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The United States is facing struggles and the use of martial arts has impacted people's lives. The woman ofialm is a slave worker of Allah who gives up everything for her, creating a sense of fear and dread. The community's modesty and prayers have impacted people, including black people, men, and women. The series will continue until the end of the year, and there will be a regular series on the 40 by 40 series. The series will focus on issues such as evil evil and evil of the jinn, the resentment of the coming war, and the need for everyone to be up to Lord Emma Tula the slave Guardians.

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Matter of Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam, ala Salle overlain by Arkadin. Nabina, Muhammad and while the alihi wa sahbihi wa barik wa sallam,

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my beloved brothers and sisters, to our viewers to our friends. I again begin with the greeting words of the righteous the salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah and eat Mubarak Colombo and to be fair, may Allah blessed all of the Muslims, their families, may Allah bless you, we'll accept your fasting, accept your sadaqa accept your striving, as we have gone through this auspicious month, come to a conclusion and now after finishing the EAD, we are in shaohua.

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This year

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1442 after the hijra 2021 is a very unique year and a strange year

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not only because of the lockdown that has changed the lifestyle of people throughout the world, but also the fact that have the striving and struggling against ourselves and holding ourselves abstaining and being in lockdown at the same time.

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And then the EAD comes in in the northern countries I know in North America, the day was a was a brilliant day, the sun was out.

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Plants are coming alive. It was very positive, it is an opening, you're coming out of the aid. And so there was a joy, a natural joy that comes on the day. And especially in the northern countries where we are the joy of the spring coming in. But that joy was coupled with sadness. It was coupled with a type of shock. Because of the events that went on, in muscle ups or in the land of Palestine.

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These events have shocked the world.

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These events have set us back to a certain extent,

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from the joy that we felt at the end of Ramadan

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to a reality of what is happening in our chaotic world.

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Allah subhanaw taala in his infinite mercy in the month of Ramadan, locks down the shell team. And so the evil Jin

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shell Tina Elgin, the evil of those creations made of a smokeless fire, that whisper in our ears and caused confusion throughout the spiritual world. in Ramadan, they are in chains, the spiritual heir is clear.

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But even though

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shell teen of jinn

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are locked down, share Tino it's the devil's of humanity are not locked down.

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And so we saw things starting to get worse in terms of the world stage. With the pandemic looming in the background and people having a false sense of security because of the spread of vaccines, something looming, and suddenly a burst happens with an evil, unprecedented attack this year. Right and martial arts are shooting, burning,

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blinding people

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right at the end of Ramadan. The Odd nights, people were praying and the forces of evil were shooting.

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And so this type of confusion spread throughout the world. Our eyes are bombarded with this we are praying to Allah subhanaw taala and then realizing what's happening on the earth. And so when the joy of EAD came to us, it was tempered with the reality of martial absorbed and the sacred lands of Palestine surrounding it. And so, we've come into show while now we've come out of Ramadan.

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And normally speaking for Abdullah, Emma to Allah, the slave servant of Allah coming into show while is like a door opening up

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the door of struggle

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and the room that was the month of Ramadan,

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the month of siyam of fasting, the month of M sac, the month of controlling your tongue and your eyes and your ears. That is the struggle that was going on and then the door that opens up for Abdullah. The struggle continues.

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Ramadan is not an end he day is

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is not a climax, and then we're suddenly in another world.

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But what happens is that the strengths that were gathered during the time of Ramadan, which in a sense is a type of divine tarbiyah. It's a divine training session, divine workshop, where we are being prepared to face our opponents.

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And imagine yourself training for a football team, you're training for soccer.

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And rigorous training is going on. And the training gets heightened and heightened and heightened. And then the doors of the stadium are opened up, you're on the playing field. And that's the World Cup.

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And you are facing the most powerful soccer teams. There all star team is waiting for you. Now the training kicks in.

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And naturally, even though there is a sense of fear, there is a sense of awe because of the huge sound of the crowds. And because of the challenge, the training kicks in. And the person naturally now is prepared to deal with the challenges that are in front of him or her. So for Abdullah and Emma tala, it is like a trained athlete coming into the greatest challenge of his life and functioning in a natural way to defeat the enemy. And so for Abdullah, prayer continuous, it does not end because Ramadan is over

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the five salaat and the Sunnah, and even the nighttime prayers,

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not the same as Ramadan, but it continues. That feeling that natural drive to want to get up is not based on if tar is not based on Sahaja.

