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An-Nisa 105-122 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 116-118

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live below him in the shadow energy investment over him

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in Allaha, Indeed Allah may have futile he does not forgive unusual aka be that something or someone should be associated with him.

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We learned a very similar idea before as well in the same sort of

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that Allah subhanaw taala forgives other things but schicke is something that Allah subhana wa tada does not forgive in the lower layer through a usual copy way of Pharaoh, but he forgives Medina danika what is other than that? And what does it mean by Duna Delica less than

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what is less than

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Lima Yeshua, for whoever he wills, because it is also conditional. A person cannot say okay, I'm a Muslim, I don't do *, I will commit all the things. And Allah said that way of Pharaoh, Medina Delica, he will forgive whatever is less than should, so I can do whatever I want. No, this is also conditional, that Allah will forgive only the one whom He wills will mean usually when there and whoever associates partners with Allah for calculating novelette and variedad, then in fact, he has gone in misguidance, what kind of miss guidance, that is very mean that is far away from the truth. He has gone far away from the truth, from the reality from that which is correct.

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And you know, sometimes if you are going somewhere, and you lose your directions, you get lost on the way. And after a very long time you find out that you're going to completely opposite way. What do you think? Forget it, I'm not going there anymore. It happens, right? Let's just go home. Why? Because he's so far the destination

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and going back to the destination is almost impossible.

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Similarly, when a person goes far in his misguidance by committing shame, then there is no way for him to come back to guidance.

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Either owner, they do not call Who? Who does they refer to? Those people who do shake those people who associate partners with Allah?

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They do not call men do any other than Him meaning other than Allah subhanaw taala in in Athens except females,

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meaning when they're doing schicke, who are the calling upon? Who are they're worshiping? In essence,

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the owner is from there, and what does that mean? What does it mean, to call out to invoke,

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and remember that draw is also worship or bad, draw is the essence of worship.

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So he or the owner, this has been understood in two ways. First of all, that they call meaning they make the why, for help, for assistance, for Baraka for happiness, for the removal of difficulties, who are calling upon who are they making, there are two, in essence.

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Secondly, any other owner There are over here has been understood as worship, meaning they only worship who it hasn't. This is what they're worshiping.

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And this is explains the kind of ship that was rampant amongst the Arabs of the time.

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But if you look at it, this is also something that is present today. Amongst those people who do shake that Who are they calling upon for help? Who are they worshipping? In essence,

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what does it mean by Ynez in us is the Florida of Windsor. And once that is female, feminine, and in Athens has been understood in several ways over here. First of all, it has been said that in Athens refers to idols, which idols most of the idols of the Arabs, they had given them female names, they had given them female names,

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or the statue that they have made was actually a female figure. They decorated them like females, like the dress or the clothes, the jewels, the makeup, etc. And the names even that they had given those idols are what female

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intuitive najem we read a thorough item a letter will it result? Have you seen a lead and a loser woman at a fairly certain offer and manette? So alert, and Rosa manette. Similarly, net Illa all of these names and With what?

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What is it sure that it's female?

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So who are they calling upon female goddesses. And this was something very strange, because the Arabs, they considered females to be the weakest ones.

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They considered women to be extremely weak, weaker than young boys even. Which is why they would, for example, if there was a child

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was just about puberty. He was given a sword. You go and fight in the battle, but a woman, what is she going to do? She's going to stay at home. She's not going anywhere. So for them, women were extremely weak. Over here, lots of pantalla saying that they're calling upon women upon females whom they consider to be very weak. And if you read the is of sort of the natural if you read on that Allah como zaccaro, while I will answer that you prefer males, for yourself and for him, if you have selected any partners for Allah, you select female partners. You think that females are very weak? And who are you calling upon a recreation, someone whom you consider very weak. I mean, someone who

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in your culture cannot even hold a sword

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over my unit shadow Phil Haley, it will have insomnia later will be in and according to you, when it comes to arguments, she's very unclear meaning she cannot even present her argument clearly. She cannot even defend her own rights, and you're calling upon her for help for risk for protection? How is she going to help? Now it doesn't mean that over here women are being insulted. But the point here is that in your culture, you consider women to be so weak, but why is it that when it comes to the team, then you don't use your mind? Then you don't use your logic? How can we have different standards for your deen and different standards for your journey?

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others have said that in us and it refers to idols that are made off and not just idols, but anything that people worship that is without a roof

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meaning a lifeless object and lifeless object something that is non living something that is not living

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so for example, a tree or because the tree does it have a roof? No, it doesn't have a roof.

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Similarly, a mountain rock, a river, the sun, the moon, do they have any role they don't have any role.

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So, whether it is the actual objects or an idol that is made from them. So for example, an idol that is made from wood and idol that is made from gold from silver, what is this in us?

