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An-Nisa 105-122 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 119

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How else will shape and try to mislead people? What will they learn their home? And surely I will definitely mislead them? Will they learn? from the roof address blood landline? What does that mean?

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misguidance and notice how Shanta Wallah? What does well I mean, surely and before lamb, there is an implied person that will lie by a law. I swear by your law, that I will only lend my home and what does that mean? Definitely, definitely. So by Allah, I swear, surely I will definitely mislead them. This is how I determine shape on this. This is how determined he is and how determined are we? We think it's okay. Everything will be fine. Everything will be okay. We think that we will be successful based on our wishes and hopes, our desires, our imagination, the sheer pondered eye on that,

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then yes, they will be misguided themselves No. Wonder will they learn? No. Surely I will definitely mislead them.

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from what? From the correct way, from truth to falsehood, from obedience to disobedience, I will definitely lead them astray. And how does shaitan mislead people how to shake on call people to misguidance? Through ourselves through whispers? How? By beautifying the saying

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that he beautifies the sense and what happens we think, Oh, this looks so good. I should really try it. I should really do it. Because you can't cannot force anyone do misguidance

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we learned that the brothers of use of our his son and when they threw him in the well, and they came back. What did they further say? But so well at legroom and physical camera. Rather your souls have enticed you to something meaning your soul they have beautified and shaitan? What does he do? He beautifies actions for us that just imagine you're throwing your own brother in a well, your own brother, the son of a prophet. if let's say you don't consider him your brother. He's a son of a prophet and you're throwing him in a well what's making you do that? It's because the deed has been beautified.

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Similarly when we disobey Allah subhanaw taala when we leave Salah when we don't pray for our property, when we become completely negligent, what are we doing? What is it that's making us disobey Allah? It's the fact that the sins have been beautified for us whether it will be Linda home surely I will definitely mislead them. When a woman needs a new home and I will surely definitely fill them with desires. I will fill their hearts with desires false desires that have no reality.

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What a woman Nana home, this is from what? Omnia, we did the word Amani, Germany. What does it mean? Hope, desire wish. And basically this used for those wishes, those desires that are completely baseless meaning that are false, in what you said dreams, when a person is dreaming, daydreaming.

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And there is no reality to them, meaning they cannot be fulfilled.

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So I will fill their hearts, with desires with hopes with wishes that are false, that can never come true. There are never going to happen. But they're going to rely upon those false wings.

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They're going to rely on those false claims that have no reality. What does it mean by this?

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First of all, that I will fill them with desires, meaning I will cast into their hearts thoughts that are vain, that have no reality that are false. Like for example, there will be no

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there will be no history.

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And if you think of it, any reasonable person, how can you think how can you assume that one person is very obedient and other person is disobedient? One person is so nice that he doesn't harm anyone, another person is so evil that he arms people, how can they end up as dust? How is it possible? But it's the faults, the vain wishes and desires that a person has put in the hearts of people to false imagination, that when we die, we're just going to become dust and nothing is going to happen. We're now going to be questioned about what we have done. This is what a false whim of a person. It's a false imagination. There is no reality to it. Definitely after a person dies, he is going to be

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questioned about what he has done.

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So seminary, how does he get on to the person with false wishes and false whims, false imagination

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that do whatever you want and you know

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You can do tober later on. You can do Toba later, nobody will find out, do whatever you want, nobody will find.

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And if you notice these either mentioned right after the incident of trauma,

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what led him to blaming the other person in the sense that he had committed? What led him? It was his false imagination that nobody is going to find out. And later on, I will be forgiven because I'm a Muslim. It's okay. No big deal. And this is exactly how we feel.

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When we're doing something wrong. What are we thinking? Nobody's gonna find out. Allah will forgive me. Ally so merciful, doesn't matter. Allah is merciful, Allah is Forgiving, and people I should hide my sins from them. I should pretend to be very nice before then. This is what false imagination What gave you this confidence this surety that Allah will definitely forgive you. That alone will not question you. This is what false when false imagination of a person.

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When a woman knee and no

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similarity when it comes to the most of us, what do we rely on?