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But it is based upon the taqwa because the consciousness of Allah was the prize that was the reward

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for the successful fast.

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And so Abdullah, the slave servant of Allah azza wa jal continues to pray, and continues to give. He gives of himself she gives up herself, naturally. And it's not only just money, not just physical material things, but we give spiritually do us are constantly going out.

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Our spiritual feeling our thoughts, our actions, our plans for the future, are based on the reality that our nation is facing based on the reality of hon maruf. When Narayan Mancha

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for the slave servants of Allah hyah modesty continues.

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In many countries, you suddenly see women covering up covering their heads. You see men growing their beards, wearing a coffee,

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wearing modest clothes, not swearing, not smoking,

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not being rowdy and negative and public.

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Ramadan tempered that, and a modesty came in and for some people, it was shocking to see that even colleagues who they had been working with all year. And they never thought that that person was a Muslim. It was just more on that side. And it was early on this side and Bill and Billy on the other side. Now in Ramadan, you realized that mo was actually Mohammed.

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And that Al was actually Holly.

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And that bill piece really was actually bill piece.

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And so the beautiful appearance of Islam came upon them. The modesty the prayers, the right action, that type of nor a type of angelic state came upon them during the month of Ramadan.

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But when show while came in,

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when Ramadan was over,

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the real struggle has begun.

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And so there's another character on the scene.

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And that character, we describe not as Abdullah bin Abdul Ramadan.

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Instead of being the slave of Allah, it is He is the slave of Ramadan because his Lord comes once a year for 29 to 30 days. That is the time when his he bada is heightened when his prayer is there as fast thing as there is modesty is

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There, and Abdu Ramadan

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once his struggle is over and once the Hillel has been cited for show while and Ramadan is over, then his Lord is gone and won't come back for another year. Abdullah is different. His Lord is how you can lay your mood.

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The slave of Allah is Lord, Allah subhanaw taala is alive and will never die.

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And it will continue on into the rest of the year.

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Abdul Ramadan is a character who lives in all of us. Because to a certain extent,

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the beauty of Ramadan that zeal in that month it is a special thing. And this is the reason why the companions of the Prophet so solemn would look for the month of Ramadan and feel sad when it is gone. Because that's when we're really a Muslim. That's when we're really ourself what we should be. Our prayer is real the way it should be.

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Our fasting is real, our sadaqa is real. Our awareness of Allah subhanaw taala is real during that month. But once the month goes, and it's not imposed on us to be fasting constantly, then the body does go into another state. The desires change, but this is where the servant of Allah continues, and the fasting continues right into the month of show while the province o Salam segmen sama, Ramadan Duma turbo centreman shawal kana Cassia da whoever fasted Ramadan and then follows it with six in show while is like he has fasted for an eternity

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and some of the great scholars looked at this because when you fast for Ramadan is 30 days, whether it's 29 to 30 you get the Baraka of 30 and Allah said that with your righteous deeds, you will get 10 times the blessing of it. So 10 times 30 is 310 times six is 60. The total is 360. So what is like you have fast fasted for an entire Luna year and if you did this constantly, it is like you have fasted for your whole life or for an eternity Kanika suyama dosh

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and so the fast thing continues, and it continues with Mondays and Thursdays. And the three white knights in the middle of the month. It continues throughout the year. For some even some doubt alayhis salaam, the fast of the Prophet David. We allow people pleased with you every other day fast one day break fast and continue for the whole year Oh.

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So of Abdullah it continues on his charity will continue his giving in the path of Allah will continue. His driving his modesty is control over his mouth, his control over his eyes, over his ears. It continues and show while it does not end. But for other characters.

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Show while is a different time period a day is like a door closing on Ramadan instead of opening

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to the rest of the year.

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And there's another character in our community that is Abdul IED that is the slave of a day. And in some countries a large gathering happens on eat, whether it's virtual or live a gathering comes, people are there on the eat day and they make this a lot and then they turn and they say

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I'll see you next year.

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Because Abdu he does not come back to the next year. Abdul Laila Takada, there is the slave of the night of power is the 27th night masjids used to be filled.

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People are out there.

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People are praying the whole night. And then when it goes, it's like Ramadan has ended.

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And that is not really the spirit that we are looking for. We are looking for the long term struggle for the struggle that will continue for all of our lives. Because outside and the world share tiene el Ince, the devil's of humanity, have intensified their work. And our brothers and sisters in China are still locked down the Uighur people

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Do I help them and open up on them?

