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An-Nisa 148-162 Translation 148-162


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Another one a Sunday allowed me to hit Kareem Am I bad for odo? Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi R Rahman r Rahim for beshara he is for the way Sibley MD. Washington, Dr. Millis any

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opinions even our email

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lesson number 66. suited to this area number 148 to 166. Just translation

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left not you have boo he loves Allahu Allah.

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Allah Jehovah the utterance be suey with the evil men from locally the speech in there except man who Lima, he was wronged or Canada, and he is ever Allahu Allah, semi, I'm always on hearing I leave when he was alone.

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In a table Do you are you all disclose higher than any good

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or to fool you can seal it all for therefore your pardon, and from Sue in evil. For in then Indeed, Allah, Allah, Ghana, he is ever a full one always on pardoning. pudiera. always able,

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in indeed. And Medina those who hear Karuna disbelief biLlahi in Allah wa rasuluh he and his messengers, were you the donor, and they wish they want, and that you finally go, they differentiate bainer between Allah He Allah word also the he and his messengers, or coluna and they say, not many, we believe the bobbin with some, we're not furu and we this relieve the burden with some where you need to know and they want and that you attack you they adopt bainer between their liquor that sebelah away.

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When I iica those home de la kaffee Runa the disbelievers help are in truth. What are threatener and we have prepared Lin caffee Nina for the disbelievers are there been a punishment mahina when humiliating

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when Latina and those who knew they believed the law he in Allah were also he and his messengers when um and not your family who they differentiate bainer between the hadn't anyone made home from them or their eco those sofa will soon you to Him He will give them or Judah whom the rewards their wages who can and he is ever Allahu Allah of a foreign or forgiving or Hema or resolve merciful

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yes i Luca he asks you look people are kitabi of the book and that tuna Zilla you review I lay him upon them kita when a book men from a summer eat the sky for code so in fact sir I do they asked Musa Musa in Santa Clara greater men than that because that for call do so they said arena you show us Allah Allah gelatin openly

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one so it sees them are sorry for the Thunderbolt below meet him because of their injustice. So much then it the hadoo they adopted originally the caf men from Barbie after ma that jet when it came to them are vague enough to declare proofs for a phoner then we pardoned I'm from the liquor that were thinner and we gave Musa Musa alayhis salaam to Thailand and authority Nabina one clear what a foreigner and we raised for home about them a total amount to be reserved for him because of their covenant with Allah and we said the home to them or the Hulu you will enter Alibaba the door Suja prostrating wahconah and reset the home to them. Let do not start Do you all exceed limits your

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In a SETI, the Sabbath was a Hubner, and we took men home from them misurkin a covenant of Elisa firmstrong

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fabula so because of nakota him there breaking Misa for whom their covenant were closely him and there disbelieving the a deal with verses of La he of Allah what partly him and they're killing an ambia the prophets variety without happen and you're right. We're calling him and they're saying toluna our hearts world phone are ones wrapped covered, but rather probar he stamped he seal, Allahu Allah, I may have upon it, because for him because of their disbelief. feathers are not up Luna they believe it. Except Polina, very few, or very little. Well, and because we him because of their disbelief, we're calling him and they're saying, either against Mariama Miriam and he has since then

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been turned on a slander a false accusation or Reema great. We're calling him and they're saying, a man indeed we patella we killed and mercy has the mercy Risa recently Salaam ebenen son Mariama of money Rasulullah messenger Allah He of Allah, former and not further ado, they killed him warmer and norm slider boo they crucified Him, when I can, but should be here it was made doubtful, he was made similar should be here, it was made doubtful, or he was made similar the home to them were in and indeed and levena those who is stellar for the deferred fee in it Luffy surely in shakin doubt, main rule concerning it, man, not the home for them be with it. Men from real men any knowledge in the

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except etbr following as one of the supposition warmer and not petaloo they killed him your Tina definitely or with conviction. Well rather prefer Who here is to Allahu Allah, ma towards him or Cana and he is ever Allahu Allah, Aziz and always Almighty hakima always our wives

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are in and not men from ugly people and kitabi of the book in there except now You mean and surely he will definitely believe that he with him Karbala before multi is that way Elma and on the LTM at the standing your corner he will be I lay him against them shahida a witness, fabulous woman then because of wrongdoing then because of injustice. Men from and Latina those who had to they became Jews have one now we made unlawful. I lay him upon them. For you bet him good things were handed it was made lawful law home for them will be set to him and because of their stopping. I'm from sabini way Allah He of Allah cathedra much

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will actually him and they're taking a Riba the interest

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and in fact, or why, in fact, knew who they were forbidden and who from it was actually him and they're consuming they're eating and Wallah wealth, properties and nursing have the people been battling with defaults with with the wrong What are threatener and we prepared them carefully enough for the disbelievers main home from them I've ever been a punishment ilima painful, lacking but a Vasa hoonah those who are firmly grounded fi in an l meet the knowledge men home from them, when mommy Luna and those who believe you may know though believe Bhima with whichever unzila it was revealed in a car to you or not. And what in zillah it was revealed men from carbonica before you

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one nothing You mean and those who perfectly establish a sweater the sweater when tuna and those who give us the Kappa does occur when not Mineola and those who believe they may be in Allah when the army and the day and actually the last owner Ecuador's send it to him soon. We will

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Give them a reward.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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to be too high on our

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Ui Ui

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de una de

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Yes hello

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arena Maharaja hora

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de magia de la luna

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meetup on

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la holy him in

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was he hakima

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clean I mean