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And why are they called in us because in the Arabic language such objects are referred to with the feminine gender.

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Like for example, it is that a gel do boonie the rocks they amaze me, Dora jubu feminine is being used. Remember the different types of oneness, this is oneness cemetery. similarity, they would say it is said the raw hemo then ferroni that are him winning the money change, for example, for you change, then ferroni it benefits me so don't waste it.

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Because many people they waste that

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change. They think oh, it's only a quarter, it's only a cent. When you go somewhere you need a few cents, then those are very valuable. So don't consider them to be useless. So anyway, the rahima 10 ferroni that feminine is being used. So any object that is lifeless, that does not have room in it. That is non living. That is what feminine.

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So over here he is the owner men do and he in in essence, they're calling upon lifeless objects, lifeless objects. I mean, an idol that is made of gold and I know that is made of silver, it may be very expensive. But does it have a new look inside it? No, it doesn't. The same gold was once upon someone's bangle once upon someone's earrings. And now it's made into a god. The same rock was rockin with somebody stepped on the same wood was that on which may be a bear scratched on or something like that. But that same piece of wood has been turned into an idol. So it doesn't have any life in it. So what are you calling upon?

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32 said that either Onam andoni illa ns and what it means by NF is a word that the dead. Why? Because the dead also don't have a needle in them.

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So just as a lifeless object is referred to by female from this some have extracted that someone who has died. That is also what lifeless. So because of that someone who is dead falls under the category of those objects that are lifeless, and a lifeless object is referred to by females.

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So someone who has died is in the grave. Can they help you can assist you? No they cannot. So either Onam and duni illa inasa.

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Others have said that enough over here first two angels

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because the Arabs they thought that the

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Angels were the daughters of Allah, and they would worship them.

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So we're here in Los Angeles saying that you're calling upon females and using females are so weak. I mean, if you really had to associate someone with a like we really had to seek someone else's help. I mean, use your intelligence at least any other owner duty illa inessa.

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Well, either owner and they do not call upon Illa except shaitan and Merida, the rebellious shavon.

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Meaning in reality, they're actually worshipping shavon. In reality, they are actually worshipping shavon.

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And this part of the eyes have been understood in two ways. One of them una illa shaitana. Marie, the first of all, meaning, in reality, they're worshipping Trayvon, apparently, or they're worshipping in us, but in reality, who are the worshipping shavon? Because why do they worship these idols? in obedience to shaitan and what is it Riba and Hodor What does that look servitude? So they're actually being humble before who being obedient to who to headline because headline tells them make an idol from this, prostrate before this, worship this and then they obey. So in reality who are the worshiping children?

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Secondly, it has been said that what either una la planta Merida, what this means is that and they worship Ooh, shape.

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So who do they worship, in essence, and they also worship who shape on the middie that, that literally, they worship shape?

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As we know that even today, some people in certain cults, they literally worship the shaper.

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And schapira Merida has been understood in several ways. First of all, as I mentioned to you, that literally they worship Satan. Secondly, they obey, and they are very humble. They show servitude, to shaitan. and obey even carb he said, that shavon refers to Jin,

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who does it refer to? Jean?

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He said that with every sunnen with every idol, is a gene.

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With every idol is a gene.

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We know that the Arabs, their culture was such that they believed in superstition, they had soothsayers, fortune tellers, they believed a lot in fortune telling.

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And the fortune tellers, what they will do is that they would have gin with them. And they would seek the help of these gin, for example, they would go to a fortune teller and they would ask, okay, what's going to happen? or What did I do? And the jinn would say, Okay, this is what he did. Why? Because the jinn perhaps saw him with the gin probably heard him, or the gin heard from some other gin. So basically, the fortune teller would take help from the gin. So their culture was a lot with gin and fortunetelling, believing in superstition, and all of these things. And they also used to worship idols. And it is said that sometimes they would go, and they would pray to the idol. They

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would seek help from the idol, the idle would actually respond. They would actually hear the idle responding.

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It wasn't actually the idle who would respond it was actually either a person behind the idle It was a person behind the idle or sometimes it was a gym.

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Sometimes it was a gym, which is why obey even Garvey said that with every son is a gene with every idol is a gene

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and even our best within our new set that in every seinem is a shape one

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in every Sonam in every idol is a shape one.

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We learned in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says belcanto buena Jin Actonel home became Milan but rather they used to worship gin. They used to worship the gin.

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So what either una la vida Merida and they actually, who are they worshipping? chiclana Merida. Now the cipher the characteristic of shavonda hasn't mentioned over here is married.