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They're still in concentration camps, forced rape,

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forced abortion.

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Muslims locked down in Kashmir,

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Muslim suffering in a Central African Republic, children starving in Yemen, the famine is still on.

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The refugees pouring out of Muslim world into the Mediterranean.

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still continue.

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And so the shale team and it's the devil devils amongst humanity

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are still doing their work.

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And although we are in show while although Ramadan came,

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their work continues. But the difference now is that shale teen Elgin have returned, but you have to be

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and the evil of the jinn are back with a vengeance.

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And for those who drop the shields of Ramadan, the tap water were higher the protection of the decorilla

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protection of the fasting, those who drop it will face an onslaught that was worse even before the month.

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And so that is the reality that we are in.

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It is like joy coupled with sadness. But it should bring on a feeling of determination

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to be resilient, to resolve ourself to continue the struggle on during the year.

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And so, this special today

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is part of our 40 by 40 because this is our theme,

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but it is a special post Ramadan that we all try to be up to Lord Emma Tula the slave servants of Allah subhanaw taala. And to continue on and to recognize the struggle of our brothers and sisters and muscle ups are in Palestine is is a continuous one. It didn't just stop now go back to 1948 go back to even before that and you will see that that struggle did not just stop now. And it will not end in a short period of time. Study Allah matters sa study the signs of the last day's study about the coming of dudjom of the Antichrist study about the Mel Hamel Cobra the huge war that will come about study about the Maddy study about DDD, Maddie guided one will come to lead the Muslim world.

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But before the magic comes, the prophets or solomos told us that oppression will fill the land and the darkness of evil of vo will fill the land it is during that time that Allah will send somebody from the family of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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and he will fill the earth with righteousness and light

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even though it was filled with oppression and darkness, and that time is coming nearer and nearer, it is more intense and more intense. And so, it is a great challenge on us. And Alhamdulillah the reward is also a great reward. That is for those believers who hold on to the rope and do not forget their brothers and sisters who try in any way to change the situation. Whether it is with their hands, whether it's with their tongues to say something to write something to demonstrate to to put pressure on whether it is just withholding, spending their wealth or oppresses presses, buying their goods, whatever it is to try to resist evil in any form that we possibly can, but realize that part

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of the resistance is consciousness, we need to know who we are and where we are going. And so therefore the 40 by 40 series, inshallah will continue

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instead of being on Saturday, that was special for the month of Ramadan, because our evenings we had if Tao and Tara via he will now move to Wednesday evenings inshallah at 6pm

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and the first will be the Wednesday which is coming and that will be may 19th

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which is coming the upcoming Wednesday inshallah at 6pm. Eastern Standard Time. The 40 by 40 series will continue and we will couple this with a wisdom from

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days, a continuous series short forms of wisdom on the Fridays that will come about at 6pm. Also in the evening, and we hope inshallah to do some short programs for our brothers and sisters overseas, that will meet their time, as well. And so 40 by 40 continues to struggle continues. It is that consciousness that we have the right intentions to make the transformation inside of ourselves. Allah told us clearly in spirit, Arad was 11 in the law, hello, UK, you know, maybe Coleman had tell you, Hey, you know, maybe and forcing him, Allah will not change the condition of a people. So they change that which is in themself. And so we pray that Allah subhanaw taala would enable us to change

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ourselves will enable the Muslim world to change from within itself. Take out the tribalism, take out the greed take out the materialism.

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Take out the the disdain for women, the abuse of children, the abuse of the leaders of their people, take it out of our lives, out of our hearts, the jealousy, the pride,

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the catheter mhada this anger taken out of ourselves, made the intention that inshallah Allah would, would bring about the conditions where we can change this world that we are living in to bring about a world of justice, and peace, but there is no peace unless there is justice in the land.

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And so, with this special I leave you with these thoughts as we continue on and our struggle, and we want you to welcome your brothers and sisters and viewers to come on. Be part of the 40 by 40 Fl arbaeen cobla arbaeen memorize the 40 hadith of Islamic revival before you are 40 and if you are past 40 that enrich your life, your lives with the 40

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you'll also find out Allah accept our fasting and our prayers. May Allah subhanaw taala open up and lift the people of Palestine of Philistine we allow liberate muscle Aqsa, we allow help the Muslims in China and Kashmir and in East Africa and all the places where we are oppressed. Yeah, our hamara II mean, I leave you with these thoughts. And I asked a lot to have mercy on me and you were after the DA Juana and Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salaam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh