?

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Why is the Koran called movie because it is clear in itself, and it also clarifies.

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So what do we learn from desire?

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First of all, we see that a lot of penalty addresses the money is for you with the title. And then kita people have the book.

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And it seems as though they're being honored, they're being praised, because if anybody is called, is given a title or is addressed by some characteristic that he has, or especially knowledge, then it is as though he's being praised. However, this is not a confident this is not honor for them, but rather, over here, a loss of generality is establishing an argument against them, that Yehuda Massara, you have the book, you are knowledgeable people, and because you are knowledgeable ones, this is something that you must do what

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believe in this messenger who has come to you.

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Like for instance, instead of the dakara, we learned earlier, letter kuno a weather Catherine B. Why? Because they were the people of the book, they had knowledge of the book. So why are they being called yet I learned kita because they're knowledgeable people. And it's because of this knowledge that they have, that they must accept the prophets or Melissa who has come to them.

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Now how can we relate this to ourselves? That we think that just because we're Muslim, now we can pick and choose the commands that Allah has given us. I can choose whatever I want to do, I can choose whatever I don't want to do. No, this is not the correct behavior. what is expected of us? that whatever Allah has given us, because we are Muslim, we say that we believe which is why Allah says yeah, you are letting me know if you really believers, then you must do this.

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Similarly, oh, people have the book, you have knowledge you must do this. So when we say we're believers, we are supposed to accept and follow all the commands that Allah has given us obiter, quote.

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Secondly, we learn from this ayah that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was sent as a Rasool to the Bani Israel as well, for the jackal. Rasulullah. Our messenger has come to you. Because many people say that all the people of the book, you know, they're just supposed to follow their Torah, or their Injeel their prophets and they're correct in that way. Because

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Look how Allah subhanaw taala praises them so many times the Quran Al Khattab lol kita, what does it show? That the book that they have? They're supposed to follow that only? No, they're not supposed to follow that anymore. They're supposed to follow the prophets of Allah and seven. So this concept that some Muslims have today that the Jews are okay the Christians are okay. Why? Because they're also People of the Book. This is incorrect, it goes against the teachings of the Quran. Because the prophets are allowed a certain was sent to them as well.

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We also learned from this ayah that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was mobian meaning he clarified, he clarified what

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whatever people needed to know,

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whatever people needed to know, if there was something that the scholars of the Jews had been hiding, and if it was something that was important for people to know, the Prophet sallallaahu, Selim explained that he mentioned that he exposed that.

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And the purpose of sending the profits out of our system is also to clarify to people and make known to them much of the knowledge of reality that had been concealed from them.

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We also learned from this ayah that they advocated, they are a little kid man, millionaires.

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They concealed knowledge, they concealed knowledge, and we have to check ourselves that are we hiding? any part of the fun? Are we hiding any part of the Quran?

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First of all, we see that have we tried to understood the code?

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And once we have understood, are we telling other people about it?

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If we're not telling other people through our words, are we at least telling them through our actions? Because if we learn something from the Quran, and if we still don't implement it, what are we doing? What are we doing? We are hiding that part of the how, by not implementing the Quran. So, when Allah Subhana, Allah has given the commands and if people don't accept if people don't follow, what are they doing? hiding the commands? So the people of the book are being reprimanded over here for having concealed the command of the Torah and the NGO, we have protect ourselves, that what is our behavior towards the book of Allah towards the commands of Allah.

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We also learn from this ayah that Allah subhanaw taala sent the Prophet sallallahu Sallam with guidance, and with the dire with how to not just the Muslims, and not just the Bani Israel, but to all people. Because you by Unicom, Kathy Iran.

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And as a result of that, who was finding out about the reality, not just the Bani Israel, but also other people.

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We also learn from this either if someone's mistakes have to be mentioned, in order to correct them. It's not necessary that each and every single mistake be mentioned. If somebody's mistakes have to be mentioned, in order to correct them is not necessary that you mentioned each and every single error. Why? Because if you do that, what are you doing? You're insulting them.