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Marina De Niro fetters mean Radha

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and morewood is to rebel. What does it mean to be rebellious, to be disobedient and exceed others in disobedience to be excessive in disobedience? I just imagine if there are three children who disobey their mother, one beats everybody else, if he's the most disobedient, this is what mood is to be excessive to exceed others in doing that which is wrong.

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And it also gives a sense of to be excessively proud. Because generally, what is it that makes a person extremely disobedient? It's the arrogance. It's pride

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and it is also to rebel and to become used to it.

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To become accustomed to the rebellion, and then persist on it, do not leave that way. Do not leave that way. So for example, if a person says no, I'm never going to follow the rules. I, for example, classrooms, everybody knows that you have to come in uniform. In person says no, I'm not going to come in uniform, never want to come in uniform. And they make it a habit, no matter how much they're told, no matter how much they're reminded, what do they say? No, I'm not going to. This is what being excessive in disobedience persisting on disobedience and what is the reason? pride? Who are you to tell me? I'm going to wherever I want. So either una La Plata, Merida, this is what Maria is

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that one who is very rebellious, one who has left the bounds of obedience to almost

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so what do we learn from this ayah that the Arabs are the machine who do the worship in us, and they also worship Who? chaplain

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We also learned that worshiping any other besides Allah is actually worshiping shape on when a person does ship with you being chatline

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into the tub. I have 41 as I mentioned to you earlier, but can we are uno gene that rather than used to worship the gin?

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Similarly, instead of two sofort i 158, we learn what Dr. Lou bainer who were been a genetic, NASA and they have claimed between him and the gin lineage, meaning they associate gene with a loss of penta

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instead of yacine is 60 LMR had la Kamiya Burnie oedema a letter with a shape on in the hula camarda will be

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did I not enjoin upon you or children of Adam, that you do not worship shall upon? For indeed he is to you a clear enemy. So all of these if what do they show, that when a person is doing *, in reality, he is obeying, he is being a servant to shape on and he was shed on. He is married he is excessively disobedient to Allah.

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So if you're obeying Him, are you obeying Allah? No.

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Lana Allah, Allah has cursed him. Alaska's to cesana Merida and what is learning to distance someone from mercy? When someone is distanced from the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. He's kept away, kept far from the mercy of Allah.

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So Lana, Allah, Allah has cursed him. And this is in a way, a draw against shaytaan that you know how you say, learn Allah, meaning May Allah Kersey

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and others I said that learner will lead this is actually Hubbard, this is actually an information that allows a parent understanding this, it's a fact that Allah has actually cursed him, not just made a lucker Sim, but Allah has actually cursed him.

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And why is Allah telling us about this? In order to warn us from obeying the shaper?

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That if Chevron is distant from the mercy of Allah, if you obey Him, what are you heading towards the mercy of Allah away from the mercy of Allah,

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away from the mercy of Allah?

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And when did the law cursory lon when he refused to Prostrate to Adam or the sooner

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we learn in sort of hinted at 34 pilot Sahaja mania for in psychology that was presented then get out of it, for indeed you are expelled, and indeed upon you is learn the tea makers until the Day of Resurrection.

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So Lorena hola Wakanda. And he said, who said chatline said, When Allah subhanaw taala cursed him and expelled him, that he then surely I will definitely take missionary bedika from your servants and assume a fool, a fixed shoe, a fixed portion.

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Meaning I will take from your servants, abortion, for my servitude

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for my obedience,

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they will obey me, they're not going to be you.

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They're going to obey me. They're not going to obey you. They're going to serve me they're going to worship me they're not going to worship you.

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And as a result, I am going to take them with me Where do they go fire?

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They'll fire so let the hiddenness surely I will definitely make for myself maneri bed you can asleep and muffled notice the word muffled. Before this 100 letters fell out. But what does that mean?

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And obligation, something that is ordained something that is appointed.

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So let's leave him a folder meaning an appointed portion, a fixed portion. mean they're definitely going to obey me. I'm going to make sure that there is a portion of your servants who are going to obey me who are going to listen to me who are going to help fight with me. I'm not going alone. There.

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I'm taking some of them with me.

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Secondly, the serum of Florida muffled. Florida literally means to cut to cut something off and separate it. This is the literal meaning of the word fall.

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Summer fruit is meaning knock door, knock door, what does knock door mean? Meaning cut off from the rest of the slaves. So the first meaning that I mentioned to you muffled meaning more if it gives a sense of definitely, definitely they're going with me, I'm not going alone.

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And if you do the second, meaning that Mokhtar they're not going to gender, they're not going to go to gender, they're going to be caught away from the rest of humanity, and they're going to be coming with me.

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so nicely one more folder.

