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An-Nisa 163-176 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 168-170


AI: Summary © The discussion on Islam's stance on never forgive anyone and never guide them to success centers on the difficulty of lighting a fire and the truth that the Prophet has brought to the topic. The speakers stress the importance of following the Quran and Sun statement, including the power of the creator to create and protect the world. The recitation is given and guidance is given on reading the instructions and using the book of Allah.
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In the Latina cafaro in the doors, people who disbelieved was one Mo, and they also commit injustice. What's the role? What's this injustice that they're committing?

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That first of all, they persist in their comfort in their disbelief. And because of that, they commit many, many things, until they die. Because zoom is injustice, and a person is unjust towards himself, how when he commits sense,

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so a lot more meaning by committing sense.

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Secondly, the set that will let them move meaning they were unjust towards who towards the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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what is the heart of a messenger of Allah? What is his right, that he should be believed in? That he should be followed? He should be obeyed.

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Allah did not send any messenger Illa Leo para, except that he must be obeyed, because that is the heart of the messenger. So if a messenger is being rejected by people, if he is not being obeyed, isn't that injustice? Isn't that injustice? Of course it is.

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Now, again, we say that, oh, that person who just doesn't want to believe himself, how is he doing and justice towards the other? He is committing injustice to the other because he's not giving the other his help. He's not giving to the profits or losses from his help.

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So we'll learn more, and they committed injustice. What about these people? Allah says lemmya Cannella, who Allah is not going to leave ferula home that he forgives them, meaning if they die in the state, Allah is never going to forgive these people

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when they leave their home, nor is he going to guide them to what Berea can do away.

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So first of all, he's never going to forgive them. And secondly, he's never going to guide them.

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The word pareek is from the root fetters thought are all off. It is a little veterus ba cough.

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an orthotic is used for a bat.

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But remember that it's used for any kind of a bat, any type of a bat, any type of a road. It could be tangible, it could be intangible. But it's a way that leads you from point A to point B from where you stand to your destination. But it could be any kind of a way, whether very spacious or narrow, busy or empty anyway.

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But the main thing is that this study is it leads you from where you stand to your destination.

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So Allah is not going to guide them to a way meaning a way to success, a way to salvation. He's not going to guide them

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in Africa, jahannam except the way to Hellfire, meaning the only way that he's going to lead them on is the way that is going to lead them to jahannam to hellfire. So you understand that those people who do go and they use will and they die in that state. Allah is never going to forgive them.

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Why? Because they died in the state of Cofer, and they never recover from it.

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And secondly is not going to guide them to any good way to any way of salvation in the answer.

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And the only way that he's going to lead them is the way that is going to lead them to Jannah.

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And in Hellfire hyena fear, once they will enter they will abide there and eternally abandoned forever. What kind of Aligarh de la jolla Ceylon and that is very easy upon Allah. What is very easy for Allah to lead such people only to Hellfire and nowhere else, no way of goodness. This is something very easy for a loss apprentice.

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Especially over here a lottery hi Johanna, that Hellfire the fire inside it and hello than hell for eternity now fire. This is something very easy for almost a predator.

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There's a hadith that tells us the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the Hellfire has 69 parts. The Hellfire has 69 parts more than the ordinary worldly fire.

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So just imagine if the fire adonia is one part. The Hellfire is 69 parts more.

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I mean, it's 69 times more in its intensity 69 times more. And each part is as hard as this worldly fire. So basically it is 69 times more.

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This is the intensity of the fire of hell.

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Now, for us to light a fire and to make

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burn forever, is something very difficult,

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isn't it?

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Is something very, very difficult.

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But for Allah subhanaw taala, to light a fire like that of hell, and to make people stay there for eternity, but Canada, the kind of love You see,

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it's not something difficult for Allah.

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igniting such a fire keeping it alive, making them stay over there forever. This is something very easy for Allah. It's not difficult. What does this show? This is a threat.

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This is a threat.

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Because many times when we are told about the consequences of our wrong actions, what do we think? What doesn't matter? Everything will be okay.

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I'll say this. I'll say that I'll take myself with this excuse. I'll go behind that person. Many times when we are told about the consequences, we say it's okay. No big deal.

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But when Allah subhanaw taala says over here, what Canada Anika de la jolla sila meeting to get you to hold you accountable to punish you. This is something very easy for Allah, he doesn't have to send search teams to go and find you to go and catch you and to keep you in the hellfire. It's something very simple, very easy for Allah

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to never for a moment think that you can escape his punishment.

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So what is this ayah teaches both of these is

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the importance of a man

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that if a person does not have a man, despite knowledge, then such a person is doomed. Such a person is inviting the punishment of a loss upon himself.

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lurking in

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marry the

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Mona Lisa.

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Mankind, all people are being addressed, which includes the people of Mecca, as well as the Bani Israel as well as all the people until the end of time.

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Yeah, are you harness or people every single human being or the Giacomo rasuluh? Certainly, there has come to you the messenger, which messenger

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the Messenger of Allah the final messenger Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and what has he brought to you will help he has brought to you the truth. And what is that truth, the Quran, the deen of Allah, and this truth that he has brought, or this messenger who has come to you, he's not a messenger who's only claiming to be a messenger

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or the truth that he is presenting to you is not fabricated but rather it is made up become from your Lord. The message is from your Lord. The truth is from your Lord. And the soul is also from your Lord

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for Amina, so believe. Why? Because hironaka this is much better for you. believe in him believe in what he has brought because it is better for you. How is it better for you? How is believing in the Quran? believing in the profits out of our insulin better for a person?

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Okay, it leads the person to the right path. How well is it good for a person believing in the Quran and believing in the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is it beneficial?

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Because then a person will be living according to the Quran and Sunnah.

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Following the messenger following the Quran is definitely beneficial for you. Why? Because this messenger and This question is from Allah and who is Allah, the One who knows you, the one who created you.

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So if he is telling you about something, it has to be best for you. It has to be good for you.

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And a person sees the benefits of following the Quran and Sunnah in this dunya even in this world even

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like for example in this surah we have learned about the rights of women, the rights of orphans about inherent

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About how the family system is that it's not that everybody says whatever they want to, but rather there is one leader and everybody follows him, there is one in charge who is responsible, who is going to take care of the family.

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Now, these are all rules that are given to us by who by Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is the one who has created the human beings and he knows what qualities a woman has and what qualities A man has. And based on that, because he is Hakeem and he is alim, based on that He has given us rules, he has given us laws that work best for us that are beneficial for us, Indonesia, and inshallah also India Hello.

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So for me, no hate on luck. I believe it is better for you. And it is better than what you have been on. It is better than what you have been on up until now. Whatever you were doing, compare that to what you have been given now obviously what is better, the guardians of Allah highroller

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were intact furu. And if you disbelieve, you say no, I don't need to believe in the Quran. I don't need to believe in Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, I'm comfortable with my religion. I'm okay. In duck foo, if you deny, for in Melilla humor for summer where it went off,

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then to a low belongs everything in the heavens, and everything in the earth.

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For in a delay Memphis and it one or two belongs all that isn't the heavens and the earth. Meaning Allah is honey, Allah is free of need of your worship and your fate. He doesn't need you to believe. If you believe you benefit yourself. And if you disbelieve, you're not going to harm of Law at all, you're only going to harm yourself.

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What kind of law who are the men hekima and Allah is Knowing and he's also wise. So what do we learn that when a person believes when a person does something good, when a person obeys Allah, when a person obeys the messenger, when a person follows the Quran, then in fact he is benefiting himself. He is benefiting himself. And when a person disbeliefs then he is not harming Allah.

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We don't insult you by him. I number eight, will call a Moosa, intact foru untung woman fill out the domian for innama, Hana, Venetian honey.

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And busara Sam said, If you should disbelieve you and whoever is on the earth, entirely, the Bani Israel, the people of Iran, not just that, but all the people on the surface of the earth entirely. If that is believed, indeed, a law is free of need, and he's praiseworthy, he doesn't need your worship. If you believe you're only benefiting yourself.

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We'll listen to the recitation and then we'll share the reflections.

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Yes, yeah.

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Somebody gave a very good suggestion. This is 170. That, yeah, you can ask for the jet.

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Become, for me, no highroller calm for intact fufa enter the laggy method, somehow it will work and Allahu our demon hakima it's a very good idea to invite people to do their work to them. So you can write it, you know, on your Facebook or on your Twitter or whatever. Just so that people you know, when they read it, all of a sudden it strikes you because all people are mankind, every single person is being addressed, not just, you know, particular group, but everybody. And it's being said that believe it's good for you, it's going to be good for you. And if you don't believe Allah doesn't need you. So it's a very good way of doing that.

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And sometimes we think that the actions that we're doing, it's not going to have any effect on other people, but rather every single thing that we do, it affects people and which is why a person who starts something good and other people who follow Him He will get the reward is well, and somebody who starts something bad, something negative, other people who follow Him, their sin will also go to him.

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What else?

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again, it goes back to a rasuna filter in the importance of having earned because in an russophile is what saves a person and what protects the person's email. Because over here, longer island where either leave the home vertical, what happens is that if a person gets lost if he knows alternate

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Ways Can he find a way back to his destination? He can.

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But if he doesn't know, then he's completely lost.

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And if he has no connection, either no connection either by for example, if you have a phone with you, and you get lost you call your friend, can you please check where I am? Tell me where to go. You can still find your way back. But if you have no connection, no cell phone, nothing like that and you have no idea about other alternate routes, you're going to be completely lost. So what is needed again, in and also a quick connection with a loss of panel data and how will that be to the book of Allah? Watson will be habit ilahi gymea.

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Listen to the recitation of all of these is from the beginning

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as well.

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una de

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la gente

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de de una de

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la Canada

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Ma Ma de man hakima