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Al-Imran 45-63 Translation


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The group discusses various topics including news, movies, and events, including a quiz, comb, and a recitation of verses. They also mention a woman named Yumi and a woman named Yumi. The comb concludes with a recitation of verses and a mention of a hockey team.

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name of art for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem er beshara Halle surgery where silly Emery Washington rock bottom with recently have coho coli or bananas even or in

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less than 244. So earlier on our number 45 to 63.

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when pilot she said it said Pamela equal to the angels. Yeah. Oh, Marian Marian in indeed. Allahu Allah ueber shiraki he gives you good news became a thin with a word, men who from him is smuggle his name MMSE who then the C. Risa Risa IGNOU son, Mariana of Miriam YG him on honorable fee in a premier the world well as euro and the hereafter

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well and men from a material be those who are brand new.

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Well and you can do He will speak and NASA to the people see in

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the cradle well and

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in manhood in maturity. Well and men film assembly he hain those who are righteous

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garlotte she said Robbie, Mrs. Mr. Howe, Yoku. He will be

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me for me. When Odin, a sun woman, while did not learn sesame, he touches me by sharing a man.

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He said, Gabriel Dickey, likewise a man who Allah Yes, local, he creates more whatever you share, he will either win over he decreed. And when a matter for innama then indeed now but you're claiming he says no, who for it can be for corn. So it is

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well and your aluminum who He will teach him and cover the book will hikma and the wisdom

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and that era when in G and the NGO well, and also when a messenger email to Bernie children, Israel, either of Israel email me that indeed a type in fact, when I came to you ll be our thing with Assange named Sen. Rob become your web.

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Me that's indeed a s local. I'll create McComb for ul

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men. So, actually, the clay can help at like foam figure of temporary of the bird for enforcing then I will boo Fie it for Kony. So it will become

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a bird the is me with permission

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of Allah.

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And ebru I hear

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the band blind, wherever a sir and the leper

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will end or he I will bring to life. A motor. The dead ones be his knee with permission. Allah He of Allah. Wa and owner Bo calm. I inform you for I will inform you Bhima with what the cooloola you will eat warmer and what that the hereunder you will store up fee in blue tickle your homes in indeed fee in the liquor that the iron surely assign

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locker room for you all in a control you were meaning one to believe. Well and massage the second one confirming Lima for what bainer is between yeah the year my two hands been a year before me. mean from a Torah the Torah. What and Leo handler so I make lawful law come for you all barraba some lady which Halima? It was forbidden. Are they come alaikum upon you? Well, and good to come. I came to you, the i a team with a sign

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men from from become your factor who saw you all fear? Allahu Allah, wa and Oakley Rooney. You all obey me. In Indeed, Allah, Allah. Robbie, Myra, WA and Rob bukem your firm for boo boo. So you all worship Him? Has this slid off on a path? booster theme one straight.

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fella. So when has he felt he sensed Risa recently Santa men home from them. Elko for the disbelief. Color. He said, Man Who? I'm sorry, are my helpers either towards Allah, Allah. Allah, He said our unit the Hawaii, the disciples national we are on Saru helpers Allah He of Allah Amana we believed Billa he with Allah was shed and you bear witness be under that with that indeed we Muslim moon want to submit

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for a banner. Our manner we have believed Bhima with what and Zelda you revealed you sent down well and it the burner we followed or Rasulullah the messenger factor burner. So you write us Mara with a share he between those who bear witness what and Maru they plotted. Were and makara he planned. Allahu Allah. Allahu and Allah, Hiroo best and marketing of those who plan

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it when Allah He said, Allahu Allah. Yeah. Or Risa be certainly Salah in me, indeed I motorworx FECA one who fully recalls you, one who fully takes you

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well, and profit aka one who raises you in a year to me, whoa, and moto heruka one who fully purifies you, men from and levena those who care for Rue de disbelieved wa and Jerry Lu, one who makes and Latina, those who are baroka they followed you from above, and Latina, those who care for who they respect disbelieved. Illa to Yomi D Anthea Mati the standing

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some then in a year to me, my dear comb your return for como so I will judge been a comb between your

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FEMA in whatever country you all were fee in it. The telephone, you all differ with each other.

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For ama so as for and levena those who care for who they disbelieved for our people home, so I shall punish them. Or they're been a punishment. shady then when severe fee in a dunya the world while our hero and the hereafter warmer and not the home for them. Men from nurseline any helpers or ones who help

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And as for and Medina those who knew they believed were ami Lu and they did asylee hertie the righteous for your fee him so he will fully pay them or Judah whom they rewards their wages or who and Allah they're not you have boo he loves a volley mean those who are unjust

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there Lika that net Lu we recite it are Laika upon you mean from la dee da versus what the key and the reminder or the message and also admonition

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and Hakeem the wise in indeed method example Isa have recently salon in the near Allahu Allah camera thoroughly like example the other or the salon Hanako who He created him men from Robin dust. So my then honor he said Lahu for him gone be fair Kunal. So he becomes

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an help to the truth. Men from Bob Baker yoga fella, so do not the grown up men from a moon 13 those who doubt for men, so whoever had jakka he argued with you fi in it, concerning it.

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Men from bardi after ma that jerrica it came to you men from lol me the knowledge for call, then you say that I know. You all come natural, we will call a banana our children, our sons, what a brunette, a comb, and your children, your sons. When he said Anna, and our women, when he said a comb, and your women, what and fusina and ourselves will enforce a comb and yourselves

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so much then never to heal. We humbly pray

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for Nigel. So we put we make learner to curse Allah He of Allah. Allah upon lkr the been the liars

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in indeed, Heather this Lucha surely it costs us the story, the account and help the real, the true. Warmer and not men from inner him any god in the except Allahu Allah. We're in and Indeed, Allah, Allah, La Hawa, surely he and Aziz the always Almighty al Hakim, the always always

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for him. So if the one low, they turned away, for in, then Indeed, Allah, Allah, are the one always following bill maher sitting with those who do mischief.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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In quantity.

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cb Kelly met him in who's Muna See?

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de Vaca Hello

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Paula turabian uno de

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la Mian says neither shall on.

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Matter What

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Being home. Annie. Hello Paula. Me no play Nika Hey, it

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was una

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una una

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de Lima a Amina

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all How are you?

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All along La Jolla arisa

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camino de

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niro kameena la de la casa

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in a job

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saw the hands he

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bought me that he cannot lose

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thank you

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the law

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help Bob

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in Allahu Allahu Allah xizhou hockey team

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d mu CD