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So, we see in this either chair plan, he will be successful in misleading and taking with him to hell a good portion of the slaves of the last presenter,

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he will take them to hell with him. How? Because he will command them and they will obey Him. And by obeying Him, they will also get the line

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they will also become muddy, they will also become rebellious.

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I will sorry said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah will see on the Day of Judgment, or Adam and Adam or he said I would reply, I respond to your call, I'm obedient to your commands and all good is in your hands.

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Meaning command me, then Allah panels I will say to Adam, sent forth the people of the fire

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sent forth the people of the fire wise Adam, Melissa and being told. Why? Because he's a father of humanity. So he will be told sent forth the people of the fire. Adam will say how many are the people of the fire?

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Allah will say out of every 1000 take 999

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out of every 1000 take how many 999 nusseibeh mahfouda, a big portion of human beings is going to be who is going to be humble before who is going to show servitude to shake on and is going to end up with who Shetland in the hellfire. So why will they be sent to Hellfire because they worship chaplain because they obeyed shaitan. They showed servitude to SharePoint.

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And this number is a huge number 999 out of every 1000

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I was listening to a lecture once and I don't remember which one exactly in which the speaker he was mentioning that just imagine you are in a place and there is a bomb blast. And you know that only one person survived?

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You know that only one person survived?

00:22:50--> 00:23:03

Are you going to be sure that it's you? Are you going to be sure that it's you know, just imagine if there's a plane crash, and you know that only one person survived? Only one person? how short Can you be that it's you?

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You can't be

00:23:06--> 00:23:13

so this shows why the lost parents are telling us about this. So that we become extra careful, extra alert.

00:23:14--> 00:23:27

That this is how successful children is going to be. This is my enemy. And this is how much is working against me. I have to be extra careful not even for a moment. Not even for a second can I become heedless

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in total are off I number 16. We don't call a family of wait any longer than Nana home serrata call Mr. Kane shaitan said because you have put me in error, I will surely sit in wait for them on your straight back.

00:23:42--> 00:23:48

Meaning I'm going to sit on the straight back. And everybody who comes that way, I'm going to try to mislead him.

00:23:50--> 00:23:56

And it was originally Darren who narrated that one day the prophet SAW them drew a straight line on the ground. And he said this is the path of Allah.

00:23:58--> 00:24:10

And then he drew some lines to the left and to the right. And he said, these are the bird paths mean these are the paths of misguidance. And on each of these paths, there is a shift on calling to it.

00:24:11--> 00:24:54

There is a shift on calling to it. You know, just like you're going on the highway, and there's so many exits. So just imagine the sort of thing was so famous trade and every exit. There is somebody there calling you make sure you come here, turn here turn here. You know, sometimes the GPS, it tells you take the exit take around. And if you don't you continue going what happens? What happens? It tells you take the next time. It tells you to take the next step. It doesn't leave you This is how shaitan also invites away from the right guidance that on each of these paths. There's a headline sitting there calling people and no person can say that headline does not come to me.

00:24:55--> 00:25:00

shaitan does not whispered to me, I am say from Shetland because he swore he

00:25:00--> 00:25:04

swore that I will definitely take a portion of them with me to the hellfire.

00:25:06--> 00:25:17

We are in sorted out off and I number 17 some other it and now home in benei ID and woman hunting him wearing a many more inshallah at him, when I do a thorough home checking,

00:25:18--> 00:25:27

then I will come to them from before then I will call them from before from their front. And if they turn away, I will call them from behind them.

00:25:28--> 00:25:37

And if they turn away, then I will call them from their right. And if they try to go to their left, I will call them from the left shaytaan doesn't leave a person

00:25:38--> 00:25:51

you say no our relationship and mutate one structured one comes in and you take another subject on comes in and this is how shaytaan is after the senate adamite incident. How can we become neglectful?

00:25:52--> 00:25:53


00:25:54--> 00:26:03

do you remember that when a person does they could have a lot then shavon runs away. And when a person is not doing the vicar of Allah, then what happens shaitaan comes back

00:26:05--> 00:26:27

is the one who comes again again and again. retreats, he goes back and comes again. Every time a person says some Vicar, Chetan runs away, and as soon as a person becomes often shavon comes back. So how can we sit before the television for two hours? Three hours? I think we're fine.

00:26:28--> 00:26:59

Just think about it for those two, three hours. Are you doing any record any record at all, you're exposing yourself to your enemy. You're making yourself vulnerable. You're telling your enemy come and attack me. I'm here three hours, fill my heart, fill my mind with wasa with laziness that I don't have any interest in reading the Quran. I don't have any interest in praying further. This is what we're doing literally we're calling our enemy to come and attack us when we neglect doing the crevasse.

00:27:00--> 00:27:07

So this is it shows to us that we must be on guard all the time. All the time.