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If by mentioning one or two major mistakes, you make them understand that what they have done was wrong. Enough. Don't go on exposing and highlighting every little problem. You understand? Because if you do that, then yes, you made the point by you know, pointing out the mistake. But then you are insulting them, you're humiliating them, you're disgracing them. The only purpose of mentioning someone's mistakes is what to make them realize the wrongs that they're doing. And if that purpose can be achieved by mentioning two or three things, that is sufficient, don't go on highlighting each and every single eye. Because the profits are the loudest and we see over here that he exposed much

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of what they conceal. Why are foreign coffee any also ignored left out much as well.

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We also learned that what the profits are allowed to sell abroad was nude. Whatever the profits are allowed to send abroad. It was like meaning the commands in the Quran are like they're a means of guidance for people. The book that Allah has given it enlightened people, it aligns their thinking their mind, their heart, their intellect. But what do we think that those people who study the Quran they become backwards, but the reality is that someone who studies the Quran he becomes enlightened, provided that he accepts that guidance. And the word new has not just been used for the Quran, but it has been used for other scriptures as well.

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Like for instance, in Central America 44 in that Angelica ratafia, who then went to the Torah it had Buddha when

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similarly about Injeel total, neither I have 46 for it now who in Gila Fie, who then went to Injeel also had who there when and the Quran also in total and am I in 92, what Hideki Tavern and Allahumma Baraka Masada Kala de beignet.

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He and in total are off by 157. What about Nura? ledi on the demo? They follow the news that has been sent with him. So whatever the profits are of all the sudden brought, it was

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that some people say from this either look Khadija accom minna la hora and this note refers to profits or losses and he was light. And they say that literally he was made of light, he had no shadow. And they caught this Heidi's which is absolutely weak, that the prophets are allowed a certain set of the first thing that Allah created was his light. The first thing that Allah created was the light of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. This narration is completely weak, its weak and its chain of narration as well as in its content because what was the first thing that Allah created the pen. So it goes against the other teachings of the Quran.

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Yet he level by which Allah guides, meaning through this Quran, we have Nikita through this kita kita mo been a loss of panatela Guide to money tuber adult learner who? The one who pursues his approval, the person who pursues the pleasure of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala guides him through what? through what? Through the Quran? Where does he guide him to, to what does he guide him to see Buddha said on the ways of peace.

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So a person whose goal is to get the approval of Allah, Allah who will guide him through this Quran and He will guide him to what the ways of peace?

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What are these ways of peace supersalon

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so what is the Florida of Seville and sabinas way, or a path that is easy to walk on? Because it's very spacious. It's a common road. And Assam as you know means peace. It also means submission, safety, security. So similar Salam has been understood as the ways that lead a person to be peace in this world, and security in the

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peace in this world, and security and safety in the

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that a person has saved from the Hellfire reserve, they have an inner and he is admitted into darussalam home of peace.

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So what are these ways that lead a person to peace and this life and safety and security and eternal peace in the middle? What are these ways?

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these ways the symbol, it refers to a candle Islam, the shadow air, the laws, the commands of Islam, the commands of Islam?

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Because a person who becomes a Muslim, he submits accepts Islam. So what is he going to do? He's going to follow, he's going to observe the Pillars of Islam. And through those ways, he is going to attain safety and security from the hellfire.

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Which is why we see that if a person if he claims to be Muslim, but he doesn't praise Allah, or he doesn't give this a cat, or he doesn't know how to win he can afford to is is Islam acceptable? It's not acceptable, is it going to lead him to gender? No, he has to observe all of the kind of Islam.

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So what are the similar scenario, the ways the laws of the *tier the laws that Allah subhanaw taala has given the commands that Allah has given

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because these commands when a person observes them, then he will be at peace in this world and he will be insecurity in the

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so over here, Allah says that yet even though Allah guides through this Quran

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now what does it mean by that? Allah guides through this Quran to the ways of peace, do the laws of the *tier.

