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Juz’ 15: Al-Isra’ – Al-Kahf 1-74

Al-Kahf 1-44

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim In the Name of Allah, the entirety Merciful, the Especially Merciful and hamdulillah he Lavie unzila Allah or the de Kitab y la mujer en la hora de All praise is due to Allah who has sent down upon his servant the book and he has not made there in any deviation. This Surah Surah tolka have is a surah which is a source of light for the person who recites it correctly. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that he who recites sort of Toka have, as it was revealed come out on zealot, it will be for him alight from where he is all the way to Makkah. So the farther you are from Makkah, the better it is. If you're a site to look up properly, and

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whoever reads it's less than versus will be saved from the fitna of the jail when he emerges.

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In another Hadees, we learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, If anyone learns by heart, the first 10 verses of surah Toka have, he will be protected from the jail. In another Hadees, we learned that he who recites autograph on Friday, it will illuminate for him a light between two Fridays between two Fridays, so he who wants allows light

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in making decisions in his life to continue on the straight path, then he must observe this signal of reciting so little gaff every Friday. And whoever wants to be saved from the fitna of the jail and have a light for himself, then what is it that he needs to do? At least pay attention to the first 10 verses and the last 10 verses offsuit will have and once memorized, then recite them if the whole tool cannot be memorized, and for that, yes, there will be light from where a person is to Makkah, but at least for the 10 verses, the first and the last ones. What's the benefit protection from the fitna of the gel? So once we memorize them, let's keep reading them, because it's not about

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Okay, I've memorized a checkmark. It's about Yes, I've memorized it. Now I can read it. So I read it.

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Regularly read the parts of the Quran that you've memorized in your Salah and fudge, it is the best time because in the Quran refer to the kana mushu that it's witnessed anyway. So what is the surah? Allah says All praise is due to Allah, who has sent down upon his servant the book, praise and much gratitude for Allah while for sending this book. And this book, Allah has not placed there in any language, any deviation, meaning there is nothing in this book that is beyond comprehension that is illogical, or is removed from the truth or that it promotes oppression? Not at all. It's not like that at all. It is instead

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he has made its trade, meaning this book, it is correct. It is one that that sets right, it leads to that which is correct. And it also sets the affairs of people who observe it right,

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to warn of severe punishment from him and to give tidings to the believers who do righteous deeds, that they will have a good reward in which they will remain for ever. This good reward is endless for eternity and to warn those who say, Allah has taken a son. Allah does not have a son and those who say that a mother son should be warned by this court on they have no knowledge of it, nor had their fathers. They're saying this without any proof. Very serious. grave is the word that comes out of their mouths. They speak not

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Sept Li, declaring someone has a lost child is a great lie, then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them or profit is they do not believe in this message and out of sorrow. Look at the desire the yearning, the greed of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. As somebody ever said to you take it easy, you're gonna kill yourself. When do they say that? When we worry about maybe our children, or about getting married, or about something that's going to happen? So people tell us Take it easy, because those worries are taking over us. So what was the worry of the Prophet salallahu Salam? What was the worry of the Prophet salallahu salam, that these people do not believe

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in the message? They're not believing? And if they don't believe, then what will happen to them? If they don't believe in Allah? If they don't work for the agora, then what is going to happen to them? What will their end be this worry and concern, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had so much of this worry and concern that Allah is telling rasulillah Take it easy. Take it easy. You see when a person is in the way of Allah, then his pleasure becomes the pleasure of Allah, meaning you will only find pleasure in what pleases Allah. And he will be worried about that which makes Allah angry, which Allah does not approve off. And so the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was so worried about people who

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did not believe in Allah, that he would go about the marketplaces saying, Are you and as Allah Allah, Allah, Allah to flee who all people say there is no God, but Allah, your Creator. And if you say that you'll succeed, you'll be safe. And he was seen numerous times by people going about the marketplaces, calling people publicly. And behind him would be who his uncle saying, Our nephew is a liar. This man is a liar, ridiculing the prophets on Amazon and publicly embarrassing him. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not give up. This is the determination, the burning desire that he had. And look how Allah granted him success, that within 23 years, that whole area it changed,

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changed completely and not just that area. The whole world is affected by the message that the prophets have a lot of sunstroke to convey. Indeed, we have made that which is on the earth, adornment for it, that we make us them as to which of them is best indeed, all the beauties of this world. mountains, rivers, trees, flowers, everything Allah says this is Xena. This is just beautification on this earth. And what is the purpose of it? Lena Bella home. The purpose of this is the test of men. We are being tested through these beautiful things that Allah has placed on this earth, meaning this entire setup, right of this earth, right on all the cycles within and all the

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systems within and all the functions and everything within it. This entire setup is for what purpose? What's the purpose? We are being tested? We are being tested. You know, like when you go in an examination hall? All right, quiet pin drop silence. All right, everybody's sitting in a particular way. No books allowed no paper allowed nothing. Right? That entire setup is for what for you to write your exam on? In, right? And why is it made like that so that you can focus on writing your exam, no distractions, no cell phone even?

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What is the real examination hall, this world that we're living in, which is full of attractive, beautiful things?

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So what is the test about them? The test is that who does good while living in this world full of temptations? who chooses what this is what the test is about who gets lost in these temptations? And who realizes that these are just temporary temptations and I have something else to do?

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Who is it that gets lost in these things? And who is it that remembers Allah? And does right action. And indeed We will make that which is upon it into a barren ground. So no matter how much you admire it, no matter how much you are in love with it, anything on this world, remember, it's going to be finished.

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Huge buildings. Anything that man has made anything that's on this earth, whatever it may be big or small, it will be finished and the earth will become like a flat round piece of bread with no mountain. No straw, nothing whatsoever. While we're living over here, we need to remember the reality of today. What is today, an exam. Then we need to remember tomorrow. What is tomorrow. Hey, sab

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The day of judgment and then we need to remember the day after and what is that eternal abode? which depends on how we function today what we do today, what choices we make today. And Scimitar? Or do you think or have you thought that the companions of the cave and the inscription were among our signs of Wonder Now over here, the story of the people of the cave is mentioned. You think that's amazing? mentioned when the youths retreated to the cave? Why do they go to the cave to protect their faith? And they said, Our Lord grant is from yourself. Mercy. Hello benna Tina malankara Hama, ye wahi Atlanta I'm in a marina Rashida grant is from yourself mercy and prepare for us from our

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affair, right guidance, meaning correct our affairs for us and guide us to that which is best. These were youths, young men, a group of them, who left their home, who left their city, why, just to protect their faith, because the king of that time had instructed that any person who believes who renounced his ideology should be killed, people were being persecuted. So on the one hand, they didn't want to be persecuted. On the other hand, they didn't want to compromise on their faith. So what did they do? They left and they went, and they hid in a cave. compare ourselves with these youths, if Allah guided them? Can Allah guide us to? Kenny, for sure our situation is not worse than

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What was going on in their life? What were their priorities? What were their interests? What was their goal? And what are my goals? What is it that I am running to protect? I am trying to achieve?

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You see when a person reaches maturity, Beluga, then his deeds are recorded.

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And you will be rewarded or punished for those deeds. So just because we are young, and by young I mean teenagers or a little older than that doesn't mean that we have the license to sin. No, we are adults, and our deeds are being recorded. Look at these youths. What are they doing? They're running to preserve their faith. And now what happens other people are running to preserve our faith.

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They're begging us to preserve our faith. Youth is the prime of our lives. It's the time when we have to be most productive. It is a time when we learn when we do something because as a person ages and the responsibilities increased and what happens the mind slows down the body becomes weak, so many responsibilities. You cannot do what you want to do. Right now you have your freedom to do what you want. Therefore value each day and each night. Don't wait for when you will turn 20

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and don't wait for when you will turn 30 don't wait do it now. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah will give shade to seven on the day when there will be no shade. But his and of them will be a youth who was brought up in the worship of Allah, a youth a person who spent their youth in obedience to Allah soprano Donna who chose to obey Allah and a person who is young, who's young and yet he chooses to obey Allah that Allah is happy with him. In these we learn and this is an acyl setosa here that indeed your Lord is amazed at the youth in whom there is no sub Wha What is sublime it is male Illallah how it is basically inclination, you know, to have fun, right? To pursue sensual

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desires to fulfill them, you could say youthful fashion, right? This is what subway is. So the person who has such good control over themselves, that you know, at a time where they could be partying and sleeping and oversleeping they are making themselves read Hold on. Allah is amazed at such

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a like such people who choose to obey Him. Because you know exactly what temptations there are in this world, how many distractions there are. So for a person to be able to put on the hijab.

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That's amazing, you're alone. It's amazing near Allah, for a person to be able to get it for fudgier. That's amazing near Allah.

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So never think that your effort is not recognized. If the people around us don't recognize our struggles, who recognizes Allah Xhosa and we're doing it for him anyway. For the robinair any infill can be seen in our data. So Allah responded to their draw and save them how that we cast a cover of sleep over their ears within the cave for a number of years, then we awaken them that we might show which of the two factions was most precise in calculating what extent they had remained in time. It is we who relate to you or prophet their story in truth, indeed, they were you to believed in their Lord and we increase them in guidance, and we made firm their hearts when they stood up and said,

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Our Lord is the Lord.

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The heavens and the earth, never will we invoke besides him any deity, we would have certainly spoken then and excessive transgression. These our people have taken besides him deities, why do they not bring for worship of them a clear authority and who is more unjust than one who invents about Allah Li, the youth set to one another, and when you have withdrawn from them, and that which they worship other than Allah retreat to the cave, your Lord will spread out for you of His mercy, and will prepare for you from your affair facility, he will create ease, he will show you the way you take a step in the way of Allah, and had you been present, you would see the sun when it rose

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inclining away from their cave on the right. Meaning these people when they were sleeping in their cave, if you happen to pass by, you would see that they were completely undisturbed by the light of the sun. So they comfortably slept, look at how it was helped came. And when it said, passing away from them on the left, while they were laying within an open space there off. That was from the signs of Allah, he whom Allah guides is the rightly guided, but he whom Allah leaves to stray, never will you find for him a protecting guide, the one whom, who receives a less help than he is successful. And you would think them awake while they were asleep. And we turn them to the right and

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to the left, while their dogs stretched his four legs at the entrance. If you had looked at them, you would have turned from them in flight and been filled by them with her with terror. So what do we see here? Whether it was nighttime or daytime, cold or heat whatever? They were fast asleep, saved from all the dangerous for many years, whose help was this? Whose help was this unless help and similarly we awaken them when Allah wanted that they might question one another set of speakers from among them, how long have you remained here, they said we have remained today or part of a day, they said your Lord is most knowing of how long you remained. So send one of you with the silver

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coin of yours to the city and let him look to which is the best of food and bring you provision from it. Do you notice something here? They're sending somebody to go buy food there were Utes after all right?

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Do you get it? Do you get it? young people generally like to eat out? Right? They don't like to prepare their own food. So they're sending one of them. Here's the money, go buy food. Go get food, which is as good

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as a pure food. We didn't get good stuff. Don't get old stuff. Get good stuff. folia to combat is a man who while he has a lot of when are you sure you're gonna become a hoarder? And let not anyone be aware of you? Let him be cautious. And let no one be aware of you. indeed have they come to know of you, they will stone you or return you to their religion? And never would you succeed than ever. And similarly we cause them to be found that they who found them would know that the promise of Allah is truth and that of the hour, there is no doubt. That was when they disputed among themselves about their affair and then said construct over them a structure. Their Lord is most annoying about them.

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Set those who prevailed in the matter, we will surely take for ourselves over them a Masjid. Now, how many were they? how long this day for? How long did this slip in the cave? Allah says they will say there were three mean that people will say the fourth of them being their dog, and they will say they were five, the sixth of them being their dog guessing at the unseen and they will say there were seven and eight of them was their dog say my lord is most knowing of their number none knows them except a few. So do not argue about them except with an obvious argument and do not inquire about them among the speculators from anyone what do we learn from this the details Allah kept to

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himself he left them obscure so that we don't forget the message the lesson of the story. This is why along mania was become an early Miller him far well as the colon Alicia in and never say of anything that indeed I will do that tomorrow, except when adding. if Allah wills you should say insha Allah, and remember your Lord, when you forget and say, perhaps my Lord will guide me to what is near than this to right conduct. So we should ask Allah for Russia, whenever we find it difficult to make a decision. Do you ever find yourself in that decision? Should I go this way or that way? Should I do it or not? Right? Because both options seem to be good. We're not able to distinguish

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between the right thing to do and our desires. Right? So at that time, ask Allah to guide your heart the prophets. Allah said I'm used to pray Allahumma s. deca, Li o Shadi, Emily, what are all do become in Charlene up, see that, Oh Allah, I seek your guidance for the most correct of my affair, meaning what I should do, please guide me to that. And I seek your protection from the evil of my soul. Because sometimes you can't distinguish right? Is this the right thing?

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Do Is it that I want to do it because I feel like it. And they remained in their cave for 300 years and exceeded by nine, say Allah is most knowing of how long they remained. He has knowledge of the unseen aspects of the heavens and the earth, how seeing is he and how hearing, they have not besides him any protector, and he shares not his legislation with anyone. So what is the lesson in the story of the people of the cave, that if a person does not compromise with regards to his Deen and trusts on Allah, seeking Allah's help asking Allah to correct the affairs, then Allah will open up such ways that you cannot even imagine, when these boys left their city, they didn't know they would be

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put to sleep for hundreds of years in that cave. They couldn't do it. It wasn't within their ability who did that for them? Allah did who save them, Allah did. So our part is to put in the effort and Allah is the one who will protect and make us and grant us success. But what happens when we're young? What happens when we have the time, these temporary sensual pleasures, they overpower us, so we need to come out of them. We need to worry about our faith, trust in Allah and never compromise on what we believe in. But generally, we put the blame on people on society, children, take responsibility for yourself, especially as young people look at these youths, they took

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responsibility of their faith. Let's stop relying on our parents to remind us to pray to tell us to pray. Let's take responsibility of ourselves of our actions or our choices, because we will be questioned about what we do. Others will not be questioned about what we have done. So let's take responsibility. What Luma Oh, here la come in kitabi Robic, Lam Oba de la Li calima T one and 30 them in dooney Malta Heather and recite or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what has been revealed to you of the book of your Lord? Allah is telling us to recite the book to our especially when is it that we should recite the book in which month in the month of the Quran, the month in

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which the Quran was revealed which is the month of Ramadan, there is no changer of his words, and never will you find in other than him a refuge and keep yourself patient by being with those who call upon their Lord in the morning and the evening, seeking His countenance meaning keep the company of who of those people who remember Allah in the morning and in the evening. Imagine a person who remembers a lot morning and evening He is worthy of being befriended. He's worthy off taking as your friend Allah says you should seek their company you should seek their friendship. Who those who are ahead indeed, now those who are behind Indeed, those who remember Allah who love Allah

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so much so that every morning every evening, they remember Allah and this command was firstly given to who Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. If he is ordered that you should keep company of such people, then what about us? What about us, and let not your eyes past beyond them, desiring adornments of the worldly life, and do not obey one whose heart We have made heedless of our remembrance, and who follows his desire and whose affair is ever in neglect, meaning do not desire the company of worldly people, the company of those people whose concern is just this world whose worry is this world. Why? Because if you sit amongst them, you will also become like them, and say, the truth is from your

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Lord. So whoever wills let him believe, and whoever wills let him disbelieve, indeed we have prepared for the wrongdoers of fire, whose walls will surround them. And if they call for relief, they will be relieved with water like murky oil, like oil that settles at the bottom of the pan black and thick, which will scowl their faces. wretched is the drink and evil is the resting place. Indeed those who have believed and unrighteous deeds, indeed, we will not allow it to be lost the reward of any who did well in deeds, those will have gardens of perpetual residents. beneath them rivers will flow they will be adorned, they're in with bracelets of gold, and will wear green

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garments of fine silk and brocade, reclining there in on adorned couches. Excellent is the reward and good is the resting place. What riblah whom masala julaine and present to them an example of two men, two friends, two people we granted to one of them to gardens of grapevines, and we bartered them with palm trees and placed between them fields of crops. Each of the two gardens produced its fruit and did not fall short. They're off in anything, and we cause to gush forth within them a river and he had fruit, so he sat to his companion while he was conversing with him.

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I am greater than you in wealth and mighty are in numbers of men. So he's showing off to his friend, that I have more land, I have more money, I have more property, and I also have more servants. And he entered his garden. While he was unjust to himself. He entered his garden in a state of pride and arrogance, showing off to his friend, he said, I do not think that this will perish ever. This is the deception of this world, that when a person has something of value in this world, he begins to think that it is everything that it is permanent, it will last with Him forever. But the reality of this world is that it is temporary. And the person who thinks that this world is everything, Allah

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says that he is unjust because this man entered his garden while he was unjust to himself. How is the unjust to himself because he's fooling himself, he's deceiving himself. And he said, I do not think that this will perish ever, and I do not think that our will occur. And even if I should be brought back to my Lord, I will surely find better than this as a return. his companion said to him, while he was conversing with him, Have you disbelieved in he who created you from dust, and then from a sperm drop and then proportion do as a men, but as for me, He is Allah, my Lord, and I do not associate with my Lord, anyone? And why did you when you entered your garden not say, what Allah

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will has occurred? Masha Allah, La quwata illa Billah, there is no power except in Allah, although you see me less than you in wealth and children, meaning when a person sees that he has something that others do not have, then at that time, who is it that he should praise Allah, not himself, because no matter what we have accomplished, it is not by our own efforts, it is entirely a laws gift. And realizing that this is a less gift keeps a person humble also. And his companion reminded him that it may be that my Lord will give me something better than your garden, and will send upon it a calamity from the sky, and it will become a smooth dusty ground, or its water will become

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sunken into the earth, so you would never be able to seek it. So he's reminding him of the various possibilities of how his garden could be destroyed. Meaning How could you ever think that this is something that's going to last forever, it is not permanent, it is temporary. And that is exactly what happened. His fruits were encompassed by ruin, meaning his garden, the fruits of which were ripe, ready for baking, what happened, it was encompassed by ruin. So he began to turn his hands about in dismay, over what he had spent on it, while it had collapsed upon its trellises and said, Oh, I wish I had not associated with my Lord, anyone. So in this story, in this example, we see that

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this was the person who thought his money to be everything, he relied upon his property, not on Allah subhanho wa Taala. But in reality successful are those who rely upon Allah who fear Him, no matter what stage of life, they're in, no matter what they are doing, no matter what's in their hands, the person who remembers that this life is short, that one day they have to stand before a law, then such people are those who are successful. Why? Because they remember the reality of this life. This world is very, very easy to be deceived by. Because what happens is that the moment a person begins to enjoy something here, he falls in love with it, so much so that it preoccupies him.

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And it goes to such an extent that a person forgets that this life is short, and there's more to come after this life. So we learned in another story in sort of about the youth about the fifth year, that how they relied upon Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they did not compromise anything with respect to their faith, and Allah protected them spreading his mercy for them. And over here, we see that this person relied upon the dunya. And what happened, Allah subhanaw taala showed him the worth the value of this dunya that what is it? How is it it will get ruined before you it will slip away from your hands right in front of you and you will not be able to preserve it, such that a person is

00:29:21--> 00:30:00

left empty handed. Because this world is temporary, it has no sabbats if you think about it, what is the only thing that is permanent in this world, it is change, meaning things constantly change, our state changes our body changes. So the fact is that in this life, nothing, nothing at all remains the same. And that shows to us the transitory nature of this life, that it is temporary. So this should remind us that one day This life is going to end no matter what we have is going to finish. So we should be aiming

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For what Allah has in store in the Hereafter, and for that, let's bear some hardship today. Let's bear some difficulty today. Let's sacrifice today so that we can have everlasting rewards in the hereafter with Allah. And then we also see over here that his friend his companion reminded him that when you saw your money your garden you should have said, Masha Allah, La quwata illa Villa, that this is only by the will of Allah, Allah intended this and this is why it is like that, and La La La quwata illa Billah there is no power and no mind except with Allah.

00:30:37--> 00:31:22

The Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, increase in the plantations of Jenna, meaning grow more plants in general for yourself. It's as though somebody tells you that you have a huge property, why don't you do something with it, build something on it, grow something on it so that you can make some profit. So the prophets a lot of them said increase in the plantations of Jenna, for its water is sweet, and its soil is good. So increase in its plantations. The Sahaba said what are its plantations? He said, Masha Allah, La hawla wala quwata 11. So this is also one of those accounts that will cause plants and trees to grow for you in general. If you say them, Masha Allah, La hawla

00:31:22--> 00:32:08

wala quwata 11 la. In another Hadees, we learned the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said to face even Solomon Roberto, that should I not inform you about a gate from the gates of Jenna. A gate from the gates of Jana? One of the gates of gender What is it? The Gate of Orion? Right, another gate of gender the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, it is la Hola, La quwata illa Allah, who will be called from the gate of Raja Yan, the one who fasts a lot, right? And who will be called from the gate of La hawla wala quwata illa Billah? The one who says this a few times in his life who the one who says this frequently? When is it that we can say La hawla wala quwata illa Allah just when we are angry

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or upset? No, even when you see something beautiful over here, we see that this person when he was admiring his garden, his friend said that you should have said Masha Allah Hola, La quwata illa Billah so this means that anytime we see something that is beautiful, that is attractive, even if it'd be another person, we shouldn't just say wow, hey, say Masha Allah, whoa, la la quwata 11. Likewise, beautiful clothes, a beautiful place, good food, whatever it may be, glorify Allah at that time. And if a person forgets that all of this is by the might of Allah, then what happens? Allah shows to people the true worth of this worldly life. And what happened with this individual that his

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garden was destroyed before him and he could do nothing to protect it. And once it was lost, there was for him no company to aid him other than Allah, nor could he defend himself. There the authority is completely for Allah the truth, he is best in reward and best in outcome.