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What do people rely on? False, baseless things that have no reality, hearsay, or something that has been invented something that has no reality in the deen. So these things people rely upon it when it comes to religion. So when a woman in the home, I will arouse false hopes in them, I will fill them with desires, I will fill them with desires that are being that are false, that are pure imagination that have no reality to them.

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And if you think of it, when we are committing sins, like when we're doing labor, when we're backbiting someone, what are we thinking? Really? What are the excuses that we give to ourselves? What are the excuses that we give to ourselves? Think about it.

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It's true, I'm not lying. They'll never know that I have to mention this because it's going to bring the other person benefit. Allah will forgive me. It's okay. I'm so righteous. Otherwise, it's okay. If I say one statement, that is incorrect. So what are these false imagination? That has no reality? I mean, you just assumed it was the Omani unknown.

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So when we're doing something wrong, what gives us this confidence to do that wrong action? It's the false imagination is the false whim, which is cast into the heart By whom? by shavon.

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Similarly, there are people who invent many things in their religion. People invent many things in the religion. And what do they think it's a bidder that is hustler. It's a good innovation, it's a good thing. And Allah will reward Allah will reward but the Hadith clearly states and as we learned in the ayah, as well, that a person who had meant something in their religion splits away from the Prophet follows away other than that of the companions, then such actions are rejected. such actions are not acceptable at all.

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When I want to know him, and surely I will definitely order them from under what is under me.

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So I will definitely order them to do what to do different things. And as a result, fella, you bet Deacon, then surely they will definitely cut then and the ears of the grazing livestock.

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And then is a Florida with a

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and the word anon is a Florida noun, which primarily refers to the camel with the plural doesn't just refer to the camel but it applies to sheep, goats, cattle, cows, etc.

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So, what will they do? They will cut they will slit the ears of the grazing livestock animals.

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Now, the word you bet the corner is on the roof that was better half from the word Becca, Becca, Becca.

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And Becca is the suspended part of something.

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The suspended part is something basically, if something has been cut, if something has been cut, so the portion that has been slipped off, what happens to it, it hangs it hangs. So for example, you have a banner, you have a banner that's posted on the wall.

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Now imagine if you got the banner halfway, not completely. We're only halfway what's going to happen. One side is going to bend over and it's going to hang

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it's going to bend over and it's going to hang

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so this is what baetica is the hanging part of something that has been cut off that has been split.

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And but Docker is to cut something to pieces to split something to split something to pieces. And it also gives a sense of brutally

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Sleeping something.

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So over here, what are the slitting the ear is of these animals, the ears of these animals?

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Why will they do that?

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We learned that the Arabs, they used to split the ears of a cow, or a camel, or a goat or a sheep as a mark of dedicating her for the idols,

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that this animal has been dedicated to the idols to the gods.

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And now this animal, nobody can ride it. If it's a camel, don't write it. If the animal comes into your farm, don't stop it. If it comes into your house, don't stop it. Don't try to hurt it in any way whatsoever. If the animals drinking all your water, don't stop the animal. Why? Because this animal is very special, it has been devoted to the gods.

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Similarly, these animals won't be slaughtered either. They won't be milked.

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Now the animal the loss apparently has created Why?

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can we benefit from them they serve as if a person says oh, this camel is very holy. This cow is very holy, don't touch it. Don't harm it, don't milk it. Don't slaughter it don't eat the meat. And whatever it is doing, leave it don't stop it at all. This is what bring harm upon yourself. Now who inspired this to them? shed lions by discipline? And as a result, what did they do? They slept the ears of these animals in order to mark that these animals are devoted to the gods.

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And why would they do this to a particular animal when a particular animal had given birth to five male calves

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when a particular animal had given birth to five male calves, so on the birth of the fifth male calf, what would they do? That's it, she's only and there were different types of animals. If it gave birth to three or four female, they had different things. So primarily, what you need to know is that if an animal did something very big for them, basically they were devoted to the gods.

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So further, you can add an animal.

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Now, this is very brutal, it's unfair to the animals as well. That their ears are being brutally slipped further you bet tikona Adana

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what I want to know and surely I will definitely order them. And what will they do?

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follow you via urine, then surely, they will definitely change. What will they change the Hulk Allah, the creation of Allah.

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So I will order them I will command and then they will change the creation of Allah.

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You are urine is from the leaf. And what this does he mean, to alter, to change to modify something.

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So surely they will definitely modify and alter and change the creation of Allah.

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Now, the creation of Allah that the lead of it can be done in several ways. The creation of Allah can be modified in several ways.

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First of all, in the physical sense, in the physical sense, like, for example, if a person doesn't like his physical features, what does he do? He gets plastic surgery done.

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For example, He doesn't like the size of his nose, or he doesn't like the color of his skin, or he doesn't like different things. So what does he do plastic surgery.

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Similarly, if a person doesn't like their height, why because if they're too short, they're not going to get a job, what do they do to get a surgery done through which they get, you know, extension extenders in their legs, so that as a result, they become tall. This has what changing, altering the creation of the law.

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Similarly, in the Arabs, what they will do is, especially the Arab women for the purpose of beautification, they would shave their teeth and shave in the sense that they would file them they would file their teeth, and they would file them in different shapes. So like in pointed forms, and this is actually I saw a documentary once, but this happens today as well in certain cultures, not just straight, but actually pointed in a triangular form.

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So this is what changing the creation of Allah.

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Similarly, they would create gaps between the teeth for the purpose of beautification.

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Similarly, that is, what is it. It's a permanent thing. It's a permanent art that you're putting on your body. How by changing your skin,

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who inspires this shape on if you

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Look at it the process is so painful. The process is so painful of tattoos as well as the teeth making gaps. This is something very painful.

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Similarly, changing genders, if people do that today, person is not content with the fact that they're masculine. They want to be a woman. So, they get a surgery done and they try to become a woman.

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Similarly, castration of animals, castration of human beings that they cannot reproduce anymore. This is what changing the creation of Allah, Allah has created a person in such a way that they should be able to give birth, for example, a woman now she does not want to have any children, what does she do she gets a surgery done in which she will not be able to reproduce anymore. So this is something that is changing the creation of Allah.

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Similarly, your hair, Allah soprano, Tata has given it a particular color, a particular type of hair. Now you don't like the fact that they're straight, you don't like the fact they're curly. Now what is that? You know, you blow dry them, you use a hair straightener, that's different. But if you go and get a permanent kind of firm done, then what is that that for a year for two years, people are gonna think that you have straight hair, whereas you don't actually have straight hair. This is what changing the creation of Allah, Allah created your hair in a particular way, and you're changing them permanently, this is what incorrect and there are endless examples of this endless.

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Secondly, this theory it can be done in the minor sense, in the intangible sense.

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What does it mean by that, that every creation, Allah subhanaw taala has created with a particular role with a particular function. Everything that Allah has created, it has been created for a particular purpose, nothing has been created in vain uselessly.

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Now, if the role if the function of something is changed, is altered, then what is that you're changing the creation of Allah?

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Like, for example, why did Allah create the sun and moon? Why? What's the purpose of their creation, the sun gives us light, the moon, also light during the night, and both of them help us determine time, the calendars the beginning of the month, the end of the month, the days of the year. But if a person changes the role of the Sun and Moon, how that he begins to worship the sun, he begins to worship the moon, this is what changing the purpose of the creation. So this change is in the intangible sense.

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Similarly, animals alized, creative For what? For our service, for our service.

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Now, if a person begins to worship an animal, or think that its dedication is very holy, that this is what changing the function of that creation that allows panatela has created.

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Similarly, rocks, trees, all of these are what creation that Allah is created with a particular role. And if a person begins to worship them, then that is changing the role.

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Similarly, a human being, for example, a woman, biologically she's different. A man biologically is different if you change the rules, that the woman says that no, I am going to do the hard work. And I'm going to give birth, I'm going to cook, I'm going to clean I'm also going to go work and the man What is he going to do? He's going to sit at home and babysit My child, because I want to work. You're changing the world who's going to suffer the woman. Because at the end, she is giving birth, the mind is not giving birth, she doesn't have physical strength and he has physical strength. So if you change the roles, of human beings, even this is what changing the creation of Allah, similarly

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corrupting the minds of people. This is what changed in the creation of Allah, taking some work from someone that they have not been created for taking some work from someone that they have not been created for. Similarly, homosexuality, a woman, a man should approach her for sexual enjoyment. And if he goes to a man, he's changing the role of the men in effects, this is what the leader of the Hulk of Allah, it is against the fitrah it is against the natural way. So, this change, alteration can be physical, and it can also be intangible, it can be history, as well as many

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others have said that this the lead, it means the lead of the fifth,

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meaning altering the fifth the nature, the nature, how Allah subhanaw taala has created things, the roles that he has set for them, how Allah subhanaw taala has started into us, the deen that Allah Subhana Allah has taught us

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So changing the deen also comes under Fela EULA, you don't know how como

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Because Dean is Dina fitrah

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So for example, if a person innovates something in their religion, if a person omits part of their religion alters the rules of their religion changes the hell out to Holloman how long to hallette. This is also under for the Euro Hong Kong law, for example, the question is about braces on the teeth, is that also under this if it's for the purpose of correct pronunciation of the words, because sometimes it's difficult for a person to pronounce words correctly because of the gap in the teeth.

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Similarly, it could be that his teeth, because they're not ordered properly, he's not able to do food properly, eat properly. So that could be different complications. So if it's really very genuine reason, then it's okay. But just for the purpose of beautification that I don't like the way my teeth arrange, I want them to be perfectly straight, then that is not appropriate. So just for the purpose of mere beautification, it is not appropriate. Because every person has been created in a different way. The first thing we need to do is accept the way that Allah Subhana Allah has created us, and really, is our goal only to perfect our physical being, is that really the purpose

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of our lives. Sometimes it happens with people to get their braces, and within two years after get them again, by changing your creation, by changing the way that our lives creative, that is not appropriate.

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First of all, it is in gratitude that Allah has given you brown eyes, or has given you colored eyes and you don't like the way that Allah is giving you your eyes. So you want to deceive other people by putting on colored contact lenses. So first of all, this is ingratitude, then it is deception. And if it's something that you wear, only sometimes and it's not permanent, then you know, if you really think that's necessary, go ahead, but deceiving people, that's not appropriate.

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Similarly, bleaching the skin, that is also inappropriate. So tattoos, changing the color, this is all part of changing the creation of Allah.

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Allah gave you short hair, you want hair extensions, as long as it is not a permanent dye. And as long as it is a like a natural color, and it should not be black. And it's not such a dye that prevents the water from reaching the hair.

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Because the profits are a lot of them, he used to color his gray hair, we know that. So it is allowed as long as it's such a dye that does not prevent the Walker from reaching the hair. Because sometimes it literally leaves the court. So if you're taking whistle, is your hair going to be washed? No. similarity if you're dyeing your hair purple, or pink, or yellow, what is that? Do you see any normal human being with yellow hair with pink hair? No. I mean, that's not how human beings are you see other animals, birds with different colors, but not human beings. So this is changing the creation of Allah Subhana Allah how Allah is created, human beings should be a natural color.

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And it should not be a permanent one, nor should it be black. So for example, if a woman has gray hair, then she should actually put some color on because that was another prophet sort of opposite on this one.

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And cutting the hair, as long as that's a woman being a woman, because cutting the beard also not shaving it completely. But up until the fist, that is what something that was practiced by the Sahaba. And we know that some scholars have said that if a person does not cut his hair does not cut his beard and he lets it grow beyond the fist, then he's presenting himself so that people can look at him. So similarly, if a woman does not maintain her hair, and it's making very difficult for her to manage your hair, and it's going everywhere, she's not able to keep it together, then in that case, you should not present herself to people to market her.

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And, for example, a person wears a particular thing which changes the shape of the foot, or changes the neck, all of these things in any way. If the shape is changed. If the actual Hulk is changed, then that falls under for the euro.

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Woman you know when the yen, and whoever take shaitan as a wily mendola besides Allah, but doesn't mean by this that he takes it on as a volley.

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Meaning he befriends him. he obeys him, that he knows clearly that this is of the instructions of Chevron. And what I know, this is what shaitan instructs. But still, he says no, I'm going to do it, because I like it that way. What is he doing? He's befriending a chef on who is he being obedient to check on where many other leaders Shavasana Walia Min dooney lab besides Allah for the hustle husana

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then, in fact, he has lost, he has suffered a loss. That is clear, that is evident. It is clearly a loss. This is what he is suffering. What do we think that we're actually gaining? We're looking more beautiful, we're looking more cool. People like us more people will appreciate us more. We think that there is benefit in obeying shavon in this way. But Allah subhanaw taala tells us that the person who listens to shapefile he is suffering a loss. Why? Because his benefit, first of all, is temporary. Secondly, these alterations these changes, eventually, they harm the person, isn't it? They are extremely harmful for you.

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For example, if a person dies his hair with a dye that is permanent in the sense that it leaves a coat on the hair, what is it going to do to the hair of the person? What is it going to do? damage the hair.

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Similarly, the teeth, if a person does anything to change their forearm, creating gaps, eventually, it's going to harm the person is going to damage the teeth of the person.

00:26:12--> 00:26:19

Similarly, bound feet. So sometimes the women they cannot carry because of the way that their feet are changed.

00:26:21--> 00:26:29

For the Euro hakala as I mentioned in some of the examples of health does not just refer to the human beings, but it also refers to the other creation of a muscle.

00:26:31--> 00:26:41

So for example, the way that Allah has created plants, the way that allies created the animals, changing them, altering their roles, altering their functions, or genetically modifying them,

00:26:42--> 00:26:50

but remember that inshallah, when I come to the lessons of this, I have mentioned that what is permissible and what is not permissible in modifying the rest of the creation.

00:26:53--> 00:27:25

So first of all, in this ayah, we learned about whining against shade lawns tactics, that these are tactics that he uses, or these are, the whispers are shaken. This is what shadeland comments. What, what does headline do? Well, it will the lender home, Wonder Woman, Nana home, Wallah. And what I know. So this is all from who, from shavon. Which takes us to the next lesson, which is the prohibition of following there was out of shape on the West was out of shape.

00:27:26--> 00:27:29

You know, sometimes we do something wrong when we say Shere Khan,

00:27:30--> 00:27:44

Who told you to follow Shiva, you shouldn't have very easily we blame the shaitaan. Yes, he did inspire us to do that wrong action. But you can't blame him and prove yourself to be innocent, no, you're still blameworthy. You shouldn't have listened to him, you shouldn't have obeyed Him.

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Thirdly, we learn about the prohibition of being lost in false desires, false imagination, whims, that a person should do everything based on fact,

00:27:58--> 00:28:20

we also learn about the prohibition of slitting the animal's ears, except for some worldly benefit. Because over here, what is mentioned is that I will command them and as a result, they will slit the ears of the animals. What is the context? Why did the Arabs slit the ears of the animals? Why?

00:28:21--> 00:28:26

For marking, they're being devoted to the idols.

00:28:27--> 00:28:55

Now, if for a genuine reason, for example, if a person has a farm, and he has a lot of animals now for the purpose of tagging the animals, he puts a tag on the ear. And that process, let's say the ears that off, because sometimes animals they have fights and one, you know pulls the tag. So as a result that happens, you cannot say no, you can't add the animals. Well, you can for some worldly benefit, you can but there should be no * behind it. The problem with the Arabs are that they will ship behind it.

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We also know from this I bought the pronunciation of the euro hub of altering the creation of a loss of planetary except those that are permissible. For example, trimming the beard person's beard is what Allah has created, but if a person trims it according to the Sunnah, only up until below the fist This is what not changing the creation of a lot because it is something that is acceptable.

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Similarly, if a person has gray hair and he dies the hair with the hair that is reasonable, that is natural, not black, not even unnatural, that is also permissible.

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Similarly, if there is a plant and in order to improve the quality of a crop in order to improve the quality of a crop, not the quality of your money, okay of your profit. If some modification is done, then that is acceptable. Remember, this is to improve the quality of the crop.

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You know how we have corn right? The corn in the cup it's actually very big, but initially before long time ago

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was the tiny corn that you see in stir fries. So, initially it was like that, and eventually with genetical modification, it was made into a bigger size. So, if in order to improve the quality of a crop in order to bring benefit to people, if something like that is done, it is permissible, but if a person is doing something like modification for the purpose of gaining more profit,

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like for example, you have such plants now, such fruit now, they do not have any seeds in them. So, the farmers, when they sell them, the fruit the crop, what do they have to do, they have to go buy more seeds. So, this way they remain permanent clients to others. And this way, the money is concentrated with some people only with some industries only. So, in order to improve the quality of a crop that is permissible, similarly, in order to improve the quality of an animal in the sense that, you know, with breeding and stuff, if you do it in a particular way to which the quality of the animals is going to improve me, the animals are going to be stronger, that is permissible, but

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injecting them and just feeding them such food that is completely unnatural, so that they're bigger, that is not acceptable. That isn't acceptable, but through within natural ways, within natural ways through breeding. If it can be done, it is permissible.

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But if you're improving their size, or their meat, or things like that, through injections, and through unnatural food, that is not permissible. It's not acceptable. Because even at the time of the prophet SAW a lot of sin. And also, there were some things that were done. And they weren't correct. Why, because they didn't bring any harm. And they were all natural ways.

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Like for example, mules, it's a cross read between who horses and donkeys. Now, you can say that this is altering the creation of a lot. But it's not in a way it is, but it is acceptable. Why? Because it is done through natural ways. But if you inject a horse with steroids, and if you give the horse food that is completely unnatural, or the donkey such food that is completely unnatural, that makes them bigger, and fatter and more strong, that is not acceptable.

00:32:16--> 00:32:29

Similarly, a chicken, if you're feeding such food that is making a completely unnatural, that is not acceptable, but through within natural means it is permissible. As long as it doesn't harm the animal, as long as it doesn't harm the people.

00:32:31--> 00:32:50

Now that they're there, you can't say they're seedless fruit, you can't say that you shouldn't eat them, you can eat them. But this way is incorrect. To remember, as long as it's not harmful to the creation to the animal to the crop, and it's not harmful to the people. It's not harmful to the people, then it is okay.

00:32:51--> 00:33:08

So basically, we see that this genetic engineering, genetic modification, whether it is with an animal to a crop, this is something that is very sensitive, and something that needs a lot of discretion, and somebody who was going into this field, he should make sure that he learns about what are the integers as well, before going into something like this?

00:33:10--> 00:33:16

Even as Rosa Tran who said that, may Allah curse those who have tattoos? And those who do it?

00:33:17--> 00:33:24

May Allah curse those who have tattoos? And those who do it? Who pluck their facial hairs? And the one who does it for them?

00:33:25--> 00:33:28

What does it mean by this, plucking your facial hair,

00:33:29--> 00:33:30

plucking the facial hair?

00:33:31--> 00:33:32

Yes, the eyebrows.

00:33:34--> 00:34:05

You see, many people say from this, that a woman she should not block the facial hair at all, and she should leave it as it is. The fact is that if there is excessive hair on the face of a woman, then just as we are required to remove the unnecessary hair of our body. Similarly, a woman should also remove the excessive hair, even if it's on her face, because it will in a way make her resemble men. It's against the beauty of a woman.

00:34:06--> 00:34:23

So that is why it is permissible. But if a woman says that, no, I'm going to block it. For example, some women they even pluck their eyebrows and they make fake eyebrows, or they pluck their eyebrows so that they can give a shape to the eyebrows. That is not permissible. But if it's any excessive here, that is permissible.

00:34:25--> 00:34:36

So May Allah curse those who have tattoos and those who do it who blocked their facial hairs and the one who does it for them, and those who make spaces between their teeth for the purpose of beauty changing what Allah has created.

00:34:37--> 00:34:41

Saban Massoud explained this as changing what Allah has created.