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Now, you know that he dies of two types, first of all, he die off it shut. When a person does not know what to do, can he follow the commands of him? No,

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he cannot.

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So first of all, it refers to he diet is shared that through this Quran, Allah tells you about what it is that's going to lead you to peace in this world and security in the US.

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That these commands that Allah has given us, they're not purposeless, they are to meet a particular objective. And what does that objective

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peace in this dunya safety in the alpha? So Allah tells us about these commands through what through the

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secondly, this Hidayat refers to he Daya. Don't feel

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he died.

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that through this correct meaning when a person believes, when a person accepts this or

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when a person follows his Quran, then Allah gives him the trophy to implement these commands as well. Then Allah gives him the trophy to implement these commands as well. When a person accepts open heartedly, because if a person does not accept when he added Sophia, you will not have the trophy.

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So you have the bigger level. And remember, every person is not given their email. Every person is not given the field to the perfect employee implement what is in the Quran, who is given a trophy, the one who wants the pleasure of Allah, which is why we see that sometimes there are people who are so far away from the Quran. But they have this desire in their heart that they want to please Allah somehow or the other they have this love for Allah. And Allah brings them from so far away to the Quran, that they don't just know the Puranas but they also have a little feat to implement.

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There are people who have never heard of the Quran. Never at all. They don't even know who prophets are about its enemies. But how Allah subhanaw taala guides them throughout their life and eventually they see the truth. Eventually they see the Quran eventually they know about the Quran. What's the reason when it whenever they want to get the pleasure of Allah? Because Allah guides whoever he wants, but we think that, you know, how common is that some people are guided and some people are not guided. What's the reason? What's the cause? It's the Manitowoc one, the one who pursues the pleasure of Allah. Such a person is guided

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when you hit your home, and he takes them out, Manos Luda, Mati in a note, from darkness to light, be his knee by his permission. Notice there are many darknesses like for example, the darkness of ignorance, the darkness of unbelief, the darkness of committing different various sense ship, Cofer, VEDA, innovation, lafleur, laziness. All of these are what darknesses heedlessness following desires? Because when a person is in these darknesses he cannot do what he's supposed to do. He's always harming himself. For example, laziness castle is a woman it's a darkness. How is the darkness that a person is so blinded by his laziness that he cannot do what he's supposed to do? So a lot of

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times it lifts up this woman from who, from the one who really wants to please Allah subhanaw taala.

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And he guides them to what if a newbie is nearby his permission Web DM and he guides them in our Serato Mr. Payne to a way that illustrate

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what we learned from this if First of all, we learned that he Daya is only in the hands of Allah. Because Allah says yeah, db he Allah guides. So what does it show that guidance is only in the hands of Allah? Therefore, if we want guidance, Who should we ask? And also Pendleton

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in Nevada law he who Elwood in Nicoletta De

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La Jolla, de Masha Allah guide, whomsoever He wills.

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Secondly, we learn from this idea that every person, every single person, no matter who he or she is, where he or she is, if he pursues the pleasure of Allah, if that is his goal, that he wants to please Allah, then Allah who would certainly guide him to his religion, he will certainly guide him to the

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and a person whose aim is something else, his own fame or the approval of others, the pleasure of a saint, the pleasure of a scholar or something like that, then he can claim all he wants that he is pursuing the pleasure of Allah, but in reality is not therefore, if such a person would not be guided, who is going to be guided, the person who wants to please Allah,

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then no matter where he or she is, he will be guided, no matter where he or she is, look at the example of salmonella faricy. How he went from one person to the other to the other, but a lot let him Why, because he was pursuing the pleasure of Allah. Similarly, there are so many people whom you must have come across. Maybe you feel that with yourself as well, that you are so far away but how Allah subhanaw taala chose you how he selected you how he brought you to the Quran, because you just had this wish in your heart that you want to please Allah somehow or the other. So a person who wishes to please Allah and Allah will certainly guide him.

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We also learn from this either a person who will talk to the book of Allah, then he will be guided to the ways of peace. And Allah subhanaw taala guarantees this over here yet the big Allahu Monica grotto

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It's through what the ITV through the Quran. Remember that Harrison would debate the narrative that the prophets autolysin himself rejoice. For verily, this Koran, one part of it is in the hands of Allah and the other part is in your hands. Therefore hold on to it for you will never be destroyed, nor will you ever go straight after it. If you hold on to the book of Allah,

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we also learn from the side that a person who follows the commands of Allah, He will be saved, he will be at peace, he will receive peace, he will be secure. Because what has been said over here, similar salame, the ways of peace, what are the ways of peace? What are they, the ways that lead to peace? What are they, they are can understand the Pillars of Islam, the commands that are lost parent Allah has given. So a person who follows the commands of Allah, He will be saved as lemma. He submitted in this dunya and in the era salema, he will be at peace.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us and sort of Tunis Ayah 25. Will La Jolla do either there is a law called he invites to the home of peace. So if a person says I choose not to follow this command of Allah, what is he refusing?

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What is he refusing? safety, peace? He says, No, I don't want this peace. I don't want the safety. I want to expose myself to punishment. I want to expose myself to danger. I choose to do that.

00:26:26--> 00:26:41

Every time we say that, yes, I know the command of a law but I'm not going to follow it. What are we doing? We're choosing disaster for ourselves. Because a person who follows the commands of Allah, He will be saved he will be at peace.

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We also learn from this ayah that there are many ways that lead to gender.

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Why? Because it has been said sooner sooner. Doesn't mean that there is a path of Islam that leads to them then there's a path of Christianity or there's a path of Buddhism or there's a path of atheism that leads to paradise. No, it's simple SLM, there are ways of Salah meaning there are ways of the deen those that have some basis in the Quran because how does he I began yesterday Bihi through this Quran. So if something is based upon the Quran, meaning it's derived from the Quran, its foundations are there in the Quran, then it is a way of peace, then it isn't the civil s&m, then it is a way that will lead a person to gender, not a way that a person has invented himself.

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So this shows to us that there are many, many deeds many actions that lead a person to gender.

00:27:39--> 00:27:41

You see, there are five pillars of Islam

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and others have said that the similar scenario refers to the gates of gender, there it gates have done eight doors of paradise.

00:27:52--> 00:27:58

Now, every single person cannot excel in every single good deed,

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isn't it?

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Every person cannot excel in every good deed. One person has more intellectual capability, another person has more physical power, one person, he has more self control, he is able to fast more, there is another person who is able to press Hello more, there is another person who is able to learn and teach more. Every person has a special quality ability that Allah has given him. And one person cannot become a master of all fields. So whatever way that a person adopts, it doesn't mean that he adopts only one and he ignores everything else. No, he does whatever he is required to do. But there is one way in which a person excels and the way in which he excels. That is the door from which you

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will enter.

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Like, for example, the person who fasts a lot. How will they enter the net? Where will he enter the number from Babel, Raja Yan,

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and it will work out of the language he will be called from every door.

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Why? Because he excelled in all good deeds.

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Which is why we see that sometimes in the prophets, Allison would ask this hardware in the morning that who did this out of budget overkill. I've done this already who did this I've done this already before he came to budget, he has gone to visit the sick, he has done so many good deeds already. So because of that, he will enter into agenda.

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So basically, we see that there are many good deeds, many ways that lead a presentation.

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Yes, we are supposed to perform whatever we are obligated to do. But at the same time, we have to see what we are good at. And through that ability that Allah has given us. We must try to pursue his pleasure.

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That if Allah has given me the intellect, I'm using the internet only to learn about the trees of this world. Or only about the computers of this world, the machines of this world. That's all that I will excel in. This got a worldly degree and that's it.

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If Allah has given me an intellect, I should use it to learn his Deen as well to spread his Deen as well. If Allah has given me the ability to talk to be an eloquent speaker, should I just speak to convince other people to listen to me? No, I should be using this ability to help other people understand the Quran to help other people understand the deen of Allah.

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So any ability that you have been given, what should you do? Try to use that ability use that capability to pursue the pleasure of Allah spent.

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We also learn from this either a person who pleases Allah, meaning who pursues the pleasure of Allah, He will be guided, do these ways that lead to paradise through the Quran,

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that he will learn about what to do, and he will be given that though feel free to do that good deed as well.

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So, basically, we see that a person who wants to please Allah subhanaw taala, then he will be shown the way, then he will be sure as to what to do, he will be taught as to what to do, and he will be given a trophy to do that as well.

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Because there are many people who learn the Quran, but they don't get the trophy to implement it.

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Many people learn the Quran, but they don't get a trophy to implement it. Why? What's the problem, there is a problem with the intention, the goal, it's not a divided winner, who it's something else. And a person who truly wishes to get the approval of Allah, then he will get the trophy to implement.

00:31:48--> 00:32:02

Similarly, there are many people who are in the midst of Allah, but Allah subhanaw taala, guides them, and he does not guide other people who are around them. Why? Because they want to get the approval of Allah and other people around them do not wish to get the approval of Allah.

00:32:03--> 00:32:04

So what is the key

00:32:05--> 00:32:20

that a person strives, His goal is to get the approval of Allah. When he said this as his goal, then he will be taught as to what to do. And he will be given the trophy, to do something as

00:32:22--> 00:32:40

you know, sometimes we wonder, I don't know what to do, I don't know how to do. If you really want to get the pleasure of Allah, then Allah will show you a lot will teach you, Allah will teach you Allah will show you. But the real thing is the key is that you have to have the desire to please Allah.

00:32:42--> 00:33:11

It devour when you're following someone closely. Like for example, if there is a car in front of you, and you're supposed to follow them to a particular destination, what are you going to do? Are you going to follow your own ways? know, if they're going to turn right, you're going to leave your lane and you're going to go into the lane in which they're in. If they're turned right, you're going to turn right, if they go left, you're going to go left as well, you're going to leave what you are upon in order to follow them.

00:33:12--> 00:33:29

So similarly, when a person wishes to attain the pleasure of Allah, then he has to leave what he is upon. And only then you will be guided if you don't leave what you're on, will you know what to do? Will you be able to do what you're supposed to do? No, you're supposed to leave what you're doing.

00:33:31--> 00:33:39

So basically, we see that a person he gets that they'll feel when his goal is the pleasure of Allah.

00:33:40--> 00:33:43

He gets the vehicle when his goal is the pleasure of Allah.

00:33:44--> 00:33:49

Because we see in all of these is that we have learned so far. What's the main emphasis?

00:33:50--> 00:34:04

Follow the commands of Allah? Follow the commands of Allah, don't take them lightly. take them seriously. What's the key? When will a person be able to learn about them and implement them? When his goal is that if one of them.

00:34:06--> 00:34:40

But sometimes you say that, you know, I don't see any logic. I don't see any reasoning. It's possible that the person when you're following, you don't see why they're going right. But it's possible that they're weaving through traffic to go faster. You know, we're supposed to go left and they're turning onto the right lane. You don't see any logic in that. But in the long term, there is benefit in it. So if you said no, no, I'm not going to follow them. What's going to happen, you're going to lose them. You're going to lose them. You have to follow that one of Allah, accept whatever comes your way, even if you don't fully comprehend it. And you will see the benefits very soon.

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

We see that in the previous either I look at that were mentioned who conceal the will committed inaccessible to the people. And it's a huge blessing of a lot that this cold iron is accessible to us. So if despite the fact that the Quran is accessible to us still we don't benefit from it then who isn't lost. We are lost.